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24th April 2015

This week in the role play we have built a big castle for our new topic, which is “Castles and Kingdoms”. (Oliver). Also this week we have been practising our athletics for Sports Day and my favourite activity is the long distance running (Ted). Today we went to the field for PE and to get ready for sports day and we had lots of fun (Isabelle). In Literacy we have been learning about super duper adjectives and writing about a castle setting (Connie). Yesterday with Mr Littlewood and Miss Brown we looked at ‘Forces’ but it was quite hard. (Hannah). In Maths we have been learning about fractions and I liked it when I was writing sums (Barley). This week in Computing we have been finding out about our new topic called ‘Discovering Programminmg’. We learnt about what an algorithm is. (Dominic).
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Thursday 2nd April

In Class 2’s assembly I was a bit nervous but I was brave and I was proud of myself (Oliver). On Friday in our Class Assembly, we did some pictures and we made a movie (Adam). In Class assembly we showed some of our work and my favourite bit was when we were watching the video of our role play area (Connie). In Class assembly when I was going to do my diary I felt a bit nervous but I wanted to be really good in front of my family and that gave me the confidence to read it out loud (Isabelle). On Friday in the disco it was really funny and I liked dancing (Iris). Last week on Monday we raced our rafts on our pond, but the week before we had spent inventing our rafts and it was really fun (Jake). In the Easter Service the whole school worked really hard and everyone spoke really clearly which made me feel confident when it was my turn (Dominic). In the Easter Service Class 2 was performing about Palm Sunday where Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem . We were in the Hall (Ralph). Yesterday we made Easter cards but we’re not going to tell you what they’re like as it might ruin the surprise! (Hannah). This week with Mrs Wilson we made Bunny baskets. First we had to colour them in, then cut them out, and then finally we had to stick it all together. Today we are going to take some Easter eggs home in them (Katie). Mrs Nichols wants to say how impressed she was with the Bar Chart homework ; lots of effort and some lovely original ideas here, so thank you. Mrs Wilson and Mrs Nichols want to say have a very Happy Easter, enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you again at the start of term.
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Friday 27th March

In Maths this week, we have been learning about charts, like pictograms and bar charts. It was really fun we had to collect information from the class (Katie). In Maths we have been sorting out Smarties in partners, so that we could draw a pictogram (Oliver). Yesterday in Literacy we wrote a story based on the story Katie’s Picture show where she jumped into a picture. (Joseph). On Tuesday with Mrs Hoar we have been doing Underwater dances. First we had to be crabs, and move sideways four steps, then we had to be puffer fish and our final thing was going round in a circle. (Hannah) Today it is our assembly and I am so happy, and I really hope its going to be brilliant (Amelia). This week we have been practising for Class 2 assembly and it is all about Under the Sea. And we have performed a poem of our own. (Hannah). Wow its nearly the end of term! And today it is Friday and we are doing assembly. I have butterflies in my tummy. I am doing a dance (Connie). Our Mums and Dads and whoever else is coming to see us will be watching. (Connie). Today is Class 2’s assembly and I am doing a dance under the sea, and my favourite is the starfish because it is funny. (Chloe) We have been learning a poem about Christopher Columbus and we had to learn it for our Class assembly. (Isabelle). This week we have been making rafts and we raced them on the school pond and there were 4 winners – 2 for the best design, and 2 for the raft that sailed the best. Most of our rafts sailed very well (Adam).
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Friday 13th March

This week on Tuesday we have been writing Mr Benn stories and I thought it was really good. (Ethan). Today it is Red Nose Day and I can’t wait until assembly because I think Mrs Peddie is going to tell us all about Red Nose Day (Chloe). As it is Red Nose Day we are all wearing red and red noses, and we have donated some money to Comic Relief (Connie). With Mrs Wilson we have been making our own rafts. First we had to draw a plan and then we got to make it, and we are going to race them across the school pond and there is going to be a prize for the raft that wins the race (Katie). In Computing we have been learning about editing our work and inserting images of our animals into our fact sheets. (Henry). We are now doing some of our PE lessons outside, so please can you ensure full PE kit including tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirts are in school – thank you.
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Friday 6th March

This week it has been fun on World Book Day and we all loved it (Eryn). Yesterday it was World Book Day and it was so good, I really wish you could have seen it. I did not want it to end (Dominic). Four people were Harry Potter in Class 2. There were amazing costumes, and for Class 5 it was their last World Book Day. (Ralph) It was amazing, because at the end of assembly everyone danced and it was so funny (Henry). Mrs Nichols was Little Red Riding Hood (Emily). I liked when some teachers dressed up as the Three Little Pigs as it was funny (Katie). I liked the treasure hunt that Class 5 did for us. I liked dancing with Mrs Hoar in assembly for book week. (Iris).

On Tuesday we were starting to plan our Mr. Benn stories. We wrote a story plan, and we had to have problems in the middle, and at the end our main character would always find a souvenir. (Patrick). Earlier in the week we wrote our own story plans and they were really fun to do (Elin). On World Book Day we wrote a conversation about when two book characters met. We wrote them as a friendly chat or an argumentative conversation and tried to use speech marks correctly. (Elin).  

All this week it has been Assessment Week. It was really hard and very challenging. My favourite subject this week was Maths. (Katie). It was interesting in Maths this week because we were doing Mental Maths. I like trying to get them all right (Adam).

The new topic in PE is hockey. So far we have been passing the ball in partners and going through a goal (Jake).

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