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Week 2

We have had another busy week in Class 2. In our English lessons, we have been writing sentences about our favourite animal. In our sentences, we had to make sure that we included capital letters and full stops in the correct places.

During maths over the week, we have been learning about how to match and write numbers in both words and numerals. All of the children have worked hard to use their phonics skills to help them to read different numbers in words.

In the afternoons this week, we have learnt all about Viking longboats in history, how Mondrian used primary colours in his art work and what materials different objects around the classroom are made of in science.


-       Due to a timetabling change, our PE lessons will now take place on a Tuesday and a Friday. Please make sure your child has their kit in school on these days.

-       Homework and spelling books are to be handed in on Monday for marking and new spellings and homework to be given on Tuesday.

-       Clubs begin on Monday.

-       Home learning grids went home on Tuesday. The children have up to half term to complete 6 of the tasks on the sheet (they must pick one English and one maths task). I am really looking forward to see what tasks the children complete over the upcoming weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Leake.

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Week 1

Welcome to Class 2!

The children have had a great first week in Class 2. It was lovely to hear all about their summer holidays. This week, the children have all been busy getting to know and settling into their new classroom and outside area. They have also been practicing and recapping their counting skills in maths and letter formation in English. I have been impressed with the work that all of the children have produced this week and enjoyed seeing their brilliant handwriting! I look forward to seeing this continue during the year.

We began our transportation history topic this week, where we looked at how different modes of transport have changed over time and created a timeline to show this.


  • ·PE lessons are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has their kit in school labelled with their name.
  • ·Please record your daily reading with your child in their reading record book.
  • Water bottles, as in Class 1 should be in school daily.
  • Please can any fruit for snack time be labelled to avoid any confusion.
  • ·Homework and spellings will start on Tuesday. Please refer to the letter given out on Thursday, which will provide more details about the new home learning system. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Miss Leake. 

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Class 2 Week ending 29th June

Thank you to; Mrs Fisher, Miss Cavaliere, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Burbidge, Mrs Moore Haines, Mrs Thake, Mrs Jones for helping to make our trip to Woburn amazing in Class 2 !!  We had a lovely day and the weather held out. We saw lots of animals and learnt lots of interesting facts! e.g. an owl has 14 bones in its neck and not all of them are nocturnal.


Friday the 7th July  is Pyjama day. Outdoor shoes are needed for playtime but they can wear slippers for inside. They may bring a teddy and we ask for a donation of £1. The school council have chosen for this money to be spilt between Parkinsons UK and Cancer Research.


We have had a very busy week in class 2 learning about how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes and written inventions for Wallace and Gromit in English. We've had another fantastic week of doing 'Big Write'. The children produced amazing work.


Next week we will be learning about how to write instructions in English and drawing block graphs in maths.

Thank you 

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Village Walk Thursday 16th March 2017

As part of our topic 'Our Village, Our School' we will be going on a village walk next Thursday 16th March 2017.  We will be mapping out the village and recording key information to gain a better understanding of our local environment. It will be within normal school hours. 


If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to speak to me.


Mrs Springall 

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Class 2 End of Spring Term 1

We have had a busy week in class 2. We have found out lots of information about the Jungle such as mangrove forests, where to find jungles, the climate.


In maths we have been learning the time. We were learning O' Clock, Half past, quarter past, quarter to and even we tried to the nearest 5 minutes. It was very tricky. In english, we learnt about suffixes. They change the meaning of the word and are added to the root word.  We had an exciting lesson yesterday, we started to grow our own runnerbeans. We can take them home to grow ourselves once we have watched them grow at school.(Joshua)


I really like last terms big write. It was really fun. We get to take our shoes off listen to classical music and write. (Jake)


I really like telling the time in maths because I didn't know much about it. (Tai)


Next half term, we will be learning about comparing numbers using the more than and less than symbols. We will also be reading the 'Tiger who came to Tea' closely. 


Thank you to all the helpers in Class 2! From Class 2

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Class 2 Blog Autumn Week 13 Week Ending 9th December 2016

We have had a busy week in Class Two this week. We wrote the story of Jesus' birth in our RE books. In English we have been writing some tricky expanded noun phrases.  In maths we have been looking at the properties of 3-D shapes.  We had a visit from Freddy the frog who stole all of our shapes.  He was discovered later in the igloo wearing a mask, he was very naughty!  We also started rehearsals for our christmas service, we all have lovely costumes!


Home Learning:

Learn the words to 'Away in a Manager' ready for our Christmas Carol Service on Thursday next week.

Some children also have lines to learn in their home learning. 


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Class 2 blog Week ending 2nd December

We have had a busy week in class 2. We were learning how to partition numbers into tens and ones. We were given a number and partitioned it e.g. 32 - 30, 2.
Once we could partition we then learnt how to add two digit numbers by partitioning. E.g 32 + 21=, 30 + 20= 50, 2 + 1= 3, so the answer is 53. First we partition the numbers, then we add the tens and the ones. After this we recombine the number. This was tricky as there were a lot of steps we had to do.
Next week we are going to be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.
In English, we were learning about nouns so that next week we can write expanded noun phrases. An expanded noun phrase includes an adjective that describes the noun.

There is no home learning this week due to Christmas Fair however please remember to read daily and practice your spellings for the test on Monday.
Spelling practice books need to come in on a Monday so that new spellings can be sent out again on a Monday.
We are teaching the children to use their learning powers and encourage independence by teaching them to change their books when they have finished it.
Show and tell is on Tuesday.
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Class 2 Autumn First Blog Week ending 16th September

Enjoy reading our first blog of the year!


Today (Friday), we learnt about full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, and question marks then did some writing about it (John)

This week we have learnt to use our learning powers – relationships, resourcefulness, resilience and reflectiveness. We used our learning powers to make all of the things like a rocket, drew in a mirror, obstacle course. (Joshua)

In maths, we’ve been learning about the value of numbers – ones and tens, counting number to 100.

We are learning about the Arctic. We found out where it is on a map. (Jake)

Today (Friday), we had an exciting present delivered by Mrs Samsudeen. It was an Igloo for our role play area. We love it! Thank you so much Mrs Samsudeen! We learnt how to play it in this afternoon.

We have been learning all about spellings, we practised in our handwriting books this morning. (Betsie)

Home learning is going home tonight (Friday) ready to be handed in next Thursday.

Show and tell is on a Tuesday.

Spelling quiz is every Monday. If we get any spellings wrong we have another week to learn them to see if we can improve our score. They will have a dot by them if we need to relearn them. Our results will be in our Spelling practise book

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Friday 8th July

Friday 8th July

This week we have had our interesting school reports and we have found out which classes we are in (Kushi).  We have new teachers in the school who have been visiting this week (Umarah). 

With Mrs Wilson we have been doing problem solving Maths and it was challenging with lots of tricky sums (Bobby).

We have been writing our own story about going home based on the book  “On the Way Home” by Jill Murphy.  (Oliver). 

We have been drawing some summer trees and all of them were amazing  (Sophie).  With Mrs Wilson and Mrs Jones we have been doing some self portraits. We drew them first and then we painted them, but we still need to find time to finish the background (Ella). 

Today we had a brilliant PE lesson.  We did some races with the balls (Kye). 

Today it is our fantastic school disco and it will be really fun.  I know we’ll get lots of tattoos and hair styles (John).   We’re going to have lots of fun at the disco and make lots of glow band bracelets (Thomas). 

Every Friday we have a special blog.  I’m very excited about my first spectacular disco (Oli).  

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Friday 24th June

Today was Friday and it was pizza day, my favourite day!  Outside we have new play toys and the play leaders help us to play nicely (Oakley).  At lunchtime we now have play leaders and they do all kinds of activities with us.  My favourite has been badminton (Kushi). 

With Mrs Wilson we have been growing cress on little pieces of paper as our science experiment. Some has grown but it doesn’t look very healthy as it is yellow (Ameena). 

First thing in the morning, we did PE with Mr Jefferies, and we went to the field and he had a surprise for us which was to play football (Umarah). 

Today the Year 1s went to Class 1 and all the Year 2s came to talk about growing up with Mrs Nichols (Thomas). 

On Wednesday we were getting ready to make smoothies, just like they drink at the Olympics.  We used lots of different fruits, such as mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and bananas.  (Ella).

We talked about the story of Joseph and his coat of many colours with Mrs Carter.  We have been making our own Joseph coats.  (Bobby).   Next week the whole school is going to see Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours and I think it’s going to be fabulous (Bea). 

Soon its going to be the Summer disco and we are all looking forward to it.   (Elliot).  It’s the Summer Fair next Friday and I am looking forward to playing games (Sophie).  

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Friday 17th June

Friday 17th June

This week the Year 1s have had their phonics test, and we had to work really hard (Eoin). 

All week the Year 5s and Year 6s were at Osmington Bay and they had a really fun time.  Now they are back, they have lots of photographs and are going to do an assembly today to tell us all about it. (Kushi).  There is a special assembly today and the Year 5s and Year 6s are going to show us lots of photos (Ameena). 

Today it was Class 1’s cake sale day and it was their first time doing it.  They brought lots of yummy cakes for us to eat (Bobby). 

With Mrs Wilson we’ve been learning about the Great Fire of London and on the board we watched Magic Grandad and we learnt all about Samuel Pepys.  (Umarah). 

This week we’ve been doing PE with Mr Jefferies, and we played our favourite cool down ‘Now and No’ (Tom).  We are learning about tennis in PE and we

played lots of different games to practise our skills (Kye).   Today at PE we were throwing with a ball and a racket (John). 

On Fridays we have been doing lots of tricky handwriting joins and there will be more today (Ella). 

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Friday 10th June

Blog -  Friday 10th June 

Today Class 5 and the Year 5s went to Osmington Bay and they are going to stay there for the weekend. (Sophie). We hope they have an amazing time, and we got to wave them off. (Ruby) It was Pizza Day at school for lunch.  We were wondering if Mr Jefferies was coming to put a song on but he couldn’t as he has gone on the School Journey (Ameena). We are really happy that Mr Jefferies is doing PE now and near the end of the day the Year 2s went together to do some football skills.  (Kye). 

Today we are all bringing home our African Arts Day art, and I can’t wait to show my family (John).

Today we did some country dancing in PE with Mrs Cherry and it was fun (Hughie). Today Mrs Carter was teaching us this morning and we did some clapping and a a do-se-do in partners and it was really good fun (Briony).

We have done three assessments this week and one is Maths, one is Spellings and one is Reading comprehension. (Ella). We worked really hard and the reading one was really hard as Mrs Nichols was not allowed to help read any words (Ella). 

The Year 2s were trying to use the ipads to find a compass. We looked at north, east, south and west.  When we saw something we had to draw it in our books (Umarah). 

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Friday 20th May

Blog  - Friday 20th May

Yesterday it was Sports Day, and the Wembley team won which was amazing as we won last year as well (Kye).   On Sports Day, Twickenham won the girls relay again – it was good fun and all the parents were shouting “Go on!” (Ella)

Honey is leaving the school next week, and I have been thinking about all the times I have been with her. She is such a nice dog and I am going to miss her but I wonder whether we’ll get another dog in the future (Ruby). 

Today we did PE on the field and we did lots of running games (Chloe).  We have also practised our handwriting and we practised some tricky joins, using the letters b and p,  like ball, pen, pea, bed.  (Bobby).  Today it is Class 1’s assembly and we want to wish them lots of luck as it is their first school assembly (Ameena). 

There is home learning this week which is to think of an A to Z of plants that we can eat.   We have given you new spellings to learn but they will not be tested until after half term due to the INSET day next Friday.  Many thanks

Mrs Nichols.  

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Friday 13th May

Blog  - Friday 13th May

This week has been Year 2s SATS week. They have been working very hard in doing some tests. (John).   Our role play area has now been turned into a London Underground ticketing office  and it’s also got Tourist Information.  (Elliot).   This week we have been learning about London and we found out about some of the famous landmarks – my favourite building is the Gherkin (Ollie).  In the role play we wrote some of our own information to go on the walls, and how much the tickets will cost (Ameena).  On Monday we were learning about London and we found out about where you can visit in London (Megan).   We have been drawing some of the places you can go to in London, and there were lots of tricky pictures – I did the Great Albert Hall (Ella).  On Wednesday some of us got a medal to wear for the afternoon because we answered the mental maths questions correctly (Briony).   Next week it is Sports Day and we need to remember to bring in socks, trainers, shorts and the correct coloured t-shirt for your team (Ruby).  In English we were practising retelling a story, and we have also been thinking really carefully about how to respond to the teacher’s marking and feedback (Bobby).   Yesterday the Year 2s were practising for Sports Day with the rest of the school, and we were practising the running races  (Oakley).

Some reminders from Mrs Nichols:

  1. Please make sure that everyone has a sun hat and water bottle in school for hot weather.

  2. Please can all girls have spare socks in school to wear for PE. They are not allowed to do PE in their tights.

  3. Please take a look at the photographs of our school trip in the Photos section of the website

  4. Year 2s have worked very hard this week completing their SATs, so they do not have any home learning. Year 1s do have an activity to complete. Everyone has a list of spellings to learn for next Friday .

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Friday 6th May

Friday 6th May – Blog

Today is Class 2’s assembly and I hope we are all feeling confident for our assembly.   I hope we all do a really good job (Ruby).   In our assembly there is lots of acting and the actors are acting the story about Mary Anning (Bobby). 

Today Mrs Nichols taught us that it’s ok to be nervous because that’s normal. She said to remind yourself “I’m nervous, but I know I can do it anyway!” (Elliot).  Yesterday, Mrs Peddie got to see our assembly in advance when we were practising (Kye).  

It is now May and we had a Bank Holiday on Monday and it is suddenly getting warmer (Umarah). It is nearly like summer and there are lots of buttercups around now and more daisies (John).  This week we have been learning about times tables and Mrs Wilson showed us how to write out our x10 tables.   The secret way of doing it was just to add a zero at the end (Kushi). 

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Friday 29th April

Blog - Friday 29th April


Today it is Class 2’s cake sale, and it is also non-uniform day. Everyone in the class brought a cup in for the tombola. (Kye). What an exciting day for Class 2! (Thomas). That was an exclamatory sentence (Mrs Nichols).

Yesterday Miss Ingle was teaching us and she taught us all about different ways to send a message (Bea).

Today we were doing Sports Day practice in PE. This week we did long jumps and we did ladder runs. The ladder run was really tricky but we got there in the end. (Ameena) We did a relay where everyone took a turn to run (Bobby).    

On Wednesday in my club with Mrs Springall we went to the pond   and under the log there was a centipede. There were lots of things that we found   (Umarah). At my Geography club we make things so we were looking at what’s on top of and under the ground. (Briony).

In Maths we have been learning about division and we have been doing some division sums (Kushi).

It is going to be our class assembly soon (John) and we are looking forward to showing all our parents what we have been doing next Friday . Home learning this week is to learn a poem that we will be reciting next week.

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Friday 22nd Apri

A big welcome to Ollie who has joined Class 2 this week. We hope that you enjoy our class and settle in really quickly (Umarah). All of Class 2 went on a school trip on Tuesday to the Natural History Museum in Tring. On the way there we passed lots of other coaches. (Kye). When we were on the trip we did a trail in the afternoon and we had lunch outside (Elliot). At the museum there were lots of animals and bones, and my favourite was the little mice (Megan). When we had lunch we sat at some picnic tables outside and in the museum the exhibits were really interesting (John). When we went to the museum, first we had a workshop and we learnt about how the dinosaurs arrived on Earth and then eventually were killed by a meteor (Ruby). Our teacher, Hannah let us hold lots of different fossils – some were teeth, some were plants and some were of animals. (Ruby). In the museum, there was quite a lot of interesting animals and lots of people had favourites. My favourites were the snakes and the hedgehogs. (Ella). On Thursday it was the Queen’s birthday and when we had our milk, we talked about what the Queen does for her birthday. When the Queen has her birthday they sing the National Anthem (Kushi). In Class 2 we were learning about how communication works. Mrs Nichols said in the olden days that sometimes messages would have been sent on horseback or by drum or smoke signals. (Ameena). Yesterday Mrs Nichols taught us and we did some maths about fractions. We were trying really hard to make some notes to help us find the answers accurately (Tom). In PE we went to the field and we are starting to practise for Sports Day. Today we were doing running and jumping skills and my favourite part was the jumping (Bobby). Mrs Nichols says please make sure that all girls have a spare pair of socks in their PE kits, as they will not be allowed to do PE in their tights. It is also still a little chilly whilst we walk over to the field, so please remember to bring fleeces with you. Many thanks

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Friday 1st April 2016

Blog - Friday 1st April 2016

The chicks have gone now (Oscar).  For the last couple of weeks we  have been working with Mrs Wilson to make some winders in Design and Technology and the pterodactyl is attached on to a string which you can wind up and down (Elliot).

In Maths this week we have been finding out fractions of numbers. We learnt about halves, quarters, whole numbers and even worked out how to find three quarters of a number.  (Ella).   We have been learning about fractions and we had to stick a post it note on the correct fraction.  (John). 


Today some people got Attendance Certificates and you could choose between a pencil or a badge (Briony).  It was a long assembly today so Mrs Peddie did some of the showing work between giving out certificates (Ameena). Today we are going to be doing more handwriting, and I’m going to write a full page (Thomas).  Normally we leave school at 3.15pm but today it is different as we leave at 2pm (Betsy). 

Today we’re really looking forward to the holidays and we hope that everyone has a good fortnight, even the teachers!  (Bobby).  Today is Daisy and Reuben’s last day and they’re going to be going to new schools.  We will miss them (Amelia).   I’m looking forward to hearing all about everyone’s holidays in show and tell next term . (Kushi). 

We’re looking forward to our School trip next term.  (Umarah).   

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Thursday 24th March

Blog :  Thursday 24th March 2016

This week we have been doing Easter Maths.

 On Monday we practised our Easter poem.  Today was the Easter Service.  Class 2 was the first to speak in the hall (Oakley).  Today we went on the playground and we were listening to Class 3 doing their Easter story.  We went to the Easter service and we were singing songs like Abba Father and then we went outside to the cross which represents the cross where Jesus died.  (Bobby)

This week we got to hold the chicks and we got to stroke them and they felt soft. (Reuben) When the chicks went on your hand, their claws felt really tickly.  One of the chicks nearly fell asleep on my knee (Kye). 

We have done our spellings today a day earlier than normal.  (Amelia).

When we came in today there was a note saying that we’re going to do some Maths investigating fractions with fairy cakes or marshmallows.  (Umarah).

We have made some Easter cards and today we were trying to do our very neatest writing to go inside them (John).

There are no spellings or home learning this week, so that you can make the most of the Easter break.  Have a very Happy Easter! 

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Friday 18th March

Blog -  Friday 18th March

Some eggs arrived on Monday and on Tuesday and Wednesday they hatched.  (Daisy).  When the chicks were in the incubator they were staying warm in there.  Now they have moved into the box as they are older (Kushi). When the eggs were hatching there were 9 chicks (Ameena).  Next week when they are a little bit bigger, we will be able to hold the chicks.  (Umarah). 

In Science Days this week we made some slime with Boffin Man (Sophie).  We went in different groups to different classes to make things and to learn about science and what scientists do (Ella).  On Tuesday and Wednesday we went in groups of 15 children all around the school (Briony).  We all went to Mrs Springall’s class and we learned about beaks and we used a spoon for a beak, a lollipop stick, a peg and a skewer (Amelia). 

Today it is Sports Relief and we are going to be doing loads of sports (Tom).  

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