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Class 4 Summer Week ending 13th May

In class 4, we have been learning about problem solving with money in maths. We learnt how to add and subtract using decimals and then solve problems. Mrs Springall showed us how to look for clues by looking for words like 'altogether, how much does I have now? to find out whether it was addition or subtraction. We then had to make up our own shops in class and pay for items with the pretend money. This was really fun and we had a good time whilst learning about money. Next week in maths, we will be learning how to add and subtract fractions.

In english, we have been studying about 'The Highwayman'. We read through the poem and learnt about the figurative language used such as similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeias. We then had to design a job advert for a highwayman using main, subordinate and relative clauses. This was tricky but fun. We will continue to learn about 'The Highwayman' next week.



To write five problem solving questions involving money. e.g. Mrs Springall brought 1 cake for 40p and another for £1.50p. She paid with a £2 coin. How much change does she have?



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Class 4 Summer Blog end of Week 3

This week in english, we have been reading Mr Stink. We learnt about the main, relative and subordinate clauses as well as relative pronouns. On Thursday, we began writing our own story based on Mr Stink. We began to write them on Friday. We had to have a dilemma and issue in it.


This week in maths, we were learning about square and cube numbers. It was very fun. We found out that a square number is a number multipied by itself. e.g. 3 x 3. We also found out that cube number is a number multiplied by itself three times. e,g. 3x3x3. It looked very tricky.


In computing, we learnt how to make tables in word and then use online newspapers to record our information. This was really fun. In science, we learnt about conductors and insulators we had to use materials we thought might by either an insulator or conductor and then test it out. In PSHE, we learnt about different risks and also timelines of changes from childhood to adulthood.


by Remi and Jack



Remember our work on clauses this week. This will help to consolidate your learning. There is a tip at the top to help.

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Class 4 Summer ending Week 2

In maths this week, we have been learning about the grid method and long multiplication. This was harder to start but it got better! This takes lots of practise.  We learnt to multiply 2 by 1 and 2 by 2 digits. (Youssef and Jack)


In english, we have been learning about inverted commas and had to predict the ending of Mr Stink using speech with inverted commas. We used drawings, comic strips and conversations. We have also learnt about main and subordinate clauses. A main clause makes sense on its own and uses a verb. A subordinate clause doesn't make sense on its own and also has a verb.


In science, we went for a walk around the school to spot mains and battery powered electrics. We saw a demonstration of Hotwires from Joseph and he made a propeller fly. It was really fun. (Youssef)


In history, we became detectives. We were given picture clues and had to figure out who was found at Sutton Hoo. We made lots of predictions on who it could have been. We thought it could have been an army, a man, a woman, a couple and we even thought a merchant.


Remember its bank holiday on Monday . 

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Class 4 Blog Summer Week 1

In Maths, we have learning about Roman Numerals up to 1000. It was very fun and interesting but sometimes a bit tricky with the 4s and 9s. It was fun overall. (Max)

In English, we have been reading Mr Stink by David Walliams. We came up with a range of solutions and causes for homelessness. We learnt about writing in the first person. We have really enjoyed reading Mr Stink. It has been really fun. The first chapter was horrible as he had lots of food in his beard! We thought the second chapter was funny but sneaky and unfair. (William, Joseph, Max)

In our new topic for Science, we have been learning about circuits and electricity. We decided whether circuits work. We then had to try them out using the circuits with the lights and buzzers. That was great fun. We learnt about the two types of electricity. (Max)

In History, we have been learning about invaders and settlers – Angles, Saxons, Scots and Jutes. We had to plot a map of Europe to show where they came from and where they settled. We found out that the Romans left in 410AD. We then had to draw a timeline. (William, Joseph, Max)


English: this is based on today’s lesson where we have been learning about noun phrases. A noun phrase is a phrase that acts as a noun. Noun phrases add extra information to sentences.


Lots of dogs

Lots of brown, spotty dogs.

These are noun phrases. The noun is simply ‘dogs’

A phrase is usually a group of words without a verb.

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End of Spring Term Class 4

As always in Class 4 we have been very busy. We have done lots of activities this week. In DT, we finished designing and making our own musical instruments out of recycled items such as tubing, tissue boxes, bottles. We made recorders, guitars and many more. We had to investigate different musical instruments to decide what we wanted to make.


In PSHE, we were acting out scenarios which involved risk and persuasive techniques. We had a long discussion in circle time and got to share all our ideas. In maths, we learnt how to draw line graphs, it was a bit tricky to plot these but we give it a good try! Mrs Springall was really impressed.


By Amelia and Amber


Have a lovely break!

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