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Class 4

Wow what a busy few weeks! I feel like I always say that, but we are still getting busier!

Thank you for all our PTA donations today for the Christmas fair which is next Friday!

We had a great time on our Roald Dahl Trip, the children were so excited to learning about him and his writing and the learnt a lot about the importance of editing! Well done to all the children for excellent behaviour and enthusiasm on the trip.

In English we are looking at The Day The Crayons Quit and the children have written some brilliant letters of resignation and job adverts as crayons!

In Maths we’ve continued to learn about fractions including solving sums of fractions of amounts. We’ve realised how much we use our times tables in this! Keep practising!

On Tuesday, we had our Experience Christmas day. It was a lovely experience for everyone involved and a great opportunity to be reflective and learn RE in a different way.

Please ensure correct PE kit is in school at all times.

Indoor - Navy shorts and white t-shirt.

Outdoor - Navy tracksuit bottoms and jacket. Not leggings.

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Autumn Class 4 week 9 and 10

We’ve had a very busy two weeks back at school! It has been filled with learning about WW1. The children have been very keen to learn about this whilst also sharing what they already know -including family history! We were very lucky to have a drama production called Lest We Forget on Tuesday morning, the children thoroughly enjoyed this. It consolidated their learning and deepened their awareness of what it would have been like for the people of Britain in WW1.

Around this, we have had assessment week. They have responded really well to the assessments and have really shown me what they know! Impressive stuff!

In English, we’ve moved onto our new topic around a short film called Home Sweet Home. The children have been extending their writing with better description and better word choices.

In Maths, we have done lots of reasoning and problem solving around fraction and proportions. We used the bar model for this which was knew to the children and a bit tricky to start with!

Brilliant two weeks all round!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Gale

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Class 4 Week 8! End of Autumn 1

This week's blog has been written by Class 4 altogether! 

This we week we have been amazing because we have written brilliant instructions on How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth - Have you ever tried to wash a Woolly Mammoth? 

In Maths we have been learning and practising the column method for addition with 3 and 4 digit numbers! We have also practised the 3 times table lots and lots and we are getting better! 

In Science, we learnt about The Water Cycle and used words like evaporation, condensation and precipitation - Do you know what these words mean? We can tell you!

In PSHE we learnt about health, balanced diet and made our own meal planners for the week, looking at making sure we have had our 5-a-day as well as enough water. 

To sum up our first term as Class 4....

  • All of us have done brilliantly!
  • It has been exciting, we have done some experiementing and creative things - it has been fun!
  • We have had a brilliant time with Miss Gale and we have been doing some hard work, it is harder than KS1!
  • It has been fun time in Class 4, we can't wait for our next term. 
  • We also have enjoyed our PE lessons with Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith because they are very nice!
  • Class 4 has been very adventurous 
  • This half term has been amazingly fun. We have done lots of fun stuff for eight weeks!

Well done Class 4, I am very impressed and proud of your hard working attitudes to school life!

Have a lovely break

Miss Gale


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Class 4 week 7

We’ve had another brilliant week in Class 4. Thank you to everyone that attended Family Week! I have never seen my classroom so busy!

In English, we have been learning all about How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth! Starting off with the children giving me instructions on how to wash up some pots and pans from Class 2s’ mud kitchen - it got a little bit messy! The children have come up with some fantastic, creative ideas this week to develop their vocabulary and more children are becoming resourceful with spellings around the room.

In Maths, we have moved onto multiplication. Using arrays and bar model to show multiplicative amounts. We have also spotted that the better we know our mental times tables, the easier this can be. Please continue to support your child to practice.

This is the website lots of children used during family week - mathsframe.co.uk - you can also download an app for this. This is the best website I’ve found with games to practice times tables as you can pick and choose which ones are applied to the game!

In Science, we investigated how to melt chocolate! It was very exciting to see the process and we used brilliant vocabulary, such as evaporation, to explain what had happened.

The children are making such a good effort to use their learning powers in school. From decision making, to perseverance and even the way they present their work in their books. I’m very impressed!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Gale

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Autumn week 5 & 6!

The end of the Gingerbread Invasion… What a busy few weeks we have had! I hope you have heard all about it. The children have been brilliant detectives/investigators/theorists/journalists and more! I am very impressed of the final Newspaper articles and a good effort with our Gingerbread Men baking - even if they didn’t all survive the oven!

In Maths we have practised our skills of mental addition and subtraction, the children have done really well with this as well as sometimes it’s hard to solve trickier sums in our head! The children have also embraced the challenge of Turbo Tables over the last few weeks - please do encourage them to practise at home.

We have also continued our Prehistoric Times topic, the children are very knowledgeable and interested in this topic. I have also been very impressed how well the children are developing their resilience in learning and their attitude to learning! Good work Class 4!

Enjoy your weekend

Miss Gale

Please ensure snack boxes are named.

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Class 4 week 4

Another busy week in Class 4. We finished off our topic on fables, the children have worked hard to learn different ways to edit and 'up level' their work. They have used a purple polishing pen and support from their partner to great success! In Maths, we used 'think 10' when doing mental addition and reinforced our knowledge of number bonds to 10/20/100. We have also started our Turbo Tables mental maths game - lots of practicing so that recall is quick! 

In science, we learnt about condensation and evaporation by looking at water happened to the amount of water when it is boiled in a kettle. We also looked at how the particles move and change when they are changing from a solid to liquid to gas and whether these changes are reversible or irreversible. 

Looking forward to seeing lots of people at open session on Monday night! 3:30 - 6:30pm

Don't forget - homework is due on Monday and also spellings will be tested. 

Miss Gale 

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Autumn Week 3

We've had great fun this week in Class 4, especially in English. We have planned and written our very own fables with the moral - Don't be greedy, it's good to share. The children have done some fantastic writing, lots of creative ideas and extended description with things like adjectives and similes! 

In Maths we have been finishing off securing our Place Value knowledge as well as starting to use rounding to estimate tricky sums. The children have had a fantastic attitude towards Maths and are really enjoying their learning. 

We did some cave art this week! Pretending we were a cave man in the Mesolithic Period of the Stone Age by drawing under neath the tables! It was quite tricky but there are some fantastic pieces of art. 

We've done our first science experiment too - investigating if gases weigh anything. We also learnt who inventedfizzy drinks by discovering carbon dioxide! Very interesting! 

Have a lovely weekend - Don't forget to do some grid homework! 

Miss Gale 

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Class 4 week 2

I am so impressed with Class 4 this week! There has been some brilliant learning taking place, we've pushed ourselves and used our learning powers - even my brain is aching!! 

Everyone is already developing a brilliant attitude to learning to learning, perfect for Key Stage 2 and I couldn't be more proud! We have been developing place value, writing descriptively, learning about The Old Testament and learning about the first stage of the Stone Age. 

Well done class 4!

Please remember homework is due on Monday as well as our spelling test. 

Please ensure SNACK BOXES are labelled - there are lots being left over!

Miss Gale 

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Welcome to the next Class 4!

This week has been brilliant! We've had so much fun getting to know each other a little bit more, getting used to new routines and starting our new learning. I am very impressed with how well the children have been getting on, they are so enthusiastic about their learning - I think we have a good year ahead of us! 

I hope you have recieved the new curriculum leaflet which will tell you a little bit more about what is coming up! The new home learning grid has also been sent out this week - can't wait to see what everyone chooses to do! These are both availiable on the website if you need another copy. 

We have PE on a Wednesday and a Friday, please ensure you a full kit is in school and labelled. 

Homework and spellings will be set on a Tuesday and handed in on a Monday. 

Children are encouraged to record their own reading in their home-school contact book if they wish - this should be a comment on what they have read,and understood to help with comprehension. Please can an adult still sign their comment everyday, even if they are reading independently. 

Miss Gale. 

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Class 4 in July

How is it already July!

We've been busy again with production rehearsals and it is looking very good! We are very excited for you all to see it - not long now! Please make sure your child has all of their costume in school from now on. 

Year 3 - Magpies - Black and white clothing

Year 4 - Servants - Black/brown/cream/grey clothing (lots of people are using last year's Victorian outfits - great idea!)


In Maths we have been learning about angles. In Science, we have learnt more about the digestive system! In RE today, we have looked at symbols to represent ourselves. We have almost finished the sock monkys (They are SO brilliant!)


Last two weeks Class 4...

Please don't forget to return report slips and parent questionnaires. 


See you at the summer fair! 

Miss Gale

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Class 4 in the summer!

We've been very busy in Class 4 these last few weeks as the production rehearsals are underway! The children have worked very hard to learn the songs and dance moves and are performing with great enthusiasm. Please ensure your child's full custome is in school, labelled, by Monday.

In English we have finished our unit of Explanation texts. We looked at a variety of different things to explain including some imaginative responses on how a TV actually works! The children have worked very hard with their writing these year and I have loved reading their recounts of our class book, Charlie Small.

In Maths we have become experts in short written division! They really got the hang of the bus stop method and it was really good to see so many links being made between multiplication and division. Today we took on some investigation challenges involving money - good work!

Enjoy the sunshine class 4, why don't you have a dance and practise the songs whilst in the garden this week?


Please ensure water bottles, snack boxes and all clothes are labelled as we having lots of things left behind!

Miss Gale 

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Class 4 Grid Homework - Computing

Here is the think to complete the Computing homework from the Grid.




If you click 'play without saving' you should have full acess



Miss Gale

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Nature Explorers and Zoo Researchers

We've had another busy week in Class 4 and I couldn't be more proud of them!

We had an excellent trip to RSPB Rye Meads where we explored their 'Secret Garden' for invertebrates. We looked under logs and tree stumps and fished with nets in the long grass and nettles. We then used classification keys to organise them invertebrates and name unusual bugs! We discovered a blue nettle bug and a yellow wasp beetle - none of us had even seen one of those before! Do take a look at the website for the photos and see if you can spot the massive slug that Amelia's group found! The staff at Rye Meads said that our children had 'amazing enthusiasm and impeccable behaviour' and I couldn't agree more! Well done Class 4.

In English and Maths we have been continued with our learning about Zoos. We created surveys which we then took home, thank you for all the fantastic and quick responses! This allowed us to collect results in our small groups so we had a wide range of opinions! We then created graphs, which were accurate and clear representation of using learning powers for presentation. Again, Class 4 have had such a brilliant attitude to this learning and have been brilliant researchers! 

Don’t forget next Wednesday is Sports day!

Also, talent show reply slips needs to be returned by Wednesday.

As the weather is getting hotter, please make sure your child has a hat and a bottled water. Both should be labelled.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Gale1


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Week 4, Summer!


Class 4 have had a fantastic week, impressing so many people with their learning!

We’ve started a new topic in English, discussion texts, which was started by discussing what to do with our village’s beloved hedgerow that was going to be destroyed by Farmer Crawley to create a diary factory. Destroying the Hedgerow affected so many animals and plants but building a dairy farm created new jobs and lots of money, what should we do? The children discussed their views with great reasoning and then wrote letters to Farmer Crawley explaining they views and wishing to persuade him. Now we’ve moved on to discussing Zoos and whether or not we agree with them, it has provoked some interesting reasons so far.

In Maths, we’ve continued to work on time with reading digital and analogue clocks. Some children have begun to solve calculations with time. We’ve definitely had to use our resilience learning powers with this one as it can be a little bit tricky.

In Topic we are continuing to debate whether Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome did more for us, I think our views change every day! So far we have compared way of life, sanitation and cleanliness.

We’ve continued to work on classification of living things and habitats in Science. We have learnt the different type of animals under vertebrates and use our knowledge to classify animals and create new animals of our own. We’re very much looking forward to our trip next week to tie in all our learning in real life mini beast hunts.

Fab week Class 4!

Please do remember it is our trip on Tuesday 15th, if you haven’t already paid please do via school gateway as this counts as consent for your child to attend the trip. Please arrive at school through the normal door promptly as we need to leave as soon as we’re ready. Your child needs to wear trainers, a hat, and sun cream and have their packed lunch in a bag on their back.

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Easter Experience - Class 4

We've had a brilliant, busy week in Class 4. We wrote this blog post together!

Class 4 Blog

On Wednesday we had an R.E day and it was fabulous. We were learning about the story of Easter and everything Jesus experienced in the order he experienced it. First we celebrated palm Sunday and to reflect we wrote our hopes and dreams on stones and laid them on the road. Then, we experienced the moment where Jesus washed his disciples feet as the Servant King. Next, we went to the last supper where Jesus had his last meal with the disciples and he said Goodbye, we talked about how it felt to say goodbye to someone we might not see for a long time. After that, we went to The Garden of Gethsemane and reflected on Jesus’ feelings as he was lone that night. When we were at The Garden of Gethsemane we made clay models to represent a moment when we’ve felt alone. Next, we went to the church were we talked about the Crucifixion of Jesus on the cross. We said our own prayers for someone who was suffering. Finally, we looked at the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest after he died. We talked about the Angel and whether we though angels existed. We discussed why it was an angel that brought the message to Mary.

Henry - I felt happy and reflective

Amelia - I felt like I understood the Easter story better.

Ella - I felt that life can sometimes be sad but it always leads to a happy ending.

Sami - I felt sad but also happy.

Ruby - I felt happy to know why Jesus had sacrificed himself.

Ben - I felt happy but also sad because I had time to pray and share my sad thoughts.

This week we have also made beautiful sunset pictures using chalk pastels and blending them and we have sketched Rainforest pictures and added colour with oil pastels.

On Thursday we planned a narrative poem about explorers in a rainforest. We have also written mnemonics for words we find tricky to spell - why don’t you test us to see if we remember!

In maths we have continued to work on fractions.

On Thursday we also got to watch Class 5 practise their fabulous dance for their dance festival next week - Good luck Class 5!


Please label snack boxes! We're having a lot of boxes not collected and therefore not being washed! 

Please join us at the Easter Service at 9:15 on Tuesday.

End of term is Thursday at 2pm! 

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Spring 2, Week 2

I have asked Class 4 what they thought the highlight of our week was, most of the children said World Book Day! Some children said it was the Snow! What a week!

Class 4 have worked really hard on finishing their stories based on the book 'The Hodgeheg'. There have been lots of adventures of many different animals having accidents and getting their words muddled up! From Drigonflays to Dilphons, the writing produced has been fantastic! It is even more fantastic that Class 4 worked very hard writing these stories into an actual books, finished off with a colourful front cover and a descriptive blurb. I am very impressed with how they have turned out - who knew I had a class of budding authors!

In maths, we have continued to work hard on finding the fraction of an amount. It has lead to some interesting discussions about how fractions link with times tables. Please continue to support your child to practise their times tables, it really does help in all of maths!

We've also learnt more about The Rainforest and have been writing some hillarious play scripts for a weather report live from the Rainforest! I can't wait to see them being performed. 

Well done and thank you for all the hard work with costumes for World Book Day - they really did look brilliant! The photos are on the website.

Have a lovely weekend, don't forget swimming and homework on Monday!

P.S. It is assessment week next week. 

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Week 1 of Spring 2!

We’ve had a busy week back in Class 4!

In English, we have been reading the book HodgeHeg by Dick King Smith. From this we have starter to right our own advernture story about an animal that has an accident and gets his words muddled up! Class 4 have been working so hard to include expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbails and choosing words that are more interesting by thinking of a synonym!

In Maths, we have made a brilliant start learning about fractions! I was blown away with their problem solving so I gave them a challenge of adding fractions with different dominators and so many of the children were able to solve it!

In R.E, we have written our opinions and ideas about The Big Frieze and continues to try and understand the order of the Bible. There were some fantasstic, thoughtful ideas in this lesson.

Swimming carries on this term, it’s lovely to hear stories of the children doing so well and moving up in different groups!

The new Homework Grid also went out on Thursday (it is also on the website) and children need to complete 4 this half term - I can’t wait to see more fantastic, creative homework!

Also, the photos from our trip are on the website! I had an amazing day with the children, I’m sire they did too!

Don’t forget it is World Book Day on Thursday!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Gale

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Week 1, Spring

Well, welcome back Class 4!

We’ve had an excellent week in Class 4. The children have been looking after Rory The Lion, who needs help to use his Relationships Learning Powers. The children have been excellent role models and truly have been trying extra hard to use their Relationships Learning Power well! I am very proud of them.

We have started looking at a play based on the story of Alice in Wonderland, the children rehearsed a section about ‘The Tea Party’ and did an excellent job at demonstrating the adverbs, in the stage directions, through their acting. We have also changed the play into a narrative looking at the relationship between the lines in the play and written dialogue in a story. It has been tricky but we have been very resilient!

We have been learning about shapes, parallel and perpendicular lines and symmetry of 2D shapes in Maths. Remembering all the long names of shapes and the properties of shapes has been tricky but we have done it! Perhaps ask your child if they can describe the qualities of a parallelogram?

We’ve been learning a lot about Electricity in Science, challenging our deeper thoughts in R.E and started our Romans topic in History! Truly fabulous learning this week with completely enthusiastic members of Class 4!

We’ve had our Class Cake Day today! Thank you all so much for your donations and bake goods - they were very yummy!

Please note that our Class Assembly is 2nd February at 2:30pm - can’t wait!

Have a good weekend,

Miss Gale.


  • We are checking Class 4 home-school contact books on a Monday, please support your children to complete this everybday, with a comment about what they have read and an adult/guardian signature.
  • Swimming will continue on Monday, please ensure payment is complete
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It's almost christmas!

A very busy week again in Class 4! We have been learning about length, mass and time in maths this week and converting between these units. It was very interesting, we even measured the snowman going on our christmas hats! In English,we have been doing some fantastic descriptive writing based on the John Lewis Christmas Advert (Moz the Monster). We've been improving our work by using synonyms and new words we haven't heard of before. We even got a chance to "Magpie" ideas from others in the class. It's been lovely gettings into the 'christmas spirit' with Class 4 this week, please see the slip sent home with details for our Christmas party and what each child has suggested to bring (Monday 18th).

Reminders: Please label snack boxes and water bottles

Grid homeworks should be completed soon, 6 pieces are needed!

Christmas Carol Service is in the Church on Tuesdat at 2:15pm


Have a lovely weekend, Miss Gale

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Busy with Mexico

Class 4 have been getting 'stuck in' with our topic of Mexico this week. We have been planning and starting to write newspaper articles about our Skype calls with the lovely Sara in Mexico. The children have been working really hard on understanding the style of a newspaper as well as writing sentences in the present perfect tense - it is very tricky to get our heads round but there are fantastic sentences being written. 

In Maths we have started looking at area and perimeter, I think the children are definitely becoming perimeter experts now! Lets see how we get on with area... the hardest thing is remembering to write 'cm' after a measurement!

In PE children are still developing their football skills and have had lots of opportunities to work as a team and play matches against each other.

in R.E we have looked at some of the miracles of Jesus, retelling them as if we were there when it happened! We also discussed what these miracles mean to christians and how their actions can represent the ones of Jesus in the miracles. 

Fantastic week Class 4

Lovely to meet some more the parents on Thursday night, don't forget the remaining appointments will be on Monday. 



Please write in your child's home school contact book when they have read, this doesn't have to just be their school reading book as long as they are reading every day at home. 

Lots of children still have homework to hand in from The Home Learning Grid, please bring these pieces in on a monday. 6 pieces to be completed by the end of term! Fantastic all round so far!

Please keep labelling water bottles/snack boxes/ uniforms. We have lots left over or unclaimed. 


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