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Spotty, Dotty and Watching Stars.

What a busy week and I'm sure you will be at home getting ready to see all the amazing things that people do to support Children in Need. As you can see from the photo gallery we had such fun in school today and great excitment of having the Rickshaw Challenge pass through St Ippolyts. Luckily, the weather was kind and keystage 2 went to show their support by cheering Matt Baker and his crew on. In class we thought it would be a great opportunity to become journalists for the day and set about gathering info, comments and writing reports about Children in Need.

We quickly re-wrote lyrics to 'I'm still standing' to 'You're still cycling' and no doubt your child may will sing it to you. We also took part in the Joe Wicks Big Move which was great fun.

Whilst some of the children were here in school the rest of the class were taking part in a Herts Small School football tournament in Watford. They arrived back just before the end of the day, with the A team celebrating with medals,coming 2nd overall. The B team also played exceptionally well and did an amazing job, being true sports ambassadors.

This was all of course at the end of the week and after a full week of assessments as well. I am very proud of year 6 who all participated and tried their hardest during this week. Everyone seemed calm and took it all in their stride, which is super.

On Monday, Young Worship led a beautiful service to the whole school for rememberance. The reflections and prayers that were read were so thoughtful. I was extremely proud of them. As a class we took time to write our own thoughts and looked at how it is important to not forget the past and have displayed our feelings in our reflection area in class.

In RE this week we started to explore our ideas of whether it is best to express religion in art and architecture or charity and generosity. With so much charity work taking place and our half terms value- generosity, you would think this is fairly easy but a lot of children have various views on this which lead to great discussions. This week we looked at some art, thought about why places are known as sacred, what does it mean - a sacred place. This is giving us the chance to prepare our learning for when we visit St Albans Cathedral on Friday 29th Novemeber 2019.

We also managed to squeeze in some science, mainly the write up of our skittle experiment from Friday last week. We have also planned a further investigation which we will have to put into next week as we couldn't fit it in.

Next week we shall be having normal homework and spellings but in the meantime make sure you are keeping up with things such as reading , Rockstars, Sam Learning and getting started on some of your grid learning pieces.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and keep an eye out to see if we were spotted during the Rickshaw.

Well done year 6 for another super week.

Mrs Stewart


Swimming kits Monday


PE kits

Home school contact books.


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First Week Back !

I do hope everyone had a lovely half term week. I am pleased to say that Class 6 have come back and look refreshed and ready to face next half term. This week we have allocated new responsibilty roles and been given a few extra tasks along the way, such as selling poppies and carrying out jobs for teachers. This fits nicely with this half terms value- generosity. From listening in Collective Worship and having today's Friday Fellowship I have seen children in Class 6 being generous with their time, words, sportmanship and donating shoeboxes or purchasing poppy appeal related merchandise.

The beginning of the week saw us looking at Bonfire Night. As it is a fun time of year it also leads great discussion in how to be safe as well. We thought it would be a great idea to look to writing an informative piece persuading and letting the wider community know how to stay safe. Using our learning powers children could select the genre and audience for which to write for. Therefore we had some explanation pieces, some more debate related but all having a persuasive feel to them. In order to check how persuasive we carried out some peer marking and listening to the dialogue of people I was super impressed by the positive words being said to one another, alongside some helpful points to develop their pieces further.

This moved us onto thinking more of a PSHE frame of mind with, is their a difference between a risk, a hazard and danger. Once again I was blown away by some of the mature answers that were being given.

We also added to our reflection area, which is based around remembrance. As a class we discussed how important the phrase 'We will remember them' is to us. I have to say that the children wrote some mature and moving speech bubbles expressing their feelings so well. 

In Maths we have remained with the focus of fractions but have moved onto checking our understanding of adding and subtracting fractions. As the week has gone by I have seen a greater confidence in their ability and also children being generous to support friends who may not understand it straight away. We shall be moving onto multiplication and divising fractions next week, even though it is assessment week.

Speaking of this, next week the children will be carrying out assessments in English, Maths and Science. I have hopefully managed to reassure some children, as I know not everyone likes tests but it is the way in which we use our learning powers to remain positive. I am also sure that the children are aware just to try there best and be proud of what they do.

We have been looking at a few different comprehensions and still pushing for that wealth of vocabulary. Working each week in the library helps, us to see how grateful we are to have a space to enjoy and share our choices in reading. 

In RE we have been looking at what a triptych is ? You may also and hopefully have received the letter explaining about the Class 6 trip to St Albans Cathedral later this month. If you have a chance see if your child can explain what this is.

In Art we started to explore the technique of using batik. As we have only just started these lessons we watched short videos which gave us a brief overview of the process. You may have also seen from the new Home Learning grid that batik was mentioned. If your child has not received a copy you shall find this on the website or the children can take one from the class noticeboard. We have started to think about using the skill of batik for a piece related to remembrance and will be selecting other projects along the way. 

To finish the week off we carried out a science experiment using skittles. Please be reassured I have not filled children up with skittles, they were for experimental use only and afterwards we would certainly have not wanted to eat them. We were investigating and exploring if hot or cold water would dissolve the sugar coating the quickest. It was fascinating to see the results and have already planned to investigate these sweets further.

Also this afternoon our two year 6 school council reps reported back to the class after attending this morning the Hitchin schools Transition Conference , held at The Priory. Both pupils, Amber and Ben did an amazing job of gathering questions from the class and also finding out the answers, and by having the chance to talk to Year 7 and each other it may push some future worries away.

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and will see you on Monday.

Mrs Stewart


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Homework Clarification for Year 6

Class 6 here is just a reminder about what we discussed when handing out the maths homework this week.

There were four different activites. One of the activites was a mental warm up in which you could do all grids, or 1/2 etc - your choice.

From the other tasks available you could select areas out of each so for example the 56 question one you could do a few from various sections that you felt you needed to work on as we have covered various topic areas this week. Weekly homework will be set like this as one piece may not fit all and also you are all getting more aware of where you need to work on. It will also be good preparation for secondary school and using your learning powers too.

I will always try to give a variety and have explained that 30 mins of homework is what is expected but I do know that some children wish to do more, which again is a decision you can make.  We also spoke about how we can organise how this 30 mins can be spread out to cater for other outside committments. All of these strategies are good ways to try here before venturing to secondary. 

I do hope this takes away any worries or concerns you may have. Please also remember I am available to talk things through each day or come along to homework club if you wish.

Mrs Stewart

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Thank You For The Cakes!

Trying to think of this week's title of the blog and in my head could hear the song 'Thank You For The Music' so went for 'Thank You For The Cakes'. Plus I did want to thank the parents/children for their generous and yummy donations that were handed in. It was very welcoming after a dark, windy day - good well-being for both pupils and staff.

A lot of tired faces today as school ended. Take a look at some of what we have been focusing on this week.

In English we have been focusing on more class reading of Shackleton's Journey. Discussing a wide range of some new vocabulary. I think we are starting to realise that if we ignore words that we do not understand it makes it tricky for us to understand the plot. We decided to look at a different style of writing which was to send a telegram to a loved one. At first we looked at a WAGOLL - What A Good One Looks Like. This is when we take a few examples and see what makes it the good example. By doing this we can be resourceful, that once we go to write our own writing we can refer back to it. As we read we were also looking at the skills of taking notes. Notes are of course not full sentences and some of the times we are not properly taking notes. From this we constructed some of our telegrams again from our chosen characters perspective.

I was delighted to read the English homework. So many powerful speeches being written or carefully analysed pieces. I shall be asking the children to try and deliver these next week. As the next stage is to be courageous and use or expressive voices, strong body language to read these to get our messages across. Once again the use of some great vocab and phrases.

In Maths we have had another go with long division and we are getting there.We also looked at factors and multiples this week, to see if by having a securer understanding of this concept it could take us a step closer, which it did.  We then moved on to BODMAS - the order in which calculations need to be carried out. This was a good session and were feeling fairly confident by the end. These are a few of the range of questions that appear in the Mental Arithmetic SATs as well as the reasoning papers.

Yes I mentioned SATs! However at school we shall all be meeting in the hall on Wednesday at 6pm. This is an evening where both children and adults can come along to see what the SATs are like, share in what they learn in school and have FUN! Looking forward to seeing you all after seeing quite a lot of you after school on Monday for the Open Session, which I hope you found useful.

Swimming is going well and hearing good things about how children are really trying their best. Our weekly PE sessions are always great fun and a time to exercise. Also a big well done to those children who represented the school in the cross country event on Thursday.

In RE we looked at what catherdrals show about what Christians believe about God. Did you know that cathedrals are built in the shape of a cross? They children went off to research and enquire about the various different cathedrals. It even brought in some current affairs about cathedrals in other countries as well.

This week we have looked at some art as it links to our English book on Shackleton. We have been inspired by some of the beautiful illustrations in this book and have been in touch with the author himself. William Grill uses coloured pencils but we chose to incorporate charcoal and chalk, alongside pencil to create some pieces, which we shall share with you next Friday in our class assembly.

In music we have been using the keyboards and working on our ability to play various instruments as well as learning how to read music notation. This normally comes after a library session where we discuss books that we are reading, learn how to find books and return them correctly. This week we started to make up small comprehension tasks for particular books so that other children in school could use them. It's so nice hearing them recommend certain books to each other.

As I type this looking at the weather outside, the children may be able to share some of their French knowledge as they learnt about the weather today.

I hope we can have some nice weather for the weekend. Do look below for some reminders and hope you all have a nice weekend.

Mrs Stewart

Reminders : Spellings tested on Monday - Hyphenated words/statutory word list selection.

                  Home school contact books to be checked - please try some of the activites we have discussed this week.

                  SATs Evening Wednesday 6pm

                   Non -uniform Day to support a local organisation Thursday

                  Class Assembly Friday.

                  PE kits if taken home to be washed and swimming kits for Monday.




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It's Another Harvest Festival!

At least no rain for us walking across to church this morning. It was such a lovely service and the children spoke so well and sang beautifully as they always do. Class 6 and Young Worship stayed behind to decorate the church after the service with all the generous donations that were handed in, thank you! A lovely way to end the week but what have Class 6 been up to at the beginning.

This week we created our poems based on a particular illustration from 'Shackleton's Journey'. As we read more of the book we discussed and magpied some of the fabulous vocabulary used within this book, to help inspire us to write our poems. As we started with our draft, we have worked through to the end and have managed to present some of these ready for you to see on Open Session on Monday. Also as part of our cross curricular writing, we took time to reflect on this year's Bishop Harvest Appeal - 'Light Up Tanzania'. We really enjoy our reflection times in Class 6 and the children are very mature in their words and feelings. Alongside this we prepared and wrote a prayer based on Harvest.

I am very much looking forward to hearing and seeing what the class produce for this week's homework. We were lucky to have had a visitor in school on Tuesday - Thabani Nyoni, who came and did a story workshop as the start to Black History Month. Before the workshop began, it was lovely to share and hear what the children knew. Thabani re-enacted and explored the life of people who were part of the Windrush generations. The children were brilliant and totally displayed the value of 'respect' throughout the morning. One again exploring some powerful language to describe feelings and emotions. It was from this workshop and learning about Shackleton, and his power of being a leader, that I set the challenge of analysing or producing a speech using emotive language. As I explained the homework, I made them aware that there could be a great many leaders sitting in our class in the future. 

In maths we found a few lessons a bit tricky as we mastered 'division' - the dreaded long division!However on reflection we realised that part of the difficulty could be linked to our times tables speed and recall. So, this week we have also had the opportunity to get ourselves back up and on track with our Times Table Rockstars. Your child should have received a small label with the relevant details on. I have also tried to make sure that I've covered any log in issues. My room has been fairly busy at playtimes/lunchtimes as they have been asking to do some, which has been so nice to see. We will soon be able to all be together fairly shortly as you will have seen the slip about SAT's information evening. Thank you to those parents who have already returned the slip and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 16th October at 6pm.

Of course I may see some of you much earlier as it is our Open Session on Monday.

In Science we have looked at graphing results and reading data, which is closely linked to maths as well. In our lesson we looked to transfering continuous data to line graphs. We also discussed the location of dependant and independant variables and decided on the top 5 tips of producing graphs. Keeping on with the scientific understanding we have branched out to our DT project of making torches.

This week saw us exploring and making simple circuits and switches, using a range of equipment. Today we also stripped down torches and battery operated tea lights, to get right into the components ready to get ideas to build our own torches. We have some fab ideas for torches and so have written down  and made some specification sheets to accompany our ideas. The next challenge is to make them!

As always we have enjoyed all our PE sessions, French, RE,  Music and a special bit of time in the library selecting books togther. I have also enjoyed taste testing some amazing cooking skills from certain pupils as part of their grid homework, I'm sure some could go on ' Great British Bake Off' and everyone will be in for a treat with your Cake Day next Friday (11th October)

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'm sure you will no doubt have been given, by your child, the PGL residential letters, which were handed out today.

See you all on Monday and thank you for a lovely week!

Mrs Stewart


Reminders: Homework to be handed in on Monday.

                  Home school contact books signed off on Monday/ Spelling test

                  Swimming Kits for Monday.

                  Spellings given out on Tuesday.

                  Class 6 cake day on Friday.


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Class 6 quick message

Class 6, sorry we shall be getting spellings and homework tomorrow. Thank you for showing your value of respect today during our Experience Eucharist day. I was very proud of you all. Anyone who has not handed in their homework from last week please could you do so tomorrow. Have a lovely evening.


Mrs Stewart

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Time flies when you're having FUN

Another busy week in Class 6. I just can’t believe how quick the weeks are going. I am so pleased with the way the Year 6 children have taken on their roles as buddies. This week they have met up with them on the playground or later in the hall during lunch. During our reflection times Year 6 are always writing such kind things about their buddies.

Talking of reflection, let’s reflect about the week.

In Maths we looked at rounding larger numbers and the different contexts of mathematical problems. This followed with looking at negative numbers. From this we moved onto addition and subtraction and more importantly mental calculations of larger numbers and problem solving. We are finding that it is the way in which the questions are asked that is causing the difficulties. However by focusing our attention in lessons to vocabulary we should start to see improvements.

In English we have begun exploring with the fabulous book, ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill. This beautifully illustrated book is providing so many types of writing and discussion in class. This week we have written a biography about Ernest and of course our English homework for this week is about certain crew members of ‘Endurance’. We have enjoyed discussing the qualities and what some of the jobs would have entailed. We looked at the supposed job advert that Shackleton put out when recruiting his crew and spoke about writing a CV and covering letter. We cannot wait to find out more about the dogs, and more about the ship. A remarkable amount of cross curricular learning can come from this book.

Everyone had a really good swimming lesson on Monday. Thank you so much for being organised and making sure you have your kits.

For our first week of spellings and reading records I am also pleased by pupils’ efforts. It is so important to work on being organised as this will help them when going to secondary school.

As you will be aware and have had the information, secondary schools will soon be having open evenings and morning visits. Please could I ask that parents notify either myself or the office with a quick note or e-mail. It does help me plan ahead and fill in any gaps.

In RE we have looked at a number of pieces of biblical text and have started to analyse what they mean. This follows on from looking at the features of God. The bible is made up of a number of different styles/genres of writing if you look closely enough.

We have also enjoyed our music lessons and learning new songs each week. Over the last couple of weeks I am sure that we have all widened our musical vocabulary.

In Science we looked at the eye and all the specific parts. We then moved on to trying to prove the statement does light travel in straight lines. We did have the sun which did help the experiment along.

In history we were investigating what Mayan inventions were around. Did you know they invented the calendar and even better chocolate.

This is just a fraction of the work we did this week as we carried out more PE. I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’m sure will see some of you at the STIPPS FEST tomorrow.

Mrs Stewart        

Reminders: Homework to be handed in on Monday.

                     Home school contact books checked and spelling test.

                     Swimming kits and PE kits if taken home to be washed.


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New Term Begins

Welcome back and thank you for a great start to the year. Year 6 have settled in well, meeting new buddies, new jobs and responsibilities and have made a good start to learning.

This week we have been focusing on descriptive writing in English. Discussing the features of what makes interesting descriptive writing. We have talked about similies, metaphors, personification, alliteration - all under the umbrella of figurative language. We have also been exploring the 'show not tell' route in order to engage readers interest and powers of inference. As part of our English we also looked at proofreading a passage which was interesting. This task will become a regular feature in class 6, which will help with our spellings and understanding of grammar and punctuation.

In Maths we have worked on polishing up our mental maths skills and understanding of place value to ten million. When working on our mental maths skills we cover a range of maths topics; fractions, percentages, square numbers and many more. Dusting off the cobwebs getting our brains back in action.

As you may have seen from your curriculum leaflet we shall be focusing on football, dance and swimming this term. Swimming begins this coming Monday  -  9th and the children were reminded about bringing their kits to school.Other PE lessons shall take place on Thursday and Friday. Please can you make sure that all kit is labelled clearly and that the children have it in school.

We have also been starting our RE learning this week. We had a great chat about the' Big Freize' within our class. We had to try and explain our feelings about the following question- What does it mean if God is Holy and loving?

Our history topic is based on Mayan civilisation and today we explored and generated a range of questions that we would like to find the answers to.

In Music we looked at the song 'Happy'and how it is structured and how we can discuss the song using musical terminology. It was quite surprising that it was composed in 2014 and how quickly time has flown by. When we listened to the track we were picking out the backing vocal lines and rhythms as well.

So straight back into learning and the year ahead. Lots of things in the school calendar where we will be able to meet up, most of these on the curriculum leaflet.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday. Well done Year 6 !

Mrs Stewart

Reminders : Swimming kit for Monday

                   Home School Contact books in to be checked .

                   Spellings and homework out on Tuesday.


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Good Luck Year 6 - You have been amazing!

What a week! It will be a leavers week I will not forget in a hurry. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you all.

You were winners on Monday and winners today. Watching you sing all together in the leavers assembly this morning was quite a sight.

I cannot thank you all enough for the many generous gifts and cards that I have from you. Parents I would also like to thank you for the support and kind words. For some I see the last of your family and for others just the start.

I hope you all have a restful summer, spending time with your loved ones. Do come back and visit you know where  I will be. I shall also no doubt see some of you through the summer around town. Remember to say hi.

So the final blog of Class 2019. Thank you Class 6 - you have been amazing! Good Luck in your new schools, the teachers are lucky to be getting you.

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The Final Countdown!

It is still quite unbelievable that we are heading towards the last week of term. I was so very proud of Class 6 and how they performed in this year’s production. A number of parents have commented on how mature and grown up the children were. All the children were extremely thoughtful to the background nature of the play and did a splendid production.

I think for me the reality of how close the end of term is, kicked in on Thursday, when I didn’t have the usual ‘morning’ being said to me as the smiley faces entered my classroom. We did hear how all the pupils got on at Fridays celebration assembly. Having spoken with a number of them they all seemed excited and now I can see they are ready to move on to the next step of their journey; some with joy and some with sadness.

On Friday we spent the morning at Hitchin Fire Station taking part in the annual Crucial Crew event. This is such a good morning, filled full of life skills. You can catch some pictures of this on the photo gallery of the website.

I do hope you all received the letter that highlighted the many events that feature as your child ends their time at St Ippolyts. This was a new feature and hope that it has been useful. Of course, if you have any further queries you can always catch me outside the classroom – morning and after school.

A quick reminder of things for the final days.

Monday – Please try to remember your leavers page. The ones I have had are lovely. Also you need to start to bring in your items for your leavers boards. Even if you bring in too much at least you can select as you put it together. A number of things can be placed on the board: certificates, the odd medal or two, work, awards, photos etc. All of the items on this board will be coming home on the last day of term. Of course at the end of the day we have the Staff v Year 6 rounders match. I am sure we all can predict this year’s winners. This takes place straight after school at the field, where you are welcome to come and support your child. Please make sure you have your kit and trainers children.

Tuesday – Nothing to be done apart from all the work etc in school getting ready for the rest of the week.

Wednesday – BBQ afternoon in school for year 6. You may want to bring a rather strong carrier bag in to start to collect the items from school.

Thursday - Leavers Service 2:15pm at the church. You may need a tissue. You are also welcome to join us for refreshments after the service.

Friday – We finish at 2pm. The children will leave from the back of the school to allow them one last time to walk up the drive way, where they can be collected.

While sitting typing this I have a feeling that I could have missed something, as so much to get organised for Year 6. If I do I shall endeavour to keep you fully informed.

Here we go Year 6!

See you tomorrow.

Mrs Stewart

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Three Faith Tour Trip - Yr 3,4,5,6

Parents a quick reminder for tomorrow for the KS2 Three Faith Tour Trip.

  • Please remember the vegetarian lunch (suggestions as per letter)
  • Children will need a headscarf (not cap) in order to be respectful at the various places of worship.
  • Please arrive for 8:15 am as we do need to leave promptly at 8:30am.

Any further questions please ask your Class Teacher.

Mrs Stewart


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Well done Year 6!

I think the title of this week's blog says it all. I do hope Year 6 that you all should feel proud of yourselves as I know you have all tried your very best. It did seem quite strange not meeting everyone in the hall for breakfast today. Mrs Harrington - Smith had said that quite a few of you had said how you missed the breakfast and that a lot of the class had said thank you once again to her.

Of course you may have seen, from the photos on the website, that SATs can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I think everyone did enjoy the surprise party/disco that had been planned for Year 6 yesterday afternoon, I know I did.

With a lot of the week taken up with SATs I only have a little left to say about the week. We have managed to get out and participate in our PE lessons and today the whole school had the chance to prepare for our Sports Day next week. Watching the children race, you can see why we have ended up with so many awards and trophies for sport.

The next big event next week (Friday morning) as well, is our annual talent show. Year 6 have been getting started with organising this and you will hopefully have seen the letter that was written by two pupils. Everyone in class 6 shall be given an area of responsiblity and it is such a lovely morning and so many talented children. I'm sure the panel of Britain's Got Talent would be blown away.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week for more fun learning. Well done!

Mrs Stewart

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On Your Marks...Get Set...GO!

As I write this blog I do hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather today and planning to do something that is relaxing. Last week saw us putting the final touches and giving one last push towards SATs. By the time I write next weeks blog it will be a thing of the past. As both Mrs Peddie and I said as you left on Friday, we are extremely proud of all of you.  There is more to you as individuals and that SATs are a snap shot of what you are able to do. I know you will give it your all.

It was not all about SATs last week as we carried on with our other curriculum areas of learning. As we have sports day next week we were out preparing. Plus each time I watch the level of rounders I think to myself that it is going to be very difficult for the staff when they play them but as we say, "Try your best!".

We also took time to study 'The Lord's Prayer', something of course we know of well as we sing this in our school regularly. However this time we considered the possible meaning of this line by line, showing our awareness of different interpretations. The previous week we had started to explore our thoughts of The Kingdom of God and of course this features within the prayer. Our challenge was to try and use simple language that our buddies and young children could understand. We are then looking into making our own library of interactive parables, hymns and prayers within old video boxes. As we also look at other religions we have discussed about the possiblilty of making some on key religious festivals. A creative and fun way to learn RE and hopefully have time to share with our buddies.

Speaking of creative, I was blown away by the beautiful art work that the children produced with Mrs Archer. Having only started a few weeks ago they are really starting to improve on their observational drawing skills.  I can't wait to see what they go on to next.

As the week came to a close, of course we had cake day and it was so lovely to hear in celebration assembly that we had managed to raise such an amount to help towards the 'Super Seraph' appeal. As you may see from the photos of the day, it is so clear to see how all of our values we learn in school being used; alongside supporting someone within our community.

Class 6 please try to get to bed at a good time tonight and promise I shall do the same. I look forward to seeing you all at breakfast. Remember if bringing a mascot ... not too big.

Mrs Stewart

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Steaming Ahead!

Quite a fitting title to this week's blog for a few reasons;term left, our next class book study and finally the word that is turning out to be like 'the scottish play'...SATs. However, I cannot fault the children with their dedication and hard work. I know everyone is ready and just wanting to get them done.  I even had a little chance at SAM Learning to challenge some of them on TT Rockstars. It is getting close for some of the children, clearly some are spending more time on this. I shall try and send a few challenges over the weekend.

With such a short term it seems hard to believe we only have 3 weeks then it is half term. You may have heard from your child or seen on the curriculum leaflet that we have currently started to read and watch E.Nesbit's ' The Railway Children'. It is interesting to see what differences there can be from text to screen. We are up to Chapter 4. So far we have created some different writing opportuntites;diary entry,to writing letters as particular characters or writing short pieces of narrative to move the plot on from a selected scene. It is always lovely to read different styles of books as a class, as you can also gain some historical facts along the way. At times seeing how lucky we are.

Each morning we have also been going through and revising our spelling rules. I have therefore not given spellings this week or next week to learn at home as they have been random words daily. I have to say the scores and progress has been great,alongside the building of such confidence about spelling(something that some of us in class find tricky)           

In Maths we have been focusing our attention on revision. The topics we ended up looking at were:decimals and fractions, problems involving properties of number (prime, factors, multiples, squared and cubed),ratio and proportion, percentages and finally approximation and rounding. We shall be continuing this style of learning through next week as well recapping on another selection of areas.

In RE we have started to work around our understanding of the Kingdom of God. It can be quite tricky to express how we feel but I am always super impressed by the children's responses to such BIG questions. Making the connections will be something that we wil look into further next week and estabilsh why and what does the Lord's prayer mean. Can we explain this to younger classes? We identified that it mentions ' thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven'.

In Music we have started to look at composition and film music. It was interesting to have watched films, be able to hear the music but not know who composed the music. Once we started to research this it was amazing to find out how many films one composer had written. Later on in the term we shall be having a quiz to test our knowledge. This led us nicely into our computing topic which is entitled' Morphing Images'. It looks into the idea of creating short films and movies.

As a class we have started to think about working together in small groups to produce some short films and supply the soundtracks to these using electronic compositon -  Garageband. It is early days but we are very excited and have started the planning process.

Working in groups that we can pick or having to work with people whom we never think of working with is a life skill lesson. thinking about our transition process and how to prepare for secondary is really important. Working on generating these films will help with PSHE.

This week we have also covered PE;looking at batting skills in cricket and rounders,Geography - the water cycle and our knowledge of water and its usage; and art - observational drawing techniques of still life(fruit and veg).

Remember your homework for this week was to have a go at the revision GPS paper that I gave to you. You can choose to do this timed, if so it is 45mins, or not timed and focus on the areas you are a little bit unsure of. We shall go over this together on Tuesday so please try to remember to bring it in. If there are any questions you are unsure of, have a go or leave them out and we can discuss them together.

Finally,  congratulations to those who took part in the recent netball matches. I hear you played brilliantly.

Hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday and that the weather is not too bad.


Mrs Stewart

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The Final Term Already - How can this be ?

Wow! Where did the Easter holidays go? I do hope you all had a lovely time with your families and not too many chocolate eggs.

Well as the title of this blog states- the final term. I can't believe it! It is moving so fast. Last week seemed a little strange only being in school three days but the children were great. I can clearly see those children who took on the advice of little and often to keep things ticking over during the break.

Wednesday saw us straight back into things. Mrs Archer worked on creative writing, comprehension, alongside mental arithmetic and Miss Massie with French and that was just the morning. I also had the opportunity to work with children in smalller groups, having chats about reading, spelling, maths reasoning and making sure no one was worrying. I have to say I am so proud of them all as they are in high spirits and eager to learn. In the afternoon we managed to join Class 4 on the field for a marvellous rounders lesson. It was lovely to see how well the children interact and support one another in sport - amazing! A terrific amount of Learning Powers to see.

On Thursday we started the day with spellings. As a class we have decided to work on 20 random spellings, from the Year 3-4 and 5-6 lists, including spellings with particular spelling rules. We shall be doing this straight after our early morning work each day, then marking as a class, discussing where we can spot ways to improve our accuracy. Over Thursday and Friday things were looking positive - as I knew they would. These spellings will not be sent home each day; they are completely random and to let the children identitfy where they need to work on.

We spent the remaining time this week in Maths,  discussing and revising areas we have covered. We chatted about imperial measures and the children copied a chart to assist them, in their home school contact books. We then spent time on algebra. Mainly looking at problems which dealt with reasoning, simple formulae and linear sequencing. This week coming we shall be going over: fractions(all operations), circle work, rounding, long divisions and long multiplication, mental fluency and ratio and proportion. Plus any other area that anyone feels is required. I have spoken with the children and encouraged them to pop in at any time during breaks or lunchtimes to ask me anything or see me at SAM Learning. Some children have already taken me up on my offer- which is great.

Our final term is a busy one but most of all should be a fun one. As I mentioned on the curriculum leaflet and as Mrs Peddie said to the children as well, they need to enjoy every moment they can. Make even more memories.

You should have received on Thursday, information about the SATs breakfast. If you have any questions then please just ask. See you all soon for another busy week. Please make sure you have PE kits in school, along with a water bottle.

Mrs Stewart 


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Red Nose Day Fun - Assessment Week Done !

I could not be more proud of Class 6 this week. Everyone has tried so hard, giving 100% effort into all of their assessments. Their enthusisasm and eagerness to see how they have done has been amazing. I'm sure if you ask them they shall let you know as they were making notes as the week moved on.

A lot of this week in the morning has involved assessments but we have still managed to squeeze in other subjects as always...busy,busy,busy.

We focused our attention mainly around Science in preparation for Science days next week. We had many great discussions and learning around how nutirents travel around the body and how a healthy diet and exercise can impact on our bodies.

We then made connections with maths and in particular data handling. Sometimes it is just as important to get some data already collated and then put this into the best graph. We took some Olympic 100 metre results for men and women and compared them on a line graph. After this we drew conclusions from the graph and data, answering specific questions as well;a little extra comprehension for a different purpose.

PE yesterday was great fun as CLass 5 and 6 joined together to go and polish up on our rounders skills. Mrs Stewart even managed a rounder, so didn't let the class down.

I hope you are all enjoying the last little bit of Red Nose Day 2019 or may even see some on the TV. Assembly at the end of the school day was a sea of red, which made everyone happy. Having the chance to celebrate the sporting achievements, golden chair awards and all the badges that were awarded was lovely. Dominic ended the day with a beautiful prayer which he had written for his grid homework.

Look forward to seeing you all next week and have a bit of a rest and recharge those bodies for more fun next week.

Mrs Stewart

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Happy Half Term!

Who can believe it half of the academic year gone! Hearing Class 4 sing 'When I Grow Up' so beautifully in their assembly just made me realise how quick this class are growing up, having had a lot of them in reception.

So what have we been doing in Class 6. Having seen a lot of you throughout this week -  I'm trying to think what to say. It was lovely to see you at Open Session and I do hope you had a lovely time looking at the Caribbean Display. We were busy trying to get some of our latest work ready to display but sadly did not have time to get it up on the wall but a lot of you read it in class. You will also have seen the copy of Internet Safety writing that was sent with this week's newsletter.

A number of other great pieces of writing are now on display in my class and will be going up in school over half term. We have also been working hard mathematically. We have been concentrating on nets of 2d and 3d shapes, alongside revisiting algebra and finally going through some reasoning questions from SATs past papers in small groups. It is important learning from our mistakes and so the children have found it helpful to see how they can improve.

Talking about improving. Tonight your child should have come home with their homework folder, (some did not have it, but have the learning )or they may not have it, as shall we say I have a few folders in class with me now whilst typing this blog. Inside there is a number of different pieces of work. As I was explaining at parent's appointments this is best completed in doing little and often,rather than last minute.com.You will also find a page report which will hopefully give you a few points that I would have discussed also at each meeting. If you have not received the page report you shall get it soon. Please do make sure you have some family time as well and I'm looking forward to seeing how the battle of times table rockstars turns out this week with classes. I shall even try to catch up on the challenges that have been sent through as well, promise.

In RE we have been gathering evidence as to why Christians find the resurrection so important. We watched short extracts of people explaining evidence about this topic, which was very interesting and we had also Revd Ginni in as well. We shall be working on gathering up the different kinds of evidence and writing a report later.

We had great fun on Tuesday afternoon and congratulations to Joseph and Jake for coming up with the winning design. I was really impressed by the way in which the children worked in their pairs to make different types of aircraft.

I would also like to thank the children for being so good at handing in such a wide range of homelearning again. I've been well fed, well entertained, well informed and well looked after. It never surprises me how creative the children can be.

I just want to wish you all a very happy half term and hope you all have a great rest, coming back after the week and ready to go again.  Please remember to bring those lovely ,clean fresh PE kits back.

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Stewart                                                                                                                   

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Feeling Good!

As the title of the blog states' Feeling Good'. A lovely week in school with so many different visitors and things to talk about. Class 6 have had some fantastic suggestions and ideas linked with Well-being week. At the launch of the week Miss Gale explained all the things she had planned and that got us motivated.

However Class 6 may start to think im going crazy as we have spent some time this week on SATs materials and identifying where our gaps may be so that we can keep everything progressing forward. I have to say I have had some super writing about e-safety and Mrs Archer was impressed by the creative writing on Tuesday. We are trying really hard to get this ready to put up on display ready for the open session on Monday.

In PE today we were also working with Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith planning our PE display board which again should hopefully be up ready to show you on Monday if you come along.

Tonight your child should also have their parent appointment time for Wednesday. I do know there is a tournament on so have tried to cater as best i can for everyone. I explained to the children that if there were any problems then to just see me or even say when you pop in on Monday. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

A relatively short blog this week. Do try to encourage your child to explain or carry out some of the activities that have been sent home as I did not give out homework or spellings this week as the children were looking at SATs questions. I have explained to the children that i shall be giving work out on Tuesday and not to panic if a little bit more than usual as I'm putting in a few fun things for over the half term.

Hope you all have a really lovely weekend and CLass 6 see if you can fulfil some of those well-bing pledges.

See you on Monday.

Mrs Stewart

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Rock On!

I'm sure you have heard about Times Table Rockstars. Class 6 have been keen to tell me their rock status and it has only been a day. I asked the class to give me some comments about it.

"It's a fun way to learn times tables."   "Earn coins, to buy accessories for your character."  " A fun way to educate."

These were just a few. I have to say I have also enjoyed having a go. My avatar looks pretty cool in a kilt, especially as I will be celebrating 'Burns Night'.

Mrs Wilson was impressed by Class 6's knowledge and understanding of the functions of the heart and lungs. Such a complex system, that it is hard to imagine how it all works.

In Art with Mrs Archer the children have been starting a new topic - 'Express Yourself'. This should work well with the upcoming weeks at school. As you will have seen in the newsletter about Wellbeing Week.

We have challenged ourselves and perservered to master the concepts of measure - particularly volume, area, surface area and perimeter. Of course this is something that has been covered in previous years but each year or time revisiting it gets a little harder. Some children started to look into learning about the nth term in order to find the surface area of a pattern of shapes.

We are appraoching the half way point of our book 'Skellig'. We have just started to find out about William Blake. After Arts Days we shall be picking up our english work again based on William Blake poetry. As our Arts Days are based on the Caribbean we shall be turning our attention to researching and finding more about Caribbean countries gaining independence. We will be looking at how to debate and be appreciative of what others have to say, even if we feel differently. Writing some explanatory texts.I'm sure the children will have an amazing week next week. It is so important to learn about the culture and traditions of other countries.

Finally our week ended with a really productive PE session. Working in groups, each team had to collaborate and perform a routine in gymnastics. I have to say everyone did brilliantly. We have decided to plan a display board to show others. Hopefully we can sort this out for the upcoming 'Open session'.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I think I may need to go and do some studying for the Quiz Night.  

Mrs Stewart

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A Wonderful Week!

You only need to read the newsletter yesterday to see why I entitled the Class 6 blog 'a wonderful week'. Mind you I could have selected so many alliterative titles, for so many things. I think it was because Class 6 have been working on creating descriptive writing and alliteration being a feature we could use.

Being in Class 6 has been great this week, (as it always is). I have seen quite a few, more than a few actually, really trying very hard.Great listening, is key to moving your learning on.

We are up to Chapter 12 with our book ' Skellig'. I've got to say we are getting the hang of creating writing with tension and suspense.I think Class 6 would have to agree with Michael Murpurgo now with his quote, that David Almond is 'a very special writer'. We have over the course of this week been working on ;writing a diary entry describing it from Michael's point of view;PEE answering of comprehension questions and embedding quotes as evidence and finally being set the challenge of writing a piece of descriptive writing, exploring Michael's dream in Chapter 10. Here is just one example of many, that the children created:

                          "I woke up with the thought of nightmares dancing in my head. Then my own thoughts flooded back into my head.I selected the one about my mission and sat up. Peeling the duvet off myself like a banana skin, I leapt out of bed stealthily. Unaware of what dangerous obstacles may lie ahead. I left my room."

I can't wait to read more of them over the weekend.

In Maths we were looking at something where a few of us still felt a little nervous...you have guessed it, LONG DIVISION. I am pleased to say though...we have cracked it! Where we are even dividng decimals too. We shall be moving onto volume, alongside area and perimeter recapping next week.

At the beginning of the week, we looked at computing and how to read and create our name using coding. This was followed up by a lesson in RE, where we were looking at extending our knowledge of the 'BIG FRIEZE'. The 'Big Frieze' is made up of 8 segments which show the journey through the Bible;from the Old Testament through to the New Testament. As an artist created these segments it is always interesting how we can interpret so many different things, if we look close enough. We had a really good collaborative lesson sharing and writing our views and oipnions.

In Geography Mrs Archer started to 'Investigate Coasts'. First the children had time to find out what coasts are and look at how they are formed. They went on to explain how the different coastal areas were formed. In Science we continued to look at the Circulatory System and in particular the heart, lungs, veins and arteries. The amount of scientific vocabulary that we discussed was huge. Let's hope a few science questions appear in next week's quiz night!

Our first Sam Learning club went well. Everyone turned up or should I say stayed for an extra hour but I made sure I had the fruit and biscuit at the ready.  

Finally, it had to be a massive well done! Everyone in school is still talking about our wonderful new award and trophies that have recently turned up. I would also like to wish those children in Class 6 and in other classes, good luck for the tournament this weekend. I'm sure they will have something to share on Monday.

Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you have planned.

See you Monday!

Mrs Stewart



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