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Friday 3rd July

Yesterday we got our reports and we know what class we’re going to be in. I’m feeling excited about going to Mrs Hoar’s class. (Elin). Today we’ve been learning rounders and we had to practise in triangles with one person batting, one person bowling and one person fielding. (Jake) Today in PE we have been doing rounders and someone with the bat had to hit the ball and try and go round the cones as many times as they could to score the highest points. (Hannah). I can’t wait to see the production next week and I know they’ll all be very good. (Barley). On Wednesday we were writing tongue twisters and they were hard to say; first we had to say them slowly, and then we had to say them faster. (Oliver). In Maths the Year 2s have been doing times tables with Mrs Wilson and we worked out different strategies to make it easier to calculate. (Katie). In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and the Y1s have been learning some times tables. (Amelia). Last Friday was the summer fair and I really enjoyed it. My favourite bit was going on the bouncy castle, and it was very funny when Katie did a flip. (Connie)
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Friday 26th June

On Monday, Noah started school and I think he’s made lots of friends already. We hope that he’ll be very happy in our class (Emily).

In Geography we have been learning about Florida. We made our own postcards – we drew a picture on the front of the postcard and the pictures on the front were places in Florida like Sanibel Island and Seaworld. (Amelia).

In Literacy we wrote our own poem based on The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. We described all the sounds you would hear in a castle. (Oscar). In handwriting we have been writing the ‘ed’ words and they are in our spellings this week (Connie).

Every Friday we do tennis, and I really like it because I enjoy having the bat and throwing the ball (Ethan).

Today it is the Summer Fair and all my friends are going. The bouncy castle is going to be there and lots of other games (Holly). There is a football goal coming which I am looking forward to playing (Barley). Today is non uniform day and I am wearing my Tottenham shirt (Luke).

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Friday 19th June

Today it is Class 1’s assembly and the school disco, and lots of mums are helping out and its going to be really fun. I’m very excited. (Barley) In Literacy we have been writing thank you letters to Mountfitchet Castle. We have written a draft already and now we are going to write them out in neat before we send them (Connie). In Maths we have been doing some maths problems and we had to work in partners; it was really tricky and a challenge (Katie).   In Computing we’ve been playing our ALEX app on the Ipads and we were trying to design our own game to play. (Holly). In PE we have been doing tennis and today we were practising our racket skills in partners. (Amelia). We have also been working really hard doing some assessments this week in our class. I have been working my hardest in assessment week to do my best work (Ted).

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Friday 12th June 2015

Today it is Class 1’s cake sale and I am looking forward to choosing a yummy, scrummy cake. (Amelia). In PE we have been doing tennis. My partner was Ben and we had to bounce the ball to each other and hit it back with a racket. (Ted).

This week we’ve been doing writing about the school trip (Iris). This week we have been writing recounts about our school trip to Mountfitchet Castle, and we planned it on post it notes with lots of time connectives. Then we wrote them up. (Katie).

Yesterday we painted our church sketches and I worked with Addison and it was lots and lots of fun because Mrs Jones always helps us to make our mistakes disappear. (Isabelle). On Tuesday we went to the church and we brought a sheet with our questions for Reverend Ann. We had the chance to look round the church and we had to find some features of the church, like the font, a Bible, the pulpit. (Connie).

In Maths we have been doing partitioning and learning strategies to add and subtract more quickly (Hannah).

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Friday 5th June

On Monday, we did sewing as part of our Design and Technology topic, we are making our initials on Binca. (Barley)

With Mrs Wilson we have finished our Norman helmets and everyone has now painted them, so we can use them in the role play area. (Hannah).

On Tuesday our topic in PE is how to use a tennis racket. We were bouncing the ball in partners (Luke).

On Thursday, we went to Mountfitchet Castle and we went in the stocks. (Ralph).

When class 2 went to Mountfitchet Castle, we had a booklet of questions to answer, and there was so much to see (Katie). Yesterday, at the castle, we explored around and my favourite was when we went into the Doctor’s house. (Chloe).

Today we have been playing on the Ipads and we were trying to control a robot by writing our own code (Isabelle). Before lunchtime, we were on the Ipads and on a game called A.L.E.X. and we had to program him to get to the finish line. (Ted).

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