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September 2015 New Class

Hello everyone,


It has been a great two days in class 4 and it will get even better. On Thurday, we have done maths, english and PE.


In maths, we had to roll a dice, and you put that number in either the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands or higher. We had to compare numbers with our partner to see whose was the biggest.


In english, we created our own superheros focusing on using adjectives to describe them.


We can't wait for another week


PE Kits should be winter kit now. This includes; tracksuit bottoms, jumpers, t shirts.

clubs letter due for Tuesday

Music letter due for Thursday

Children should be wearing winter uniform.

Bring reading book and contact book everyday.


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Class 4 Summer Week 4 blog

We have had an very busy week in class 4 this week during lots of activities.  This week in English, we've been planning our story in the style of David Walliams.  We planned our story using a story board. In DT, We have been making bridges. We made trusses and testing the strength of arches. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We had to compare them and convert them into the same. This was very tricky.



Draw wither a story map or a story mountatin to help plan your story ready to write on Monday.



Sports day on Wednesday pm. (Reserve Thursday)

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Summer Week 2 Class 4

In maths this week we have been learning about square and cube numbers. We did investigative work to discover what this was by using cubes and isometric paper. We even looked at the square and cube roots! In english, we look at an authors style by comparing various books.


In DT, we have been learning all about bridges. This week we learnt the different types of trusses and then did a practical activity about which is the strongest truss you can use. We used straws to help build this.



Times tables and spellings should be practised daily


Find and write 2 simple, compound and complex sentences. (Children have stickers in their contact books with further details and definitions)


Miss Patston

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Summer Week 1 Lauren and Estelle Class 4Th

This week, In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals. We learnt numbers up to 1000. As the week progressed, the numbers we were looking at got harder and harder. We learnt that 1 = I, 5 = V, X = 10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000. Also that to get 4 and 9 you have to subtract 1 from 5 and 10.


In english, we have been learning about significant authors. What makes them significant and their styles. We have started to learn about biographies and autobiographies. A biography is when you are writing about someone else life where as an autobiography is when you write about yourself. They also have specific features.


In pe, we are practising for sports day and athletics. We practised running when we weren't ready to go. We have to sit on the floor and lay on our fronts. It was fun but hard! In pe today with Miss Patston, we did athletics practisng relays and curving while running.


In DT, we were investigating bridges and spanning gaps. We had to see what was the strongest shape for a pillar to support the deck. This was very practical and we were building lots.



Research a famous river finding out about its history. Due for Monday



Pe kits - shorts/t shirt/optional fleece

reading daily x10mins


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27th March Spring Blog by Kaitlin

This week in maths, we have been reading and interpretting line graphs. We made a human line graph to see which month had the most birthdays in. It was really fun and i liked the smarties challenge too!


In english, we are looking at similes, metaphors and alliterations.


- similies are when you compare two things using like and as  - Her eyes shone like diamonds

- metaphors are when you compare two things but saying they are using is and was - Her eyes were diamonds

- alliterations are when you use the same letter a number of times in a sentence or phrase for impact - Mickey Mouse moved mechanically


In computing, we learnt about sequences and repetition and created our own animation.


We got to hold the chicks and say goodbye to them today!



Is to learn our lines for the Easter service.



Reading everyday and get it signed to say an adult has seen or heard.

Swimming kit on Monday

Finish at 2pm on Thursday

Easter service 9.15am on Wednesday

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Blog by Lily and Neve

This week in maths, we have been doing graphs. We have been reading graphs and next week we are doing our own. Today we had a solar eclipse. Unfortunately it was so cloudy we missed it. Hopefully next time.


My favourite part of the science day was making the bridges with Mrs Hoar. It was so fun! My one even stood the wind!


In english, we are doing persuasive writing and we did our own arguement for our assessment. The arguement was about no school i wish that can happen.


This week it was science day we did fun experiments. All the activities were my favourite!


On Monday, we got chick egg and they finally hatched on Wednesday. We think there are 9 boys and 1 girl. They are all really lovely!

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Class 4 Blog 13th March

Hello and welcome to class 4 blog!


In maths, we have been learning about money and addition. This included lots of word problems which was very fun.


Yesterday we had special visitors owls! This was very exciting! We even got to have our picture with them. It was really exciting when they got to fly over us and we learnt lots about them.


In science, we did an experiement which involved gases. We weighed a deflated balloon then blow it up and weighed an inflated balloon. This was to help us explain what gas is.


In english, we had our debate on against and for animals in the circus. The next day we did another debate about if owls should be kept as pets at home in the zoo or kept in the world.


Also today we were funny for money as it was comic relief everyone looked fantastic!



Last week of clubs

Parents evening

science days


Please ensure you are reading every day and getting an adult to sign to say they have heard you read or you have discussed the book with them.


By Anna, Alice and Bilal

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Jam Packed Week by Mark, Katelyn and Ed

This week, have have completed all our assessments.  We're sure we all got brilliant scores but we're glad its over.


In English it was very fun we were learning about persuasive language.  It was quite hard to think of a persuasive sentence. Here is an example:


Dear Mr Baboom,

Please tell the crazy monkeys to stop taking all the bananas.  Just please, please make them stop.


Mr Penny.


On Thursday it was World Book Day there were crazy and cool costumes. Very well done to Neve, Theo and Harry for winning from Class 4.

After school on Thursday, St Ippolyts played football against William Ransom.  The A team lost 3-1,  the B team lost 5-1 but they all played great.


Today, we say goodbye to Mrs Dunnigan who is leaving for a new job. We will all miss her as she misses us! Good luck!


Just remember Red nose day is on the Friday 13th March.


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Spring 2 Week 1 Class 4

This week we have doing transformations which are rotations, reflections and translations. We even got to watch a song called transformation style and sung and danced to this! We had to rotate around the room, reflect each others action and translate by listening to Miss Patstons actions.


In english, we have been looking emotive language studying the features and then applying it to our own work.


This week, we had an inspector who looked around the school. She was really nice and friendly.



We are conducting an Environmental Quality Analysis deciding on how good St Ippolyts is. We have to ask a serious of questions to the adults to find out their opinions.



Next Thursday is world book day so don't forget to wear a costume

There is no girls football on Thursday due to Boys football match.

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Week 6 Spring by Macsen and Lucy

Wow, it's the end of half term lets review on what we have done this week.


In maths, we have been doing lots of investigations and word problems some of them have been tricky but we have really enjoyed it.

In english, we made word class books on animals. We had to write small snappy sentences for each cateogory which were nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions.


In pe, we have been studying the creation story which we looked at 'stewardship' and what it is.


Next, it was music evening, we got to hear lots of good musicians then we even made our own instruments for DT!


By Macsen and Lucy


Have a lovely half term and a good rest!

 Miss Patston

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Class 4 Week 5 Spring Blog

We have had an even busier week this week with lots of tricky and challenging work!

In maths we have been learning about metric and imperial measurements which has been really tricky!

In english we typed our stories up then we made a trailor on the ipads. We used imovie. We had to do the backgrounds, film the different parts and type up the main headlines for the story.

In history we have made a map of our own village. We had different public buildings and had to use the ordinance survey symbols to do this. We did this from a birds eye view!


Swimming kits on Monday. Pe kits all week.

We are celebrating pancake day on Tuesday and having our fun race!

Young worship collective worship is on Monday


GOOD LUCK MISS LEAN FOR SATURDAY 14th February! We hope you have a wonderful wedding day!


By Kierat, Harry and Kaitlin


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Class 4 Blog Week Ending 30th January

It has been a brilliant week in Class 4, especially for the choir who went to the 02.


In English, we have been writing our suspense stories, it was really fun! Miss Patston was really happy as they were all brilliant!


In Maths, we have been doing equivalent fractions, it was tricky but we liked it. We even looked at how to convert improper fractions!


Also in RE, we have been learning about the story of creation. Today we looke d at the sins Adam and Eve did and we learnt what sins people may commit and the consequences of these.


A big well done to the choir!!



English homework is based on plurals as Miss Patston noticed we all need a little bit of practise on this.



Football match is on Friday 6th February 2015.


Written by Annabel and Jonathan

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Arts Day fun 2015 Class 4 Blog

On Arts day 2015, some people came in to teach us tai chi/kung fu. It was really fun because two of the moves they taught us was to punch and kick but only in sports classes not in agression! They also taught us some chinese warm ups. (Alexander)


The same people taught us dragon and lion dancing and we went under a lion suit with a partner and had to dance around! It was really fun (Lucy)


It was the busiest week since we've been back. Our topic for arts day was china this year. My favourite was making spring rolls! (Estelle)


There was a good range of wonderful things to do and it was lots of fun! (Alice)


In Maths, we've been learning about factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbes. A factor is a number that goes in to another number that doesnt leave a remainder. A mutliple is a number that is in the times tables. (Ruby)

In English, we've been still learning about suspense but this week we have been discussing characters and the format. (Kaitlin)


Thank you to ALL the adults that helped in Arts Days we couldn't do it without you! (Class 4 and Miss Patston)


Next Week:

Girls football on Thursday has been cancelled

Please could you remember to practise the words for the O2 young voices trip. (Edward)






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Class 4 Blog Spring Week 2

On the first full week we've had a great week. It's been jammed packed with work.

We have been doing reflective RE work by thinking about the garden of Eden and the 7 days of creation. In English, we've been learning about suspense stories focusing adventures and detective genres. Suspense is intriguting and you ask questions. It is exciting from the beginning. We had to draw a picture and write an opener, look at pictures and write an opener to match and make up our own.

In maths, we have been practising word problems on the four functions where we had to find all possibilites. We did lots of different fun activities we even solved a sweet shop problem. We used ipads to solve a domino problem which was really tricky but we enjoyed it!


In music, we tried to make suspense music to make clusters. We performed with our voices and instruments. In geography we were finding out the origins of towns and villages to find out why they were called this. We are learning about netball skills in pe, yesterday we looked at the different throws, pivots and catching.


Next Week:

Arts Day Fun - Wednesday and Thursday

Environmental Club is unfortunately cancelled



Could Miss Patston have the inside of kitchen rolls/wrapping paper for wednesday please!



Swimming kits for Monday afternoon. Netball is on Thursday.


Thank you for reading our blog,

By Class 4


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January - First Week Back

It was the first week back today after the christmas holiday. We have had a busy week indeed!


In English, we have been learning about adverbs, frontial adverbials and adverbial phrases. We had a lot of practise on this as it was a little tricky but we got the hang of this!

In Maths, we looked at negative and postive numbers, order numbers and using more than/less than to compare numbers.

In Science, we are studying sound and how vibrations make us hear.

In RE, we are reflecting on creation stories. In our first lesson, we learnt about the 7 days of creation and reflected on how this made us feel.



This is linked to our Geography/History, we have to draw a part of St Ippolyts which is forming a map in class mapping out the whole of St Ippolyts village and its key features. This is due in on Monday.


Timestables test next friday will be the 11s.




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Blog by Holly and Theo

Last week we went to Sky Skills Studios and we had a sheet of paper with lots of facts about endangered animals.  We then got spilt into 4 studios. We had different leaders that helped us to do our different roles. Also we we got to see the Sky Sports Studio and saw some famous presenters. We had so much fun and really want to go again!


On Friday was our assembly about Ancient Egypt and our Sky Skills Studio trip. We hope you enjoyed our Assembly as much as we did!




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Class 4 Assembly

What an amazing assembly!!!


Well done to Class 4 for an absolutely AMAZING assembly! I am so proud of all of you. You have worked so incredibly hard this term and I know it will continue!


Have a lovely and restful weekened!


From Miss Patston




Next weeks timestable test is the eights! Get practising and try within 5 seconds!!

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Blog by Jessie and Jay 14.11.2014

Sorry it's been a while since our last blog, we have just been so busy! We'll make sure we keep doing it weekly!

This week it has been assessment week in class 4. We had a maths investigations and we had to go around and figure out different maths. It was so much fun! We have also been writing about our research for our trip to sky skills studios next week! We can't wait! We planned our scientific investigation which we are doing on Monday with Mrs Archer.


On Remembrance day, the choir say an amazing song which was very emotional. We made a poppy wreath to put on the war memorial. We drew and made the poppies ourselves. On the leaves we wrote a special word on them. They looked fantastic! Thank you Mrs Rule!


We finished our glamorous egyptian necklaces (You will see them on Friday). A little reminder that class 4 assembly is next friday. We have been working very hard to show off what we have been doing in class in our history! We are so excited for our trip on Tuesday! We will keep you posted and give a mid week update!



To learn our lines for assembly off by heart!


Thank you for reading our blog by Jessie and Jay

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Fifth blog by Joshua and Alexander

Last week was friendship week, we learnt about how to be a good friend. One of the activities we did was called the Blob tree where we had to colour the person which we thought we were e.g. if we were happy we picked the person being happy. We had a visitor in and we watched a play. It was about anti-bullying and bystanders. We volunteered each other for friendship tokens if people were especially kind and nice. We did lots of fun activities and learnt a lot from this.

In Maths, we learnt about decimals and converting them into fractions. This week we are learning about fractions.

In English we are continuing with our fantasy stories and we are now writing about fantasy creatures. Fantasy means made up and not real.

This week so far we have learnt about Ancient Egypt inventions and achievements.

So far a really fun week and more to come!!!


Girls football match on Wednesday (Hope you had a great time and good luck)

Written by Joshua and Alexander
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Class 4 Blog by Edward and Samuel

Last week we had a busy week. We had the Harvest Service which went really well. We had a visit from Rev Ann who talked to us about the Bible and we wrote down questions which we asked her relating to her she feels about the Bible.  This was fun and we learnt a trick on how many books there are in the bible.


What have we been doing?

In Maths, we were doing time where we had to read the time to the nearest minute and then we learnt to read timetables. In English, we made fantasy setting based on descriptions from "The Lion, the witch and the wardobe". Everyones looked slightly different but with similar features e.g. a river. In History, we have been writing scripts for Ancient Egypt looking at the River Nile and why it is important. We then acted these out and recorded using the ipads. This week is friendship week where we will be learning about friendships with a different theme each day.



Choir are going to St Albans Catherdal to sing. Good Luck!

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