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Friday 25th September

We went on the ipads in computing and we were tracing our letter formation on a game (Hughie).

To Mr Jefferies, I hope you have lots of friends at your university course (Romey).  Today Mr Jefferies looked really funny because he has school uniform on including a St Ippolyts tie (Oliver).  We wish you good luck Mr Jefferies (Kushi). 

I liked our spellings this week and I had to practise them really hard (Briony).  

We have been doing lots and lots of writing and I like it (Daisy). 

We sketched some shoes with Mrs Wilson.  We had to draw around our shoes very carefully and add lots of detail (Sophie). 

For Harvest, we went over to the Church and had a lovely service (Oakley).  It made us remember to be thankful for the food that we have and so we all gave our own Harvest gifts to say thank you.  (Zoe). 

I liked doing PE this week  and we have been doing lots of games.  (Bea)

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Friday 18th September

Blog – Friday 18th September         

We have had another busy week.  A few reminders from me and Mrs Wilson:

  1. All children have had the opportunity to choose a book from the library today.  We will usually change books on a Thursday, so please make sure your child has their book in school if they wish to change it.
  2. Today is the first day for Spellings.  We have put some notes in the Spelling Practice book but to remind you the spelling quiz is on a Friday morning.  Your child will usually be told their result the same day.
  3. We have sent the first home learning home today.  Home learning is to be returned to school by Wednesday at the latest.
  4.  A reminder from us about making sure all property and uniform is named.  We have a couple of un-named cardigans and a fleece in our room which we cannot find owners for! 
  5.  We are gradually improving our outside area now that we have a great new canopy that allows us to access in all weathers.  If anyone has anything they feel able to donate (outside counting games, blocks) please let us know.  In particular we are looking for outside fabric (eg. old tents, outgrown cagoules etc) to make some collages.  We are also looking to make a sound wall, so if you’re throwing out old saucepans, cooking utensils or anything metal we can bang and explore different pitch with we would be very grateful.


Mrs Nichols.

Now on to the children’s review of the week – as you can imagine the news that Mr Jefferies is leaving was very  much on their mind this morning!  

Bye bye Mr Jefferies.  I hope you have a nice time at your new school and we will miss you lots  (Eoin).  I hope you like the children at your new school Mr Jefferies.  (Umarah).  Thank you for all our PE lessons.  (Daisy) Thank you for helping us to learn new skills (Betsy).   Thank you for teaching us how to do tricky PE (Bea).  Our favourite game you taught us was Sleeping Lions (Briony).  We’re a bit sad that you’re going away Mr Jefferies and hope that you will remember us.  (Ruby)

We have been doing lots of writing in our books (Megan).  In English we have been learning about the Elves and the Shoemaker (Sophie).  Mrs Wilson told us the story and then we acted it out. (John) In the story next we had to make masks of all the characters, we coloured them in and then cut them out (Zoe). 

I really like doing Maths in Class 2 (Romey). 

We are getting our spellings today.  I am looking forward to them.  (Elliot).  

I love it in Class 2 because some people are being really generous and I like it.  We have a new helper for a few weeks on a Thursday afternoons – Miss Voisey.  (Kushi)

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Friday 4th September 2015

Welcome to the blog for Class 2!  We will write updates about what we have been learning, and will encourage the children to come up with really interesting sentences to describe what we have been doing in our class.  There may also be some reminders or messages from the teachers too, so please keep checking our blog regularly. You will see below that the children are excited to have a new canopy in our outside area, and we plan to make this a much more exciting environment this year.  If you have anything that you can donate for this area, then we would be very grateful - in particular we are looking for old saucepans and cooking untensils to create a sound area, and any waterproof fabric eg. old cagoules, broken tent material etc for some outdoor collages.  Thank you from Mrs Nichols and Mrs Wilson. 

We have got a new canopy. I like doing PE.  I like doing learning.  (Rayan)  I like being with my friends (Ruby).  I like Class 2.  I like my teacher.  ( Kye) We did PE with Mr Jefferies.  I am having fun with Mrs Nichols.  (Thomas)  I like doing my handwriting and I like sitting on the carpet. (Zoe)  It has been good in Class 2 and I like Mrs Nichols (Oakley). We are learning about blogs and we also did lots of writing. (Ella) We have been learning lots. I like it (Bea).  I like our classroom and our cloakroom.  (Bobby)  We have got a new canopy outside.  (Elliot) We have been writing what we have been doing in the school holidays and I wrote about going on holiday.  (Ameena)

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Class 2 Review of the Year

Wow! What a year! We have had a wonderful year and here are some of our favourite memories. Have a fantastic summer and we are all looking forward to seeing you in September.

Autumn Term

When it was Harvest Festival, Class 1 had done some great pictures because they were full of leafy trees.

At Christmas dinner there were lots of turkey slices and my plate was so full I could not eat it all! (Hannah).

At Christmas, it was Class 2’s Nativity and I was an angel. (Chloe).

Spring Term

Back in January it was Chinese Arts Day and my favourite activity was martial arts (Patrick).

My favourite bit of the year was when me and Mrs Nichols were a little bit scared of getting a photo with the Barn Owl, but I was brave and so was Mrs Nichols and we both had our photo taken. (Connie).

In March it was World Book Day, and we had fun dressing up. I dressed up as Superman. My favourite part of the assembly was watching everyone saying who they were. (Oliver). On World Book day I was a T-Rex dinosaur. I enjoyed doing the Character parade in assembly. (Barley).

On Science day we did egg dropping and it was really fun. (Ben).

In Spring we got some eggs with chicks inside and we had a chick cam where we got to watch what the ten chicks were doing. I learnt a lot. (Katie).  About 3 months ago we had living eggs, and they hatched into chickens. They were so cute and one stayed on my lap for all the time that we had. (Dominic).


Summer Term

On Sports Day everyone split into teams of blue, yellow, green and red. The Blue team won. (Toby). On Sports Day there were 18 activities. My favourite activity was speed bounce because I like jumping. (Henry).

In the summer our topic was Castles and we learnt about the Norman Conquest in 1066. We visited the motte and bailey castle at Mountfitchet Castle. (Jake).   This year we went to a castle for our school trip and my favourite thing was the stocks. (Ralph). I remember the class trip to Mountfitchet Castle. I liked the man in the garden because he was funny. (Elin).

I started this school in June and I’m enjoying it very much. I want to thank everyone for being kind to me. This school is great – thank you. (Noah). In June Noah started school and he was on Cardiff Castle table with me. (Holly).

A few weeks ago it was the summer disco and I started to collect bright colourful glow sticks. (Joseph).

I remember the fantastic fabulous family fun run. It was the best! (Oscar).

At the summer fair it was really fun and very hot. (Addison)

Classes 3, 4 and 5 did a production and I liked the bit where some pirates held up knickers because it was very funny (Daniel). In ‘The Pirates and the Curry Bean’ I liked the part where they said, “Pass the dynamite!”(Ethan)

On Saturday I went to the school camp out and I played football with Patrick and then we had a campfire. And then we sang some songs and we went to bed. (Morgan).

Yesterday was the Leavers Service and I enjoyed it when they were talking about all their memories. (Luke). My favourite thing this year was hearing all the memories from Year 6. (Emily).

Today we got to write on Class 5’s ripped shirts and on their hands. (Amelia). Today the Year 6s are dressed up so messily and they look crazy. (Adam). Today it is fun lunch and I’m having a burger. I really enjoy the school dinners everyday but especially picnic lunch. (Ted). Luke, Chloe and Ben got a medal in assembly for having 100% attendance throughout the whole year. (Iris).

Soon we are moving up classes and we are all going to be in Class 3. (Eryn).

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Friday 10th July

Yesterday Class 2 went to Class 3 to find out more about it. We did some labels for our drawers and we created bunting with little pictures on it. (Oscar). Yesterday it was induction day when all the classes move up to see what it’s going to be like next year, and class 5 went to Senior school (Jake). On induction day my sister went to the Priory and she made lots of new friends (Katie). In computing we have been learning about algorithms and it was our last session, and because it was our last session we got to choose from all of the programs we have been learning about. The games were ALEX, Beebot app, Stick nodes and Daisy the Dinosaur. (Connie). Today we’ve been doing rounders in PE, and in particular we had to practise our throwing and catching skills (Holly). Today we’re going to do our spellings and our last handwriting lesson of the year. We’re going to look at how much progress we have made since September. (Toby) Last Monday we watched the production and my sister was a rat, and they performed The Pirates of the Curry Bean (Isabelle). It was really good and I really liked the bit when Red Beard got his beard chopped off (Amelia).
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