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Autumn Week 6 Class 4


In english this week, we have been designing owr own sweets. This was really fun and we really liked it. We even had to draw the chocolate room and write similies, metaphors and adjectives about them.


In pe, we have been practising our lacrosse skills. In maths, we have been learning all about perimeter and have been doing some measuring of our own.


On wednesday and today, we had a visit from an author. It was very exciting. We had a brilliant time. He retold his three different stories. He was lots of fun. THANK YOU PTA for this amazing time!

By Amelia, Remi and Eleanor



Homework club is available every thursday lunch time for class 4 and 5.

Remember to bring joggers.


Design your own advert for your sweet;

-explains good things about the product



-has to be persuasive

Could be; poster, song, radio script, poem, tv advert, it can be filmed.

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Class 4, Week 2 Autumn 2015

This week in English, we have been looking at punctuation, verbs, nouns (proper and common), adjectives and using a range of punctuation. We have had to use and identify these in sentences which has been a tricky task!


In maths, we have been learning how to compare, partition, order, add over 4/5/6 digit numbers.


In geography, this term we are looking at South America. This week, we were given an atlas and a blank map. We had to find out all the countries and capitals for South America. This was fun!


In pe, we began learning about a new sport. Lacrosse! This was really fun. We started by learning new skills such as how to use the equipment safely and catch a ball.



Homework is due Friday. They have to research and find 5 facts on Roald Dahl written into their homework book. Their homework is written in their home school contact books.

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Class 4 Summer Blog 26th June

On Wednesday 24th June 2014, We went to Thames Barrier in London. First of all, we got on the coach and headed for London (Of couse there was some traffic) The when we arrived we had a talk about the Thames Barrier and what it's used for.Thirdly we went to see a clever model of the Thames Barrier. After that, we watched a ten minute video about how the Thames Barrier was built. We went for a walk to see the barriers up close. They looked interesting and they looked like the front of a boat.


Written by Jessie


We have been practising hard for the production and can't wait to show you! Don't forget to practise and finalise your costumes!


On Monday, we are going to Princess Helena from 9.30 till 1. They are providing all food and drink so there is no need to bring anything apart from yourselfs for the trip (medication if necessary)


We are excited for the summer fair and can't wait for the climbing wall. We are looking forward to the food, playing the year 6 games. Good luck year 6!

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Class 4 Summer Week 4 blog

We have had an very busy week in class 4 this week during lots of activities.  This week in English, we've been planning our story in the style of David Walliams.  We planned our story using a story board. In DT, We have been making bridges. We made trusses and testing the strength of arches. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We had to compare them and convert them into the same. This was very tricky.



Draw wither a story map or a story mountatin to help plan your story ready to write on Monday.



Sports day on Wednesday pm. (Reserve Thursday)

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Summer Week 2 Class 4

In maths this week we have been learning about square and cube numbers. We did investigative work to discover what this was by using cubes and isometric paper. We even looked at the square and cube roots! In english, we look at an authors style by comparing various books.


In DT, we have been learning all about bridges. This week we learnt the different types of trusses and then did a practical activity about which is the strongest truss you can use. We used straws to help build this.



Times tables and spellings should be practised daily


Find and write 2 simple, compound and complex sentences. (Children have stickers in their contact books with further details and definitions)


Miss Patston

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