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Sunday afternoon

This afternoon we have been dragon boating. In three teams we had races and challenges and had to invent different shouts and chants to do in response to commands.

We did different songs too. The red boat won 2 races, the blue boat won 2 and the yellow won one. It was VERY tiring but lots of fun! Miss Patston and Mr Jefferies went in the dragon boats too.

After the boats some of us jumped in the water - we were very wet! We are about to go to camp fire this evening and can't believe it's our last night here! Goodnight everyone!

By Katie A and Yolly





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Sunday morning update

It's a beautiful, warm, sunny day here in Osmington Bay and our morning activities are in full swing.

Last night everyone was very tired after an extremely busy day and the children were fast asleep within minutes of lights-out (some before!)

Today we are spending the morning doing quad bikes, and trapeze; this afternoon we are all dragon boating, so another packed day in store.

Everyone is absolutely fine, just a bit bleary eyed!



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Saturday Morning

Despite a stormy rainy night all the children slept well and were up bright and early this morning. It was a grey wet morning as we started our first activity but the sun soon came out and it is now a lovely sunny day.

Today the children are doing kayaking, giant swing, survivor and zip wire. It has been a great day so far.





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Bedtime Friday night

....sssshhhhhh all asleep!

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Osmington Bay arrival


After a good journey down to Weymouth everyone has unpacked and settled in well. The sun is shining and our chalets all have a beautiful sea view!

The children have eaten very well at their first evening meal and are currently having some free time before tonight's activity. Everyone is happy and there has been a lot of fun and laughter already!

Check back regularly for updates!

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Boden Code & free gift

If you didn't get chance to come along to the Boden evening, the discount code is still live for the next couple of weeks if you order from home. The code will give you 22% off and free delivery & returns. Also if you go through easyfundraising first before the Boden website, the school will benefit from your purchases aswell. 


FREE GIFT TOO! We still have some aprons available so be quick because the next 10 orders will qualify for a free apron. Please come into school office with your Boden order number to claim your free apron.


The code can be shared amongst family and friends and used as many times as you want so do please pass it on!




Happy shopping!

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Play Leader Required

Play Leader needed for Hitchin Fun Club after school/holiday club.
Hours 2pm - 6pm term time and 8am - 6pm flexible hours in school holidays.
NVQ Level 3 in childcare essential and 2 years experience in childcare would be an advantage.  
A clean drivers licence is needed.
DBS check would be required and courses.i.e. first aid, safeguarding and food safety would have to be done.
The children are aged 4 - 12 years.
Interview date to be arranged.
Please ring Angela Hillier on -01462450925  or e mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application form.

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Boden Shopping & Pamper Evening THIS TUESDAY




Shopping & Pamper Evening




It’s the Boden evening on Tuesday 13th May 7.30 - 9.30pm

Tickets £2.50 in advance (£3 on the night) including a glass of wine. It would be great if you could come along, and better still if you could bring along lots of friends or family who aren’t Boden shoppers too. To make this worth your while, for every new customer you bring who places an order at the party, you will receive £25 credit on your account (maximum four a month) - so it's certainly worth racking your brains for any potential new customers!

If you haven't bought a ticket in advance then please just come along on the night!


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Welcome to School Council's Dog Blog!

Hello and welcome to School Council's Dog Blog!


Here we will update you on the news of the Guide Dog puppies that you helped us to sponsor. Thank you for helping us to raise money to sponsor our Guide Dog puppies. They are all 6 weeks old and their names are Herbie, Gizmo and Cally. Here they are!



Sponsored Guide Dogs 007 Medium

Sponsored Guide Dogs 008 Medium




Sponsored Guide Dogs 004 Medium

Sponsored Guide Dogs 005 Medium




Sponsored Guide Dogs 002 Medium

Sponsored Guide Dogs 003 Medium


Aren't they cute?

We will be updating you regularly when we get the latest news on our pups and hopefully later this year we can fundraise to support the Guide Dogs even more. 

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The latest news on our chicks

Yesterday we received a lovely email from Mrs Carter about how our chicks are getting on. Our six girls were joined by three from a school in Watford who had also done the Living Eggs project, so they are now all together and have grown a lot! Mrs Carter sent some photographs which are in the gallery.


Here is Mrs Carter's email:


Here are some photos of the chicks. They are in a cold frame inside the big greenhouse and have a lamp on at night. Their feathers are really developing. They are eating like mad and I have to fill their feeder up twice a day. They also need a lot of cleaning out! They have enjoyed having the space to run around and try out their wings. They met the three from a school in Watford and they all get along well. The Watford trio are one week older. We hope to get them out in a house and run in the field as soon as possible but the nights have been too cold so far.
The first two photos are from when they first came here. The next two a little bit later and the last three were taken today.


image 6 Medium

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Well done Footballers!

The football team played amazingly well, representing Hertfordshire at today's ESFA Regional finals in Essex. They had 5 gruelling matches to play and they were fantastic! Although we didn't get through to the next stage of the competition, the team can be VERY proud of their efforts today - it was a fabulous achievement to get this far and show such skill on the pitch. Every child in the team received a medal and we also have a glass trophy for school.


We also took other members of the football club who were brilliant supporters - especially as Edward had made a fantastic banner to wave which really gave the team support and encouragement.


Thank you to all the parents who came along to watch and support; we are really glad you could make it. 


Special thanks must go to Mr Jefferies who has coached the team so well all season, assisted by Mrs Dunnigan and Miss Lean.


Very well done boys, we are extremely proud of you! There are some action shots in the photo gallery.


Football 31.3.14 017 Medium


Football 31.3.14 024 Medium

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Monday's Chick Update

The chicks have grown quite a lot over the weekend; they have been eating a lot! Their wing feathers are starting to show now too. They have also taken to sleeping in the food bowl!


In the next couple of days the children in school will be able to handle the chicks and let them have a run around on the floor.

If any parents and younger siblings want to see the chicks then please do pop in after school during this week.


Football 31.3.14 267 Medium

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Class 3 Dance Festival last night

Wow! Class 3 were AWESOME at the Sporting Futures Dance Festival last night! The Gordon Craig was packed with children and families and a lot of talent! 


Class 3's routine was to 'Dance with me tonight' by Olly Murs in the style of the 1950's. They were absolutley brilliant and I can't describe how proud I was of them all. They had done a matinee and an evening performance so it was a long day but they behaved fantastically as ever, and did St Ippolyts proud. It was the first time we've taken part in an event like this and I don't think it will be the last if the success of last night was anything to go by. WELL DONE CLASS 3!


A huge THANK YOU to Miss Lean who prepared the class so well for their big moment and to all the other teachers and adults who helped throughout the day and evening. 


Keep an eye on the website for photos coming soon...

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Chicks growing well!

Our six chicks are growing well. They have started to eat and drink and are enjoying playing in the brooder box. Sometimes they run about so much that they exhaust themselves and they fall asleep on the spot - it's very funny to watch. On Friday they were cleaned out for the first time although they weren't very pleased at being put into a cardboard box! 

If you look closely you can still see the egg tooth on the end of their beaks which they use for breaking their shell. This will drop off as they get a little older. There are some new photographs in the gallery, and the chick cam will be on all weekend.


Chicks 28.3.14 006 Medium

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Moving into the Brooder Box

We have had six chicks hatch successfully and today they have moved into the brooder box. They are still quite sleepy and like huddling together under the warm light bulb.


At the moment they are not eating much chick feed as they still have food left in their tummies from inside the egg, but they are starting to peck around and show an interest so it won't be long until they are enjoying proper food.


This evening we will enable the sound on the webcam so that you can hear them cheeping. Remember to also check the photo gallery for daily update pictures.


Chicks 27.3.14 013 Medium

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Our eggs have been hatching today - it's been very difficult to concentrate on anything else!


They stay in the incubator for the first 24 hours after hatching. Their tummies are full from the yolk inside the egg so don't need food or water just yet. They also need time to stay huddled together like they would under the mother hen. 


Tomorrow they will start to go into the brooder box - keep an eye on Chick Cam to follow their progress!


Next week when they are bigger and stronger the children will be able to handle them. Parents and families will be able to pop in after school with younger siblings to see them after the weekend.


There are some photos in the gallery of the progress so far.


Eggs26.3.14 014 Medium

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Whole School Peter Pan on Ice Trip

Everyone had a fantastic time watching The Russian Ice Stars perform Peter Pan on Ice at the Alban Arena yesterday. It was a magical adaptation of the story told not just 'on skates' but in the air too! We were kept enthralled by the flying, the rope tricks and even fire juggling. Some of the skating tricks were just incredible - and pretty nerve wracking too!


All of the children were fantastically behaved throughout the whole performance and I was so proud of them all. When I looked around they were ALL silent, totally transfixed with what they were watching - and there were lots of open mouths!


Thank you to parents and families who came to collect children at the end of the day, for parking appropriately to allow the coaches through and for bearing with us while we got all the children into school safely. Our journey had been a little problematic due to a traffic accident in St Albans city centre, hence our slightly later return, and we are very grateful for your patience. 


Thank you to all the adult volunteers who helped on the trip - staff, governors and lots of parents. We hope you enjoyed it too.


This trip was only possible through the generosity of the PTA who heavily subsidised the event to enable everyone to go. So THANK YOU to the PTA and to all parents and families for supporting the PTA's fundraising efforts throughout the year so that they have the means to contribute so well to our enrichment activities at school. 


Peter Pan 2014 006 Medium

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Peter Pan on Ice: Trip reminders

As I write this, there is a LOT of excitement in school for our trip this afternoon! 


Just a reminder of important information for later today:



We anticipate being back around 5.30pm but will keep you updated via the texting service. When you come to collect your child at the end, PLEASE DO NOT PARK ALONG THE TOP OF THE HILL (either side) OR AROUND THE SCHOOL DRIVEWAY. We will have three large coaches to manoeuvre and it is important that their access to school is not restricted in any way.


We will take all the children back into school:

Classes 1 and 2 will be dismissed from their classroom doors

Classes 3-5 will be dismissed from the hall; please come into the hall to collect them; do bear with us if it is a little hectic! Thank you for your cooperation.





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Royal Albert Hall Music Gala 2014

Wow Wow Wow! What a FABULOUS afternoon at the Royal Albert Hall watching 20 members of our school choir take part in this year's Hertfordshire music gala.


Despite the very early start to make the journey into London, the children gave it their all in both the morning rehearsal and the performance this afternoon.  The sound of so many children singing beautifully in the Royal Albert Hall was breathtaking and I am sure that families in the audience will agree, it was a very special day, the memories of which will last a lifetime. 


As always, the children were a credit to St Ippolyts School, with impeccable behaviour throughout - I am so very proud of each and every one of them!


A huge thank you to Mrs Stewart who has prepared the children so well for this special day and also to Miss Patston and Mrs Margrove who helped today. Keep an eye on the photo gallery for pictures....


Royal Albert Hall 2014 024 Medium

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Good Luck Choir!

On Sunday 20 member of the school choir will be performing at The Royal Albert Hall as part of the Hertfordshire Schools Music Gala. They have worked very hard to learn all the words and I am sure they will have an amazing, memorable experience. Watch this space to hear how they got on next week!



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