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Friday 12th June 2015

Today it is Class 1’s cake sale and I am looking forward to choosing a yummy, scrummy cake. (Amelia). In PE we have been doing tennis. My partner was Ben and we had to bounce the ball to each other and hit it back with a racket. (Ted).

This week we’ve been doing writing about the school trip (Iris). This week we have been writing recounts about our school trip to Mountfitchet Castle, and we planned it on post it notes with lots of time connectives. Then we wrote them up. (Katie).

Yesterday we painted our church sketches and I worked with Addison and it was lots and lots of fun because Mrs Jones always helps us to make our mistakes disappear. (Isabelle). On Tuesday we went to the church and we brought a sheet with our questions for Reverend Ann. We had the chance to look round the church and we had to find some features of the church, like the font, a Bible, the pulpit. (Connie).

In Maths we have been doing partitioning and learning strategies to add and subtract more quickly (Hannah).

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Friday 5th June

On Monday, we did sewing as part of our Design and Technology topic, we are making our initials on Binca. (Barley)

With Mrs Wilson we have finished our Norman helmets and everyone has now painted them, so we can use them in the role play area. (Hannah).

On Tuesday our topic in PE is how to use a tennis racket. We were bouncing the ball in partners (Luke).

On Thursday, we went to Mountfitchet Castle and we went in the stocks. (Ralph).

When class 2 went to Mountfitchet Castle, we had a booklet of questions to answer, and there was so much to see (Katie). Yesterday, at the castle, we explored around and my favourite was when we went into the Doctor’s house. (Chloe).

Today we have been playing on the Ipads and we were trying to control a robot by writing our own code (Isabelle). Before lunchtime, we were on the Ipads and on a game called A.L.E.X. and we had to program him to get to the finish line. (Ted).

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Friday 15th May

This week in class 2 we have been doing assessments and year 2’s have been doing literacy and maths, as a class we found them quite easy (Oscar). In Literacy we did the amazing pebble, and we had to write a story and I wrote two whole pages. (Chloe) Yesterday we have been looking at beebots and controlling them around a castle map, my partner was Ted and we had to debug our instructions to make it work. (Isabelle) In History we have been making helmets, moving pictures, and draw a diagram of William’s ship and what he brought with him. (Katie) Today we have been practicing for sports day and Mrs Hoar has been showing us where our team gazebos will be and how sports day will run. (Connie) . On Wednesday it is going to be sports day, and I am in team Wembley and it is going to be lots of fun!!! (Holly) On Sunday there is going to be a fun run and the children are going to run with their dad or mum. At the end there is going to be an adult race as well (Amelia). In science we have been learning about electricity and we had to make circuits and make a light bulb light up. For homework we made a poster about the dangers of electricity. (Barley)
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Friday 1st May

Today we have been practising for sports day in the field, and we had to see how far we could throw the discus and see how far we could jump. (Isabelle) On Wednesday we looked at forces and fair testing. We investigated how fast different cars go down a ramp. (Hannah) Yesterday we looked at castle characters, we thought about adjectives to describe the characters. (Holly) In RE we have been learning about churches and we thought about what sort of things we would find inside a church. (Katie) In computing Mrs Nichols has been telling us what an algorithm is. It is a list of instructions to complete a task, we created our own algorithms and then had to debug them. (Ralph)
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24th April 2015

This week in the role play we have built a big castle for our new topic, which is “Castles and Kingdoms”. (Oliver). Also this week we have been practising our athletics for Sports Day and my favourite activity is the long distance running (Ted). Today we went to the field for PE and to get ready for sports day and we had lots of fun (Isabelle). In Literacy we have been learning about super duper adjectives and writing about a castle setting (Connie). Yesterday with Mr Littlewood and Miss Brown we looked at ‘Forces’ but it was quite hard. (Hannah). In Maths we have been learning about fractions and I liked it when I was writing sums (Barley). This week in Computing we have been finding out about our new topic called ‘Discovering Programminmg’. We learnt about what an algorithm is. (Dominic).
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