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Spring 2, Week 2-3

Hi everyone, here we are at the end of another busy week in Class One.

In maths we have been learning to tell the time this week; the children have been working on reading analogue clocks and in year One, we are even starting to read the time digitally! We had lots of practice making o’clock times this week and began to move on to half past times, making sure that our hour hand went past the correct number. No lesson on time would be complete without a game of ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and the children had great fun taking it in turns to create the time on our school clocks.

We have continuing our theme of animals this term, by learning all about nocturnal creatures this week. We learnt all about non-fiction book and visited our library, to spot lots of information texts. We had to look hard to sot photographs, contents pages, glossaries and labels on the pictures, to identify it correctly as a non-fiction book. Later in the week, we wrote our own non-fiction reports about night-time creatures. Ask us at home what we remember about bats, hedgehogs, foxes and owls!

A big thank you for your donations to sports relief, we had a wonderful PE session on Friday put on by Mr Smith and Mr Jefferies. The children took part in our usual daily mile, but this time to music! Have a look on the gallery page to see us all in action.


We seem to be having a little trouble at the moment with book-bag storage in Class One! Whilst we love the fact the children enjoy identifying their book bags with key rings, we ask kindly that children limit their keyrings down to one (small size) keyring per book-bag please. Thank you in advance!

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Spring 2, Week 1

Welcome back from half term everyone and here we are, half way through the academic year already!

We were greeted back from half term with a rather unusual sight in class one: a giant egg and a trail of sandy dinosaur footprints! We decided to create some posters to warn everyone away from the egg, just in case there is a T-rex inside and we also created our own dinosaur inspired clue books. We had to think carefully about using lots of interesting adjectives and in Year One, we were also encouraged to use lots of commas too!

In maths, we have been busy doing lots of counting with coins, including using three coins to create a total. It has been very tricky to remember to write the ‘p’ sign after our answers and we have enjoyed looking at all the different coins too.

In Science, we started to look at the needs of pets and animals and we watched a great video on the RSPCA website about what pets need to thrive. We talked about our own animals at home and Class One have promised to help out with their pets at home; you will have to let us know if they fulfil their promise!

Lastly, in RE, we have begun our Easter topic by thinking about Heaven in the Christian faith. We talked a little about what Heaven is and the children drew what they thought it may look like. Next week, we will begin to think about the story of Palm Sunday.

Reminders/ Other

A big THANK YOU for all of your amazing cakes and donations today for our Australia fundraising day! The children loved all the activities after school and of course all the cakes at break time!

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Spring 1, Week 6

Happy Wellbeing week everyone! We have had the most fantastic week, thinking all about how to look after our wellbeing and keep happy and healthy. We started the week by reading a book called ‘I am Love’ and we talked about what love meant to us and how everyone in class loves different things. It was lovely to hear the children give such personal responses and think about what makes them unique. On Tuesday, we took part in national Safer Internet Day by reading the book, ‘Smartie the Penguin’, all about a little penguin who gets an IPad for his birthday. Sadly, popups keep coming up on his screen, however he does the right thing and shows a grown-up who can help make sure they go away. We then showed we could be safe on the internet, by using the beebot app and the jit5 website to do some computer coding!

On Wednesday, we thought about being present in the moment and how we could be mindful when we eat. We had a fruit-tasting workshop to think about how we can smell, feel and taste fruit we eat and we even created our own fruit smoothies using some special bicycles with blenders attached to them! Thursday was all about our aspirations and we read a book about unusual jobs that we may like to do when we are older; we learnt about toy-makers and toy-breakers, submarine chefs and elephant dressers and the children had great fun drawing themselves when they grow up! We ended the day with a brilliant Ballet class run my Mrs Hegarty. The children watched a video of both male and female ballet dancers and it was so lovely to watch them all take part and see them all learn some different ballet moves; a big thank you to Mrs Hegarty for kindly giving up her afternoon to come in!

Lastly, today we have been thinking about being active and we had a boot-camp session run by ‘FitKidz’. The children got to use kettlebells, Bosu balls, medicine balls and even battle ropes, it was so much fun!

Enjoy your half term everyone and see you all in a week’s time!

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Spring 1, Week 5

This week in Class One we have been thinking all about instructions! We have been very busy making toast for Hansel and Gretel and porridge for the 3 bears, making sure we number each step and also use lots of bossy verbs! The children had to be very specific with their instructions to make sure the teachers didn’t go wrong and they have written some fantastic instructions in class! In number work, we have been counting up in jumps of 2 and 10 and have been using our detective skills to see what patterns we can spot on our 100 squares. Test us at home to see how good we are!

In physical development, we have been creating a fairy-tale dance to ‘I need a hero’ from Shrek 2; we had to listen carefully to see how the music got faster and slower and work well with a partner to coordinate our moves. We also carried on our theme of ‘instructions’ into some technology activities and we learnt all about algorithms! Despite being a very big word, we learnt that this simply means ‘giving an instruction’ and we have been using our little class bee-bots to code some real devices and navigate them around mazes. We also used the ‘beebot’ app on the IPads which is free to download, if you would like to add it to your IPads at home.

Next week is our school’s ‘Wellbeing Week’ so we have lots of fun things planned and visitors coming in to teach the children.  The themes for each day are as follows:

Monday is all about friendships with others,

Tuesday is about using computers and IPads safely and ignoring pop-ups,

Wednesday is about being mindful and present in the moment,

Thursday is for thinking of our aspirations and goals and

Friday is about being active and healthy!

Information will be coming out next week each day as to exactly what we have been learning about and it will give you some ideas for activities you can do with us at home.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Ingle and all of Class One!

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Spring 1, Week 4

This week in Class One, we have been learning the story of Anansi and the turtle, a traditional tale from Africa! The story tells of a greedy spider called Anansi, who refuses to share his food with a hungry turtle. Later in the story, turtle gets his revenge by inviting Anansi to join him for an underwater meal, only for Anansi to float back up to the surface! The children loved the story and have been very busy writing their own versions, creating playdough spiders and turtles, investigating floating and sinking and writing speech bubbles for the different characters. If you would like to hear the story yourself, you can view it at: https://vimeo.com/4076703

In number work, we continued with our theme of halving numbers and had great fun sharing lots of toy food fairly with our friends. We talked about what ‘half’ meant and how when we cut a shape in half, both pieces have to be the same size to make it fair. The children are getting very good at sharing and dividing by 2 now so test us at home to see how good we are! Other things we have been up to this week include: using a giant slide of sandpaper, smooth rubber, wood and carpet to see which was the most slippery surface and which had the most friction, creating wanted posters to catch Anansi the spider, looking at toys from the 1990s and even playing with some (tamagotchis and he-man toys seemed to be the favourites!) and learning about style of music including bhangra, irish folk music and latin!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjou your weekend, from all of Class One.

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