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Spring 1 Week 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a nice rest! THANK YOU all so much for your generous Christmas gifts!

We had a great first week back in Class 3!

In Maths we have been learning all about 3D shapes. We learned about their features such as edges, vertices and faces. We also discussed where we can find 3D shapes around us! 

In English we read the story 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne and planned our own story based on the one we read. We are looking forward to writing our own version of this story next week! 

In RE we read the story of 'The Last Supper' and discussed how we can be servants to others, just like Jesus was a servant to his disciples.

in PE we played football and practised doing a forward roll!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Weston and Mrs Pateman

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Autumn 2 Week 5

Another week in Class 3 has flown by! 

This week in Maths we learned all about Data handling. Together as a class we made tally charts for our favourite fruits, animals and colours. We then used this information to create a pictogram and bar chart. We also answered some tricky questions looking at our graphs such as 'How many more children liked blue than red' or 'What is the most/least favourite animal in Class 3'.

In Literacy we read different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and focused on directed speech in our writing (using speech marks correctly!) as well as finding synonyms for 'said' (i.e. replied, whispered, shouted, muttered etc).

This week the children also created some lovely art work. We mixed primary colours to create different secondary colours and then used those to paint colour field paintings in the style of Rothko.

This week's highlight was the 'Experience Christmas' day as well as making Christmas decorations. We can't believe it is only two weeks until the start of the Christmas holidays! 

We wish you all an enjoyable weekend! 

Mrs Weston and Mrs Pateman

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Autumn 2 Week 3

Dear Parents,

Thank you to the parents who attended Thursday's parents evening, it was lovely to meet some of you properly. We are looking forward to seeing more parents on Tuesday for round 2!

In Maths this week we revised our knowledge of place value and learned how to use the column method to add two 2 digit numbers. 

In Literacy we wrote a recount about our fantastic trip to the Roald Dahl Museum. In our writing we focused on conjunctions such as because, so, if, that etc. as well as time connectives.

In History we learned about Walter Tull and his role during World War 1.

In Science the children researched their favourite fruits and then drew a tally chart and pictograph to show their results.

In PSHE&C the children designed a healthy packed lunch which included a delicious sandwich, healthy snacks and a healthy drink.

Have a great weekend! 

Mrs Weston & Mrs Pateman

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Autumn 2 Week 2

Dear Parents,

Another week in Class 3 has flown by! The highlight this week was our brilliant trip to the Roald Dahl Museum. The children really enjoyed finding out more about Roald Dahl's life and work. The museum itself was beautiful and the workshop where the children had to make up their own words and edit some of Roald Dahl's work was a lot of fun! The children came up with some brilliant sentences and we will certainly be using their ideas in our writing in the weeks to come! 

This week the children also got to enjoy a very moving theatre show called 'Lest we forget' as part of our learning about World War 1 and Remembrance Day. We also finished our assessments and practised reading and writing the analogue time to the nearest quarter of an hour!

Please note that the children have all been given a slip with your allocated time slot for the upcoming parents evening.

We hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Weston & Mrs Pateman


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Autumn 2 Week 1

What a busy week had in Class 3! 

We enjoyed our first PHSE&C lesson taught by the Go 2 project from Stevenage Borough Council. The children had fun making fruit kebabs from mangoes, raspberries, plums, blueberries and grapes. Some children who had never tried mango before commented that they thought it tasted 'sweet and delicious'. We spent the rest of the week completing our assessments and learning all about World War 1 and Remembrance Day. We talked about what it would've been like to be alive during the war and we discussed why the poppy has become such an important symbol. We also spent some time making poppies which we used to decorate our classroom. We had a special day on Friday all about Remembrance Day and the children contributed with some lovely thoughts and prayers.

We are really excited about our trip to the Roald Dahl museum next Wednesday 14th November. Please ensure your child arrives at school on time and has a packed lunch for the trip. We are aiming to get back before the end of the school day so pick up will be as normal.

We hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Mrs Weston and Mrs Pateman


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