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St Ippolyts School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

What is the PTA?

The PTA is made up of parents and teachers from St Ippolyts School and the principal aim is to raise funds to enrich the school environment for the benefit of all the children at the school – now and in the future.

We do this by organising sociable events to entertain the children and parents. We also want to encourage closer links between home and school, and the community in general.

What sort of events do you arrange?

Our two main events are the Summer and Christmas Fairs in June/July and December that each raise around £1,000 and involve all the school.


Other events include:The PTA

Pimms, Pints and Puddings Evening
Book Fairs
Ladies Indulgence Evening




How much money do you raise each year?


In 2011/12 St Ippolyts PTA raised over £10,000 through a wide variety of events. These were all organised by parents and teachers for the benefit of the school and its children.

What sort of things is the money spent on?

In 2011/12 the PTA put money towards a sustainable garden project and bought each child a commemorative mug to celebrate the Queens 60th Jubilee. In 2010/11 the PTA paid for a special coin to celebrate the Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. We also purchased a wall mounted mosaic, situated in the school hall, in which every child had the opportunity to lay their own stone.

In 2009 the PTA paid a substantial sum towards to the outside seating area, which was a valuable addition to the school facilities and is used daily and appreciated by the children. In 2008 the PTA contributed towards the creation of a herb garden which the children helped to plant.

Other regular expenditure includes supporting visiting theatre companies, purchasing sports equipment, lacrosse lessons and science days.

Each term every class receives £100 to buy equipment and materials to enhance school projects.

How do I become a member?

As a parent you automatically become a member of the PTA when your child joins St Ippolyts School.

How can I get involved?

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings, which are advertised in the school newsletter. If you can’t make the meetings then you can let us have your email address so we can include you on mail out lists. You can also talk to your Class Representative if you have any ideas for raising funds, or any skills you can offer to the PTA or a specific event. Your Class Rep may approach you to help with major events.

We always need:

Imaginative people to come up with ideas for events
Creative people to help with posters, tickets and games.                 
Practical people to help with planning
People with catering skills


There are lots of ways you can get involved, from treasury and minute-taking, to manning a stall at an event, decorating Santa’s Grotto or serving up tea and coffee!

Can I help without attending the meetings?

Of course you can - the more people who get involved with the PTA, the more we can achieve. Our events require lots of different skills to get them up and running, and there are often jobs that need to be done such as poster design, sourcing raffle prizes, shopping and catering.

When and where are the meetings?

Meetings are held approximately each half term and alternate between a 2pm or 9.00am start and a 7pm start to allow a cross-section of parents to get involved. They are usually held at school. Sub-committees are arranged for the major events, such as the summer and Christmas fairs. These usually take place at member’s homes, or in the pub!

What other things does the PTA do?

As well as the events the PTA also get involved with things like refreshments after the Christmas Carol Service, refreshments during the KS2 production, selling cakes for Cake Days and providing Christmas crackers for the school Christmas dinner.

What’s in it for me?

Getting involved is a chance to give something back to the school for the benefit of your children. At the same time you can learn new skills which may come in useful in the future.

We will try to do our best to make sure that being involved in the PTA at St Ippolyts is fun and rewarding. Our committee meetings can be social as well as practical.

If you attend the PTA meetings you can help to decide where the money raised should be spent. It’s also a great way to mix with parents from other year groups, get to know the head and teachers and to make new friends.

Who are the Class Representatives and what do they do?

Each year the PTA appoints a Class Rep for each class. These individuals are active members of the PTA and there for you to talk to about fund raising ideas you may have, or skills that you may be able to offer the PTA. They are able to help with any other matters – purely PTA fund-raising.

The Class Reps may also approach you for help, especially when it comes to the big events like the summer and Christmas Fairs.

Our meetings are advertised in the school newsletter or to find out more you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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