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End of Spring Term Class 4

As always in Class 4 we have been very busy. We have done lots of activities this week. In DT, we finished designing and making our own musical instruments out of recycled items such as tubing, tissue boxes, bottles. We made recorders, guitars and many more. We had to investigate different musical instruments to decide what we wanted to make.


In PSHE, we were acting out scenarios which involved risk and persuasive techniques. We had a long discussion in circle time and got to share all our ideas. In maths, we learnt how to draw line graphs, it was a bit tricky to plot these but we give it a good try! Mrs Springall was really impressed.


By Amelia and Amber


Have a lovely break!

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Class 4 Blog Week ending 18th March

We have had an extremely busy week in class 4. There has been science days for two days and sports relief was today. During science days, we took part in many activities such as investigating convection, heart rate, habitats, bird beaks, slime, electricity, tetonic plates, enginering, brain hats and many more. It was really amazing. We had such as fun time. Today for sports relief, we had a fun session with Mr Jeffries of rounders where we got to choose to kick or throw different types of balls. Also we did an aerobic session on the playground and even a giant conga line with the whole school.

We have also presented our geography powerpoint to the rest of the class as well as finished writing our reports on mountain explorers and are beginning to learn about line graphs in maths.



Is to learn lines our lines for Easter service or draw how we imagine the garden of Gethsemane may look.

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Class 4 Blog Week ending 4th March

On Wednesday in Re we were focusing on the main events in Jesus’ life. We had to decide what we thought they were and why. We chose various events such as the miracle Jesus performed, his birth, death and many more. Mrs Springall was really impressed with the many ideas we had and how much we knew. We used the bibles to help us. (Finty and Kai)

In English over the last week we have been learning about formal and informal language. We learnt the different situations in when you would use them and examples of them. Today for homework we are focusing on apostrophes and the uses. We have been looking at this in early morning work too. (Max)

This week in maths we have been learning how to transform shapes by translating, reflecting and rotating. It was really fun but hard as we had to use different types of grids such as quadrants and grids. (Curtis)

It was also World Book Day, this was really fun and there were many diferent costumes that we all wore!


Is based on different uses of apostrophes.

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Class 4 Spring 2 Week ending 26th Feb


This week in English we have been learning about non chronological reports. We looked at open and closed questions to interview Sir Edmund Hillary, a famous explorer. We also looked at how to use apostrophes correctly. We learnt about 1st and 3rd person to use in our reports. We had to change the text to figure out the correct tense. (Remi and Cruz)

In maths, we’ve been learning about measurements. This was very hard as we had to convert between different units of measurements. We had to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. (Remi and Cruz)

In geography, we made powerpoints about mountains across the countries even making a quiz at the end. It had to include a map of where it is located, features of a mountain, how it’s formed, the type of mountain it is and the mountain range. (Cruz)

In science, we started a new topic on states of matter. We looked at solids and liquids. In our experiment, we had to decide which was solid and liquid using water, sand, cotton wool, cornflower, soil and oil, glue in two different forms. We defined a liquid as being able to spill/pour/change shape and a solid as not being able to change shape even though sand can pour it is still a solid as it is made from small particles. (Cruz)


English Homework - They’re/Their/There

They’re talking to their teacher, over there. They’re is simply a contraction of ‘They are’. The apostrophe replaces the missing ‘a’. Example - They’re going to the beach in May.

Their is the possessive of ‘they’. It means that something is owned or possessed by someone. Example - I admired their shiny new car.

There is the most commonly used word. It is usually to do with place. Example - I lost my purse over there.

Can you write two sentences using each; ‘they’re’, there and their

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Class 4 Blog Week ending 5th February

In maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions then later in the week we moved onto simplifying fractions. In english, we wrote our own greek myths this was really fun! Mrs Springall enjoyed reading them very much. Today we started learning about free verse poetry.


In RE, with Mrs Crawley we learnt about fairtrade. This was very fun and we learnt alot. In Geography, we learnt about the different types of mountains and various climates. In Computing, we learnt about unplugged algorithms. This was really fun and we got to use the lego.

By Ben and Frank



Write a free verse poem (Remember what we learnt today that a free verse poem has no rules or set pattern, it can rhyme but it doesnt need too) You can choose the topic.  

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Class 4 Spring Blog week ending 29th January

This week we have had an extremely busy week! We have not only had our normal lessons but Arts days too! Our favourite were soap carving because we liked carving the shapes. It was a challenge! We had to take off small slithers at a time. Another favourite activity of ours, was the collage pictures which we had to draw the picture in pencil of people. We then had to use oil pastels to colour it. We coloured the people with paint and we used fabric for their outfits. This was really fun.


We have also begun to write our stories. We started at the beginning of the week by planning it and then today we started writing.  We started a new topic on equivalent fractions this week and we will continue this next week.This was a little bit tricky. We had to use our knowledge of times tables to solve equivalent fractions. In science, we did an experiment which we had to get different materials and see which were soundproof. We found out that felt was the best for soundproofing as we couldn't hear as well through it.


By Amber and Daisy



Write the blurb (a short summary of what your story is about found on the back of books) for your stories that you have planned and began to write. Then design a front cover for them. This can be done on plain paper/computer or in your homework books.

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Class 4 Spring Blog Week ending 22nd January 2016

We have had an extremely busy week in class 4 this week! This week in maths, we have been learning about factors and multiples. It was fun but tricky! We learnt that multiples are the times tables and with factors you divide. In English, we created our own monster and hero for our Greek myth that is going to be written next week. We had to use figurative language to explain them.

In computing we learnt about simulations. We had to test an airplane simulator and answer questions about whether it was realistic etc. In science, we were experimenting the relationship between distance and volume. We found out that the further away you get from the noise then the quiet it gets. In geography, we were investigating different mountains. We had to use the ipads to research information. In music, we learnt to sing in Norwegian. The song will learnt to sing was called ‘In the hall of the Mountain King’. In RE, we thought about how Christians help other people and how their beliefs influence their actions.

Next week in English, we will be writing our own Greek myths and in maths we will be learning about equivalent fractions. We are very excited about arts days next week!

Blog by Frank and Kiera.

English Homework:

Create your own setting or settings for your story. This can be drawn/written or even as a map! You will be using this in your story next week. Think of the myths we have read so far. Perseus had lots of different settings! Remember it’s a quest so your hero will be travelling to different places. E.g. caves, mountains, islands, sea.

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Maths Homework 20.01.16

Maths homework today is based on what we have learnt this week in maths about factors, multiples and prime numbers.


Factors are numbers which goes into another number without leaving a remainder. e.g. the factors of are 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Multiples are numbers which appears in the given multiplication. e.g. a multiples of 2 are 4, 6, 8 etc.


1. Write the factors for the following numbers: 3, 7, 12, 27, 30

2. What do you notice about some of the numbers?

3. Write the multiples (up to 12 times) for the following numbers: 7, 8, 9 and 10.


What are the common factors (factors found in both e.g. for 12 and 24 it would be 12.)for the

following numbers: 21 and 42,  30 and 12.


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Class 4 Blog Spring Week 2

This week in english, we have been learning about Greek Myths. We looked at several different myths such as Perseus, King Midas and Pandoras Box. We then wrote fronted adverbials which are before the verb and adverbial phrases which are after. This was a little tricky but we are practising this tonight for our homework.


This week in maths, we have been working on our mental maths and problem solving. We learnt how to use the grid method and used the column methods for addition and subtraction. We had our 6 times tables test today. So in two weeks time, we will have a test on our 7 times tables and the division. Next week in maths we are looking at multiples and factors.


During friendship week, we drew a picture of ourselves on the computer showing how we are good friends to each other. We also discussed bullying and how to be a goodfriend. We worked together to make and write down ideas about bullying.


English Homework due for Friday:

Children choose between Homework 1 and  Homework 2.

Homework 1:

Using the sheet, complete the fronted adverbials and adverbial phrases,

Homework 2:

Write your own sentences that include 5 fronted adverbials and 5 adverbial phrases.

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Week 1 Class 4 Spring Blog

Hi, This is Class 4s Blog. Today we are going to tell you about our first week back at school. We came back on Tuesday 5th and we are all glad to be back for 2016.

On Tuesday in Maths we were counting in steps such as 6,7 9, 25 and 1000 we used a numberline and column addition to help. In English, we are learning about Greek myths and we read Perseus and the Gorgans. We learnt the features of myths. In the Afternoon, we did Science. We were doing experiment on sounds and how they are made.


On Wednesday in maths, we were using positive and negative numbers. In french,  we learning about colours and we learnt a song. We started our new DT topic in which we will be making musical instruments.


On Thursday in RE, we learnt about Fairtrade and Christain Aid. We then had to go onto the Christain Aid and research  

 exactly who they help.



Homework for Monday

Swimming Kit for Monday

By Bailey James and William B



Research a Greek Myth.

Design a poster showing the main events (Draw/Write)

This was explained to the children in class with an example.

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Class 4 Blog week beginning 7th December

In maths, we have been learning about bar charts and line graphs. It was a bit tricky but fun. We had to go round the class and make a chart of the different eye colours. Then we had to make a frequency chart and bar chart/line graph. We learnt how to construct them and used all the different features.  On Tuesday, we did a maths investigation about the colour of smarties using them to make a bar chart.


In english, we wrote how our machine works that we have invented. Designing our very own explanation texts. We had to use all the features such as title, subtitles, explanations, punctuations, adverbs, wow words.


On Monday, our awesome teacher, Mrs Springall took us to the coolest museum ever, the Roald Dahl museum. We made our own characters in an idea book that was given to us. We got to dress up as Roald Dahl and his characters. We went to different rooms and read letters he sent his mum and his school report. We got to see his actual writing hut, that was amazing! We even saw his hipbone! We learnt so much.



Learn song words.


Next Week:

Carol service - Tuesday 2.15pm,

Christmas Dinner - Wednesday

Party - Thursday


Blog written by Thomas and Max!


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Class 4 Homework 2nd December 2015

Children to challenge themselves by choosing A or B this is based on what we have been doing in class this week. You need to find the quantity of the fraction. E.g. 1/4 of 25. 25÷4 =

Homework A:

1. 1/4 of 16,

2. 1/5 of 25,

3. 1/8 of 16,

4.1/3 of 18,

5. 1/6 of 24,

Homework B:

1. 3/4 of 48

2. 3/5 of 125

3. 6/8 of 104

4. 2/3 of 63

5. 2/6 of 126

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Homework 25.11.2015



Please learn your lines and dances so you are confident and ready for our class assembly on Friday.



During his years at school, Cadbury, the chocolate company, would send boxes of new chocolates to the school to be tested by the pupils. He used to dream of inventing a new chocolate bar that would win the praise of Mr. Cadbury himself, and this was the inspiration for him to write his third book for children, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Week beginning 16th November

On Tuesday we started on our christmas hoops design we began by stitching ivy designs but we could do it on card with glitter. We even made our own reindeers with pine cones! You'll be seeing them soon on the hoops so we won't tell you too much!


On Thursday in science, we were grouping animals we used a classification keys to find out. We learnt tricky terms such as Arachnid, Crustacean, Annelid, Invertebate, Vertebate. There were three activities we could choose from. We had to choose the activity and challenge ourselves.


We found out yesterday that we are going on a Roald Dahl trip, when Mrs Springall told us we cheered with excited!


In english we have been writing about Roald Dahl riddles! You might get a taster next week!


In maths we have been learning about 3d shapes and lines of symmetry. Today we had to recognise the shape by the net.


We have been practising hard for our assembly! All will be revealed next week!


Times table next week is 5s!



To learn our lines for our assembly next week. 


(By Amber, Lily, Kai and Bailey)

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Class 4 Blog - Week beginning 9th November

Our favourite subject this week was maths, which was fantastic. We did problem solving. We both enjoyed the new tasks because they were not easy but quite challenging. The maze task was challenging. (Will and Cruz)


This week, I have enjoyed the reading task it was quite a challenge but I enjoy a challenge (Curtis)


I liked english because it was challenging and really hard but fun! (Stanley)


I really liked the big question. It was made me think alot. I made a drawing about people with speech bubbles with people saying what they thought about being about special. (Eleanor)


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Class 4 - Week beginning 2nd November

This week, in maths we were learning about decimals. The hardest maths was on thursday as we had to round them to the nearest tenth and whole. (Jack)


In english, we are learning about riddles which was fun. We had to learn about the features, all the figurative language and rhyming words. (Jack)


In science, we made habitat for our animals out of junk modelling. This was really fun but the room was really messy! We had to think of an animal and then we had to make a habitat for it. At the end, we had a habitat. (Eleanor) I liked making the habitats as it very creative for everyone. (Youssef)


Write your own riddle like we have been practising in class. Try to use rhyming couplets and figurative language.



Next week is assessment week.

We will be having a 4 times table test and as well as division on the 4s.

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Class 4 Autumn Week 8


On Monday, in English we have been writing our missing chapter for 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. It was a hard job but we did it. Maths was a really hard for us as we have been doing time on the clock and time. It was diffcult. Yesterday was family week it was really fun. The gobblefunk activity was the best! (YOUSSEF)


On Monday, we wrote the missing chapter to Charlie and the Chocolate factory. In maths, we have been learning the time on the clkc it was a bit diffcult. For homework, we will be practising the time and adding the missing punctuation. Remember winter kit for PE! I enjoyed family week because we got to do a lot of fun stuff. My favourite thing was the QR scavengar hunt. (FINTY)



Maths: Over the half term, practise reading the time. Aim for the nearest five minute. Challenge: Reading to exact time e.g. 7 minutes to 6.


English: Using the text stuck in your homework books. Add the missing punctuation.


Highlight in different colours using a key; all the verbs, nouns, adjectives.


A note from Mrs Springall:

Have a lovely half term and a nice rest ready for lots more hard work!

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Week 7, Class 4 Blog

This week, in maths we have been working on area and perimeter, this was a little tricky but fun. And in english, we designed a room based on our sweet and planned our 'Missing Chapter', ready to write next week. In PE, we played lacrosse practising our first game.

By Curtis and Euan


"My favourite thing this week was writing our story map, it was really fun"



Write the opening paragraph to your story based on what we planned today in class. Use lots of adjectives and describe them. Remember to introduce your character.


Class 4s Family day is next Thursday.

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Class 4 Maths Homework 14/10/15

Maths Homework:

(Perimeter = Add all the sides together) (Area = Length x width)

1.  Find 2 rectangles in your home. Calculate the perimeter. Show all your working out.

2. Calculate the area of the following rectangles;

a. Length = 6cm, Width = 4cm

b. Length = 9cm, Width = 3cm

c. Length = 2cm, Width = 7cm

(Show all your working out)

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Autumn Week 6 Class 4


In english this week, we have been designing owr own sweets. This was really fun and we really liked it. We even had to draw the chocolate room and write similies, metaphors and adjectives about them.


In pe, we have been practising our lacrosse skills. In maths, we have been learning all about perimeter and have been doing some measuring of our own.


On wednesday and today, we had a visit from an author. It was very exciting. We had a brilliant time. He retold his three different stories. He was lots of fun. THANK YOU PTA for this amazing time!

By Amelia, Remi and Eleanor



Homework club is available every thursday lunch time for class 4 and 5.

Remember to bring joggers.


Design your own advert for your sweet;

-explains good things about the product



-has to be persuasive

Could be; poster, song, radio script, poem, tv advert, it can be filmed.

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