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Class 4 has not set their biography yet

Production Costume update - Year 3 Boys


Sorry for the confusion with the costume letters. 

Just to clarify, ALL Year 3 Boys are evacuees (this also is the same as 'children belonging to adults') in the first half!

Dressed as boys - not in floral dresses! Please google for ideas but school shorts are a good start! 

Second half - they are still soldiers! 

Any questions, just ask

Miss Gale


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Summer in full swing!

Wow! What a week!

It was lovely to return from PGL to happy children, excited to tell me about their work! I'm glad they enjoyed the wartime baking! This has extended the children's learning about WW2 to fit with our KS2 production!

The production is looking amazing! They are all working so hard. You should've recieved information about tickets and costumes on thursday.


What a fantastic day it was, I'm so glad the children engaged so well and embraced all of the learning. There are some fantastic photos on the website - be sure to have a look!

Have a restful weekend, 

don't forget swimming on monday! 

Miss Gale

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End of Summer 1

Well that's another term done!

A good week all round. 

The talent show was brilliant today - well done to all who took part!

We've also done some fantastic work on Gudwaras today.

Class 4 have taken home letters about our Roman Day! Please see information on the letter.

Please remember that all children need a pair of socks in school for next term ready for sewing!

Songs for the production are going home today!

Have a lovely break. 

Don't forget swimming the first week we are back! 

Miss Gale 

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Summer 1, Week 5

Where has this week gone!? 

Well done Class 4, excellent learning again. 

In Maths, we have learnt and recapped symmtery and reflection. We also had great fun making tangrams from triangles and squares! I wonder what other shapes you could create at home?

In English, we wrote a letter to Abdul Kazam about our fantastic visit to The Place Between - fantastic language used and brilliant structure with paragraphs. 

In Science, we classified different leaves we found on the playground and in Art we finished off our paintings of Tutankhamun's burial mask!

Today we had sports day - don't forget your coloured top for next wednesday.

Have a love weekend

Miss Gale

Important Reminders:

  • Please ensure children have a tracksuit in their kit still - this could be a school fleece. It can be a bit cold at this time of year but we still try to go up the field for PE.
  • Don't forget a coloured top for PE. Information about your child's house colour came out this weeek with the newsletter.
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Summer 1, Week 3

Another fab week Class 4!

In English, we have really tried to use our imagination to take us to 'The Place Between' based on our book. The children worked really hard to think of new, creative words. I have loved reading their writing, it's been a joy to mark!

In Maths, we have rounded off our topic on time. Class 4 are excellent! Please do practise telling the time at home, little and often will really make it stick!

In Science, we created classficiation keys with sweets! It was a lot of fun.

Keep up the hard work with spellings this weekend! We are doing soooo well!

I hope you enjoyed non-uniform day for Super Seraph and thank you for all the donations.

Don't forget - swimming on Monday!

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Summer Week 2

Well done Class 4, for a very hard working week!

We’ve worked on ‘show don’t tell’ techniques in English, everyone really is challenging themselves with showing emotions and varied word choices. We are enjoying our book ‘Leon and the Place Between’.

In Maths we are learning and practising different ‘time’. How many days in a year, weeks and months. We are converting between the two. We have also looked at seconds and minutes. I wonder if any of Class 4 can explain to their adults how leap years’ work?

In RE we began learning about Sikhism, we are really interested to find out more.

On Monday we went swimming! Lots of fun had by all and I was really pleased to see the children listening carefully and quietly to their instructors.

Have a lovely weekend - enjoy the bank holiday!

Miss Gale

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Summer term begin!

What a lovely week! Welcome back Class 4 - for our third and final term?!

We've had a busy 3 days, started our new topic and getting up the field to play rounders and begin the sports day prep!

Class 4 have worked so hard already and I can really see who has worked hard on their reading and handwriting over the holidays - brilliant!

Please note that home learning has been sent home yesterday and there are 4 pieces to be completed this term (1 English and 1 Maths)

More importantly - Class 4 are going swimming on Monday.

Please make sure you have sorted payment with the office and that our Class has full swimming kit in school on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Gale. 

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Easter Egg Hunt Class 4 & 5

Good morning! 

Please be aware that we are forcast some rain this afternoon. Assuming that this doesn't get worse, we will still be attending Gosmore Care Home. 

Please ensure that your child has a sensible coat, preferrable with a hood, ready for the walk!

Miss Gale 

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Spring 2 Week 5

Spring 2 Week 5.

A brilliant week that has flown by! The children have been excellent learners this week and embraced all the different tasks we have done.

We started this week with some fantastic problem solving and reasoning in Maths. In English, we have written Haiku and Tanka poems.

In Topic, we looked at Egyptian way of life as well as The Egyptian Gods! The children’s work was presented beautifully in this and they were the most engaged in their learning I have even seen them be! Amazing.

Thank you to all who attended parents’ evening on Wednesday, it is always nice to be able to talk about your fantastic children. Don’t forget the rest of the appointments are this Monday!

Also, please return the Easter Egg Hunt letters by Monday so your child can participate on Tuesday!

Mums, enjoy your relaxing Sundays!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Gale

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Spring 2 Week 4

We have really enjoyed our week! Science Days were definitely the best part!

The children took part it lots of different investigations over the two days and have shown themselves to be brilliant scientists! The discussion, language and recording of ideas has been brilliant. 

We've also had fun sketching Tutankhmun's burial mask and finishing off research. 

- Parents' evening slips have gone home so please check you have got yours.

Have a lovely weekend!!

Miss Gale

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Spring 2 Week 2

We've had a great week and we have definitely had a busy one! 

We very much enjoyed the pancake race on tuesday and world book day on thursday! There's also the disco tonight - woop! 

I've been very impressed with the children's story writing this week, a cinderella inspired story. Can't wait to read them all properly. 

In maths we have looked at multiplication, arrays and area. The children are superstars at this! 

We've had music today - singing songs in the round! I think they might be stuck in our heads all weekend! 

Have a good weekend

Miss Gale 

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Spring 2 Week 1

Well done Class 4, we have come back with a bang! 

Everyone has worked really hard this week, especially in maths! We have been looking at scaling, it is super tricky and we have really tested our brains. Today we completed an investigation with a recipe and scaled it down - I was so impressed with resillience during this lesson and the children should be very proud of themselves.

In English, we have started our new book The Egyptian Cinderella. It is really interesting looking at a traditional tale with a twist! Some fab diary entries have been written. 

We have also started new learning in Science, Topic and R.E!

Great stuff Class 4

Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Gale

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Matilda song to practise!


This is the link to the version we are using 



Miss Gale

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Spring Week 5

Well Being Week has finished! It was a brilliant week all round, it was really good to talk to the children about well-being and i've been impressed all week by the thoughtful, reflective discussions we have had. 

In English and DT, we have created dream jars! They are awesome! The children have written a piece of creative writing about their dream and presented them beautifully for our new display.

In maths we've completed some more subtraction sums and moved onto writtin multiplication with 2 or 3 digit numbers multiplied by 1 digit numbers.

Times Table Rockstars is going well too - we've got some clear improvement and I can already see it helping with our Maths in class! Do try to log in for the battle over the weekend - every point helps! 

We've also been practising for our class assembly (next friday at 2:30pm) - the short scripts have gone home as well as song lyrics. Do try to practise and let me know if you need another copy. 

Well done Class 4, enjoy the weekend! 

Miss Gale


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Spring Week 4

Well where has that week gone! Class 4 have really enjoyed the Arts Days this week! They have learnt and experiences lots about the Caribbean. We also did some reasoning and problem solving in Maths thinking about changing numbers and using inverse operations. In English, we started to write an explanation text about how chocolate is made! This was very exciting to learn about the whole process and link it to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We also spent some of our afternoons looking at other aspects of Caribbean culture - it’s been a great week! Thank you to those who have donated some extra jars for our DT next week. Enjoy the snow!
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Spring Week 3

Well done Class 4, another hard working week!

In English we have written poems about a Roald Dahl Character and made sure it included rhyming couplets, we did a brilliant job at structure and it was quite tricky to find words that rhymed! Lots of perseverance and editing needed.

In Maths we have finished off learning about 3D shapes and we made some nets of 3d aliens! We then have recapped learning of addition with column method, year 4s even used decimals!

In science we have set up and investigation of how sugary drinks can affect our teeth - ask the children what we have done to find out!

In RE we have done some deep thinking about the Teleological Argument - I was blown away by how to children learnt some much about this and could now explain it probably better than me!

Arts days next week! How exciting.

Also, if anyone has any glass jars that could be donated for our Art project later on in the term, that would be fab! 

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Gale

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Spring Week 2

Class 4 have had such a busy week again! We are loving or Roald Dahl topic and already know so much!

In English, we have finished our non-chronological reports on Roald Dahl - I have been really impressed with how much pride the children are taking in their work and thinking about layout and structure!

In Maths we have finished our work on fractions, done lots of problem solving and moved onto 2D shapes and being able to name and label different ones.

We also learnt about our teeth in Science this week in preparation for our investigation.

There has also been some fantastic singing of our songs for our class assembly as well as times table songs! Keep practising!

Well done to all of Class 4 for all their hard work - keep it up!

Miss Gale.

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Spring Week 1

Happy new year! Welcome back Class 4.

We've had a busy weel getting stuck into our new topics! We are mostly focusing on Roald Dahl this term and a lot of our learning will link! 

In English we have started our journey to becoming Roald Dahl Experts as we have become Roald Dahl Researchers, we all have a different part of his life to research so that we can create a non-fiction cronological report wiith interesting facts and information. 

In Maths, we are finishing off our learning on Fractions. We can now confidently add and subtract fractions with the same denominators and we have even answered some word problems involving this. We have also absolutely nailed our 3 times table now! I have been so impressed - onto the 4s we go! Keep practising! 

In science we have started learning about the human body and the digestive system and in Topic we have started to learn about Europe and the countries within in. 

In RE we have started our new topic and learnt about The Gospel of the Bible and that Gospel means 'Good News' as Jesus had arrived and began his miracles. 

As you can see, we have a busy week! Well done Class 4 - brilliant start! 

Have a fun weekend!

Miss Gale 

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Class 4

Wow what a busy few weeks! I feel like I always say that, but we are still getting busier!

Thank you for all our PTA donations today for the Christmas fair which is next Friday!

We had a great time on our Roald Dahl Trip, the children were so excited to learning about him and his writing and the learnt a lot about the importance of editing! Well done to all the children for excellent behaviour and enthusiasm on the trip.

In English we are looking at The Day The Crayons Quit and the children have written some brilliant letters of resignation and job adverts as crayons!

In Maths we’ve continued to learn about fractions including solving sums of fractions of amounts. We’ve realised how much we use our times tables in this! Keep practising!

On Tuesday, we had our Experience Christmas day. It was a lovely experience for everyone involved and a great opportunity to be reflective and learn RE in a different way.

Please ensure correct PE kit is in school at all times.

Indoor - Navy shorts and white t-shirt.

Outdoor - Navy tracksuit bottoms and jacket. Not leggings.

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Autumn Class 4 week 9 and 10

We’ve had a very busy two weeks back at school! It has been filled with learning about WW1. The children have been very keen to learn about this whilst also sharing what they already know -including family history! We were very lucky to have a drama production called Lest We Forget on Tuesday morning, the children thoroughly enjoyed this. It consolidated their learning and deepened their awareness of what it would have been like for the people of Britain in WW1.

Around this, we have had assessment week. They have responded really well to the assessments and have really shown me what they know! Impressive stuff!

In English, we’ve moved onto our new topic around a short film called Home Sweet Home. The children have been extending their writing with better description and better word choices.

In Maths, we have done lots of reasoning and problem solving around fraction and proportions. We used the bar model for this which was knew to the children and a bit tricky to start with!

Brilliant two weeks all round!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Gale

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