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What we liked most about Arts Days, 23rd January 2015


We have been making dragons and it was brilliant (Morgan).


On Wednesday and Thursday we had Art Days and we had lots of fun because we did dragon dancing (Ralph).


It has been Arts Day and lots of things have been built (Henry).


This week in Arts Day we have been learning about China and have made lots of stuff, and today we were showing it in assembly (Katie).


On Thursday, one of the Arts Days, we did dragon collages in the afternoon, and it was made out of paper. (Jake).


On Arts Day, we were doing lots of activities and one of my favourite activities was in the staff room, making Chinese music, with Mrs Stewart.  (Amelia).


On Thursday, we did martial arts in the hall and it was great fun! (Dominic)


This week in Arts Day we have been thinking about China.  We have been doing martial arts, dragon dancing and lots of other Chinese things.  (Patrick).


This week in Arts Days, with Mrs Nichols, we did Willow Pattern Plates, copying the story.  (Elin)


I enjoyed making the Chinese Dragons because we were able to colour them in. (Chloe).


As a class we did dragon dancing and both of the groups painted blossom trees, and these were my favourite things to do, because I love Arts Day.  (Toby)


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Friday 16th January


In topic we have been learning about a man called Charles Darwin.  He was a sailor. (Connie) Our role play area is Charles Darwin’s ship, The Beagle.  (Katie)

In Maths we have been doing addition and subtraction with our partners.   (Luke)

In Literacy we have been learning about under the Sea (Barley).  In Literacy we have been learning about alphabetical order.  We looked up definitions of words and learnt how to put words into order if they start with the same letter.  (Patrick).  We used dictionaries to find sea words.  (Emily)

Well, in class 2 we have been going onto search engines and have been finding some pictures about sea creatures. (Adam). Me and my partner  looked on the computer and we looked at seaweed.  We learned when seaweed dies it comes to the land.  (Ted).


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January 9th 2015

This week we have been learning about oceans and seas.  We have been learning about Charles Darwin.  In Phonics we have been learning about plurals.  By Adam and Oscar.

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Family week in Class2

We thought you would like to hear how much the children enjoyed family week.Here are some of the children's comments.


'In class 2 we had our mums and dads come in for family week and we made bridges and dragons.'

'We got to play with the adults. It was fun.'

'It was fun building a bridge.'

'I liked finding the flowers.'

'I liked measuring the giant's foot.'

'It was fantastic. We made gingerbread men.'

'Me and dad did a story on the computer.'

'It was alot of fun.'

'I loved trying to get the frog to the prince.'

'I learned others can help you.'

'We enjoyed making our gingerbread men.'

''We took them home and they were very yummy!'

'I had fun helping Little Red Riding Hood.'

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This week in Class 2

We have done lots of maths about time. We do lots of learning and listening because it helps you learn. We do lots of handwriting because we need to.

By Chloe and Luke

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