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Spring 2 - Week 3

We had a very sporty day yesterday celebrating Sport Relief. We participated in the daily mile as well as having a game of pétanque.

In English, we have read a few more chapters of our book and completed VIPER styles questions to consolidate our understanding. We have also edited and finished our refugee stories, which will be made into a class book. 

We have continued our work on looking at the differences between rural and urban locations. We looked in depth at our local area of St Ippolyts and the advantages and disadvantages of village life. Next week, we will look at maps of St Ippolyts and use 4-6 figure grid references. 

You should have all received a parent consultation letter on Thursday so please return your forms asap. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Abbott

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Hatfield House

On Wednesday, Class 5 visited Hatfield House, as part of our History topic on the Tudors. We had the chance to meet Catherine Parr, Henry VIII’s sixth wife. She taught us about what life was like being married to Henry VIII and also how we should greet him. She described Henry as a grumpy man who only cared about himself

Next, we had the opportunity to actually meet him! We had gifts that included a painting, a drink and a bowl of water, (for him to wash his hands in). We also prepared a song to give as a gift.
As part of our visit we also looked around some of the gardens. We took a walk to the Elizabeth Oak which was where Elizabeth I (Henry VIII’s daughter) was told she was going to become Queen.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and I was so impressed with the children’s knowledge and questions they asked.

In Maths, we have been looking at equivalent fractions and how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

We have read a few more chapters of our class book, ‘The boy in the back of the class’ and have started planning our refugee story.

Today was Australian fundraiser day, thank you for everyone who brought in cakes for the cake sale. The current total so far is £536.99.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Abbott :)

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Spring 1 - Week 5

We have had another busy week in class 5. 

In English, we have been writing our persuasive letters to the Home Secretary. The children have included rhetorical questions, emotive language and flattery. 

In Maths, we looked at grouping and sharing as division strategies and went onto using short division. We will consolidate this next week and work through some division word problems.  

In RE, we studied the stations of the cross and discussed who we thought was responsible for Jesus' death.

On Wednesday afternoon, 4 members of class 5 took part in a maths challenge. There were 4 different rounds involving estimation, memory and reasoning questions. The children did really well scoring an overall 115 points. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Abbott

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Arts Days

The children have had a very busy week this week. They thoroughly enjoyed the Arts days and all produced some fantastic art work and learned more about Japan. 

We had a lovely Friday fellowship where the children celebrated the work that they had created and we watched some children performing their Japanese dance. Make sure you check out the photos in the photo gallery to get a glimpse of the different activities that the children took part in. 

In Maths, we have been looking at formal written methods for multiplication. The children have worked hard on this and they have realised just how important knowing their timestables are. 

In English, we have been looking at correctly punctuating direct speech and identifying the key features of persuasive writing. We have read the next chapter of ‘Boy at the back of the class’ where we read about two conflicting opinions of having a refugee in the class.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Abbott

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

A big thank you for all your lovely cards and gifts that I received at the end of last term.


We have started our new book in English ‘The boy at the back of the class’ and the children have made great observations, inferences and predictions from looking at the front cover and reading the blurb.

In History this term, we are studying the Tudors. On Thursday, we went into the hall to re-enact some of the battles in the War of the roses, focusing particularly on the Battle of Bosworth. The children then wrote a recount of the events which led up to Edward VII taking the throne and starting the Tudor monarchy.


Swimming starts for children in Year 4 on Monday.

PE days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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USA Road Trip

 Thank you to all those parents who came along to watch our class assembly this afternoon. The children worked incredibly hard to put this assembly together from planning it, learning their lines to performing it so brilliantly today. They did a fantastic job and I was immensely proud of them all.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
Miss Abbott 
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First week back!

Welcome Back! I hope you all had a lovely half term.

In English, we have started our new topic ‘Wonder’. Wonder is about a young boy named August Pullman who was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school - until now. He's about to start 5th grade at Beecher Prep. The book follows August’s struggles to try and fit into life in middle school. The children have been using ‘hot seating’ activities to get into character as August and have written some fantastic diary entries.

We are currently on stop 6 of our USA road trip, where we visited Florida. We looked at why Florida is nicknamed the ‘Sunshine state’ and of course, we had to visit DISNEYLAND. The children used all this information to create persuasive posters, to persuade families to take a trip to Florida.

In Science, we have started our new topic for the half term – Forces. We looked at different types of forces including, gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. This week, we will be looking in more detail about gravity and air resistance by carrying out an investigation to discover which material would be most suitable for a parachute.

Miss Abbott :)

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Autumn 1, Week 6

It was so lovely to see so many of you at open session last Monday. I hope you enjoyed looking at your child’s work and classroom environment. 

We are still studying 'Eye of the Wolf' in English - a book about a wolf who has been captured from Alaska and placed in a zoo in Paris. It is here he strikes up a friendship with a young boy who sympathises with him. We have been revising descriptive techniques such as similes, metaphors and personification and the children used these in a descriptive paragraph about the wolf's eye. 

We are currently on Stop 4 on our USA road trip where we will be visiting Alaska and writing a non-chronological report. The children used the iPads yesterday to research Alaska and collect fun facts that they wanted to include. They couldn’t believe that a 13-year-old boy designed the Alaskan flag or that Alaska is biggest yet most sparsely populated State in America.

In Maths, we have been looking at multiples, factors and Prime numbers. The children used the ‘Sieve of Eratosthenes’ which is an ancient algorithm for finding all prime numbers to any given limit. 

On Thursday, to mark World Mental Health Day, the children took part in a special  BBC live lesson. This included various activities and a group session of meditation using a hand breathing exercise. We later reflected on what we had learnt and recorded our reflections in the class PSHE Journal. 

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Miss Abbott 

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New beginnings

Welcome back!

We have had a fantastic first week and the children have quickly settled into life in Class 5.

In English, we have started our study on the book ‘Eye of the Wolf’ by Daniel Pennac. The children have all made predictions based on the front cover and have started to infer details about the main characters.

In Maths, we have looked at finding the value that each digit represents in 5/6 digit numbers by playing a great game of ‘beat the teacher’. It is currently a draw so we will see if we have a winner next week. 

We started our North America geography topic this week and the children located North America on a world map as well as looking at the countries that belong to it. Next week, we will start our in-depth country study by going on our USA road trip. Our first stop will be New York!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Miss Abbott :)

PE days - Monday - swimming year 5 only
                  Thursday - class 5
                   Friday - class 5

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Thank you!

Just a quick little message to say thank you for all your gifts, lovely words and kind whishes for the big day! I hope you all have a lovely relaxing summer and enjoy your time off of school - I will! 

Thank you once again! See you in September as Mrs Edwards!

Miss Walker :) 

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Class 5 - PE Kits

Just a reminder that Class 5 children will need their PE kits in school Thusday 23rd and Friday 24th for their usual PE lesson. 

Miss Walker

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Week 2

Another busy week over in Class 5! There were some fantastic World Book Day costumes – loved the creativity behind them.

We have been revisiting statistics this week in Maths, with a new focus on Line Graphs – this was new to most children and they have worked really hard to understand their usage, how to draw them and how to interpret. As always, we have worked on our arithmetic skills. The pace and understanding has dramatically improved and I’m sure this will reflect during assessment week!

We have continued to use Boy in the Tower as our text type – the narrative pieces of writing I have read this week have been outstanding. As a class we have been working on ‘showing not telling’. This means describing what is happening, what it might feel like or look like rather than what it is. We have had to have a long chat on handwriting and presentation as this seems to have slipped. Unfortunately, some pen permits have been suspended as, after repeated reminders and extra interventions over the last few months, this hasn’t been improved and so no longer meets the standard needed to write in pen. I’m hoping these pen permits can be used once again in the weeks to come.

Don’t forget swimming kits on Monday!

Have a good weekend,

Miss Walker :) 

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Class 5 Wellbeing Week

Class 5 have really enjoyed our extra PSHE lessons this week and have thought about their feelings and emotions, as well as how to stay safe online, at home and at school and in tricky situations. 

The children have thought hard about being a good friend and can list the qualities needed - we still need to practice acting on these thoughts some of the time though. Maybe over the weekend your child could take some time to reflect on their friendships and if they make the right choices through what they do and say or how they could be an even better friend. 

Swimming is on Monday so please do not forget swimming kits!!! 

Looking forward to seeing most of you at open session - it is a great chance to come and see our classroom and all the fab work they are doing! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Walker :) 

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Class 5 Week 4

Another busy week at School! Class 5 have participated in a range of workshops this week and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Their beautiful Caribbean artwork will be displayed and you’ll be able to have a good look at open session. Photos are also already on the website!

We have also finished fractions work and are ready to move onto decimals! Timetables Rockstars has been a great hit for Class 5 – with every member of the class logging on and play multiple times! WELL DONE! On Monday we will be seeing who is the most improved, the star of the week and the highest scorer – good luck all!

Please remember swimming kits are needed on Monday as well as usual PE kit for the rest of the week (indoor and outdoor).

Have a great weekend and enjoy the snow!

Miss Walker J

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Class 5 Spring Week 3

We have had a busy two weeks in Class 5!

Our class trip last week was great- the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and participated so well in the workshop. The adults at the studios commented on their great ideas and behaviour. It was a fun and educational day out for all!

We have continued our new topic in English and all the children are hooked with our new book ‘Boy in the Tower’ – they have completed some amazing pieces of writing and have really thought about up levelling their work.

In maths this week we have moved onto Fractions – a favourite topic of mine! Some of the children who thought fractions were really tricky have started to really understand what to do with them! Times table Rock stars has also started this week and I am glad to say that Class 5 had the most amount of logins on the first day! Well done! This is a great app to help children with their times tables and division facts – One child has already played 77 games!!!

Just a quick remainder that ALL children need their swimming kits on Monday’s!!

Have a great weekend

Miss Walker

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Spring Week 1

What a great start to 2019! All the children in Class 5 have been thoroughly engaged and focus with our new topics, particularly our English Novel – Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen. We have been looking at features of this mystery text and have been using our inference and deduction skills to predict how the story will progress.

Our other new topics we have started this week are ‘Funky Furnishings’ and ‘Light and Shadow’. We have a few more lessons on South America, but we will then move onto the Anglo Saxons!

Just a quick reminder that our class trip is on Tuesday 15th and the children need to be at school for 8:15am so the coach can leave on time.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend – perhaps get a head start on grid homework! (remember 5 pieces, not 4).

See you Monday

Miss Walker :) 

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Home Learning Grids Class 5

Just a quick post to say that the Class 5 grids had a typo on. All children were asked to change '4 activities' to '5 activities' as it is a six week term. Hopefully they have already done this! 

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Class 5, Autumn 2, Week 2

This week Class 5 have been working hard on both their topics; World War 1 and Harry Potter.

In English, we have been drafting our own narrative writing where we could choose our own title and characters to focus on. Some of our titles were, ‘The Imaginary Vault’, Ron’s Lucky Day’, ‘Hermione’s Accident’ and ‘The Lost Wand’. We have had to include a lot into our writing including fronted adverbials, relative clauses and pronouns, parenthesis and direct speech. We are looking forward to sharing some of these at our class assembly.

On Tuesday, a travelling theatre company came in to show a play about WW1. We all participated really well with our knowledge of how the war started. It was funny but emotional and made many of us think.

We have had a go at making our own Propaganda posters, writing poems about the animals in war and found out about how the war ended.

In RE we had a go at answering our Big question, ‘ What is the most important value to you and why?’ – there were some great answers.

We would like to remind you that our class assembly is on Friday 30th November 2018 at 2:30pm

Unfortunately, Class 5 were unable to have their flu jabs today so will be having them at another time.

From Class 5.

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Class 5 Autumn 2 Week 1

The children have worked really hard this week and have managed well with all the different changes to our usual timetable.

We have been focusing our afternoon lessons on Topic, learning all about WW1. All the children have been thoroughly engaged and involved in discussing different aspects of the war. We have used photographs taken during the war to help us to truly start to understand what it must have been like.

Today, on our learning journey of ‘Peace and Reconciliation’, the children have had a chance to reflect on conflicts, refugees, remembering the brave people who have fought in wars before now and those who are still fighting today. Most children participated really well and shared their deepest thoughts and prayers. Thank you Class 5.

It has been a very reflective day and I’m sure your child will be able to tell you all about it.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Walker J

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Class 5 Letters

Just a quick note to say I'm sorry I fogot to give out some letters today for all children in Class 5 as well as letters specifically for children in choir - these will go out tomorrow! 

Sorry again, 

Miss Walker :) 

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