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What a busy week!


Well Class 5 the SATs are gone now. I have to say though that you all stayed calm and focused just like any other week, which was brilliant. The real difference was off course breakfast at school. Each day started off with a very yummy breakfast and continued to get better and better every day. The children and I would all like to thank Mrs Harrington – Smith and Mrs Luscombe. Class 5 would also like to thank Mrs Pepper for helping too and all the other adults who popped in each morning to wish everyone good luck. Finally a big THANK YOU to Mrs Peddie for providing the children with the SATs breakfast; starting each day off in such a lovely way; for her reassurance that all of Class 5 would be okay and for everyone to try their best. I know all the adults in school and your parents/families at home are all very proud of you.

It was not all SATs though; we did manage to squeeze other bits in.

Mrs Archer taught us some more interesting and challenging art. Class 5 should be able to have their own little National Gallery soon. I can really see each of the children progressing well in this subject and that with effort and determination they can achieve wonderful things. Thank you Mrs Archer.

In RE we were putting our computing and English skills to good use; producing informative leaflets to share what we have been learning about Sikhism. Our leaflets were based on the Gurdwara, which is the place of worship for Sikhs.

The children also had their weekly French lesson with Madame Hargadon.

On Friday morning the whole school went to the sports field to be shown what to do for sports day this year. It looks great and can't wait until Wednesday. Let's hope the beautiful weather stays. Thank you Mrs Hoar/Mr Jefferies.

Hopefully everyone will have been given a letter about our annual Talent Show. I hope you are busy thinking of some awesome acts and getting ready to hand in your slips.

Finally the week finished with the great Family Fun Run. It was lovely seeing some of you there taking part and supporting the school. You were great and ready for the long distance at sports day.

I will see you all soon for another week of learning and spellings tomorrow morning.

Mrs Stewart

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Class 5 - The start of our final term

It is hard to believe that Class 5 are now into the last term at St Ippolyts. I do hope you all had a restful and productive Easter holiday. I’m always proud of the amount of dedication that the children show in Year 6. A number of children have really taken the advice of ‘little and often’ with regards to Maths, English and Science and have come back ready to go for it.

In a few weeks your child will be sitting SATS. A number of you have already returned your slips for SATS breakfast. This is a great way to prepare your child for each day. As you may have seen I have enclosed a timetable for this particular week within this terms curriculum leaflet.

Our first week back was busy as usual.

We spent time during the week looking at ways to keep improving our writing and how we could make it more interesting and creative for the reader. We also took the time to proof read and edit where necessary; paying particular attention to GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling).

We also focused our time on reading comprehension and looked at how to achieve full marks on those 2/3 mark questions. Please remember to try and encourage your child to read each night. If you listen to your child also remember to check that they understand (or look up) those more complex words, rather than leaving them. I spoke with the children and have asked them to magpie good vocabulary and store it in their home school contact books.

We worked hard on reaching our best scores at mental maths. Our daily lessons were based on areas which the children still found tricky or were apprehensive about. I have introduced little workshop sessions during lunchtimes. These are not compulsory but children are welcome to come in and have a go and chat about any worries they may have.

Tomorrow we will be having a go at orienteering. Last week we spoke about what this would involve and started to think about designing our own courses.

In art with Mrs Archer the children learnt how to get started on the extremely difficult task of drawing portraits. They all had a go at drawing someone else in class by using the artistic skills of cross hatching. They were inspired by a portrait of Vincent Van Gough’s. I am sure that over the course of this final term we will see some amazing portraits. I can’t wait!

In Science we started to look at Space and the Solar System. As I explained in the curriculum leaflet we will be working our way through a range of topics and science experiments. Next week we will spend a session on looking at the phases of the moon, seasons and carrying out an experiment involving shadows.

In History, Mrs Archer spent time looking at introducing the new topic of ‘The Indus Valley’. In RE we also started to look at Sikhism. The children had some understanding of this, what with the Vaisakhi celebrations in Hitchin the previous weekend. We started the week researching symbols and finding out the meaning behind these within this particular faith.


Homework :

The children were asked to create an informative poster based on either the Solar System or a planet of their choice. We looked at William’s winning poster to get some ideas. Well done William. 

I’m looking forward to reading them.

I hope to see you all refreshed and ready to go for another week of learning tomorrow.

Mrs Stewart



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What has been happening in Class 5!

Class 5 are back! We are sorry that we haven’t blogged in a while but we have been learning lots (honestly).

This week has been amazing, inspirational, thrilling and overall scientifically sensational.

On Monday, we had some new little visitors to the school. We started with 10 eggs which then slowly hatched into fluffy, adorable chicks. They grow up so fast. They are now in their new habitat and doing well. It is brilliant being able to keep an eye on the chicks even over the weekend, when not in school. Thanks to Mrs Peddie for organising this and also keeping our chicks safe and clean.

As you will hopefully have seen from the photo gallery (on the website) our science days were jammed packed with exciting experiments. Class 5 really enjoyed it and would like to thank Mrs Hoar and everyone involved for giving us this chance to learn in a fun and creative way. As part of our homework we also had to produce a biography of a scientist of our own choice. Mrs Stewart always tries to find a link to improve and give us a purpose to our writing.

Mrs Dunnigan popped in to say hello on Wednesday and it was lovely to see her. She is doing well and loving her new job but also missing us all.

We have been really enjoying our PE sessions of rugby and lacrosse. Of course it ties in nicely with the Six Nations tournament. We are learning tag rugby which is a non-contact version of this particular sport. Erica, our lovely lacrosse coach, will be leaving us soon. We would like to thank her as we have learnt lots.

Sadly the weather had a knock on effect on our ability to view the eclipse. Nevertheless, we listened very carefully and stayed safe by using the correct glasses. Even though we could not see anything we did feel the drop in temperature and experience the darker part of the day. The birds even sounded like they were getting ready to go to bed.

Preparations are going well and we are still striving to give our very best when having to sit our SATS in May.

We have added some small paragraphs of past events to share our thoughts and feelings of what we have learnt over our non-blog weeks.

RED NOSE DAY – We all had a truly awesome day but also realised that there is more behind this day than dressing in red. We managed to raise the highest amount of money yet for this particular event.

ASSESSMENT WEEK – It was quite a tough week and we are sure every class tried their hardest. Class 5 definitely had the correct mind- set of staying calm.

WORLD BOOK DAY – Mrs Stewart can be a little scary but she truly was the Big Bad Wolf. A fabulous day; with some fabulous costumes.

OWL TIME – On Thursday 12th March we had some special visitors who came into school to talk to us about owls. They brought in a Barn owl(Casper),an Eagle owl(Sunandra),a White Faced Scops(Perry),a Tawny owl(Woody), a little owl(Pippin).I’m sure the children enjoyed the owls and some got to hold them. Casper particularly liked our hall beams and everyone had a chance to get a picture with Casper.

GEOGRAPHY – Over the last couple of sessions with Mrs Archer we have been looking at water turbines and how they can generate electricity; this is a form of renewable energy. Linking our computing skills with geography we created an informative powerpoint based on floods; their causes and effects.

ELECTRICITY – We have had to learn how to read circuit diagrams. Mrs Stewart asked us to either construct a circuit and then draw the diagram or vice versa. Did you know that there is a difference between a cell and a battery? Yes…. there is. A battery contains one or more cells.

RE’ BIG QUESTION’ – This terms question was ‘If you could ask God two questions what would they be and why? There was a wide range of ways to express your feelings on this. The whole school carried out the same question but they are all unique due to each person’s creative personality.

Florence and Iona

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Happy New Year from Class 5




Happy New Year!


I would like to start by thanking the children and families for the lovely Christmas gifts and hope that everyone had an enjoyable break.  I would also like to say a big well done to those children who put a great deal of effort into the Christmas homework that was set. I have to say that everyone has started the New Year with a great attitude and looks like they are raring to go.


It was back to business for Class 5 on Tuesday morning starting with spellings. The children understood that there was one day less of learning but still managed to be ready for Fridays test. As a Class we also made a few New Year’s resolutions. These have now become sayings which we are using to help empower our learning and increase our self-belief. See what you think!


  • Firstly there is no such word as ‘Fail’; it’s just a First Attempt In Learning.

  • If you want to reach to the top, the learning doesn’t stop.

  • Learning is not hard; it just takes a great deal of hard work.


In Maths this week we focused our learning around positive and negative numbers and decimals. We looked at ordering these particular kinds of numbers and starting to see what happens when we use the four operations. Some of us seeking out number lines as a resource to assist us with our understanding. One of the harder things to grasp was estimating/approximating, we kept focusing on getting the correct answer. At the end of the week we looked at money problems and ensuring that we could use a calculator efficiently, especially with calculating larger amounts. Homework will start next week; however revision can be done in the meantime or working on those weaker timetables.


In English we have started to look at journalistic writing. We have a great resource in class, ‘First News’. We spent some time discussing the features of this particular type of writing and getting ‘Top Tips ‘from the editor Nicky Cox. This week’s homework is linked to this style. Your child can choose one from the following three tasks:


  1. Identify and find and interesting article based on the topic of water. This can be found online and printed off or from a newspaper, (past or present). You may wish to extend by highlighting some of the characteristics and try to explain why this article particularly caught your eye. Which spelling, grammar and punctuation features are present?

  2. Have a go at writing an article of your own. After listening to some of the editor’s top tips, could you impress her with your journalistic skills? Remember some news may be exaggerated; but don’t go too wild.

  3. Find around 10 catchy headlines; however you need to be able to link features of Spelling, Grammar and punctuation. Which do you find the best and of course why?


We also had our first Lacrosse session but sadly indoors, due to the weather. We learnt a great deal and had great fun. Mrs Archer introduced us to our art session on watercolours. A great number of skills were used which also gets us ready for our ‘Arts Days’ which are soon approaching. We also started our geography topic about ‘Water’ and looked at why we need water. In order to make our learning fun and creative you may have heard your child singing a water rap.


In computing we were introduced to a new topic ‘Robotics and systems’. Within this session we had to identify and research automatic controlled systems and look at some of the computer terminology that goes with this unit of work. Could you identify some systems? We set to work trying to make a few posters to help others and will look to displaying these as soon as possible. This topic will involve us learning about algorithms and programming.


In RE we have been improving our ability in articulating how we feel and using some higher order thinking in answering those ‘big’ questions; how did Jesus choose his disciples? We also looked at who his disciples were and what does it mean to be a disciple?  Next we looked at a piece of art and could we identify each disciple. This linked nicely with collective worship where we were introduced to this half terms value ‘service’. As a school we thought about ways in which the value of ‘service’ maybe seen. We watched how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the last supper going on to look closely at the hymn ‘The Servant King’.


Well all of this and a little more, in a 4 day week. Look out for our class blog next week which will be written by the children.


Mrs Stewart






  • Children in choir need to be looking at the Young Voices website as not long now.

  • Think about bringing suggestions for your school council representatives.

  • You may wish to write a prayer for the prayer basket.

  • Be ready and organised with home school contact books, daily please.






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Our weekly blog from Class 5!






Mrs Stewart and all of Class 5 have been working really hard! This week has been assessment week and we have been working our socks (and shoes) off! From SPAG or GAPS (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) to maths, mental maths and science. Altogether about 4, maybe more, assessments! We have done our very best and that’s what counts.


We have also been carrying out lots of science this week and planning lots of interesting experiments to do with our lungs and circulation system. Your child may have been pestering you to find out what their blood group is!

On Tuesday we visited the war memorial for a service to remember those who fought in the wars, but especially to the people who fought in World War 1 as it was the 100th year since World War 1. Well done to Young Worship for leading a beautiful service in school. Also thank you to everyone in choir who sang “We will remember them” brilliantly outside. If you weren’t there to see them it’s on the website. Look for the red poppy which says “click here”. Thank you to Mrs Peddie who took time to come and film our performance. We learnt lots of things to improve by watching ourselves.


A massive thank you to Rev. Ann for donating lots of books to Class 5 about World War 1. The book is called “Hear my Cry” and has bible references, hymns and personal stories from experiences from this memorable time. We have been using a lot of the prayers to read as our lunch or end of day prayer in Class.

On Wednesday we did RE, but it was no ordinary RE lesson. Oh no, this was… THE BIG QUESTION! All the school took part in this RE lesson. Now you may be wondering what the big question actually is. Well it’s a question that has to have some deeper thinking into it. This terms one was…Peace.  We had to express our thoughts in whatever way we chose. You could either produce a piece of art or you could write an essay or a poem. Some people had some really amazing ideas. We really enjoy answering the big question.


In P.E we have started doing gym and we are learning paired routines on apparatus and it is called “double take.” Double take is where you copy your partner and do the same things.


Finally we had a lovely time at the Poppy Factory on Friday. We were warmly welcomed by Geoff our guide for the day. When we arrived we received a drink and biscuit. Grown-ups had a cup of tea. After our refreshments we watched two small video clips, to inform us about the background history of the Poppy Factory and the British Legion. The first being more realistic footage of the war and the other a cartoon version of Snoopy visiting Flanders Fields with Charlie Brown. Geoff was impressed with our knowledge of the war and about Remembrance. It was fascinating to see so many different poppies. We even saw a poppy from 1921, which had faded within the case it was enclosed in. On display were so many photos and not forgetting the stunning large Royal wreaths. Do you know that they are made in exactly the same style each year to be laid at the cenotaph at Whitehall, in London on Remembrance Sunday?


We were then treated to a tour of the factory by Geoff, where we saw dedicated ex-military men and woman working hard, making poppies and wreaths for next year. There are around 34 people currently working at the factory and are producing a phenomenal amount of poppies. We even had a challenge. Mrs Stewart was asked to split us into two teams to see which team could make the most poppies. Just in ten minutes, from each team, we made a staggering joint amount of approximately 850. We all got to keep one and the rest were boxed ready to be sold next year. It’s hard to imagine that someone next year could be buying a poppy that a child from Class 5 made. It made us thankful that we had all helped and proud to have done so. As a parting gift we presented a book of poetry that we had written as a class. It was placed on display for others to see. We would like to thank Mrs Thake, Mrs Scott and Mr Jeffries for coming with us. Photos and a blog all about our trip to follow shortly.


So while all the children back at school dressed up as heroes for Children in Need, we were inspired by true heroes, who sacrificed their lives for us in battle.



Thank you for reading our blog.


Holly and Kayleigh


 From Mrs Stewart


I would like to thank all the children for being so polite and well-mannered whilst visiting the Poppy Factory. It will hopefully be something that they will remember. I would also like to say how proud I am of how they worked during assessment week. I did ask the children as homework to draft a letter of thanks to the Poppy Factory. They could address it to Geoff or to one of the workers. This could be completed on the computer or handwritten. No homework books were given out and the children were informed verbally about this task.


Reminders for next week.


Remember swimming kits please.


It is movie and munch on Monday the 17th of November so get your forms in to watch the movie.


A letter will be sent out to those parents who ordered study guides at the SATs evening. They have arrived and are currently being sorted.


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