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Various blogs from St Ippolyts C.E. Primary School.

Autumn 2 Week 1

Hi everyone!

A fantastic week for class 4, they have come back refreshed and ready to learn. In maths we have been doubling and halving, in science we have been finding out about our teeth and in PE we played rapid fire cricket. Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith were really impressed with the children and said their cricket skills were brilliant.

Mrs Hoar

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Autumn 1 week 8


It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday at our family week. The children and I had a really nice afternoon and enjoyed having you all there. The winner of the maths challenge, in an amazing 23 minutes, was Henry and Ben. They got to choose a prize to take home today. Well done everyone, it was super close with lots of children under 30 minutes! Great times table practice and perseverance.

We continued our learning of The Bug Hunt in English today and identified word classes within the text. We also performed to the class, which was great fun and quite funny to.

It has been a fantastic half term getting to know you all and look forward to seeing you back after half term.

Enjoy the break

Mrs Hoar

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Autumn 1 Week 7


This week, in English, class 4 have been working hard identifying adjectives, nouns and adverbs in sentences, they were very successful at this. Our dance in PE is coming on really well and Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith are so happy with our progress. Everyone is getting a chance to contribute their ideas to the dance and it is a real team effort.

Have a nice weekend

Mrs Hoar

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Autumn 1 Week 6


We have had a fun and busy week in class 4, thank you for coming to open session on Monday. We hope you enjoyed looking at the classroom and the children’s learning.

In English we have been giving verbal instructions to each other, understanding how clear, concise instructions get the best outcome.

During Science we did an investigation into the digestive system. Children were given a tray, tights, paper cup with a hole in the bottom, cream crackers, a banana, water, orange juice and a sealable bag. Each object represented a different part of the digestive system. Ask your child if they can explain what we did. It was great fun and very messy!

Have a restful weekend

Mrs Hoar

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Autumn 1 Week 5


Thank you all for your generous Harvest gifts and well done to the class 4 readers for the facts they read out in church.

This week in PSHE we have been talking about what makes a healthy lifestyle, thinking about a balanced diet and exercise. We have finished off and edited our fables, using a dictionary to find out spellings are adding extra detail where needed.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Hoar


Our lost property boxes from class and cloakroom are now empty. Any unnamed items have been taken to big lost property outside the office

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