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SATs over, but no time to rest!

With the SATs done for year 6 it has been excellent for the children's minds to set on other parts of the curriculum which are not officially assessed!  Over the past few weeks the children have been busy honing their sketching techniques.  They looked at different ways of shading, the effects of different grades of pencil, how you can create different textures using pencils, ways to get a feel for perspective and much more ... all of this led to their final landscape drawing of our beautiful church.  Some examples can be seen on the gallery, please take a look, I am sure you will agree the children have really showed their artistic flair.  I know class 5 are now excited with lots of different events coming up in the not too distant future, such as auditions for our annual production, sports day, school journey and of course the up and coming talent show which the year 6 children are busy planning for Friday.  It's going to be a busy time andI am looking forward to spending these last few weeks with year 6 having lots of fun ... and learning something too!

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This half term we have being carrying out a book study of the well known classic The BFG. We have used this brilliant piece of writing to explore lots of different styles of writing, looking at play-scripts, descriptive pieces, how characters are developed, diary entries and much more. This week we focused on the style of Roald Dahl and talked about what techniques he uses in this book, and many of his others. Class 5 had a specific chapter to try and write, being told only the basic events within the section. Here's a great example from Charlotte which really shows how she emulated the style of Roald Dahl, as well as using brilliant story writing techniques.
"The Head of the Army marched in with his head held high. "Take a seat." said the Queen. He sat down. Sophie sat there examining him. "As you said, Queen we have a very big problem. Giants!" yelled the Head of the Army.
"Oh golly! The giants is probably hearing you in Giant Land!" announced The BFG. The Head of the Army ignored him.
"There have been reports of children going missing in all different parts of the world M'am." explained the Head of the Army.
"we only have eight hours," said The BFG
"Then what are we doing standing here, we must shoot them all!" bellowed the head of the army.
"Violence is not the answer," confirmed the Queen.
"Then what should we do!" Growled the head of the Army, jumping up from the chair, his black moustache began to shake as he spoke. Sophie had to bite her lip to stop her from laughing.
"I has an idea," said the BFG.


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