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Week 2 in Class 3

Hello everyone

We have finished our first full week in class 3 and it has been very busy! We are all still getting used to the new routines.

In maths this week we learnt about the < and > signs. We played a game with a partner comparing numbers. We had to create 2, 3, or 4 digit numbers and use the correct sign to make a number sentence.

Here is an example:

329 > 213- Three hundred and twenty nine is greater than two hundred and thirteen

In literacy we have been working on correctly punctuating sentences and using capital letters where they belong. We have been given homework on this to complete by Monday.

We continued with our topic of The Rainforest this week. We learnt about the different layers and the plants and animals that live in each layer. The layers are:

1.       The emergent layer

2.       The canopy

3.       The understory

4.       The forest floor


·         Please can everyone make sure their homework is handed in on time. Now we are year 3 and 4 children it is our responsibility to make sure it is complete and given in to Miss Lean.

·         All children need to bring in a snack for break and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Miss Lean says we are all working very hard and to keep it up!

Thank you for reading our blog! Have a restful weekend

Amelia and Will


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Home learning books

Please can all home learning books be in school tommorow as new home learning will be given out. The rainforest topic homework given out last Friday is not due in until Wednesday 17th September and should be completed on a separate piece of paper or card. 

Thank you

Miss Lean

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Welcome to Class 3

Hello Everyone

Welcome to our blog. This year we are going to be giving you weekly updates from Class 3.

It has been a busy few days already, Miss Lean told us that our topic this term is The Rainforest and we have already started learning about it!

In art we learnt how to draw rainforest animals by using simple shapes to start. We drew a frog, a gorilla and many more animals.

In maths we completed a speedy tables sheet, Class 3 really need to try hard to learn times tables this year. We are going to be working hard on this in class and at home.

Everyone has a reading book to take home now and today we chose our library books. Miss Lean has also given us our first piece of homework! It is in our homework books, but needs to be completed on a separate piece of paper.

A quick reminder, please can Class 3 make sure they bring a snack and a drink of water every day. Miss Lean says it is very important to stay focussed and hydrated.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Remi and Jimmy


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Fantastic Dance lesson

Class 3 had their first dance lesson with the Sporting Futures team today, learning the dance they are to perform on stage at the Gordon Craig. They were introduced to the song “Dance with me” by Olly Murs and started to learn the first half of their dance! All children were fantastic and put in 100%. Please encourage your child to share some of the moves with you and rehearse whenever possible. Keep it up Class 3, you looked great!

Miss Lean

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Sporting Futures Dance Festival-Tickets


There was a lot of excitement in Class 3 yesterday, when I announced we would be taking part in the Sporting Futures Dance Festival at the end of March. Your child should have had a letter yesterday with the fantastic news! I will be sending another letter out at the beginning of next half term with more details for you.

Here is a link to the website where you can buy tickets to watch us perform on stage!


Class 3 will hopefully see many of you this afternoon for our Class assembly.

Have a restful half term.

Miss Lean

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A busy week in Class 3


We have had a very fun and busy week in class 3, the highlight being Arts days. Class 3 were able to make clay models with Mrs Carter, got taught sewing with Mrs Racher, printed pictures with Mrs Keech, made junk model light houses with Miss Patston and draw charcoal drawings with Mrs Proctor. They had a fantastic time, I’m sure you have heard all about it.

Today we have written our class assembly, your child should have come home with their words to learn as homework. Please help them rehearse their words, so they are confident next week.

Here is a link to the song the children need to learn for our assembly to:


Hopefully we will see you all next Friday afternoon.

Have a fun and restful weekend.

Miss Lean

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A hardworking half term!



Class 3 are looking forward to half term, after a long, hardworking 8 weeks in school. Everyone has produced fantastic work and tried very hard.


In literacy we have written a myth, created a kenning poem and used ICT to type up our non-chronological reports. Ask your child what their report was about, you may find out some interesting facts you didn’t already know.


In maths we have covered a vast amount of topics, a very important topic we learnt about was how to add and subtract using a written method. Everyone can know do this! Class 3 are still trying hard to learn their times tables. Ask your child which tables they need to learn and if you have a chance help them with learning them over half term.


We have thoroughly enjoyed our Romans topic and will be continuing with this after half term. Today we learnt about Boudicca and the revolt, Class 3 found this very exciting.


Have a restful half term and see you soon, ready for the countdown to Christmas!


Miss Lean

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Kentwell Trip

Today Class 3 have been thinking about their trip to Kentwell Hall and learning about writing a blog.


Class 3 have written and published their own blog. Here it is:


On Thursday 27th June Classes 3, 4 and 5 visited Kentwell. We boarded the coach at 9.15, it was a long journey. We sang Alice songs to keep us entertained. After about 2 hours we arrived at Kentwell. We got off the coach and ate our lunch. We all really enjoyed our picnic. (Parrots topic table)


Once we had finished our lunch we all lined up and made our way to the toilets. Next we moved on to the time tunnel. It was very dark and you couldn’t see a thing! Once we reached the end of the time tunnel we were in 1559! (Rabbits topic table)


We then had to go through the gate and present the Tudor gate keeper with our pass to get into Kentwell grounds. Lauren was very brave and handed this to the gate keeper. He taught us our reverences, you had to bow or curtsy to the rich Tudors. (Fish topic table)


We all really enjoyed our day! Here are some of our favourite parts:


“I really enjoyed the archery as I got taught how to hold a bow and arrow” Edward Burbidge


“My favourite part was making beads out of clay because I liked the different shapes and patterns” Jessie Day


“The best part of the trip was hearing all the Tudors speaking as if it were Tudor times” Mark Walker


After a very fun day we were all tired, we went back through the time tunnel and returned to 2013. We boarded the coach and ate our snacks. We travelled home and some of us fell asleep. It was a long day but definitely worth it! (Cats topic table)


Check out the pictures on the photo gallery.


Class 3

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Finished Photo frames!

Today, Class 3, we have spent the morning finishing our photo frames. We have also evaluated our frames, thinking about what was good about them and what we might improve next time. Mrs Peddie visited our photo frame gallery and was very impressed, she took some pictures; these are now up on the website. Take a look…

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Photograph Frames

Over the last half term Class 3 have been designing and making photograph frames. The children had to think carefully about who they were designing their frame for and think about what photograph would suit their frame. Class 3’s designs were very interesting and the frames are almost complete. Homework this week was to bring in a photograph to complete the frame. Look out for the finished products over the next few weeks.

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