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Class 4 Blog - Week beginning 9th November

Our favourite subject this week was maths, which was fantastic. We did problem solving. We both enjoyed the new tasks because they were not easy but quite challenging. The maze task was challenging. (Will and Cruz)


This week, I have enjoyed the reading task it was quite a challenge but I enjoy a challenge (Curtis)


I liked english because it was challenging and really hard but fun! (Stanley)


I really liked the big question. It was made me think alot. I made a drawing about people with speech bubbles with people saying what they thought about being about special. (Eleanor)


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Class 4 - Week beginning 2nd November

This week, in maths we were learning about decimals. The hardest maths was on thursday as we had to round them to the nearest tenth and whole. (Jack)


In english, we are learning about riddles which was fun. We had to learn about the features, all the figurative language and rhyming words. (Jack)


In science, we made habitat for our animals out of junk modelling. This was really fun but the room was really messy! We had to think of an animal and then we had to make a habitat for it. At the end, we had a habitat. (Eleanor) I liked making the habitats as it very creative for everyone. (Youssef)


Write your own riddle like we have been practising in class. Try to use rhyming couplets and figurative language.



Next week is assessment week.

We will be having a 4 times table test and as well as division on the 4s.

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Class 4 Autumn Week 8


On Monday, in English we have been writing our missing chapter for 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. It was a hard job but we did it. Maths was a really hard for us as we have been doing time on the clock and time. It was diffcult. Yesterday was family week it was really fun. The gobblefunk activity was the best! (YOUSSEF)


On Monday, we wrote the missing chapter to Charlie and the Chocolate factory. In maths, we have been learning the time on the clkc it was a bit diffcult. For homework, we will be practising the time and adding the missing punctuation. Remember winter kit for PE! I enjoyed family week because we got to do a lot of fun stuff. My favourite thing was the QR scavengar hunt. (FINTY)



Maths: Over the half term, practise reading the time. Aim for the nearest five minute. Challenge: Reading to exact time e.g. 7 minutes to 6.


English: Using the text stuck in your homework books. Add the missing punctuation.


Highlight in different colours using a key; all the verbs, nouns, adjectives.


A note from Mrs Springall:

Have a lovely half term and a nice rest ready for lots more hard work!

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Week 7, Class 4 Blog

This week, in maths we have been working on area and perimeter, this was a little tricky but fun. And in english, we designed a room based on our sweet and planned our 'Missing Chapter', ready to write next week. In PE, we played lacrosse practising our first game.

By Curtis and Euan


"My favourite thing this week was writing our story map, it was really fun"



Write the opening paragraph to your story based on what we planned today in class. Use lots of adjectives and describe them. Remember to introduce your character.


Class 4s Family day is next Thursday.

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Class 4 Maths Homework 14/10/15

Maths Homework:

(Perimeter = Add all the sides together) (Area = Length x width)

1.  Find 2 rectangles in your home. Calculate the perimeter. Show all your working out.

2. Calculate the area of the following rectangles;

a. Length = 6cm, Width = 4cm

b. Length = 9cm, Width = 3cm

c. Length = 2cm, Width = 7cm

(Show all your working out)

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