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January - First Week Back

It was the first week back today after the christmas holiday. We have had a busy week indeed!


In English, we have been learning about adverbs, frontial adverbials and adverbial phrases. We had a lot of practise on this as it was a little tricky but we got the hang of this!

In Maths, we looked at negative and postive numbers, order numbers and using more than/less than to compare numbers.

In Science, we are studying sound and how vibrations make us hear.

In RE, we are reflecting on creation stories. In our first lesson, we learnt about the 7 days of creation and reflected on how this made us feel.



This is linked to our Geography/History, we have to draw a part of St Ippolyts which is forming a map in class mapping out the whole of St Ippolyts village and its key features. This is due in on Monday.


Timestables test next friday will be the 11s.




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Blog by Holly and Theo

Last week we went to Sky Skills Studios and we had a sheet of paper with lots of facts about endangered animals.  We then got spilt into 4 studios. We had different leaders that helped us to do our different roles. Also we we got to see the Sky Sports Studio and saw some famous presenters. We had so much fun and really want to go again!


On Friday was our assembly about Ancient Egypt and our Sky Skills Studio trip. We hope you enjoyed our Assembly as much as we did!




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Class 4 Assembly

What an amazing assembly!!!


Well done to Class 4 for an absolutely AMAZING assembly! I am so proud of all of you. You have worked so incredibly hard this term and I know it will continue!


Have a lovely and restful weekened!


From Miss Patston




Next weeks timestable test is the eights! Get practising and try within 5 seconds!!

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Blog by Jessie and Jay 14.11.2014

Sorry it's been a while since our last blog, we have just been so busy! We'll make sure we keep doing it weekly!

This week it has been assessment week in class 4. We had a maths investigations and we had to go around and figure out different maths. It was so much fun! We have also been writing about our research for our trip to sky skills studios next week! We can't wait! We planned our scientific investigation which we are doing on Monday with Mrs Archer.


On Remembrance day, the choir say an amazing song which was very emotional. We made a poppy wreath to put on the war memorial. We drew and made the poppies ourselves. On the leaves we wrote a special word on them. They looked fantastic! Thank you Mrs Rule!


We finished our glamorous egyptian necklaces (You will see them on Friday). A little reminder that class 4 assembly is next friday. We have been working very hard to show off what we have been doing in class in our history! We are so excited for our trip on Tuesday! We will keep you posted and give a mid week update!



To learn our lines for assembly off by heart!


Thank you for reading our blog by Jessie and Jay

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Fifth blog by Joshua and Alexander

Last week was friendship week, we learnt about how to be a good friend. One of the activities we did was called the Blob tree where we had to colour the person which we thought we were e.g. if we were happy we picked the person being happy. We had a visitor in and we watched a play. It was about anti-bullying and bystanders. We volunteered each other for friendship tokens if people were especially kind and nice. We did lots of fun activities and learnt a lot from this.

In Maths, we learnt about decimals and converting them into fractions. This week we are learning about fractions.

In English we are continuing with our fantasy stories and we are now writing about fantasy creatures. Fantasy means made up and not real.

This week so far we have learnt about Ancient Egypt inventions and achievements.

So far a really fun week and more to come!!!


Girls football match on Wednesday (Hope you had a great time and good luck)

Written by Joshua and Alexander
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