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Happy New Year from Class 5




Happy New Year!


I would like to start by thanking the children and families for the lovely Christmas gifts and hope that everyone had an enjoyable break.  I would also like to say a big well done to those children who put a great deal of effort into the Christmas homework that was set. I have to say that everyone has started the New Year with a great attitude and looks like they are raring to go.


It was back to business for Class 5 on Tuesday morning starting with spellings. The children understood that there was one day less of learning but still managed to be ready for Fridays test. As a Class we also made a few New Year’s resolutions. These have now become sayings which we are using to help empower our learning and increase our self-belief. See what you think!


  • Firstly there is no such word as ‘Fail’; it’s just a First Attempt In Learning.

  • If you want to reach to the top, the learning doesn’t stop.

  • Learning is not hard; it just takes a great deal of hard work.


In Maths this week we focused our learning around positive and negative numbers and decimals. We looked at ordering these particular kinds of numbers and starting to see what happens when we use the four operations. Some of us seeking out number lines as a resource to assist us with our understanding. One of the harder things to grasp was estimating/approximating, we kept focusing on getting the correct answer. At the end of the week we looked at money problems and ensuring that we could use a calculator efficiently, especially with calculating larger amounts. Homework will start next week; however revision can be done in the meantime or working on those weaker timetables.


In English we have started to look at journalistic writing. We have a great resource in class, ‘First News’. We spent some time discussing the features of this particular type of writing and getting ‘Top Tips ‘from the editor Nicky Cox. This week’s homework is linked to this style. Your child can choose one from the following three tasks:


  1. Identify and find and interesting article based on the topic of water. This can be found online and printed off or from a newspaper, (past or present). You may wish to extend by highlighting some of the characteristics and try to explain why this article particularly caught your eye. Which spelling, grammar and punctuation features are present?

  2. Have a go at writing an article of your own. After listening to some of the editor’s top tips, could you impress her with your journalistic skills? Remember some news may be exaggerated; but don’t go too wild.

  3. Find around 10 catchy headlines; however you need to be able to link features of Spelling, Grammar and punctuation. Which do you find the best and of course why?


We also had our first Lacrosse session but sadly indoors, due to the weather. We learnt a great deal and had great fun. Mrs Archer introduced us to our art session on watercolours. A great number of skills were used which also gets us ready for our ‘Arts Days’ which are soon approaching. We also started our geography topic about ‘Water’ and looked at why we need water. In order to make our learning fun and creative you may have heard your child singing a water rap.


In computing we were introduced to a new topic ‘Robotics and systems’. Within this session we had to identify and research automatic controlled systems and look at some of the computer terminology that goes with this unit of work. Could you identify some systems? We set to work trying to make a few posters to help others and will look to displaying these as soon as possible. This topic will involve us learning about algorithms and programming.


In RE we have been improving our ability in articulating how we feel and using some higher order thinking in answering those ‘big’ questions; how did Jesus choose his disciples? We also looked at who his disciples were and what does it mean to be a disciple?  Next we looked at a piece of art and could we identify each disciple. This linked nicely with collective worship where we were introduced to this half terms value ‘service’. As a school we thought about ways in which the value of ‘service’ maybe seen. We watched how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the last supper going on to look closely at the hymn ‘The Servant King’.


Well all of this and a little more, in a 4 day week. Look out for our class blog next week which will be written by the children.


Mrs Stewart






  • Children in choir need to be looking at the Young Voices website as not long now.

  • Think about bringing suggestions for your school council representatives.

  • You may wish to write a prayer for the prayer basket.

  • Be ready and organised with home school contact books, daily please.






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Our weekly blog from Class 5!






Mrs Stewart and all of Class 5 have been working really hard! This week has been assessment week and we have been working our socks (and shoes) off! From SPAG or GAPS (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) to maths, mental maths and science. Altogether about 4, maybe more, assessments! We have done our very best and that’s what counts.


We have also been carrying out lots of science this week and planning lots of interesting experiments to do with our lungs and circulation system. Your child may have been pestering you to find out what their blood group is!

On Tuesday we visited the war memorial for a service to remember those who fought in the wars, but especially to the people who fought in World War 1 as it was the 100th year since World War 1. Well done to Young Worship for leading a beautiful service in school. Also thank you to everyone in choir who sang “We will remember them” brilliantly outside. If you weren’t there to see them it’s on the website. Look for the red poppy which says “click here”. Thank you to Mrs Peddie who took time to come and film our performance. We learnt lots of things to improve by watching ourselves.


A massive thank you to Rev. Ann for donating lots of books to Class 5 about World War 1. The book is called “Hear my Cry” and has bible references, hymns and personal stories from experiences from this memorable time. We have been using a lot of the prayers to read as our lunch or end of day prayer in Class.

On Wednesday we did RE, but it was no ordinary RE lesson. Oh no, this was… THE BIG QUESTION! All the school took part in this RE lesson. Now you may be wondering what the big question actually is. Well it’s a question that has to have some deeper thinking into it. This terms one was…Peace.  We had to express our thoughts in whatever way we chose. You could either produce a piece of art or you could write an essay or a poem. Some people had some really amazing ideas. We really enjoy answering the big question.


In P.E we have started doing gym and we are learning paired routines on apparatus and it is called “double take.” Double take is where you copy your partner and do the same things.


Finally we had a lovely time at the Poppy Factory on Friday. We were warmly welcomed by Geoff our guide for the day. When we arrived we received a drink and biscuit. Grown-ups had a cup of tea. After our refreshments we watched two small video clips, to inform us about the background history of the Poppy Factory and the British Legion. The first being more realistic footage of the war and the other a cartoon version of Snoopy visiting Flanders Fields with Charlie Brown. Geoff was impressed with our knowledge of the war and about Remembrance. It was fascinating to see so many different poppies. We even saw a poppy from 1921, which had faded within the case it was enclosed in. On display were so many photos and not forgetting the stunning large Royal wreaths. Do you know that they are made in exactly the same style each year to be laid at the cenotaph at Whitehall, in London on Remembrance Sunday?


We were then treated to a tour of the factory by Geoff, where we saw dedicated ex-military men and woman working hard, making poppies and wreaths for next year. There are around 34 people currently working at the factory and are producing a phenomenal amount of poppies. We even had a challenge. Mrs Stewart was asked to split us into two teams to see which team could make the most poppies. Just in ten minutes, from each team, we made a staggering joint amount of approximately 850. We all got to keep one and the rest were boxed ready to be sold next year. It’s hard to imagine that someone next year could be buying a poppy that a child from Class 5 made. It made us thankful that we had all helped and proud to have done so. As a parting gift we presented a book of poetry that we had written as a class. It was placed on display for others to see. We would like to thank Mrs Thake, Mrs Scott and Mr Jeffries for coming with us. Photos and a blog all about our trip to follow shortly.


So while all the children back at school dressed up as heroes for Children in Need, we were inspired by true heroes, who sacrificed their lives for us in battle.



Thank you for reading our blog.


Holly and Kayleigh


 From Mrs Stewart


I would like to thank all the children for being so polite and well-mannered whilst visiting the Poppy Factory. It will hopefully be something that they will remember. I would also like to say how proud I am of how they worked during assessment week. I did ask the children as homework to draft a letter of thanks to the Poppy Factory. They could address it to Geoff or to one of the workers. This could be completed on the computer or handwritten. No homework books were given out and the children were informed verbally about this task.


Reminders for next week.


Remember swimming kits please.


It is movie and munch on Monday the 17th of November so get your forms in to watch the movie.


A letter will be sent out to those parents who ordered study guides at the SATs evening. They have arrived and are currently being sorted.


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Another term underway in Class 5


Hello. Welcome to this week’s blog. We hope everyone had a lovely half term. This week we have been learning and doing lots of interesting lessons. Mrs Stewart has been working us hard this week. This recount gives you an idea of what we have been learning…


In English this week we have been continuing with our poetry unit and connecting it with WWI/II/Remembrance. Firstly we were split into three groups to look at three different poems. One of them being a well-known poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae. We then had the opportunity to discuss these and analyse the structure and use of syllables to help with rhythm and rhyme. With this knowledge we could then try to use these features when writing our own. Next we were given three pictures that had a common theme. We had to choose one and write a poem on it. To finish the week we looked at performing ‘In Flanders Fields’. As part of the new curriculum children should be able to recite well known poetry from memory. We are starting with this poem.


In Science we were learning about the functions of blood and blood vessels. We had to try and find out at home what our blood group was. (Would you know your blood type?). We looked at red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. I’m sure you know what red and white blood cells are, but what about plasma and platelets? Earlier on in the week we then had to invent our own science experiment relating to ‘lung capacity’. As a class we gathered data to see if we could prove the theory some of us had; that boys had a bigger lung capacity than girls.


In Maths this week we were learning about choosing the best method when faced with different larger addition and subtraction problems. We looked at rounding and adjusting, partitioning and column method. Mrs Stewart, thinking ahead to larger multiplication problems showed us a new method which is called the ‘Chinese method’. She had been shown this way recently and thought that a lot of us could benefit from it. It is similar to the grid method but without adding all those zeros; which can be rather confusing. It’s quite simple when it’s written down and can also be used when working with decimals.


In PE we have started working on gym. We began by warming up so that we could get the blood pumping around our body. (Can you spot the link in learning?). The game was entitled ‘Run through the Jungle’. You have to jog on the spot and the teacher calls out things like; ‘log’ (you have to jump for this)and ‘branch’ (you have to duck down).We then went on to create balances in pairs. Firstly we had to check our grip with each other then we could complete the balance. It was great fun!


Our new value this half term is Thankfulness and what better way to think about this than with Remembrance. We are all looking forward to our visit to the Poppy Factory next Friday. In Class we have been busy showing how thankful we are to all those who fought for our country many years ago, and of course for those more recently. Mrs Stewart thought that we could try and recreate the idea of the ceramic poppy but using salt dough. We were shown a small video clip of all the dedicated volunteers who made the real ceramic versions and were then set the task to make our own. Just like every ceramic poppy is unique, so are ours. Quite a few of our class have been lucky enough to visit the Tower of London to see the spectacular sight. We are still selling poppies and we would like to thank Mrs Burbidge for making poppies for children at school as well.


Another way to understand our value is by helping others with the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. We have a number of boxes in but we can still make a difference as they are not being collected until next week.


A huge well done and were very proud of the girls who played in the football game on Thursday and wish them luck for Saturday.


Laney and Rhys, our school council reps, went on Friday to a ‘transition conference’ accompanied by Mrs Blencowe. We had taken time, prior to this event, to ask those questions that may be concerning us about secondary school and Laney and Rhys went to find the answers for us. These answers were given by pupils from Year 7 from local secondary schools and to put our minds at ease from rumours we may have heard. We are still working through the responses but feel better about what lies ahead.


We hope you find our blog informative and make sure you read the double page spread of newsletter to keep fully up to date with all that we do in school.


Sammy and Bethany




Reminders from Mrs Stewart



Choir – please remember to learn your words for ‘We will remember them’.


Next week –assessment week but do not worry, just try your very best.


No girls football club on 13th Nov and no Junior football on Monday 10th.


Also a few children do not have the correct handwriting pen, these can be purchased at the school office for 35p. Please can you check with your child.


Swimming Monday so remember your kit bag.


Remember to try and organise everything ready to learn, it’s all skills helping you to be ready for next year.





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Thank you for supporting Class 5




Phew!  Another week completed in Class 5. Our assembly was amazing. We hope you enjoyed watching it and if you weren’t there, it was all about the local study of St.Ippolyts and what it looked like in the Victorian era.


Thank you parents for coming along to our SATs evening. We thought it was very helpful especially as we have been looking at some sat style questions in class.


In maths we have been continuing to learn about transformations; looking at translation, reflection, rotation and enlargement. There are always a few questions in the papers about this topic but having learnt about it, the questions we looked at were easy to understand. Also on Tuesday we carried out a maths investigation. We were given 1-20 number cards and asked if we could divide the numbers into six piles. Each pile had to have the same total  but had to be unequal( we couldn’t use the same number twice). To help us we used the RUCSAC method (read, underline, calculate, solve, answer, check!)


We have started more focused handwriting sessions. These will concentrate and look at correctly forming letters, letter families, vowel diagraphs, tri graphs (letter family: a, c, e, g, o, u) vowels a, e, i, o, u. What is letter formation? Well, it is how you correctly write a letter. This includes ascenders and descenders and size of capitals etc.


English: We wrote a biography on a chosen famous Victorian, then completed it for our assembly where we showed them. Some people read extracts that linked to the theme.


In French we learnt all of the numbers up to one hundred some of us even did higher!


In swimming we did lots of lengths of front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke. We also had to do a head first surface dive to get the brick.


In Wider Opps (keyboard) the majority of the year 6 children are learning "Domino" and it’s sounding great.


Also some people learn recorders here are some songs: “Go out the Window, Orange Tango, May Song, Spring Song and they sound excellent too. Look out for performances at Music Evening later on in the year.


In our assembly our local study was the main focus. This linked in with all/most of our subjects that we have been learning about. Our poem which we recited was a hit! All of the presentations were informative! The PowerPoint looked fab. And also how many ways do you think you can spell St.Ippolyts? (Answer at the bottom.) We also loved finding out about the census and trying to figure out the messy handwriting! (It was hard!!!)


Everyone looked very smart on Wednesday morning for the Tempest photography. The lady comes in twice every year to take individual, siblings and classes (later on in the year.) SMARTIES!!!!


Don’t forget Secondary School applications need to be in soon.


Good Luck to the boy footballers in their match. The girl’s match, which unfortunately had to be cancelled, will be rescheduled! We will keep everyone informed.



Some of our brain teasers:


*Can you spot the onomatopoeia somewhere in the beginning of this blog?


*How many ways can you spell St.Ippolyts?




Answer: Phew


Answer: 28


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog: Rebecca and Anna



Mrs Stewart


I would also like to thank all the parents and children for attending the SATs evening. I do hope you found it useful. If any parents who could not make it to the information evening would like to order some study guides for their child, then please let me know by the end of next week. I think the children could see that we all want the very best for them. Also thank you for coming along to our class assembly and hope you enjoyed it. The children were great. Both the children and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday for Family Week.


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Learning in Class 5


Gosh, this has been an eventful week! It has been jam packed with lessons, from singing to bingo. It has also been Friendship Week, we don’t know how we fit it all in!


On Monday the choir had an exciting visit to St. Albans Cathedral, with lots of other schools. We sung lots of hymns and took part in a great harvest service, and I think we all enjoyed the “How to Eat a Jelly Baby Test.” Unfortunately, we all got it wrong.


In Maths we have been looking at angles and working out the degrees of them. We had to find the missing degrees, if we were given one of them. Also we’ve been learning about translating and rotating shapes; two of the four ways in transforming shapes. We have also tried to broaden our understanding of mathematical vocabulary.  Do you know what some of these words mean? (Congruent, parallel, perpendicular, adjacent)


In English we have been learning about biographies and autobiographies. Some of us read a biography about Queen Victoria; others had one about Malorie Blackman. We also looked at the features of writing a biography. This is important as we are building up to writing a biography soon linked with our topic of Victorians, favourite authors or even a member of the local community as part of our local study.


As this week was Friendship Week we spent time in the afternoons looking at different ways to celebrate this. We made our own game of friendship bingo. We had to write lots of interests that a person may have. For example likes dancing or has a pet. We wrote them down on a bingo board template, then we went around the classroom and asked people if they shared those interests as a way of getting to know people more. If they shared the interest , then you would write their name on the bingo card. Some of us also looked at writing a recipe for friendship and to end the week we all wrote our individual friendship pledges. Do take a look when you come along to Family Week!


We have also been looking to develop our enquiry skills in history and finding our learning about a local study of St.Ippolyts interesting. We looked around the school taking pictures of the Victorian features that are there. We found the string that makes the bell ring in the library. We looked outside and saw the two bell towers on the roof of the library and Class 5. We also found where a fireplace would have been in Class 5. We also learnt to spot the features that showed the living quarters for the Headmaster. Some of us put this on Corkulous; an app that we have been using in lessons. We also watched a video about how to use a school to form part of a local study in your area. We used the L.A.C.E method: Look- Ask-Conclude- Expand. Look out for this in our Class assembly next week.


In PE we played bench ball. We were separated into 3 teams, there were two benches at both ends of the hall and cones going along the middle. There was a team at each side of the cones. We had to throw the ball over to the other team to the bench. If they caught it, you would go onto the bench with them.


In the theme of Friendship Week we had a special treat from Gripping Yarns and watched a great performance. It was about Snid the bully and Sam the new boy. Simon told the story very well and it was very entertaining. We really enjoyed it and the puppets he used were AMAZING!!After watching the story we made leaflets about anti bullying. Some of us also had a go at writing stories based on this theme to send off to Simon to see if he wanted to use our ideas.


We really enjoyed this week, it was fun.  Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, we hope that you enjoyed it.


Good Bye!!


By Laney and Katie       


Mrs Stewart


I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful selection of cakes handed in on Friday. Some even linking them to Friendship Week.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks for events such as; SATs meeting, Class assembly or Family Week.




Swimming kits required for Monday.


Homework – Subordinate Clauses.


SATs meeting on Wednesday 6pm.


Class Assembly Friday 2:30pm








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