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Class 4 Blog Week ending 18th March

We have had an extremely busy week in class 4. There has been science days for two days and sports relief was today. During science days, we took part in many activities such as investigating convection, heart rate, habitats, bird beaks, slime, electricity, tetonic plates, enginering, brain hats and many more. It was really amazing. We had such as fun time. Today for sports relief, we had a fun session with Mr Jeffries of rounders where we got to choose to kick or throw different types of balls. Also we did an aerobic session on the playground and even a giant conga line with the whole school.

We have also presented our geography powerpoint to the rest of the class as well as finished writing our reports on mountain explorers and are beginning to learn about line graphs in maths.



Is to learn lines our lines for Easter service or draw how we imagine the garden of Gethsemane may look.

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Class 4 Blog Week ending 5th February

In maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions then later in the week we moved onto simplifying fractions. In english, we wrote our own greek myths this was really fun! Mrs Springall enjoyed reading them very much. Today we started learning about free verse poetry.


In RE, with Mrs Crawley we learnt about fairtrade. This was very fun and we learnt alot. In Geography, we learnt about the different types of mountains and various climates. In Computing, we learnt about unplugged algorithms. This was really fun and we got to use the lego.

By Ben and Frank



Write a free verse poem (Remember what we learnt today that a free verse poem has no rules or set pattern, it can rhyme but it doesnt need too) You can choose the topic.  

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Class 4 Spring Blog week ending 29th January

This week we have had an extremely busy week! We have not only had our normal lessons but Arts days too! Our favourite were soap carving because we liked carving the shapes. It was a challenge! We had to take off small slithers at a time. Another favourite activity of ours, was the collage pictures which we had to draw the picture in pencil of people. We then had to use oil pastels to colour it. We coloured the people with paint and we used fabric for their outfits. This was really fun.


We have also begun to write our stories. We started at the beginning of the week by planning it and then today we started writing.  We started a new topic on equivalent fractions this week and we will continue this next week.This was a little bit tricky. We had to use our knowledge of times tables to solve equivalent fractions. In science, we did an experiment which we had to get different materials and see which were soundproof. We found out that felt was the best for soundproofing as we couldn't hear as well through it.


By Amber and Daisy



Write the blurb (a short summary of what your story is about found on the back of books) for your stories that you have planned and began to write. Then design a front cover for them. This can be done on plain paper/computer or in your homework books.

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Class 4 Spring Blog Week ending 22nd January 2016

We have had an extremely busy week in class 4 this week! This week in maths, we have been learning about factors and multiples. It was fun but tricky! We learnt that multiples are the times tables and with factors you divide. In English, we created our own monster and hero for our Greek myth that is going to be written next week. We had to use figurative language to explain them.

In computing we learnt about simulations. We had to test an airplane simulator and answer questions about whether it was realistic etc. In science, we were experimenting the relationship between distance and volume. We found out that the further away you get from the noise then the quiet it gets. In geography, we were investigating different mountains. We had to use the ipads to research information. In music, we learnt to sing in Norwegian. The song will learnt to sing was called ‘In the hall of the Mountain King’. In RE, we thought about how Christians help other people and how their beliefs influence their actions.

Next week in English, we will be writing our own Greek myths and in maths we will be learning about equivalent fractions. We are very excited about arts days next week!

Blog by Frank and Kiera.

English Homework:

Create your own setting or settings for your story. This can be drawn/written or even as a map! You will be using this in your story next week. Think of the myths we have read so far. Perseus had lots of different settings! Remember it’s a quest so your hero will be travelling to different places. E.g. caves, mountains, islands, sea.

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Maths Homework 20.01.16

Maths homework today is based on what we have learnt this week in maths about factors, multiples and prime numbers.


Factors are numbers which goes into another number without leaving a remainder. e.g. the factors of are 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Multiples are numbers which appears in the given multiplication. e.g. a multiples of 2 are 4, 6, 8 etc.


1. Write the factors for the following numbers: 3, 7, 12, 27, 30

2. What do you notice about some of the numbers?

3. Write the multiples (up to 12 times) for the following numbers: 7, 8, 9 and 10.


What are the common factors (factors found in both e.g. for 12 and 24 it would be 12.)for the

following numbers: 21 and 42,  30 and 12.


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