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Class 4, Spring Week 1

Class 4 really thought about their learning this week and have worked very hard to develop their questioning skills. A focus has been on asking questions, which all the children did successfully in our lesson on Rivers. Thursday afternoon we went outside to watch the water run downhill to understand how rivers flow. We were lucky enough to watch the rain coming down to make the source of this ‘river’. Mrs Shipp then added water so we could see what would happens with waterfalls. Although it was a bit cold, some of the questions we had originally thought about began to be answered.

Today we had our class trip to The Fitzwilliam Museum. The children were really engaged and took part in the museum led session really well. They also explored the galleries independently! The children’s behaviour was impeccable and we had some lovely feedback from the staff at the museum about them all.

Homework this weekend is a speaking a listening activity. All the children have been asked to find an adult at home to talk about what they have been up to day and what they have learnt. It would be great if you could support them with this and ask them questions to develop their recount skills.

As we had our trip today we were unable to do a spelling test or turbo tables, do not worry, this will be completed on Monday morning.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Walker

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Class Trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum

Just a few reminders for tomorrow – Friday 13th January

Please arrive at school at 8:30am in usual school uniform. Children will need a coat.

All children will need a packed lunch, including a drink, in a disposable bag. Please remember no fizzy drinks, sweets or foods that may contain nuts.

Weather permitting, we will arrive back at school before the end of the usual school day.

See you all tomorrow! 

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Autumn Week 15

For this week’s blog, all of class contributed their ideas and decided on what they wanted to talk about. Enjoy!

In class 4 we have had a lot of Christmas fun! Our Christmas party was Tuesday, we had a lot of fun and stuffed ourselves with delicious food – thank you for your contributions.

A couple of weeks ago we made angels and stars which we have taken home to hang on our Christmas trees. We made our angels with different styles of shiny paper and then covered them in glitter. For our stars we used 2 sheets of white felt, cut in the shape of a star and sewed them together. We then added glue to create our glitter design. Everyone had different ideas so they looked really good dangling in the hall from our hoop.

During this advent period Miss Walker brought in her special Christmas tree advent calendar. Every day she chooses one person to hang the decoration on the tree, they are called the Christmas Star of the Day (named by Chloe).

Class 4 would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a happy new year!


From, Class 4


Just to say thank you all very much for your kind Christmas gifts. I am blown away by your generosity. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Miss Walker

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Class 4, Week 10

In English this week we continued writing our explanation text. The homework the children completed last week really supported their writing and helped them include a lot of important facts. We have also focused on writing in paragraphs which has been a challenge for some but we have all got there in the end!

In maths we started our unit on statistics, looking at bar graphs and interpreting data. It was really interesting to see how many hours sleep everyone has! We will continue this topic next week, looking at pie charts, pictograms and time graphs.

Thank you to all those who came in on Thursday afternoon for family week. The children really enjoyed having you here and doing all the different activities. I’m sure all your sphinxes are on display at home after the challenge of making them!  

Just a quick reminder, please continue to read with your child at home and record this in their home school contact diary. It appears that this is not happening as regularly as it should be. It is a part of their homework each week.

Finally, school consultation slips were given out today so please ensure you receive this from your child.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Walker 

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Class 4 First week back after half term

Welcome to Class 4’s Blog

In English this week we did explanation texts. We drew dogs.  First Miss Walker told us how to draw one but she didn’t explain it clearly.  Then she explained it properly and we drew what she wanted ours to look like.

In History/Geography we did death masks. First we had to write a paragraph about them.  Then we got to make Tutankhamen’s death mask and colour it in.

In Maths we did weight. Yesterday Miss Walker brought in some food items from home and we had to see how much they weighed.  We had a sheet which we had to convert the weight of the food into grams.

I hope you liked this week’s blog.

By Patrick

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