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Grab every opportunity!

Another week that has flown by. I’m sure it gets quicker every week. Here is what class 6 have been up to this week.

In English we have continued with poetry. You may not have realised but on October 4th, the day before our class assembly, was National Poetry Day. Each year there is a particular theme, this year, the theme of the day was change. This National event involved 12 specially chosen poets from around the UK. They were invited to write a poem about a change that deserves to be celebrated in poetry. These changes could be big or small but had to be turning points for a community, or something that changes people’s thoughts and feelings. With all the changes that year 6 have to go through - we had to seize the opportunity.  Today we looked also at vocabulary related to change such as: regeneration, modification, migration, deviation, enhancement, deterioration. As we planned to write we took time to consider using some poetic techniques in our poems such as: simile, metaphor, personification, rhyme, alliteration, imagery and repetition.

In Maths we have turned now to increasing our confidence in working with fractions. Of course, we started at the beginning and did a very quick whistle stop tour of all the different elements that fractions can bring. This way we can iron out any misconceptions or gaps in our knowledge. As you will have seen this week’s homework has focused on this mathematical strand as well. We have also had the chance to carry out a few low key assessments across a number of strands of maths. I will be taking the time to chat with each child about them and I’m sure they will let you know how they did.

I have been so pleased to see a number of you returning slips to the upcoming SATs evening on the 24th October. I reminded the children that they should take the time to come along as well. I shall be showing, explaining and giving the children their SAM Learning accounts that night. Please do not worry if you cannot attend, I shall make sure you have the details.

Our weekly dictation practise has been improving and this week we realised how important it is to read, taking punctuation into consideration. I modelled reading the particular passage as quite a few children, from the previous week, had missed the two exclamation marks. Already I have seen children purple polishing once they have the sentences down.

Another National event which we participated in this week was, World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. Our learning powers worked hand in hand with the theme of resilience. We had a wonderful discussion as a class about how we can look after our wellbeing. From this we have started to make posters, flyers, leaflets about what we can do in school and at home.

In Science we had great fun looking at generating an experiment to muffle sound. Using our collaborative learning powers we have organised experiments and will have great fun in testing them out in our next session.

Also this week we have carried out lessons in geography, music, DT and PE. Your child I’m sure will tell you more.

I look forward to seeing most of you next week at Family Week and then the following week at the SATs evening.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  • Home school contact books. A few have been left behind this evening but do feel free to read over the weekend.

  • Swimming kits

  • Spellings tested Monday, out on Tuesday.

  • Homework out on Tuesday

  • Any plastic bottle donations are very welcome (as seen on the newsletter)

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A braw day tae dae an assembly!

Thank you Class 6 for all your effort in learning Scots songs, poetry and facts for your assembly. As I asked you just the other day, do you feel you know more about Scotland than you did in week one?... and everyone said yes. I also hope that you managed to try some homemade tablet. Remember not too much or a trip to the dentist may be the next dae oot!

With it being our class assembly, harvest service and some of the children being out at St Albans Cathedral with the choir I have not given homework out this week. Please see it as an opportunity to try and get some additional grid learning completed, or get yourself absorbed in a book.  I have loved seeing the range of learning coming in off the grid. Well done!You should have all had spellings and your test will be on Monday morning.

With trying to get everything ready for the end of the week we have not covered as many subjects, but here is what we have been up to. On Monday the children had a good swimming session and on return completed their weekly spellings and dictation. Already I can see a difference with their achievements, especially with regards to dictation.

I'm so pleased and proud of the way the children rose to the challenge of reading in Scots. We have been making a start to having a go at writing in Scots. Vocabulary is something that we are always discussing within class. We have been looking at writing poems in English about the Highlands and then with the use of a Scottish guide we will turn them into Scots verse.

In Maths we have looked at multiples, factors, primes, square roots and how some can be common to more than one number. These are all important skills to cover, so that when this mathematical vocabulary appears, they can tackle any kind of question.

We had a really enjoyable PE lesson on the field on Wednesday morning. I felt I had run about as much as the kids once playing football. I can definately see that everyones shooting skills, dribbling and teamwork are really coming along nicely.

In Science we have looked at how we hear sounds, paying particular attention to the parts of the ear and their functions.

I do hope cookery club have not over indulged with the tablet and treacle scones. Please do not worry Class 6 I still have tablet left for you all to have a try on Monday.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Stewart



Home School Contact Books

Swimming Kits

Spelling test Monday/ Tuesday spellings out.

Homework out Tuesday

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Three weeks already!

The term seems to be whizzing by. So, what have Class 6 been up to over the week ?

It was our first session of swimming on Monday, which I attended. I have to say how impressed I was with behaviour, effort and speed of being ready. I'm sure the children will keep this going through the term.

We have continued to work on our class book ' The Children of Castle Rock'. This week we have been looking at writing news articles about a particular event that happens within the story. I can't give too much information away, as we will explain a bit more at our class assembly. 

In Maths we have really focused our attention this week on reasoning. We have looked at both verbal and written reasoning and have discussed the different strategies and techniques to answer certain questions. It has been a little challenging in places but we have put in lots of effort or have persevered. You will be able to see some of this learning at the 'Open Session', which is coming up soon.

Congratulations to the children in class 6 for being selected as House Captains, I'm sure they will do the job well.

Mrs Archer has been continuing to look with the children about birdhouses and the type of designs they shall try to make. I can't wait to see the finished products.

In Geography, we have specifically researched about what it would be like living on an island and how would this affect our way of life, from what we are used to living at home. In just a few weeks the children seem to have absorbed so many facts already. Thank you for all the yummy treats and selection of cooking that children have carried out as part of their home learning.

Speaking of cooking, I was delighted to hear that the children enjoyed eating as well as making a traditional dish - stovies. They also made some tasty shortbread, even with a hint of lemon.

Everyone has worked so well together in our other PE lessons of football and dance. Well done to the boys who played in their first football game of the season at Whitehill. Again, I could see so many learning powers being used.

Another full week gone, however may see some of you at the St Ipps Festival tomorrow. Here are a few reminders for next week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Stewart

Reminders:  Swimming kits for Monday

                  Home School Contact books

                  Home learning/homework

                  Class 6 cake day Friday



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New Beginnings

Welcome Back ! I do hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. Year 6 are back and seem fully charged and ready to go, although I cannot believe they are now Year 6. I still find it impossible to think that the old Year 6 will have just finished their first week as Year 7.

You should have received, with this week's newsletter, a copy of the 'Moving On' document informing you about applications for secondary school. If you are planning to attend any of the open morning sessions please could you let the school know, as this means I can plan and ensure learning is not missed.

Of course we were straight back into learning on our first day with some mental maths. The children felt they were a little rusty but with further maths lessons during the week, they blew the cobwebs away. I loved listening to their reasoning and reading their methods too. We shall be focusing still on number next week, just to ensure they are secure.

As you will also have seen from the curriculum leaflet and homelearning grid we will focus in a cross curricular way about Scotland. We will be concentrating on a range of writing skills through working on a class novel - The Children of Castle Rock by Natasha Farrant. Already from the first two chapters the class have identified similarities of JK Rowling. Without giving too much away three children are packed off to an unusual boarding school in ... yes you have guessed... Scotland! Already we have had the opportunity to write a monologue, diary entry or advertisement.

Our initial Geography session saw the children using their learning powers to show what they knew about Scotland. It was lovely to see how much they knew. We then went on to discuss more of some of the traditions. Our next session will focus on atlas work, finding locations and understanding the landscape.

Our first PE lessons went off to a great start. The children shall need their swimming kits on the 17th September and indoor/outdoor kits for Wednesdays and Fridays.

A Big Question kicked off the start to our RE this term- 'What does it mean if God is Holy and loving? We shall be looking at a range of biblical texts, seeing how Christians use the Bible to help them understand what God is like. The focus of our learning will be looking at God's character- his holiness- and the personal aspect - God is loving. Saying sorry to a holy God, receiving forgiveness and starting again are also at the heart of other faiths and not forgetting our values.

Speaking of values, the children were all thankful and very keen for the allocation of jobs and responsilbilities and buddies. I think we have covered all bases, however some children are still waiting to meet the remaining reception children who start next week. For those who already have buddies, Miss Ingle has been very impressed with Class 6. A terrific start!

I am sure it will be an exciting year ahead and look forward to working with you all. See you tomorrow for the week ahead.

Mrs Stewart


  • Home school contact books. These will be collected in. As I explained to the class, they need to be signed off by an adult each day. The expectations are to be heard by an adult once a week at home(more is okay) and to try to read independently each day for about 10 mins(again longer is fine). House points will be up for grabs !
  • PE kit. Please ensure it is named. I have also explained that I do not mind kits being taken home during term time to be freshened,and that they are responsible for bringing them back ready for lessons. A spare carrier bag for trainers would be great.
  • Spellings and homework will start on Tuesday.


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The Final Countdown

Where has this year gone! I just cannot believe we have 4 more days to go. Last week had still as much learning in and of course some super performances from The Mystery at Magpie Manor. Looking at all the fab pictures in the photo gallery just reminds me how much fun and learning comes from a production. The many cross curricular subjects involved and not forgetting the fun of learning.

Class 6 were also very mature whilst covering the information involved in our sex education and relationships programme.

We also had time to visit the field on a few occasions for our PE lessons to polish up on our rounders skills, ready for Monday.

We had time to also fit in some maths lessons which was good. It did seem very strange however on Thursday when no one was around at the gate , with the usual 'Morning Mrs Stewart'. It was lovely to hear about their day on Friday and I'm sure they will all have made a super first impression at their new schools.

Friday was however a little emotional. Each year we ask the children to walk a labyrinth and reflect on their time at St Ippolyts. The children each then gather pebbles as the think back and place memories into a small trinket. I stand watching each of them, with so many memories of my own. Mrs Jones also joined us. You will have the opportunity to see and hear some of these thoughts at our Leavers Service on Wednesday. 

Let us look to next week then and a few reminders.

A very exciting day after school tomorrow for our Staff v Year 6 leavers match. I hope you can join us. Year 6 please try to remember your PE kit please and trainers.

Please can the children, if they have not already completed, hand in their Leavers page. I have read so many lovely pages but do need them in by Monday.

Also I have been discussing and starting to work with the children on their leavers boards. For those children newer to Year 6 we ask you to gather a range of items that show your journey of primary school years. These items are then displayed. You of course will be able to take these home on Thursday with you.

Tuesday is our Leavers BBQ for Year 6 and hope that the beautiful weather stays. Leavers service on Wednesday pm.

Last but not least, it may be an idea to bring some plastic bags in as we will be distributing things. Please can you also have a good look at home and return any library books or badges that you may still have.

Remember to try and keep learning your songs and words for the service.

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs Stewart


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