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27th March Spring Blog by Kaitlin

This week in maths, we have been reading and interpretting line graphs. We made a human line graph to see which month had the most birthdays in. It was really fun and i liked the smarties challenge too!


In english, we are looking at similes, metaphors and alliterations.


- similies are when you compare two things using like and as  - Her eyes shone like diamonds

- metaphors are when you compare two things but saying they are using is and was - Her eyes were diamonds

- alliterations are when you use the same letter a number of times in a sentence or phrase for impact - Mickey Mouse moved mechanically


In computing, we learnt about sequences and repetition and created our own animation.


We got to hold the chicks and say goodbye to them today!



Is to learn our lines for the Easter service.



Reading everyday and get it signed to say an adult has seen or heard.

Swimming kit on Monday

Finish at 2pm on Thursday

Easter service 9.15am on Wednesday

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Blog by Lily and Neve

This week in maths, we have been doing graphs. We have been reading graphs and next week we are doing our own. Today we had a solar eclipse. Unfortunately it was so cloudy we missed it. Hopefully next time.


My favourite part of the science day was making the bridges with Mrs Hoar. It was so fun! My one even stood the wind!


In english, we are doing persuasive writing and we did our own arguement for our assessment. The arguement was about no school i wish that can happen.


This week it was science day we did fun experiments. All the activities were my favourite!


On Monday, we got chick egg and they finally hatched on Wednesday. We think there are 9 boys and 1 girl. They are all really lovely!

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Class 4 Blog 13th March

Hello and welcome to class 4 blog!


In maths, we have been learning about money and addition. This included lots of word problems which was very fun.


Yesterday we had special visitors owls! This was very exciting! We even got to have our picture with them. It was really exciting when they got to fly over us and we learnt lots about them.


In science, we did an experiement which involved gases. We weighed a deflated balloon then blow it up and weighed an inflated balloon. This was to help us explain what gas is.


In english, we had our debate on against and for animals in the circus. The next day we did another debate about if owls should be kept as pets at home in the zoo or kept in the world.


Also today we were funny for money as it was comic relief everyone looked fantastic!



Last week of clubs

Parents evening

science days


Please ensure you are reading every day and getting an adult to sign to say they have heard you read or you have discussed the book with them.


By Anna, Alice and Bilal

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Jam Packed Week by Mark, Katelyn and Ed

This week, have have completed all our assessments.  We're sure we all got brilliant scores but we're glad its over.


In English it was very fun we were learning about persuasive language.  It was quite hard to think of a persuasive sentence. Here is an example:


Dear Mr Baboom,

Please tell the crazy monkeys to stop taking all the bananas.  Just please, please make them stop.


Mr Penny.


On Thursday it was World Book Day there were crazy and cool costumes. Very well done to Neve, Theo and Harry for winning from Class 4.

After school on Thursday, St Ippolyts played football against William Ransom.  The A team lost 3-1,  the B team lost 5-1 but they all played great.


Today, we say goodbye to Mrs Dunnigan who is leaving for a new job. We will all miss her as she misses us! Good luck!


Just remember Red nose day is on the Friday 13th March.


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Spring 2 Week 1 Class 4

This week we have doing transformations which are rotations, reflections and translations. We even got to watch a song called transformation style and sung and danced to this! We had to rotate around the room, reflect each others action and translate by listening to Miss Patstons actions.


In english, we have been looking emotive language studying the features and then applying it to our own work.


This week, we had an inspector who looked around the school. She was really nice and friendly.



We are conducting an Environmental Quality Analysis deciding on how good St Ippolyts is. We have to ask a serious of questions to the adults to find out their opinions.



Next Thursday is world book day so don't forget to wear a costume

There is no girls football on Thursday due to Boys football match.

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