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Various blogs from St Ippolyts C.E. Primary School.

Village Walk Thursday 16th March 2017

As part of our topic 'Our Village, Our School' we will be going on a village walk next Thursday 16th March 2017.  We will be mapping out the village and recording key information to gain a better understanding of our local environment. It will be within normal school hours. 


If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to speak to me.


Mrs Springall 

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Class 2 Autumn First Blog Week ending 16th September

Enjoy reading our first blog of the year!


Today (Friday), we learnt about full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, and question marks then did some writing about it (John)

This week we have learnt to use our learning powers – relationships, resourcefulness, resilience and reflectiveness. We used our learning powers to make all of the things like a rocket, drew in a mirror, obstacle course. (Joshua)

In maths, we’ve been learning about the value of numbers – ones and tens, counting number to 100.

We are learning about the Arctic. We found out where it is on a map. (Jake)

Today (Friday), we had an exciting present delivered by Mrs Samsudeen. It was an Igloo for our role play area. We love it! Thank you so much Mrs Samsudeen! We learnt how to play it in this afternoon.

We have been learning all about spellings, we practised in our handwriting books this morning. (Betsie)

Home learning is going home tonight (Friday) ready to be handed in next Thursday.

Show and tell is on a Tuesday.

Spelling quiz is every Monday. If we get any spellings wrong we have another week to learn them to see if we can improve our score. They will have a dot by them if we need to relearn them. Our results will be in our Spelling practise book

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Friday 22nd Apri

A big welcome to Ollie who has joined Class 2 this week. We hope that you enjoy our class and settle in really quickly (Umarah). All of Class 2 went on a school trip on Tuesday to the Natural History Museum in Tring. On the way there we passed lots of other coaches. (Kye). When we were on the trip we did a trail in the afternoon and we had lunch outside (Elliot). At the museum there were lots of animals and bones, and my favourite was the little mice (Megan). When we had lunch we sat at some picnic tables outside and in the museum the exhibits were really interesting (John). When we went to the museum, first we had a workshop and we learnt about how the dinosaurs arrived on Earth and then eventually were killed by a meteor (Ruby). Our teacher, Hannah let us hold lots of different fossils – some were teeth, some were plants and some were of animals. (Ruby). In the museum, there was quite a lot of interesting animals and lots of people had favourites. My favourites were the snakes and the hedgehogs. (Ella). On Thursday it was the Queen’s birthday and when we had our milk, we talked about what the Queen does for her birthday. When the Queen has her birthday they sing the National Anthem (Kushi). In Class 2 we were learning about how communication works. Mrs Nichols said in the olden days that sometimes messages would have been sent on horseback or by drum or smoke signals. (Ameena). Yesterday Mrs Nichols taught us and we did some maths about fractions. We were trying really hard to make some notes to help us find the answers accurately (Tom). In PE we went to the field and we are starting to practise for Sports Day. Today we were doing running and jumping skills and my favourite part was the jumping (Bobby). Mrs Nichols says please make sure that all girls have a spare pair of socks in their PE kits, as they will not be allowed to do PE in their tights. It is also still a little chilly whilst we walk over to the field, so please remember to bring fleeces with you. Many thanks

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Friday 25th September

We went on the ipads in computing and we were tracing our letter formation on a game (Hughie).

To Mr Jefferies, I hope you have lots of friends at your university course (Romey).  Today Mr Jefferies looked really funny because he has school uniform on including a St Ippolyts tie (Oliver).  We wish you good luck Mr Jefferies (Kushi). 

I liked our spellings this week and I had to practise them really hard (Briony).  

We have been doing lots and lots of writing and I like it (Daisy). 

We sketched some shoes with Mrs Wilson.  We had to draw around our shoes very carefully and add lots of detail (Sophie). 

For Harvest, we went over to the Church and had a lovely service (Oakley).  It made us remember to be thankful for the food that we have and so we all gave our own Harvest gifts to say thank you.  (Zoe). 

I liked doing PE this week  and we have been doing lots of games.  (Bea)

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Friday 18th September

Blog – Friday 18th September         

We have had another busy week.  A few reminders from me and Mrs Wilson:

  1. All children have had the opportunity to choose a book from the library today.  We will usually change books on a Thursday, so please make sure your child has their book in school if they wish to change it.
  2. Today is the first day for Spellings.  We have put some notes in the Spelling Practice book but to remind you the spelling quiz is on a Friday morning.  Your child will usually be told their result the same day.
  3. We have sent the first home learning home today.  Home learning is to be returned to school by Wednesday at the latest.
  4.  A reminder from us about making sure all property and uniform is named.  We have a couple of un-named cardigans and a fleece in our room which we cannot find owners for! 
  5.  We are gradually improving our outside area now that we have a great new canopy that allows us to access in all weathers.  If anyone has anything they feel able to donate (outside counting games, blocks) please let us know.  In particular we are looking for outside fabric (eg. old tents, outgrown cagoules etc) to make some collages.  We are also looking to make a sound wall, so if you’re throwing out old saucepans, cooking utensils or anything metal we can bang and explore different pitch with we would be very grateful.


Mrs Nichols.

Now on to the children’s review of the week – as you can imagine the news that Mr Jefferies is leaving was very  much on their mind this morning!  

Bye bye Mr Jefferies.  I hope you have a nice time at your new school and we will miss you lots  (Eoin).  I hope you like the children at your new school Mr Jefferies.  (Umarah).  Thank you for all our PE lessons.  (Daisy) Thank you for helping us to learn new skills (Betsy).   Thank you for teaching us how to do tricky PE (Bea).  Our favourite game you taught us was Sleeping Lions (Briony).  We’re a bit sad that you’re going away Mr Jefferies and hope that you will remember us.  (Ruby)

We have been doing lots of writing in our books (Megan).  In English we have been learning about the Elves and the Shoemaker (Sophie).  Mrs Wilson told us the story and then we acted it out. (John) In the story next we had to make masks of all the characters, we coloured them in and then cut them out (Zoe). 

I really like doing Maths in Class 2 (Romey). 

We are getting our spellings today.  I am looking forward to them.  (Elliot).  

I love it in Class 2 because some people are being really generous and I like it.  We have a new helper for a few weeks on a Thursday afternoons – Miss Voisey.  (Kushi)

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