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Class 4 Blog Spring Week 2

This week in english, we have been learning about Greek Myths. We looked at several different myths such as Perseus, King Midas and Pandoras Box. We then wrote fronted adverbials which are before the verb and adverbial phrases which are after. This was a little tricky but we are practising this tonight for our homework.


This week in maths, we have been working on our mental maths and problem solving. We learnt how to use the grid method and used the column methods for addition and subtraction. We had our 6 times tables test today. So in two weeks time, we will have a test on our 7 times tables and the division. Next week in maths we are looking at multiples and factors.


During friendship week, we drew a picture of ourselves on the computer showing how we are good friends to each other. We also discussed bullying and how to be a goodfriend. We worked together to make and write down ideas about bullying.


English Homework due for Friday:

Children choose between Homework 1 and  Homework 2.

Homework 1:

Using the sheet, complete the fronted adverbials and adverbial phrases,

Homework 2:

Write your own sentences that include 5 fronted adverbials and 5 adverbial phrases.

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Class 4 Blog week beginning 7th December

In maths, we have been learning about bar charts and line graphs. It was a bit tricky but fun. We had to go round the class and make a chart of the different eye colours. Then we had to make a frequency chart and bar chart/line graph. We learnt how to construct them and used all the different features.  On Tuesday, we did a maths investigation about the colour of smarties using them to make a bar chart.


In english, we wrote how our machine works that we have invented. Designing our very own explanation texts. We had to use all the features such as title, subtitles, explanations, punctuations, adverbs, wow words.


On Monday, our awesome teacher, Mrs Springall took us to the coolest museum ever, the Roald Dahl museum. We made our own characters in an idea book that was given to us. We got to dress up as Roald Dahl and his characters. We went to different rooms and read letters he sent his mum and his school report. We got to see his actual writing hut, that was amazing! We even saw his hipbone! We learnt so much.



Learn song words.


Next Week:

Carol service - Tuesday 2.15pm,

Christmas Dinner - Wednesday

Party - Thursday


Blog written by Thomas and Max!


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Class 4 Homework 2nd December 2015

Children to challenge themselves by choosing A or B this is based on what we have been doing in class this week. You need to find the quantity of the fraction. E.g. 1/4 of 25. 25รท4 =

Homework A:

1. 1/4 of 16,

2. 1/5 of 25,

3. 1/8 of 16,

4.1/3 of 18,

5. 1/6 of 24,

Homework B:

1. 3/4 of 48

2. 3/5 of 125

3. 6/8 of 104

4. 2/3 of 63

5. 2/6 of 126

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Homework 25.11.2015



Please learn your lines and dances so you are confident and ready for our class assembly on Friday.



During his years at school, Cadbury, the chocolate company, would send boxes of new chocolates to the school to be tested by the pupils. He used to dream of inventing a new chocolate bar that would win the praise of Mr. Cadbury himself, and this was the inspiration for him to write his third book for children, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Week beginning 16th November

On Tuesday we started on our christmas hoops design we began by stitching ivy designs but we could do it on card with glitter. We even made our own reindeers with pine cones! You'll be seeing them soon on the hoops so we won't tell you too much!


On Thursday in science, we were grouping animals we used a classification keys to find out. We learnt tricky terms such as Arachnid, Crustacean, Annelid, Invertebate, Vertebate. There were three activities we could choose from. We had to choose the activity and challenge ourselves.


We found out yesterday that we are going on a Roald Dahl trip, when Mrs Springall told us we cheered with excited!


In english we have been writing about Roald Dahl riddles! You might get a taster next week!


In maths we have been learning about 3d shapes and lines of symmetry. Today we had to recognise the shape by the net.


We have been practising hard for our assembly! All will be revealed next week!


Times table next week is 5s!



To learn our lines for our assembly next week. 


(By Amber, Lily, Kai and Bailey)

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