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Spring 1, Week 2

This week in class one, we began our mini topic of fairy tales.  We all had a bit of a shock when on Monday, a beanstalk mysteriously grew in the middle of our classroom. After some investigation work, we learnt the story of Jack and the beanstalk and decided that Jack must have visited our classroom over the weekend.  We used the story to generate lots of amazing child initiated activities such as making our own paper stick figures to re-enact the story, creating our own Jack and the Beanstalk puppet show and acting out the story. 

As well as Jack and the beanstalk, we have also looked at many other fairy tales this week including Snow White, The Gingerbread Man, Rumpelstiltskin and The Three Bears.  We learnt that most traditional tales have a lesson/moral in them to teach us and we thought hard about what these might be.  We also listened carefully for things which happen 3 times as we learnt this is another common feature of traditional tales.  Next week, we will learn some more fairy tales and of course we have our amazing school arts days to look forward to!

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

Miss Ingle, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Sabri

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Spring 1, Week 1

Hi everyone!  A slightly later blog than usual due to a technical issue but here is a run down of last week...


Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, happy 2020 to you all!

This week in class, we have been learning all about rhyming words, using the books ‘OI Frog!’, ‘OI dog!’ and ‘OI Cat!’ all by the Author Kes Gray. We have had great fun thinking of things that rhyme with animal names; poodles and noodles, larks and sharks and leopards and shepherds! Ask us at home if we can remember any!

We have also been beginning to think lots about fairy tales this week in class. Our role play area has transformed into a sweetie house straight out of Hansel and Gretel, we found some magic beans in class which we think might belong to Jack, from Jack in the beanstalk and we have also started to design our own fairy tale puppets, which we will be making throughout this half term.

In number work, we learnt about subtracting this week and we had lots of fun taking numbers away from Miss Ingle to see how the number gets smaller. We used lots of practical objects to take away and were very good at this skill…. You may even want to ask us some take-away questions at home to test us!


School arts days are coming up soon and we are in desperate need of some junk modelling bits! If anyone can donate any of the following to Class One, we would be so appreciative! We are in need of…

  • Empty tin cans
  • Bottle caps and plastic lids from things (coffee jars etc)
  • Egg Cartons
  • Small square tins (sweet and mint tins etc)
  • Small boxes (smaller than a cereal box)
  • Any old circuit boards, wire, metal nuts, and flexi-tube.

The more, the better! Thank you so much in advance!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you all on Monday!

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Autumn 2, Week 5

We have been getting VERY Christmassy in Class One over the last two weeks with lots of festive crafts and lessons! We have been making Christmas cards (these will come home at the end of term for you!), decorations for our class and of course have been very busy rehearsing for our nativity next week. We cannot wait for you to see it and have tried so hard to learn all of the words and actions. Our challenge at the moment is to use a big voice so that we can be heard so you may like to help us practice this over the weekend!

In other news, we have been learning about hot and cold places recently, including looking at the challenges which face our planet. We watched a short clip about polar ice melting and were very enthusiastic when writing our own ‘save the polar bears’ posters! We thought about ways we could help the environment and it was lovely to hear some of the children’s responses, they had lots to say on the issue!

Next week is a very busy week with Christingle making on Tuesday, a dress rehearsal to the school on Wednesday, our nativity to parents on Thursday at 2pm for parents and then a Christmas Fair on Friday; we can’t wait!


PARTY FOOD: At the end of Christmas term, each class holds a party for the children within class after lunchtime; this year’s will be on Thursday 19th December. At home-time today, there will be a ‘sign-up’ sheet hanging from our school gate, so that parents can decide which item of party food they would like to contribute to the party. In the older classes, the children are given the choice as to what they would like to bring, however in Class One we let the parents choose. Options include everything from providing a bottle of squash or pack of paper plates, to providing some cooked chicken nuggets! Be sure to get in quick as the sign-up sheet tends to fill up quickly! We ask that parents bring their food item in on the morning of Thurs 19th please. Cooked food options (e.g. mini party pizzas/ chicken nuggets etc) need to be cooked at home please and we will store them in the fridge in school until party time. A big thank you in advance!

NATIVITY TICKETS: We still have a few children in class who have not yet ordered tickets for ‘Whoops-a-Daisy Angel’ next Thursday. If you would like to watch your child perform in our nativity at 2pm, please book at the school office so that we know how many seats to provide.

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Autumn 2, Week 3

We have been busy in maths this week learning all about time. We have had many an exciting game of “what’s the time Mr Wolf?”

We started the week by thinking about ways in which we measure time and we tried to guess how long one minute was by shutting our eyes and counting to 60 in our heads.   We also had lots of ‘1 minute challenges’ to see what we could get done in a minute and soon realised that this is not a great deal of time at all! Later in the week, we began working on o’clock times and had lots of fun in groups playing ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf?’

In geography we have been learning all about animals and habitats creating columns and sorting animals into hot and cold habitats.

PE has challenged all of us this week, we are spending from now until Christmas learning choreography for a special dance we will perform to the older children. Rockin’ Robin is now in all of our heads and the children have created some bird inspired wonderful moves to the song!

Our Christmas nativity is now under way and we started rehearsals today. All Reception have chosen their parts for their acting and the Year Ones will be the narrators to tell the story. Most costumes are provided by school, however we will send out letters next week if your child needs tights or additional items for their role. We will also send out lines for children if they have lots to learn.

If you were not able to attend our book fair this Friday, never fear, you will have another opportunity on Monday both before and after school!

A big thank you also to all children who have been awarded badges and have brought them back!

We wish you a peaceful and joyful weekend and look forward to Monday.

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Autumn 2, Week 2

Hi everyone, this week we have had lots of fun thinking about hot and cold things. In science we have been busy making predictions and conducting investigations to find out what happens when things get cold. We experimented with water, fairy washing up liquid, bubble bath, oil and vinegar, to discover which might make a good ice skating rink for our class Lego men.  The ice rink had to be strong and very solid and so we made predictions about which would be best.  We had great fun checking out our results from the freezer and then thought about the four seasons and how the temperature around our school might change.  

In RE, we have been thinking about how we can use our value of generosity to help others and have also been reading some Bible stories about how Jesus showed generosity.

In Year One, we have been very busy taking part in lots of ‘learning quizzes’ so we look forward to sharing their results with the year one parents at parents evening.  All children should be coming home today with a yellow sheet, informing you of when your parents evening is.  As teachers, we always endeavour to give all parents their preferred time slot, however this is not always possible.  Should you lose your slot, the lovely ladies in the school office also have a copy of the time slots so you can also ask them.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you all very much for your generous children in need donations.  Be sure to check your school news-letter and school website soon, to see how much we managed to raise this year!

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