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What an artistic bunch!

Thank you to Estelle and Sky for catching up on our class 5 blog which gives a brief summary of the last couple of weeks in class 5.

Last week in literacy we started to learn about explanations, discussing how they were different from descriptions. We looked at some different texts about aliens and the BMX. It was interesting leaning about Filpor aliens and how they survive. In maths we learnt about acute and obtuse angles, linking this to what we learnt previously about shapes and triangles. On Wednesday (as you may know) the choir went to the big O2! They all had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go again.

This week in literacy we have been continuing work on explanation texts, watching some video clips of inventions by Wallace and Grommet, we drew story maps and them wrote them out once we had decided on a logical order. In maths we have been drawing and reading angles using a protractor. We have just started looking at co-ordinates on a four quadrant grid. On Wednesday and Thursday we all took part in Arts Days, with the theme sky and sea. All five classes have had an amazing time and we showcased all our amazing work on Friday morning.

My favourite activity was painting on the canvases because it was really relaxing when we were doing it and I was pleased with the end product. Estelle.

I enjoyed story mapping this week, it was something I had never done before and it really helped my writing, as I knew exactly what to write. Sky.

I had a wonderful couple of days working with children all across our school, they all listened really well and I was amazed how well they all applied such a variety of skills across the two days. The sheer volume of work was amazing at the end of a mere two days. I was really grateful for all the parent helpers who helped me with my activities. All the teacher’s enjoyed creating a display on Friday night and we hope that some parents might be able to come and have a really close look at the wonderful work produced during open sessions on Monday. Mrs. Racher

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Another busy week in class 5!


This week in class 5 we have done lots of exciting things. On Monday, in geography, we have been locating volcanoes on a world map, using degrees. It was very tricky but we managed it. On Tuesday, with Mrs. Archer we were learning about the effects of illegal drugs and their names. In music, we sang an African song in a round, it sounded great. On Wednesday we started with French then after that we had literacy, we had to write a formal letter of apology. In the afternoon we were learning about the festival of Passover and the special food they ate. Then we made some salt dough to create models of the food. It was so much fun!

On Thursday we were learning about forces, mostly air resistance. Mrs. Archer got a glass of water and a piece of folded card and tipped it over and removed her hand. The air resistance created a vacuum and the card stayed! Until she nudged it and the vacuum broke and the water went everywhere! WARNING! Do not try this at home!

Today is our family week session and we are very excited to see what Mrs. Racher has planned for our families to do. We bet it’s going to be great! (Mrs. Racher would like to add it was great! Everyone got really involved and persevered with the challenging problems which were set, thanks so much to everyone who came!)

There is also a netball match today, against Codicote, it is a home match. Good luck! On Wednesday Choir are going to the O2, we are nervous but excited about it and we hope that they have a good time, we will be really proud of them, good luck to everyone involved.

Well that is our blog for this week. Goodbye!

Aimee and Katie. F

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to out Class five blog!

We've had a great week in class 5.  In literacy we've been learning about formal language and designing informal information posters.  This lead on from our work on apostrophes.  Also, in maths we have been working on 2D shapes, mostly quadrilterals, and  all their marvellous properties!  We are glad we have gone over this as it will help us with our SATs.  Earlier on this week we learnt more about the Earth's many layers and went inside a deadly volcano (sort of).  The damage a volcano can do is really fascinating.


All of the choir are really excited aout the O2 and some of us will be going to the Royal Albert hall.  We have all been working really hard towards it, learning the moves and the lyrics.  We are sure we will really enjoy it.


As most of you will know we have recently heard about an exciting new trip coming up to go and see the magnificent Peter Pan on Ice!  All of can't wait and we are sure it will be amazing!


Well it is goodbye from us now, but there will be a new pair of bloggers next week with more news from Class 5.  So it's goodbye from us and good luck to our first ever lacrosse team in their match at Barnwell next week.


Katie. A and Izzy. H

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News from Class 5

Class 5 have had a great first 8 weeks at school with a brilliant year 6 setting a fantastic example and the year 5s hot on their heels.


I'm feeling really lucky to have such a hard working class, who have been busy setting themselves targets and striving to achieve their very best. We are looking forward to giving the parents and the rest of the school a sample of what we have been learning so far during our class assembly on Friday this week; we hope it will be well attended.


As we head for half term the children are looking forward to a well earned rest ready for a busy 7 weeks when we return in November.


Mrs Racher

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SATs over, but no time to rest!

With the SATs done for year 6 it has been excellent for the children's minds to set on other parts of the curriculum which are not officially assessed!  Over the past few weeks the children have been busy honing their sketching techniques.  They looked at different ways of shading, the effects of different grades of pencil, how you can create different textures using pencils, ways to get a feel for perspective and much more ... all of this led to their final landscape drawing of our beautiful church.  Some examples can be seen on the gallery, please take a look, I am sure you will agree the children have really showed their artistic flair.  I know class 5 are now excited with lots of different events coming up in the not too distant future, such as auditions for our annual production, sports day, school journey and of course the up and coming talent show which the year 6 children are busy planning for Friday.  It's going to be a busy time andI am looking forward to spending these last few weeks with year 6 having lots of fun ... and learning something too!

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