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Busy with Mexico

Class 4 have been getting 'stuck in' with our topic of Mexico this week. We have been planning and starting to write newspaper articles about our Skype calls with the lovely Sara in Mexico. The children have been working really hard on understanding the style of a newspaper as well as writing sentences in the present perfect tense - it is very tricky to get our heads round but there are fantastic sentences being written. 

In Maths we have started looking at area and perimeter, I think the children are definitely becoming perimeter experts now! Lets see how we get on with area... the hardest thing is remembering to write 'cm' after a measurement!

In PE children are still developing their football skills and have had lots of opportunities to work as a team and play matches against each other.

in R.E we have looked at some of the miracles of Jesus, retelling them as if we were there when it happened! We also discussed what these miracles mean to christians and how their actions can represent the ones of Jesus in the miracles. 

Fantastic week Class 4

Lovely to meet some more the parents on Thursday night, don't forget the remaining appointments will be on Monday. 



Please write in your child's home school contact book when they have read, this doesn't have to just be their school reading book as long as they are reading every day at home. 

Lots of children still have homework to hand in from The Home Learning Grid, please bring these pieces in on a monday. 6 pieces to be completed by the end of term! Fantastic all round so far!

Please keep labelling water bottles/snack boxes/ uniforms. We have lots left over or unclaimed. 


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Autumn 2 is getting busier!

What a busy, jam-packed week in class 4!

One of my highlights this week was definitely our science investigation involving drums and cornflakes! We made such a mess but it was a lot of fun learning about what vibrations are, in this way.

In Maths we have moved on to learning about area and perimeter, Class 4 blew me away with their knowledge of perimeter already! I was so impressed with how much they could remember.

In English we've been able to go back to our writing about Mexico and are our interview with Sara. I'm really excited to see what the children write about over the next couple of weeks.

in PE, the children's dancers are coming along really well. The children have a very good sense of rhythm and manage to create some fantastic moves.

As you know, it was assessment week last week. The children did so well to spend so much time concentrating for all the tests so a big well done to them again!

Finally, it was lovely tp see you all today at our family week session. It was truly a joy to see the children so happy to spend time with you and have a go at some tricky tasks!

Have a lovely weekend.


  • Wednesday is non-uniform day - please see newslater for more information.
  • The children have come home with their parents' evening appointment. 
  • Full PE kits need to be in school, labelled please.
  • Water bottles and snack boxes still aren't all named and therefore there are lots left in school frequently. Please label them.
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Week 1 of Autumn 2!

Another busy week in Class 4, welcome to Autumn 2!

We've started our new topic of Comparing Places - We are looking at the U.K, Greece and Mexico!

On Tuesday we had a letter arrive for Class 4 from my friend Sara, we then got to interview Sara over Skype because she is currently living in Mexico. It was really cool to find out some facts about life there and learn some spanish!

In Maths we are using our multiplication skills in different ways, getting ready to move onto long multiplication of big numbers! Please support your child with learning their timestables.

The Greek Urn are now finished and I must say, they are amazing! The children have done a great job with Mrs Archer. Some will be going on display in the front entrance so look out for those!

I hope you have a great, restful weekend!

Miss Gale.


Correct Kit is needed in school at all times

Please label snack boxes


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The end of Autumn 1

Well Class 4, what an amazing half term! We have done so much it’s hard to write everything down.

Here are some of my highlights:

- Meeting you lovely bunch,

- Singing “Let it grow” at Harvest Festival

- Learning some Indian Dance moves -

Watching you become more confident with addition and subtraction 

- Noticing how much you are all trying to use your learning powers

- And of course, reading your amazing poems in English today.

You truly have blown me away with your talent in poetry this week, you should all be very proud of yourselves for this week and all your achievements this term! Have a lovely half term, a well-earned rest, I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! Miss Gale


• Homework will be due the first Monday back.

• Choir trip is also on first Monday back.

• Bring your clean PE kits back to school, please have the correct kit!

• Read lots and record it in your home-school contact book.

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Week 6 - Chocolate experiment!

Well what a great week it has been! We have done so much great learning, I am feeling very proud of Class 4!

We have moved away from Greek Myths now and have started our poetry topic with two excellent poems. We have been getting into character and developing our performance skills by reading them aloud.

In Maths we have been doing sequences and making links between sequences and times tables, I think we all found it a bit tricky to understand at first but we have done a fab job of using our resilience learning power!

I think one of the highlights this week was our chocolate experiment! We have been learning out melting and freezing and materials changing states. So, today we got to melt chocolate! We used a microwave, hot water and the heat from our hands to see how different temperatures would affect how quickly the chocolate changed from a solid into a liquid. We then poured the melted chocolate over ice cubes to see the reversible change! The Chocolate turned back into a solid mess!

Class 4 have had a superb morning using all their scientific language, please head over to the class gallery for a selection of photos of our experiment.

Class 4 are doing so well at the moment, please give them lots of praise at home! Mrs Shipp and I are so proud of them!

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Gale.


-        Home learning from the Grid must be completed by the end of next week, which is 6 pieces in total!

-        Half term starts next Friday at 3:15.

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Hedgehog day in week 5!

And that’s the end of week 5! I can’t believe it!

We’ve had another busy week in Class 4. In English, we’ve learnt about Hedgehogs and finished our version of the story of Icarus. In Maths, we’ve continued with column addition and subtraction, we even took a route round Mount Everest!

We’ve also looked at the different roles of people who lived in Ancient Greece and created “missing” posters. We looked at the symbols that represent Christianity with Mrs Wilson and played a symbol game!

In PE we’ve been developing our ball skills and played a whole match in our class, we also have been getting lots done for our Indian Dance, I think it is time to put all the ideas together!

Some of Class 4 went to a Rugby event on Thursday. They had a great time and scored very highlight on each event, especially team work! It was lovely to hear that the children represented St Ippolyts really well, worked well as a team and respected all the different adults who talked to them.

Today was Hedgehog day! Thank you so much for all the donations, we really enjoyed learning about and meeting our prickly friends. Keep an eye out for photos on the Gallery.


-        There are two weeks left to hand in a total of 6 pieces of homework from the Grid. Well done to those who have finished all 6!

-        Homework book is due Monday morning, spellings will be tested Monday morning.

-        Please sign your child’s home-school contact book every day, even if they read independently. Mrs Shipp and I will be checking every Friday morning!

-        If your child went to Rugby, they need to wash and return their purple top please.

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What a week!

Another busy week in Class 4. I have to say, I'm so proud of class 4 for their singing of "Let It Grow" on Thursday. The Harvest Festival. really was amazing and so nice to see some many people there to support the children. In Maths we've moved onto column subtraction and in English we've started written our versions of the story of Icarus in 1st person - I can't wait to read them! The children have been busy making their Urns with Mrs Archer too and they are looking fantastic. We had a lot of fun looking at "tricky" substances in science today, figuring out if they are Solids, Liquids or Gases. It got a bit messy! It was really nice to get the laptops out with Class 4 this week for Computing and RE.


- Homework due on Monday

- There are three more weeks to hand in 6 pieces of homework from the grid, don't leave it until the last minute!

- Open Session is on Monday from half 3! I'm looking forward to meeting some parents!

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Gale

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Class 4 loved Luke Temple!

What a busy week again Class 4! I think many children will agree, the highlight of our week was meeting Luke Temple and finding out about his books, it was amazing! We've been busy writing our own version of the Greek Myth Icarus and working hard on addition in maths! We've finalised our plans for our Greek Urns in art and ordered a timeline of events in Ancient Greek history. We've also learnt about How Jesus is represented in Christianity and design Anchors to represent the things that keep us feeling "anchored". It was great to see so many children involved with the clubs that started this week. We starting learning our song for the Harvest Festival - Let It Grow. It sounded amazing today, well done! I'm so proud of Class 4s attitude to learning this week! We've had an excellent weel all round. Reminders - Harvest Festival is on Thursday. Please practise the song - Spelling test on Monday - You need to hand in six pieces of homework from the grid by half term! Have a good weekend Miss Gale
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Week 2!

Well that’s week two done! Well done Class 4 another busy but fab week.  The children were really excited to tell me about the Art they started with Mrs. Archer on Monday. We’ve also started looking at Greek Myths and had fun trying to pronounce all the names of Gods and Goddesses. In Maths we’ve continued to look at place value with base 10 equipment and we worked very hard to understand how we can re-group 4 digit numbers - I was so impressed with everyone’s determination to figure it out!

We celebrated Roald Dahl day by designing our own sweets whilst listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being read aloud. We’ve also been working really hard to understand more about our Learning Powers and how we can use them. We discussed which ones we can improve in whilst we are in Class 4! If you would like to read more about Building Learning Powers, there is a page on the website under the ‘parents’ tab.


  • Mrs. Archer would like the children to bring in cylindrical cardboard/resources for art. Things like the inner tubes of toilet rolls.
  • Maths Homework was set on Tuesday and due in Monday morning.
  • Spellings will be tested on Monday morning.
  • The Home Learning Grid went home on Tuesday, we had a discussion about how and when we could complete the 6 tasks over the next 5 weeks (before half term).
  • Club allocations have gone out and clubs start on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend Class 4!

Miss Gale 

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Well done Class 4!

Wow! Well we've had a busy first week back in Class 4., and to top it all off we won the first Tidy Cup of the term! We've discussed our class charter, what we would like you achieve in class 4 and written excellent book reviews about our favourite books!
In maths we've been polishing our place value skills and using base 10 apparatus to represent this.
We have talked lots about the value this term which is Respect and we've also written about people who inspire us like Jesus inspired Christians! We have even been on a flight to Greece!! 
It's been really lovely to get to know Class 4 a little bit more this week and I can't wait to see what this term, and year, has in store for us!



  • PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Homework starts on Tuesday and will need to be returned the following monday (please refer to the separate homework letter).
  • Please read every day and write it in your home school contact book, this needs to be signed by a parent/carer!
  • We are celebrating Roald Dahl on Wednesday afternoon, have a think about your favourite Roald Dahl book.

Miss Gale

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Science - Space Website

Yesterday in our science lesson we used a website that showed us the solar system in great detail. The children were really interested in this and so I said I would put the link to the webiste on here so they can have a look at it at home! Enjoy! 


Miss Walker 

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Welcome Class 4!

Dear Class 4 parents, 

It has been a very busy first week and all your children have made me feel extremely welcome here at St Ippolyts School. They have worked really hard and I have been super-impressed by their attitude to learning and fantastic behaviour. I am really looking forward to the year ahead.

Next week we will start homework as detailed on the curriculum leaflet and please remember children in Class 4 can attend homework club on a Thursday lunchtime if they need any help or just want to get it done in school time.

If you have any queries or need to speak to me, please do get in touch via the main office.

I look forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks.

Kind Regards,

Miss Walker 

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September 2015 New Class

Hello everyone,


It has been a great two days in class 4 and it will get even better. On Thurday, we have done maths, english and PE.


In maths, we had to roll a dice, and you put that number in either the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands or higher. We had to compare numbers with our partner to see whose was the biggest.


In english, we created our own superheros focusing on using adjectives to describe them.


We can't wait for another week


PE Kits should be winter kit now. This includes; tracksuit bottoms, jumpers, t shirts.

clubs letter due for Tuesday

Music letter due for Thursday

Children should be wearing winter uniform.

Bring reading book and contact book everyday.


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Class 4 Summer Week 4 blog

We have had an very busy week in class 4 this week during lots of activities.  This week in English, we've been planning our story in the style of David Walliams.  We planned our story using a story board. In DT, We have been making bridges. We made trusses and testing the strength of arches. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We had to compare them and convert them into the same. This was very tricky.



Draw wither a story map or a story mountatin to help plan your story ready to write on Monday.



Sports day on Wednesday pm. (Reserve Thursday)

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Summer Week 2 Class 4

In maths this week we have been learning about square and cube numbers. We did investigative work to discover what this was by using cubes and isometric paper. We even looked at the square and cube roots! In english, we look at an authors style by comparing various books.


In DT, we have been learning all about bridges. This week we learnt the different types of trusses and then did a practical activity about which is the strongest truss you can use. We used straws to help build this.



Times tables and spellings should be practised daily


Find and write 2 simple, compound and complex sentences. (Children have stickers in their contact books with further details and definitions)


Miss Patston

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Summer Week 1 Lauren and Estelle Class 4Th

This week, In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals. We learnt numbers up to 1000. As the week progressed, the numbers we were looking at got harder and harder. We learnt that 1 = I, 5 = V, X = 10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000. Also that to get 4 and 9 you have to subtract 1 from 5 and 10.


In english, we have been learning about significant authors. What makes them significant and their styles. We have started to learn about biographies and autobiographies. A biography is when you are writing about someone else life where as an autobiography is when you write about yourself. They also have specific features.


In pe, we are practising for sports day and athletics. We practised running when we weren't ready to go. We have to sit on the floor and lay on our fronts. It was fun but hard! In pe today with Miss Patston, we did athletics practisng relays and curving while running.


In DT, we were investigating bridges and spanning gaps. We had to see what was the strongest shape for a pillar to support the deck. This was very practical and we were building lots.



Research a famous river finding out about its history. Due for Monday



Pe kits - shorts/t shirt/optional fleece

reading daily x10mins


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27th March Spring Blog by Kaitlin

This week in maths, we have been reading and interpretting line graphs. We made a human line graph to see which month had the most birthdays in. It was really fun and i liked the smarties challenge too!


In english, we are looking at similes, metaphors and alliterations.


- similies are when you compare two things using like and as  - Her eyes shone like diamonds

- metaphors are when you compare two things but saying they are using is and was - Her eyes were diamonds

- alliterations are when you use the same letter a number of times in a sentence or phrase for impact - Mickey Mouse moved mechanically


In computing, we learnt about sequences and repetition and created our own animation.


We got to hold the chicks and say goodbye to them today!



Is to learn our lines for the Easter service.



Reading everyday and get it signed to say an adult has seen or heard.

Swimming kit on Monday

Finish at 2pm on Thursday

Easter service 9.15am on Wednesday

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Blog by Lily and Neve

This week in maths, we have been doing graphs. We have been reading graphs and next week we are doing our own. Today we had a solar eclipse. Unfortunately it was so cloudy we missed it. Hopefully next time.


My favourite part of the science day was making the bridges with Mrs Hoar. It was so fun! My one even stood the wind!


In english, we are doing persuasive writing and we did our own arguement for our assessment. The arguement was about no school i wish that can happen.


This week it was science day we did fun experiments. All the activities were my favourite!


On Monday, we got chick egg and they finally hatched on Wednesday. We think there are 9 boys and 1 girl. They are all really lovely!

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Class 4 Blog 13th March

Hello and welcome to class 4 blog!


In maths, we have been learning about money and addition. This included lots of word problems which was very fun.


Yesterday we had special visitors owls! This was very exciting! We even got to have our picture with them. It was really exciting when they got to fly over us and we learnt lots about them.


In science, we did an experiement which involved gases. We weighed a deflated balloon then blow it up and weighed an inflated balloon. This was to help us explain what gas is.


In english, we had our debate on against and for animals in the circus. The next day we did another debate about if owls should be kept as pets at home in the zoo or kept in the world.


Also today we were funny for money as it was comic relief everyone looked fantastic!



Last week of clubs

Parents evening

science days


Please ensure you are reading every day and getting an adult to sign to say they have heard you read or you have discussed the book with them.


By Anna, Alice and Bilal

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Jam Packed Week by Mark, Katelyn and Ed

This week, have have completed all our assessments.  We're sure we all got brilliant scores but we're glad its over.


In English it was very fun we were learning about persuasive language.  It was quite hard to think of a persuasive sentence. Here is an example:


Dear Mr Baboom,

Please tell the crazy monkeys to stop taking all the bananas.  Just please, please make them stop.


Mr Penny.


On Thursday it was World Book Day there were crazy and cool costumes. Very well done to Neve, Theo and Harry for winning from Class 4.

After school on Thursday, St Ippolyts played football against William Ransom.  The A team lost 3-1,  the B team lost 5-1 but they all played great.


Today, we say goodbye to Mrs Dunnigan who is leaving for a new job. We will all miss her as she misses us! Good luck!


Just remember Red nose day is on the Friday 13th March.


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