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Well done Year 6!

I think the title of this week's blog says it all. I do hope Year 6 that you all should feel proud of yourselves as I know you have all tried your very best. It did seem quite strange not meeting everyone in the hall for breakfast today. Mrs Harrington - Smith had said that quite a few of you had said how you missed the breakfast and that a lot of the class had said thank you once again to her.

Of course you may have seen, from the photos on the website, that SATs can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I think everyone did enjoy the surprise party/disco that had been planned for Year 6 yesterday afternoon, I know I did.

With a lot of the week taken up with SATs I only have a little left to say about the week. We have managed to get out and participate in our PE lessons and today the whole school had the chance to prepare for our Sports Day next week. Watching the children race, you can see why we have ended up with so many awards and trophies for sport.

The next big event next week (Friday morning) as well, is our annual talent show. Year 6 have been getting started with organising this and you will hopefully have seen the letter that was written by two pupils. Everyone in class 6 shall be given an area of responsiblity and it is such a lovely morning and so many talented children. I'm sure the panel of Britain's Got Talent would be blown away.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week for more fun learning. Well done!

Mrs Stewart

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On Your Marks...Get Set...GO!

As I write this blog I do hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather today and planning to do something that is relaxing. Last week saw us putting the final touches and giving one last push towards SATs. By the time I write next weeks blog it will be a thing of the past. As both Mrs Peddie and I said as you left on Friday, we are extremely proud of all of you.  There is more to you as individuals and that SATs are a snap shot of what you are able to do. I know you will give it your all.

It was not all about SATs last week as we carried on with our other curriculum areas of learning. As we have sports day next week we were out preparing. Plus each time I watch the level of rounders I think to myself that it is going to be very difficult for the staff when they play them but as we say, "Try your best!".

We also took time to study 'The Lord's Prayer', something of course we know of well as we sing this in our school regularly. However this time we considered the possible meaning of this line by line, showing our awareness of different interpretations. The previous week we had started to explore our thoughts of The Kingdom of God and of course this features within the prayer. Our challenge was to try and use simple language that our buddies and young children could understand. We are then looking into making our own library of interactive parables, hymns and prayers within old video boxes. As we also look at other religions we have discussed about the possiblilty of making some on key religious festivals. A creative and fun way to learn RE and hopefully have time to share with our buddies.

Speaking of creative, I was blown away by the beautiful art work that the children produced with Mrs Archer. Having only started a few weeks ago they are really starting to improve on their observational drawing skills.  I can't wait to see what they go on to next.

As the week came to a close, of course we had cake day and it was so lovely to hear in celebration assembly that we had managed to raise such an amount to help towards the 'Super Seraph' appeal. As you may see from the photos of the day, it is so clear to see how all of our values we learn in school being used; alongside supporting someone within our community.

Class 6 please try to get to bed at a good time tonight and promise I shall do the same. I look forward to seeing you all at breakfast. Remember if bringing a mascot ... not too big.

Mrs Stewart

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Steaming Ahead!

Quite a fitting title to this week's blog for a few reasons;term left, our next class book study and finally the word that is turning out to be like 'the scottish play'...SATs. However, I cannot fault the children with their dedication and hard work. I know everyone is ready and just wanting to get them done.  I even had a little chance at SAM Learning to challenge some of them on TT Rockstars. It is getting close for some of the children, clearly some are spending more time on this. I shall try and send a few challenges over the weekend.

With such a short term it seems hard to believe we only have 3 weeks then it is half term. You may have heard from your child or seen on the curriculum leaflet that we have currently started to read and watch E.Nesbit's ' The Railway Children'. It is interesting to see what differences there can be from text to screen. We are up to Chapter 4. So far we have created some different writing opportuntites;diary entry,to writing letters as particular characters or writing short pieces of narrative to move the plot on from a selected scene. It is always lovely to read different styles of books as a class, as you can also gain some historical facts along the way. At times seeing how lucky we are.

Each morning we have also been going through and revising our spelling rules. I have therefore not given spellings this week or next week to learn at home as they have been random words daily. I have to say the scores and progress has been great,alongside the building of such confidence about spelling(something that some of us in class find tricky)           

In Maths we have been focusing our attention on revision. The topics we ended up looking at were:decimals and fractions, problems involving properties of number (prime, factors, multiples, squared and cubed),ratio and proportion, percentages and finally approximation and rounding. We shall be continuing this style of learning through next week as well recapping on another selection of areas.

In RE we have started to work around our understanding of the Kingdom of God. It can be quite tricky to express how we feel but I am always super impressed by the children's responses to such BIG questions. Making the connections will be something that we wil look into further next week and estabilsh why and what does the Lord's prayer mean. Can we explain this to younger classes? We identified that it mentions ' thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven'.

In Music we have started to look at composition and film music. It was interesting to have watched films, be able to hear the music but not know who composed the music. Once we started to research this it was amazing to find out how many films one composer had written. Later on in the term we shall be having a quiz to test our knowledge. This led us nicely into our computing topic which is entitled' Morphing Images'. It looks into the idea of creating short films and movies.

As a class we have started to think about working together in small groups to produce some short films and supply the soundtracks to these using electronic compositon -  Garageband. It is early days but we are very excited and have started the planning process.

Working in groups that we can pick or having to work with people whom we never think of working with is a life skill lesson. thinking about our transition process and how to prepare for secondary is really important. Working on generating these films will help with PSHE.

This week we have also covered PE;looking at batting skills in cricket and rounders,Geography - the water cycle and our knowledge of water and its usage; and art - observational drawing techniques of still life(fruit and veg).

Remember your homework for this week was to have a go at the revision GPS paper that I gave to you. You can choose to do this timed, if so it is 45mins, or not timed and focus on the areas you are a little bit unsure of. We shall go over this together on Tuesday so please try to remember to bring it in. If there are any questions you are unsure of, have a go or leave them out and we can discuss them together.

Finally,  congratulations to those who took part in the recent netball matches. I hear you played brilliantly.

Hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday and that the weather is not too bad.


Mrs Stewart

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The Final Term Already - How can this be ?

Wow! Where did the Easter holidays go? I do hope you all had a lovely time with your families and not too many chocolate eggs.

Well as the title of this blog states- the final term. I can't believe it! It is moving so fast. Last week seemed a little strange only being in school three days but the children were great. I can clearly see those children who took on the advice of little and often to keep things ticking over during the break.

Wednesday saw us straight back into things. Mrs Archer worked on creative writing, comprehension, alongside mental arithmetic and Miss Massie with French and that was just the morning. I also had the opportunity to work with children in smalller groups, having chats about reading, spelling, maths reasoning and making sure no one was worrying. I have to say I am so proud of them all as they are in high spirits and eager to learn. In the afternoon we managed to join Class 4 on the field for a marvellous rounders lesson. It was lovely to see how well the children interact and support one another in sport - amazing! A terrific amount of Learning Powers to see.

On Thursday we started the day with spellings. As a class we have decided to work on 20 random spellings, from the Year 3-4 and 5-6 lists, including spellings with particular spelling rules. We shall be doing this straight after our early morning work each day, then marking as a class, discussing where we can spot ways to improve our accuracy. Over Thursday and Friday things were looking positive - as I knew they would. These spellings will not be sent home each day; they are completely random and to let the children identitfy where they need to work on.

We spent the remaining time this week in Maths,  discussing and revising areas we have covered. We chatted about imperial measures and the children copied a chart to assist them, in their home school contact books. We then spent time on algebra. Mainly looking at problems which dealt with reasoning, simple formulae and linear sequencing. This week coming we shall be going over: fractions(all operations), circle work, rounding, long divisions and long multiplication, mental fluency and ratio and proportion. Plus any other area that anyone feels is required. I have spoken with the children and encouraged them to pop in at any time during breaks or lunchtimes to ask me anything or see me at SAM Learning. Some children have already taken me up on my offer- which is great.

Our final term is a busy one but most of all should be a fun one. As I mentioned on the curriculum leaflet and as Mrs Peddie said to the children as well, they need to enjoy every moment they can. Make even more memories.

You should have received on Thursday, information about the SATs breakfast. If you have any questions then please just ask. See you all soon for another busy week. Please make sure you have PE kits in school, along with a water bottle.

Mrs Stewart 


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Red Nose Day Fun - Assessment Week Done !

I could not be more proud of Class 6 this week. Everyone has tried so hard, giving 100% effort into all of their assessments. Their enthusisasm and eagerness to see how they have done has been amazing. I'm sure if you ask them they shall let you know as they were making notes as the week moved on.

A lot of this week in the morning has involved assessments but we have still managed to squeeze in other subjects as always...busy,busy,busy.

We focused our attention mainly around Science in preparation for Science days next week. We had many great discussions and learning around how nutirents travel around the body and how a healthy diet and exercise can impact on our bodies.

We then made connections with maths and in particular data handling. Sometimes it is just as important to get some data already collated and then put this into the best graph. We took some Olympic 100 metre results for men and women and compared them on a line graph. After this we drew conclusions from the graph and data, answering specific questions as well;a little extra comprehension for a different purpose.

PE yesterday was great fun as CLass 5 and 6 joined together to go and polish up on our rounders skills. Mrs Stewart even managed a rounder, so didn't let the class down.

I hope you are all enjoying the last little bit of Red Nose Day 2019 or may even see some on the TV. Assembly at the end of the school day was a sea of red, which made everyone happy. Having the chance to celebrate the sporting achievements, golden chair awards and all the badges that were awarded was lovely. Dominic ended the day with a beautiful prayer which he had written for his grid homework.

Look forward to seeing you all next week and have a bit of a rest and recharge those bodies for more fun next week.

Mrs Stewart

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