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Friday 13th March

This week on Tuesday we have been writing Mr Benn stories and I thought it was really good. (Ethan). Today it is Red Nose Day and I can’t wait until assembly because I think Mrs Peddie is going to tell us all about Red Nose Day (Chloe). As it is Red Nose Day we are all wearing red and red noses, and we have donated some money to Comic Relief (Connie). With Mrs Wilson we have been making our own rafts. First we had to draw a plan and then we got to make it, and we are going to race them across the school pond and there is going to be a prize for the raft that wins the race (Katie). In Computing we have been learning about editing our work and inserting images of our animals into our fact sheets. (Henry). We are now doing some of our PE lessons outside, so please can you ensure full PE kit including tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirts are in school – thank you.
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Friday 6th March

This week it has been fun on World Book Day and we all loved it (Eryn). Yesterday it was World Book Day and it was so good, I really wish you could have seen it. I did not want it to end (Dominic). Four people were Harry Potter in Class 2. There were amazing costumes, and for Class 5 it was their last World Book Day. (Ralph) It was amazing, because at the end of assembly everyone danced and it was so funny (Henry). Mrs Nichols was Little Red Riding Hood (Emily). I liked when some teachers dressed up as the Three Little Pigs as it was funny (Katie). I liked the treasure hunt that Class 5 did for us. I liked dancing with Mrs Hoar in assembly for book week. (Iris).

On Tuesday we were starting to plan our Mr. Benn stories. We wrote a story plan, and we had to have problems in the middle, and at the end our main character would always find a souvenir. (Patrick). Earlier in the week we wrote our own story plans and they were really fun to do (Elin). On World Book Day we wrote a conversation about when two book characters met. We wrote them as a friendly chat or an argumentative conversation and tried to use speech marks correctly. (Elin).  

All this week it has been Assessment Week. It was really hard and very challenging. My favourite subject this week was Maths. (Katie). It was interesting in Maths this week because we were doing Mental Maths. I like trying to get them all right (Adam).

The new topic in PE is hockey. So far we have been passing the ball in partners and going through a goal (Jake).

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27th February 2015

This week in Literacy we have been doing Mr Benn stories, and we are going to write our own stories. (Luke). In Literacy we have been learning about Mr Benn and we have thought about some story ideas (Amelia) and some fantastic words for putting in stories. I learnt about a story hill. A story hill is a hill that has a beginning, a middle and an end. (Toby) In this fantastic week when we did RE, we did amazing, epic spice boxes and put some exotic smelling spices inside. (Ralph) In RE we made our own sparkly spice boxes because we finished learning about Shabbat and at the end of Shabbat they make a souvenir, a spice box. At the end of Shabbat, they let the Kiddush cup overflow into the saucer, they let the wine overflow into the Kiddush cup. Shabbat ends when you see only three stars in the sky. It is very sad when Shabbat ends because it is a special time and it is very peaceful. (Elin). On Tuesday afternoon, we did PE with Mrs Hoar. It was outside and we did racing. It was so fun and everybody‘s team did really well (Katie). In Spellings our spellings are ‘oo’ words and we have been practising them in our spelling books. (Connie). In Maths we have been learning about co-ordinates. Co-ordinates are on a map and they go up and across. ABCDE goes across, 12345 goes up. Down the long corridor and up the steep stairs is how we remember it. (Dominic). Yesterday we learnt about right angles and I really thought it was interesting and amazing. (Isabelle). In Maths we have been learning about right angles and we made right angle fish (Oliver). We have also been doing right angles on the computers (Daniel). We had an excellent, brilliant and fantastic lesson. In Maths we made right angle fish and went round the classroom to find right angles (Iris). In Collective Worship, our new value is Justice. This means being fair. My sister she worked very hard and she got £1 for her pocket money and I didn’t work hard and I got £1 for my pocket money. Next week I’m going to work really hard and that will be fair. (Chloe). Today it is the book fair. People are going into the school hall to buy books (Emily).
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13th February 2015

In PE this week we had a football tournament.  There was a scoreboard with six teams.  Four went into the semi-final and two went into the final.  The blue team won (Oscar).  On Wednesday evening there was a music evening and some adults came to listen to the music (Joseph).  Yesterday we celebrated Charles Darwin's birthday and pretended we were his shipmates and did lots of fun activities (Patrick).

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6th February 2015

This week we have been learning about amazing adjectives in our Literacy lessons. We were imagining different animals from the Galapagos Islands and coming up with our own words to describe them. (Ralph). This morning we did PE with Mr Jefferies – we were looking at the difference between attacking and defending headers and we played a football game and it was really fun (Isabelle). Today they were lots of goals (Jake). In music we have been listening to songs and singing them and it was fantastic (Joseph). In spellings our spelling words are ‘oa’ and ‘il’ and ‘o-e’. We looked at these in phonics and in handwriting (Emily). Earlier in the week we have been looking at time connectives (Adam). In our Maths, we are learning about fractions – 1/2s, 1/3, 1/4s and we had a game where we were trying to find fractions of numbers (Hannah). In ICT we started making our factsheet. We chose an animal and we learnt how to edit and write a title. (Katie).

Mrs Nichols and Mrs Wilson want to say thank you for the quality of home learning last week. It was obvious that everyone has been really captivated by our topic, and a huge amount of effort went into either the factsheets or the diaries. Well done!

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