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Class of 2016

The slideshow of photographs used at this afternoon's Leavers Service tea is now uploaded into the gallery. Where has the time gone and haven't they grown?!

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Welcome to Class 5

What a lovely start to the term. Class 5 are in and settled. Year 6 have been brilliant with the new children in reception, helping them to settle into school. By next week all of the reception children will be in. Year 5 have been keeping me organised with jobs around the class. Overall I have felt really proud of them and have already seen, just in two days, how hard they are all going to work.

So what have we be doing so far....

In Maths we have been rounding larger numbers (up to 10 million)and where they would appear on empty number lines. This has been extended into rounding decimals as well. Presentation is also a high priority and everyone has tried really hard which has set the daily expectations for Class 5 work.

In English we have looked at planning to write an effective manifesto. Within this particular style we have been looking at the persuasive skills involved in writing. We have also selected books to read and have agreed to read each night (15-20mins). I have also encouraged and asked the children to read to an adult at least once in the week. Parents if you could be looking at supporting your childs knowledge of vocabulary, checking to see if they know what more complex words mean, that would be brilliant.

Spellings will be sent home on Monday. The children have already had a go at some tricky spellings today.  

In Science we have spoken about how investigations should be written up and the vocabulary used. Our first area of science is evolution and inheritance. Famous scientists such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning will be looked at.

We have looked at other subjects as well but have been working on learning our way in a new class.

Homework will start as of next week and the children have also put a little note in their home school contact books about remembering swimming kits for Monday.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday for a busy week ahead. Well done Class 5!

Mrs Stewart

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Leavers BBQ Class 5

Dear Parents of Class 5. I can't believe we are almost into the last week of school. I am terribly sorry but with planning for leavers and enjoying what time we have left together, the letters for leavers BBQ were left behind today.

I am aware that not everyone has access to the blogs so if you see anyone over the weekend could I kindly ask people to spread the following details. I shall of course send the letters out first thing on Monday. Children please make sure you remind me !

Leavers BBQ is on Wednesday 15th July from 3:30pm-5pm.Children may bring drinks and crisps if they would like but BBQ food will be provided for a cost of £3.This BBQ has always been carried out by volunteers of Year 6 parents,so please get in contact with each other and the school office where we can arrange for money to be given for the purchase of food. A change of clothes can be brought to school so they can change for PE games, which will be led by teaching staff. The whole event will finish at 5pm and children should be collected at this time.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Stewart


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What a busy week!


Well Class 5 the SATs are gone now. I have to say though that you all stayed calm and focused just like any other week, which was brilliant. The real difference was off course breakfast at school. Each day started off with a very yummy breakfast and continued to get better and better every day. The children and I would all like to thank Mrs Harrington – Smith and Mrs Luscombe. Class 5 would also like to thank Mrs Pepper for helping too and all the other adults who popped in each morning to wish everyone good luck. Finally a big THANK YOU to Mrs Peddie for providing the children with the SATs breakfast; starting each day off in such a lovely way; for her reassurance that all of Class 5 would be okay and for everyone to try their best. I know all the adults in school and your parents/families at home are all very proud of you.

It was not all SATs though; we did manage to squeeze other bits in.

Mrs Archer taught us some more interesting and challenging art. Class 5 should be able to have their own little National Gallery soon. I can really see each of the children progressing well in this subject and that with effort and determination they can achieve wonderful things. Thank you Mrs Archer.

In RE we were putting our computing and English skills to good use; producing informative leaflets to share what we have been learning about Sikhism. Our leaflets were based on the Gurdwara, which is the place of worship for Sikhs.

The children also had their weekly French lesson with Madame Hargadon.

On Friday morning the whole school went to the sports field to be shown what to do for sports day this year. It looks great and can't wait until Wednesday. Let's hope the beautiful weather stays. Thank you Mrs Hoar/Mr Jefferies.

Hopefully everyone will have been given a letter about our annual Talent Show. I hope you are busy thinking of some awesome acts and getting ready to hand in your slips.

Finally the week finished with the great Family Fun Run. It was lovely seeing some of you there taking part and supporting the school. You were great and ready for the long distance at sports day.

I will see you all soon for another week of learning and spellings tomorrow morning.

Mrs Stewart

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Class 5 - The start of our final term

It is hard to believe that Class 5 are now into the last term at St Ippolyts. I do hope you all had a restful and productive Easter holiday. I’m always proud of the amount of dedication that the children show in Year 6. A number of children have really taken the advice of ‘little and often’ with regards to Maths, English and Science and have come back ready to go for it.

In a few weeks your child will be sitting SATS. A number of you have already returned your slips for SATS breakfast. This is a great way to prepare your child for each day. As you may have seen I have enclosed a timetable for this particular week within this terms curriculum leaflet.

Our first week back was busy as usual.

We spent time during the week looking at ways to keep improving our writing and how we could make it more interesting and creative for the reader. We also took the time to proof read and edit where necessary; paying particular attention to GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling).

We also focused our time on reading comprehension and looked at how to achieve full marks on those 2/3 mark questions. Please remember to try and encourage your child to read each night. If you listen to your child also remember to check that they understand (or look up) those more complex words, rather than leaving them. I spoke with the children and have asked them to magpie good vocabulary and store it in their home school contact books.

We worked hard on reaching our best scores at mental maths. Our daily lessons were based on areas which the children still found tricky or were apprehensive about. I have introduced little workshop sessions during lunchtimes. These are not compulsory but children are welcome to come in and have a go and chat about any worries they may have.

Tomorrow we will be having a go at orienteering. Last week we spoke about what this would involve and started to think about designing our own courses.

In art with Mrs Archer the children learnt how to get started on the extremely difficult task of drawing portraits. They all had a go at drawing someone else in class by using the artistic skills of cross hatching. They were inspired by a portrait of Vincent Van Gough’s. I am sure that over the course of this final term we will see some amazing portraits. I can’t wait!

In Science we started to look at Space and the Solar System. As I explained in the curriculum leaflet we will be working our way through a range of topics and science experiments. Next week we will spend a session on looking at the phases of the moon, seasons and carrying out an experiment involving shadows.

In History, Mrs Archer spent time looking at introducing the new topic of ‘The Indus Valley’. In RE we also started to look at Sikhism. The children had some understanding of this, what with the Vaisakhi celebrations in Hitchin the previous weekend. We started the week researching symbols and finding out the meaning behind these within this particular faith.


Homework :

The children were asked to create an informative poster based on either the Solar System or a planet of their choice. We looked at William’s winning poster to get some ideas. Well done William. 

I’m looking forward to reading them.

I hope to see you all refreshed and ready to go for another week of learning tomorrow.

Mrs Stewart



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