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Hatfield House

On Wednesday, Class 5 visited Hatfield House, as part of our History topic on the Tudors. We had the chance to meet Catherine Parr, Henry VIII’s sixth wife. She taught us about what life was like being married to Henry VIII and also how we should greet him. She described Henry as a grumpy man who only cared about himself

Next, we had the opportunity to actually meet him! We had gifts that included a painting, a drink and a bowl of water, (for him to wash his hands in). We also prepared a song to give as a gift.
As part of our visit we also looked around some of the gardens. We took a walk to the Elizabeth Oak which was where Elizabeth I (Henry VIII’s daughter) was told she was going to become Queen.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and I was so impressed with the children’s knowledge and questions they asked.

In Maths, we have been looking at equivalent fractions and how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

We have read a few more chapters of our class book, ‘The boy in the back of the class’ and have started planning our refugee story.

Today was Australian fundraiser day, thank you for everyone who brought in cakes for the cake sale. The current total so far is £536.99.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Abbott :)

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

A big thank you for all your lovely cards and gifts that I received at the end of last term.


We have started our new book in English ‘The boy at the back of the class’ and the children have made great observations, inferences and predictions from looking at the front cover and reading the blurb.

In History this term, we are studying the Tudors. On Thursday, we went into the hall to re-enact some of the battles in the War of the roses, focusing particularly on the Battle of Bosworth. The children then wrote a recount of the events which led up to Edward VII taking the throne and starting the Tudor monarchy.


Swimming starts for children in Year 4 on Monday.

PE days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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USA Road Trip

 Thank you to all those parents who came along to watch our class assembly this afternoon. The children worked incredibly hard to put this assembly together from planning it, learning their lines to performing it so brilliantly today. They did a fantastic job and I was immensely proud of them all.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
Miss Abbott 
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New beginnings

Welcome back!

We have had a fantastic first week and the children have quickly settled into life in Class 5.

In English, we have started our study on the book ‘Eye of the Wolf’ by Daniel Pennac. The children have all made predictions based on the front cover and have started to infer details about the main characters.

In Maths, we have looked at finding the value that each digit represents in 5/6 digit numbers by playing a great game of ‘beat the teacher’. It is currently a draw so we will see if we have a winner next week. 

We started our North America geography topic this week and the children located North America on a world map as well as looking at the countries that belong to it. Next week, we will start our in-depth country study by going on our USA road trip. Our first stop will be New York!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Miss Abbott :)

PE days - Monday - swimming year 5 only
                  Thursday - class 5
                   Friday - class 5

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Thank you!

Just a quick little message to say thank you for all your gifts, lovely words and kind whishes for the big day! I hope you all have a lovely relaxing summer and enjoy your time off of school - I will! 

Thank you once again! See you in September as Mrs Edwards!

Miss Walker :) 

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