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Various blogs from St Ippolyts C.E. Primary School.

Class 3 has not set their biography yet

Autumn 2 Week 1

Well, we've come back with a bang! 

Very proud of all of Class 3 this week. They have had excellent behaviour and very positive attitudes towards their work... In Maths we have moved onto written subtraction. In English we have started our new book Owen & The Solider. They did fantastic big writes today about Owen and we did a lot of work about 'better words' synoyms for our adjectives. We also learnt how to use expanded noun phrases... I wonder if they could tell you?

Well done Class 3, keep it up! 

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Autumn 1 Week 8

Week 8?! How could it possibly be! 

Well done to all of my lovely new class, you have shown so much resillience coming back to school but I'm sure you are ready for a break.

We have already learnt so much this term and seen how the children have enjoyed the challenges. 

I hope you all have a lovely break and stay safe,

Miss Gale

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Autumn Week 7

Hi everyone, happy friday!

This week we've almost finished looking at persuasive writing by planning our letters to Mrs Peddie!

In Maths we have looked at mental addition and subtraction and began 3 digit numbers for year 3.

We had a lovely day on our Harvest Journey on Tuesday, thank you all for your donations! The children learnt about what a Harvest is in terms of crops and farms. 

Have a good weekend, 

Miss Gale

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Class 3 Autumn Week 5

Hi everyone

Another busy week in our class! We've been developing our persuasvie techniques and pretending things in our class room have quit! I wonder if any of the children will try them out on their parents? :D 

In Maths we have been rounding to the nearest 10. We were SO impressed with this! They all picked it up really quickly.

We are also focusing on our handwriting, making sure we are forming our letter correctly and beginning to join. We are finding the letter /a/ tricky, if you would like to practise this at home I find these videos very helpful and clear to follow. m


Please ensure fleeces are being worn over the top of the usual jumper/cardigan not instead off. It was cold today, please make sure children have the correct uniform.

Have a good weekend

Miss Gale

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Class 3 Autumn

Hi everyone

Welcome back to Class 3 blog! 

It's been lovely to welcome back a new class 3, with some new and some familar faces. 

I've been so impressed with how well the children transitioned back to school life, with some changes. They have displayed true resillience and have adapted to our new routines. 

In class, we have got stuck into a new book called 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. It's a familar story for some children but it really is brilliant one! Today we pretended that our chairs and water bottles quit because we weren't looking after them properly!

In Maths, we have began looking at place value and explored some simple calculations.

We have also been reading a book called Kindness Grows and thought about how we can help kindness grow at St Ippolyts.

Well done Class 3. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Please note - children require a full outside kit now (it was chilly today!) So navy joggers and a sweatshirt/fleece please. 

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Class 3 Spring 2 week 3

 A busy week class 3. After finishing our assessments, the children have worked really hard, acting on feedback. 

We have had a shuffle of our classroom and children have new seats to work from - this has given them all some new motivation! 

We have talked a lot this week about handwritng and presentation, including remembering how important capital letters and full stops are! We have also learnt about prefixes and how these can change root words like suffixes can. 

In maths, we recapped time and then have continued to practise column addition as some of us find this tricky. 

In topic, we have learnt about Florence Nightingal - I think the children were really impressed by what she achieved.

As there was no formal homework this week, due to assessments, please use this time to practise on Timestables Rockstars - their log in is in their monkey books.

Spellingframe.co.uk and Mathsframe.co.uk also have good games too!

Have a lovely weekend

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Spring 2 - End of Assessments

Sorry for the lack of blog posts but it seemed fitted to add one now as we have finished Assessments! Well done to all of Class 3, they have worked really hard and used all of their learning powers to show me what they know.

We've also been enjoying learning about our new topic - Women of History - the children are very excited and enthuastic to learn about all these influencial women.

The children have also been amazing in RE recently, Mrs Peddie happened to walk through our classroom and was blown away with their recall and understanding of Bible events at this time of year. 

I'm also hearing lots of brilliant feedback from our Swimming Teachers about our Year 3s. They are working really hard and challenging themselves. 

Have a good week!

Miss Gale

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Class 3 - Reminder about Homework and Spelling Books

Reminder about Homework and Spelling books. 

Please note - these should be handed in on Mondays, ready for spelling tests.  We then mark, stick in new spellings and homework ready for the children to take home on Tuesday. 

Please support your child to remember to bring them in as we have had a few occassions now where children don't have the correct spellings or homework and this is because they haven't made it as far as us!

Thank you

(There was no purple book hw last week because of class assembly)

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Class 3, Spring Week 5

Wow! What a fantastic class assembly - I am so proud of all of your hard work and it was a joy to watch you enjoy your moment. 

We've had a busy week, mostly preparring for our class assembly. But, we have also learnt about Nelson Mandela and written our our own biographies after collecting facts. 

In Maths, we have consolidated column subtraction and moved onto word problems and reasoning using sharing. Today we created our own missing number quizzes and challenged a partner.  

In RE, we looked at things churches do and discussed the reasons why they do them, we decided which we think are the most important things through discussions in small groups. This was a great opportunity to develop our discussion skills and being able to agree to disagree when someone has a different opinion to your own. 

We have finished off our Safari topic today - with our class assembly so we're looking forward to Wellbeing Week next week with our English work being focused on the book 'Kindness grows' 

Well done Class 3 - you are awesome!

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Spring Week 4 - Class 3

We've had a busy week as we have begun rehearsals for our class assembly!

We have finished our writing about Lila and The Secret of the Rain and begun learning about Nelson Mandela from his biography - Walk to Freedom. 

In Maths, we have continued to learn about column subtraction. We have found this tricky when we need to regroup so we will continue to practise...

In Science, we went on a minibeast hunt! Looking for them in their microhabitats.

Please do practise class assembly lines - these need to be known off by heart as soon as possible. This is instead of normal purple book homework!

Have a good weekend

Miss Gale

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Class 3 Homework 28.1.20

Hi all,

Sorry I forgot to hand out spellings for this week so they'll be sent out tomorrow.

Also, there is not purple book homework this week as children need to be practising class assembly songs and lines (I haven't given out their lines yet)

Thank you! 

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Spring Week 3 Class 3

Art days have come and gone! That's another year over.

Well done to all that took part, there is some fantastic art work from all the children. 

We've also continued our topic learning of Africa and focused on descriptions of the Savannah. 

In Maths, we're continued to consolidate our understanding of column addition - we are ready to move onto subtraction!

Please do practise our two songs - Katy Perry Roar and The Circle of Life (Carmen Twillie version)

Just a side note - if anyone has an safari gear that we could use for role play/dress up in our class assembly then please label them and bring them into school, i'd be very grateful.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Gale 

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Spring Week 3, Class 3

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good end of the week. 

We definitely had a busy one! In Maths, we're cracking the challenges of column addition with 2 and 3 digit numbers. In English, we're continuing to get stuck into our Africa Topic. We are currently reading a story about Lila and the Secret of Rain, which is also teaching us about way of life in Africa and a bit aout Masai tribes - feel free to do some more research about this! 

In Topic, we learnt about the climate of Africa compared to the UK and in Science we learnt about safari animals and how they are adapted to their habitats. 

In RE, we have started our next topic about The Gospels and thought about our special possessions and how Jesus asked his discriples to give up theirs. 

We've also made some great steps towards developing our beautiful handwritng - keep up the hard work Class 3!

And... would you believe it?! We've even started our song for our Class Assembly on 7th Feb! 

What a week! 

Enjoy a restful weekend and I will see you on Monday 

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Year 2 SATs Evening

Hi all! 

We had our Year 2 SATS evening tonight 

We have some CGP books that we are selling for general practise at home. If you couldn't attend and would like to order some please approach us by the end of the week! 

Thank you 

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Class 3 Blog 11th of December

In our last Topic lesson we have been learning about London. In one of our lessons we have been solving riddles about London here is one of mine: people mistake me for a clock but I am a bell. What am I? the anwser is Big Ben.

By Alma and Aayan


In maths are L.O. was to do subtraction on a number line here is one that I did 56 – 28 makes 28. by Maada and Jack 


 In Topic we where doing a tourist information guide

WELCOME to London


The Shard is the tallest building in the world,WOW!      

Big Ben                                      

Big Ben is the name given to the large bell inside the clock tower of palase of west-minster,WOW!

by Nell and Megan 


In English we had to imagine Katie has gone home. Before she goes to sleep she writes a diary entry about her day.

Dear Diary,

You won't believe I went to London on a big red bus and travelled to Trafalgar square but Grandma fell asleep on the bench.

By Isabelle and Daisy


In English we were learning about Elizabeth and Edgar and describing them.                                                                                        Edgar is green like a green scaly lizard and his tale is as strong as an elephants trunk.  

by Elliot and Kit                                                             

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Class 3 Blog

3.12.19. – 4.12 .19

Today we did a sports thing in the hall. It lasted the whole way through the day. It was really fun, intense and cool. We did rapid fire cricket, speed bounce, hockey, bean bag ladder and different jumping skills.

By Rufus and Barnaby


In maths we were trying to use column subtraction. This is one we did 33-11=22. We worked very hard and we got 20 done.

By Elsie and Alex


As well as Maths, we have been doing English. We have been doing imagination poems like this

I saw a dragon.

I saw a fire breathing dragon.

I saw a fire breathing flying dragon on a bike on the way to school.

By Sammy and Felix

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Autumn Week 2

Wow what a week to feel proud of class 3! 

They've embraced the challenges of assessment week with great resillience and i'm so pleased. Well done children - you are superstars! 

Amongst that, we've also managed to fit in some more Topic learning about London Landmarks and a Science Investigations about different materials we can find out outside. 

Just to note, there is no homework or spelling this week due to the assessments - keep up with the reading though! Or practise high frequency words or common exception words.

Parents evening slips are going home today. 

Have a great weekend! 

Miss Gale

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Autumn 2 Week 1

Welcome back Class 3! What a busy week we have had. 

The children have been working so hard and seem completely refreshed! 

We have enjoyed our new topic of London and our new story about Katie's adventure! 

The children have mastered retelling the story with our voices and actions - perhaps they will show you!

In Maths, we are really getting stuck in to addition and subtraction with bigger numbers and introduced the column method for addition. We are also trying to always 'think 10' with these calculations and regroup our numbers. 

We've also started new topics in Science, Computing, Music and RE!

Well done Class 3!

Miss Gale

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End of Autumn 1!

Well what a term it has been! 

We have covered so much learning. From addition and subtraction to newspaper articles and Alien Eggs! 

We‘ve had some fun science investigations too and the children are always very excited and very sensible! 

my firsf term in Class 3 has been brilliant and i couldn’t be more proud of the children. Sadly, we say goodbye to Mrs Shipp today who we will miss very much. 

Dont forget to do some reading over the holidays - don’t forget to record it! You could also do some maths practise if you fancy it - addition and subtraction! 

Happy half term! I wonder what next term will bring...

Miss Gale

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Outdoor PE Kits


Just a quick note. 

With the weather turning colder, children should be wearing navy blue tracksuits for outdoor PE. 

Please bring in a tracksuit if there is not already one here :)


Miss Gale

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