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Class 5 - What have we been learning?


I do hope you have all received a copy of the curriculum leaflet for Class 5, which was distributed yesterday. As you can see quite a lot packed in.

In English we have focused our attention on newspaper reports/articles. At the beginning of the week we spent time reading various reports – from ‘First News’- getting a flavour of the style and techniques used to write interesting pieces. It was really important to do this. From this we discussed how a newspaper or magazine article can be biased; meaning that it takes sides and does not give a fair representation of both sides of an argument. If a newspaper or magazine article is balanced, it means that it does not take sides and it considers both points of view in an argument or situation equally. So, once we had started understanding the features, we watched a short video of an editor modelling how to begin putting a report together. He advised us to use the 5 w words within the first topic sentence. From this you can go on to elaborate on each ‘w’ word, producing short paragraphs. On Tuesday we were asked to become a journalist and had been sent off to write a story about a break in at a local school. We wrote for the local paper entitled The Local Post.  We were supplied with the basic information so that we could get started. We will be continuing with news reports next week.

In Maths, we turned our attention to multiplication and division, using larger numbers. At first we were working on securing our skills of formal long and short multiplication and division. We then spotted and started to make links with inversions. Some of us then moved onto solving word problems. As a class we took some tricky word problems and discussed how to get started rather than thinking it was impossible to answer. By the end of this week we looked at division, including working with decimals. Next week we shall be looking at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. We shall also move onto word problems of fractions as well.

We have also managed to look at RE, which brought out a great deal of discussion and also questioning skills. We started with a few questions: What is a Saint? How did Jesus choose his disciples? We then took a religious picture and in groups worked on being resourceful by creating questions that were linked to the image. This term we shall be looking at a range of Saints.

We have had some enjoyable sessions in PE this week. Finishing today with starting to look at creating our own dance based on ‘invasion ‘sports.

Remember Mrs Archer also set a small piece of homework linked to your new DT topic of making felt phone cases.

Homework – English.

This week I have asked the children to do a research based activity. I would like them to find 3 different news reports and bring them in.

In Class we spoke that it could be for example

  1. Local news

  2. UK news

  3. Global news.


  1. Sports report

  2. Different country report

  3. Natural disaster or environmental.


I explained in class that they must know what the report is about and be able to identify skills and techniques, vocabulary used within these.  They should be able to also recognise features such as relative clauses, alliteration and use of different punctuation.

As an additional challenge some children chose to take a newspaper report dice game. This was a sheet that the children could write a report using certain criteria. This was an optional task. The children could then write their own report and complete the task on the computer, to achieve what an actual report would look like.


  • Children going to 02, try to get that last minute cramming of words.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • PE kits of outdoor and indoor will be required next week.

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Stewart

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Christmas fast approaching !

It was lovely to see so many people at the Christmas Fair last week. I would like to thank the choir for singing so beautifully and of course it would not be Christmas at St Ippolyts, without the aerobic workout of the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ to get us all in the festive mood. I do hope you managed to have a go at the games on offer. As always the children worked well in small groups designing and creating them. They were all very responsible. As it was the Christmas Fair unfortunately the blog was missed last week, apologises to parents.

The run up to Christmas is well on the way. It was lovely to have the opportunity to watch on Wednesday the dress rehearsal of Class 1’s Nativity – ‘A Miracle in Town’. The year 6 children were all very supportive and loved watching their buddies. Class 5 and I thought they did a brilliant job and we could hear every line and loved joining in with the last song.

In English we have been working our way through one of the classic novels for this time of year – Charles Dickens – ‘A Christmas Carol’. In class we have been listening carefully to the story from the BBC website and following the text on screen. This way we can discuss the vocabulary that is used and look more closely at the authors’ intent. Our first week on reading this novel we chose to look at the writing style of playscripts. This was a very interesting week and well done to all the children who handed in the homework. I really enjoyed reading the different texts that people chose and the ones who chose the Christmas Carol. From this particular genre we were able to use our colons and brackets for our stage directions. This week just past, we have moved onto the style of letter writing and diary entries; focusing on viewpoints from different characters, whilst trying to keep the Victorian style of language. Many of us in small groups took part in a shared writing experience, using large pieces of sugar paper and gathering our thoughts and ideas. This produced some lovely openings to diary entries from Scrooge’s point of view, which we will continue next week.

In Maths both year 5 and 6 have been improving their mental fluency and recall of different topics in maths through the week. As an opening to lessons, the children have been looking at the learning power of being a meta-learner. This is when the children are being more aware of and taking control of one’s own learning. Having the self-motivation to strive to improve and work hard on some areas of learning that are not as easy to do. This of course draws on the use of other learning powers. They have been completing activity mats, which are a short range of questions drawing on past learning. As there is so much to remember in maths, this way we can keep everything moving forward or seeing where we need to return our learning to. The children have taken on this new task with enthusiasm. Our main topic has been based on Geometry and in particular co-ordinates and the processes of transformations. Under the heading of transformations lies: reflection, translation, rotation and enlargements/dilation. As a class we checked our understanding of plotting co-ordinates within four quadrants accurately but then progressed quickly to reflecting and translating shapes. We looked at graphing these but also how we can work out things without needing to graph, which makes links to add and subtracting negative and positive numbers. We have also been keeping up with our sessions of Turbo Tables this week, some children now working on their Gold awards.

We also took time to look at combining maths with design technolgy, creating parobolic designs. This is a skill of joining co-ordinates in a specific way to produce some tricky designs. We then proceeded to stitching some of these.

In RE we have been looking at the Creed. What is a Creed? The word ‘Creed’ comes form the latin word credo, meaning ‘I believe’. Therefore the Creed is a summary of one’s belief. We looked at one of the important creeds that give a summary of Christian belief – ‘The Apostles Creed’. This is one of the earliest of the main creeds used in Christianity today. The twelve apostles of Christ contributed to it. It gives a clear summary of Christian belief and forms the basis for later creeds. By looking at this text we can begin to further understand some Christian beliefs about Jesus and the way they are expressed. From this we looked at creating our own creed. Thinking what we believe is important in life on earth today. Thinking what we consider true and important to help us live happily in our world today. We will be continuing with these next week and looking at how we can express our own beliefs and those of the Christian faith.

On to Science. We took time to look more importantly at our writing skills, when carrying out experiments. We also looked at more specific scientific vocabulary, such as: variables, solutions, soluble/insoluble materials. Next week we will be concentrating on Evolution and Inheritance.

In History with Mrs Archer the children have been continuing to explore with great interest about the Shang Dynasty. They have been busy using the I-pads to further their researching skills and broaden their knowledge of this particular era.

Swimming will soon be coming to an end for this year in Class 5. Children please try to ensure that you are ready with your kits. It all helps with you taking ownership in being organised, especially for those children moving to secondary at the end of the academic year.

Next week, on Thursday we do hope that parents can join us in church for our Christmas Carol Service.

We will also all be looking forward to Friday for our lovely Christmas Dinner.

On Monday your child will write in their home school contact books what item they have chosen to bring in for Christmas parties for the following week. Week commencing the 19th December.

Outside School

On Tuesday the choir went to The Priory and sang at their Christmas Concert. The choir, as always, sang with real confidence and passion and Mrs Peddie and I, alongside parents were very proud of them all. I would like to thank Miss Walker and Miss Leake for helping and supporting the children at the concert. I would also like to thank the wonderful staff and talented pupils at The Priory for making us feel so welcome.

It was also lovely to hear in this week’s celebration assembly, on Friday, about the achievements of our ever increasing group of children throughout the years, who participate in trampolining. Well done Mia!

I look forward to seeing you all, ready for another week of learning and getting ready for Christmas. Remember try to remain organised and have all the resources you need for the week ahead.

Homework: English

Diary Entry writing task.

On Friday we discussed in Class what the homework would be. It was lovely to see those children taking notes and jotting ideas down in home school contact books. The children were given a choice of homework and need only complete one.

They could choose from the following:

  • Make a diary entry and base this on things that you did over the weekend.

  • Take a book of their choice, and select a character from this. Look to writing a diary entry based on the viewpoints from the story.

  • To go online and listen to any of the previous chapters of ‘A Christmas Carol’ we have heard in class and write an entry from a chosen character. Possibly someone else other than Scrooge. Maybe his nephew and how he is worried about his uncle and his feelings towards Christmas, or Bob Cratchit and the hardships he has at home and working for Scrooge. The lonesome choir boy who was rejected by Scrooge. These are just a few examples.

As I have discussed with the children in class, having a go and trying their best is important and not to spend hours and hours on homework. The children are aware that they can come and chat with myself or Mrs Blencowe at any time. Thank you to those parents who add little comments as well as this also helps.

Mrs Stewart


  • Swimming kits for Monday.

  • Reading books and home school contact books.

  • Homework to be handed in.

  • Carol Service –Thursday 15th December

  • Christmas Dinner – Friday 16th December


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Well done Class 5

A big well done for Class 5. I was very proud of you on Friday as no doubt your families were watching you take part in the first class assembly for this year. It was lovely to see so many parents and family that afternoon. The children have been so understanding, showing a great deal of interest in their learning about remembrance and a wonderful atmosphere was created. They should have brought home with them a small cross that they were holding whilst reciting the poems learnt by heart. This is a token of remembrance from school, as it is the centenary of The Battle of the Somme. I do hope you all managed to stay and have a coffee and even get the chance to browse or purchase some books from this year’s book fair.

There is another opportunity to buy books on Monday. Also as a reminder, the next group of parent appointments are also on Monday after school.

Thank you to all that attended the re-arranged time on Tuesday 22nd November for the SATs meeting. I hope you found the evening informative but fun. If you were unable to attend a copy of the information that was handed out will be sent home to you next week with your child. On that evening we launched the start of SAM learning. This is an online study/revision facility for the Year 6 children. I am delighted with how enthusiastic the children have been with SAM learning. Having had a look at the reports the majority of children have been ensuring that a balance of core subjects have been looked at. I can see how reflective some children have been, focusing on targeted areas that they know they need to work on. If your child has not managed to log- in or is unsure of what to do they can come and see me for some help.

Last week in English we continued to focus our attention on poetry, in particular looking at imagery with the well –known poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. In our class assembly we referred to a poetry toolkit. These are the features that we can either identify or use when analysing or writing our own poetry. Here is a list of what is in our toolkit.

Rhythm- create fun patterns that make it easy to remember.

Line breaks – write in shorter lines to slow the reader down

Metaphor – tell the reader that something is something else.

Simile – tell the reader that something is ‘like’ or ‘as’ something else.

Imagery- give the reader the detail in your writing to form a picture in their mind.

Personification – give human qualities to something that isn’t human.

Alliteration – start some words in a line using the same sound or letter

Repetition- repeat a word or phrase

Rhyme- use words with similar sounding final syllables

Onomatopoeia- use words that mimic the sound of the noun or verb they describe.

Oxymoron – when two opposite words are placed next to each other.

That is why our homework task choice is this week is based on writing war poetry. This can be completed on the computer or written by hand. As a class we discussed about trying to incorporate as many of these features as we could. The basis of the creation of the poem is imagery. You may wish to start with the image or photo you find first to make this task easier.

In Maths we spent the week looking at investigative tasks. On Friday we tried an investigation based on dominoes which proved to be a little trickier than what we first though initially. The main problem was understanding and interpreting what we were being asked to do. A number of parents have mentioned that word problems have a great deal of information in them. The maths curriculum has definitely changed in this respect and that is why it is important to look at and discuss maths reasoning. The children need to be able to think of ways to get started; either by drawing ideas or using resources. Looking for the best way to tackle the problem and of course using their learning powers to persevere.

In RE we looked at the impression of Jesus’ Baptism by Piero della Francesca and talked about what they thought was happening in this image. We have started to look closely at the picture by using the method “4 things we noticed and 5 things we thought”. The children were asked to give written feed back to their ideas and link it to how Jesus showed his commitment when he became baptized.

In French we looked at things we may learn to do around town. For example: going shopping, watching a film, going swimming etc. The children then had a small listening task to complete. Last week we looked at commands and turned this into a small game of Mrs Stewart says.

Mrs Archer this week started to look at the history. We will be looking at the Shang Dynasty in particular. The children first of all started with some geographical skills. Where is China? What do they already know about China? Over the next few lessons, they will be exploring the Shang Dynasty of China. What is a dynasty? The children will then explore why this is an important part of Chinese


On Friday we also discussed the games that we will be creating for this years Christmas Fair. A letter will be sent at the beginning of next week for the choir as we have been asked to open this event with the usual singing of Christmas Carols.

Outside School

On Tuesday the 6th December the choir will be going to The Priory School to sing at their Christmas Concert. Tickets for this event will follow next week.

Good Luck to the football team for Tuesday morning on their matches away from home at the tournament in Baldock. I am sure they will play brilliantly together as a team and display great sportsmanship. You should have received a letter about this last week if your child has been selected.

I look forward to seeing you all, ready for another week of learning. Remember try to remain organised and have all the resources you need for the week ahead. Keep up with your reading too.

Homework: To write a piece of poetry based around the war, trying to incorporate features of poetic writing, creating a particular image to the reader. We mentioned it had to have a minimum of 4 stanzas. However we also mentioned that if the stanzas were longer than 4 lines we just need to use our awareness of what is an acceptable amount for our year group/age. Remember about all the important points we discussed in class:

  • Correct use of inverted commas and other punctuation within this.

  • Capture the overall atmosphere using imagery as a basis.

  • Use of figurative language(similes/metaphors/personification)

  • See the detailed toolkit above.

I look forward to reading your creations.

Mrs Stewart


  • Swimming kits for Monday.

  • Reading books and home school contact books.

  • Homework to be handed in.

  • Check newsletters for upcoming events. If you cannot find your paper copy there is always one online.


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Fun-filled Friday in Class 5

It was lovely to end the week seeing so many parents joining us with our learning. I do hope you enjoyed yourself. When I asked the children, they agreed that it was nice to spend the time with family- sharing the learning and activities that they do through the week.

What else have Class 5 been doing this week?

In English we have started to look at poetry more in depth. One of the areas we are looking at improving is what is the poet trying to convey in his use of language. We decided to focus our attention on war poetry. At the beginning of the week we learnt about the poetic features that can appear and be used by poets. As we read the poems we looked out for the following things: alliteration, metaphors, similes, personification, oxymorons, onomatopoeia, and rhyme. After reading a range of poetry we then had a discussion and gathered our personal thoughts and looked at how the poems made us feel. It was quite tricky, as of course no one could really draw on experience; none of us were around at the times of when the poetry was written. As the week progressed the children were certainly becoming more confident at describing and trying to understand what the poems were saying.

With Mrs Archer on Wednesday the children looked at targeted SAT’s style questions drawing on skills of inference, after reading the poem –Saved?

In maths we have spent the week looking at problem solving. At times, word problems can be quite confusing as they can be quite wordy. It may even be that the barrier to learning is the vocabulary that is used. So how do we get started? What is the question asking us to do? In class we looked at different ways to tackle all kinds of problems. The children had a go, and you may have experienced them this afternoon – convince me cards. If we are developing children’s mastery skills we need to spend time discussing our mathematical reasoning. This can also be for questions that are wrong. Are we able to see what is wrong? Problem solving is huge and can cover a great deal of areas in maths; fractions – place value, the four basic operations – measure, and many more.

In science we have looked at irreversible and reversible changes in materials. We then went on to investigate and discuss the process of dissolving. As you could tell and no doubt see science investigations (the practical side) is a popular activity. From the practical we must improve and look at the content and detail when writing up experiments. Drawing on our learning powers to support our learning.

It has been a busy week! In this week’s newsletter you may have seen that the year 6 parents are invited to school on Tuesday evening, to find out about the SATs for this coming year. I do hope you can come along. Your child should have also handed you a parent appointment slip this evening. Finally I also look forward to seeing you next Friday at our Class 5 assembly.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Stewart


I asked the children to find and start to learn from memory John McCrae’s poem – ‘In Flanders fields’. We will be studying this poem next week in English.

I would also like them to have a go at trying some word problems, mental calculations or maybe they would like to try their hand at Sudoku.


A big well done to all those children who participated in this week’s matches. I did enjoy hearing the match reports in celebration assembly. Well done to Bailey who was awarded man of the match.

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Class 5 Welcome back

Welcome back and I do hope you all had an enjoyable half term. Class 5 have had a wonderful time at The Poppy Factory with Mrs Peddie, Mrs Blencowe, Mr Jefferies and Mrs Thake. It was an early start but I am sure your children will have lots to tell you about their experiences there. It has been a great start back with learning. I will blog what has been happening in Class 5 later this weekend so do look out for this. This is a short blog to explain homework.

I have been busy marking the homework that Mrs Peddie gave over half term and we are both extremely pleased with the amount of effort that the children put in. Some children doing all three pieces.

During the week I asked the children to think of a question that they could use, to write an explanatory piece of writing next week, as this style of writing has been our focus for english

The children should have written in their home school contact books the question they would like to investigate and explain.

I would like them to take the time over the weekend to find information, researching and gathering notes and ideas to bring with them on Monday. If the children choose to use the internet please can they make sure that they understand what they read and not just copy straight from a website. In class we will then produce our first draft and progress to a final version.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Stewart

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