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Red Nose Day Fun - Assessment Week Done !

I could not be more proud of Class 6 this week. Everyone has tried so hard, giving 100% effort into all of their assessments. Their enthusisasm and eagerness to see how they have done has been amazing. I'm sure if you ask them they shall let you know as they were making notes as the week moved on.

A lot of this week in the morning has involved assessments but we have still managed to squeeze in other subjects as always...busy,busy,busy.

We focused our attention mainly around Science in preparation for Science days next week. We had many great discussions and learning around how nutirents travel around the body and how a healthy diet and exercise can impact on our bodies.

We then made connections with maths and in particular data handling. Sometimes it is just as important to get some data already collated and then put this into the best graph. We took some Olympic 100 metre results for men and women and compared them on a line graph. After this we drew conclusions from the graph and data, answering specific questions as well;a little extra comprehension for a different purpose.

PE yesterday was great fun as CLass 5 and 6 joined together to go and polish up on our rounders skills. Mrs Stewart even managed a rounder, so didn't let the class down.

I hope you are all enjoying the last little bit of Red Nose Day 2019 or may even see some on the TV. Assembly at the end of the school day was a sea of red, which made everyone happy. Having the chance to celebrate the sporting achievements, golden chair awards and all the badges that were awarded was lovely. Dominic ended the day with a beautiful prayer which he had written for his grid homework.

Look forward to seeing you all next week and have a bit of a rest and recharge those bodies for more fun next week.

Mrs Stewart

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Happy Half Term!

Who can believe it half of the academic year gone! Hearing Class 4 sing 'When I Grow Up' so beautifully in their assembly just made me realise how quick this class are growing up, having had a lot of them in reception.

So what have we been doing in Class 6. Having seen a lot of you throughout this week -  I'm trying to think what to say. It was lovely to see you at Open Session and I do hope you had a lovely time looking at the Caribbean Display. We were busy trying to get some of our latest work ready to display but sadly did not have time to get it up on the wall but a lot of you read it in class. You will also have seen the copy of Internet Safety writing that was sent with this week's newsletter.

A number of other great pieces of writing are now on display in my class and will be going up in school over half term. We have also been working hard mathematically. We have been concentrating on nets of 2d and 3d shapes, alongside revisiting algebra and finally going through some reasoning questions from SATs past papers in small groups. It is important learning from our mistakes and so the children have found it helpful to see how they can improve.

Talking about improving. Tonight your child should have come home with their homework folder, (some did not have it, but have the learning )or they may not have it, as shall we say I have a few folders in class with me now whilst typing this blog. Inside there is a number of different pieces of work. As I was explaining at parent's appointments this is best completed in doing little and often,rather than last minute.com.You will also find a page report which will hopefully give you a few points that I would have discussed also at each meeting. If you have not received the page report you shall get it soon. Please do make sure you have some family time as well and I'm looking forward to seeing how the battle of times table rockstars turns out this week with classes. I shall even try to catch up on the challenges that have been sent through as well, promise.

In RE we have been gathering evidence as to why Christians find the resurrection so important. We watched short extracts of people explaining evidence about this topic, which was very interesting and we had also Revd Ginni in as well. We shall be working on gathering up the different kinds of evidence and writing a report later.

We had great fun on Tuesday afternoon and congratulations to Joseph and Jake for coming up with the winning design. I was really impressed by the way in which the children worked in their pairs to make different types of aircraft.

I would also like to thank the children for being so good at handing in such a wide range of homelearning again. I've been well fed, well entertained, well informed and well looked after. It never surprises me how creative the children can be.

I just want to wish you all a very happy half term and hope you all have a great rest, coming back after the week and ready to go again.  Please remember to bring those lovely ,clean fresh PE kits back.

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Stewart                                                                                                                   

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Feeling Good!

As the title of the blog states' Feeling Good'. A lovely week in school with so many different visitors and things to talk about. Class 6 have had some fantastic suggestions and ideas linked with Well-being week. At the launch of the week Miss Gale explained all the things she had planned and that got us motivated.

However Class 6 may start to think im going crazy as we have spent some time this week on SATs materials and identifying where our gaps may be so that we can keep everything progressing forward. I have to say I have had some super writing about e-safety and Mrs Archer was impressed by the creative writing on Tuesday. We are trying really hard to get this ready to put up on display ready for the open session on Monday.

In PE today we were also working with Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith planning our PE display board which again should hopefully be up ready to show you on Monday if you come along.

Tonight your child should also have their parent appointment time for Wednesday. I do know there is a tournament on so have tried to cater as best i can for everyone. I explained to the children that if there were any problems then to just see me or even say when you pop in on Monday. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

A relatively short blog this week. Do try to encourage your child to explain or carry out some of the activities that have been sent home as I did not give out homework or spellings this week as the children were looking at SATs questions. I have explained to the children that i shall be giving work out on Tuesday and not to panic if a little bit more than usual as I'm putting in a few fun things for over the half term.

Hope you all have a really lovely weekend and CLass 6 see if you can fulfil some of those well-bing pledges.

See you on Monday.

Mrs Stewart

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Rock On!

I'm sure you have heard about Times Table Rockstars. Class 6 have been keen to tell me their rock status and it has only been a day. I asked the class to give me some comments about it.

"It's a fun way to learn times tables."   "Earn coins, to buy accessories for your character."  " A fun way to educate."

These were just a few. I have to say I have also enjoyed having a go. My avatar looks pretty cool in a kilt, especially as I will be celebrating 'Burns Night'.

Mrs Wilson was impressed by Class 6's knowledge and understanding of the functions of the heart and lungs. Such a complex system, that it is hard to imagine how it all works.

In Art with Mrs Archer the children have been starting a new topic - 'Express Yourself'. This should work well with the upcoming weeks at school. As you will have seen in the newsletter about Wellbeing Week.

We have challenged ourselves and perservered to master the concepts of measure - particularly volume, area, surface area and perimeter. Of course this is something that has been covered in previous years but each year or time revisiting it gets a little harder. Some children started to look into learning about the nth term in order to find the surface area of a pattern of shapes.

We are appraoching the half way point of our book 'Skellig'. We have just started to find out about William Blake. After Arts Days we shall be picking up our english work again based on William Blake poetry. As our Arts Days are based on the Caribbean we shall be turning our attention to researching and finding more about Caribbean countries gaining independence. We will be looking at how to debate and be appreciative of what others have to say, even if we feel differently. Writing some explanatory texts.I'm sure the children will have an amazing week next week. It is so important to learn about the culture and traditions of other countries.

Finally our week ended with a really productive PE session. Working in groups, each team had to collaborate and perform a routine in gymnastics. I have to say everyone did brilliantly. We have decided to plan a display board to show others. Hopefully we can sort this out for the upcoming 'Open session'.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I think I may need to go and do some studying for the Quiz Night.  

Mrs Stewart

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A Wonderful Week!

You only need to read the newsletter yesterday to see why I entitled the Class 6 blog 'a wonderful week'. Mind you I could have selected so many alliterative titles, for so many things. I think it was because Class 6 have been working on creating descriptive writing and alliteration being a feature we could use.

Being in Class 6 has been great this week, (as it always is). I have seen quite a few, more than a few actually, really trying very hard.Great listening, is key to moving your learning on.

We are up to Chapter 12 with our book ' Skellig'. I've got to say we are getting the hang of creating writing with tension and suspense.I think Class 6 would have to agree with Michael Murpurgo now with his quote, that David Almond is 'a very special writer'. We have over the course of this week been working on ;writing a diary entry describing it from Michael's point of view;PEE answering of comprehension questions and embedding quotes as evidence and finally being set the challenge of writing a piece of descriptive writing, exploring Michael's dream in Chapter 10. Here is just one example of many, that the children created:

                          "I woke up with the thought of nightmares dancing in my head. Then my own thoughts flooded back into my head.I selected the one about my mission and sat up. Peeling the duvet off myself like a banana skin, I leapt out of bed stealthily. Unaware of what dangerous obstacles may lie ahead. I left my room."

I can't wait to read more of them over the weekend.

In Maths we were looking at something where a few of us still felt a little nervous...you have guessed it, LONG DIVISION. I am pleased to say though...we have cracked it! Where we are even dividng decimals too. We shall be moving onto volume, alongside area and perimeter recapping next week.

At the beginning of the week, we looked at computing and how to read and create our name using coding. This was followed up by a lesson in RE, where we were looking at extending our knowledge of the 'BIG FRIEZE'. The 'Big Frieze' is made up of 8 segments which show the journey through the Bible;from the Old Testament through to the New Testament. As an artist created these segments it is always interesting how we can interpret so many different things, if we look close enough. We had a really good collaborative lesson sharing and writing our views and oipnions.

In Geography Mrs Archer started to 'Investigate Coasts'. First the children had time to find out what coasts are and look at how they are formed. They went on to explain how the different coastal areas were formed. In Science we continued to look at the Circulatory System and in particular the heart, lungs, veins and arteries. The amount of scientific vocabulary that we discussed was huge. Let's hope a few science questions appear in next week's quiz night!

Our first Sam Learning club went well. Everyone turned up or should I say stayed for an extra hour but I made sure I had the fruit and biscuit at the ready.  

Finally, it had to be a massive well done! Everyone in school is still talking about our wonderful new award and trophies that have recently turned up. I would also like to wish those children in Class 6 and in other classes, good luck for the tournament this weekend. I'm sure they will have something to share on Monday.

Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you have planned.

See you Monday!

Mrs Stewart



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