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Yummy cakes - the last day before half term.

Sam Learning

This week we have been introduced to Sam Learning. Every child in Class 6 created their account. It was good to do this as we could then apply our online safety learning when creating secure passwords etc. We were all very keen to get started and can see how we earn points and set each other challenges to complete. I think it is fun and it is educating at the same time. Homework club was very busy this week. It can be challenging and difficult to answer in some activities. No doubt a lot of us will be online over the half term.


In Science we have come to almost the end of our learning about electricity and circuits. Over the half term we have learnt about how to make a circuit work, how this can be drawn as a circuit diagram. We have recapped on our prior knowledge of conductors and insulators, what other components that can be used within circuits and finally about parallel and series circuits. This week we were given the challenge to devise our own experiment from prior learning. Practical science can be great fun but it is also valuable to have the written work as this can allow others to have a go at some of the experiments. This week involved looking at how we structure our experimental writing.

(written by Mercedes)


In Maths this week we have been focusing on fractions and decimals. We started the week by adding and subtracting fractions, which meant we could test our understanding of finding the common denominator. We then went on to looking at multiplying and dividing decimals. We have certainly been drawing on our learning powers to ensure we look for efficient and quick methods of calculating. Actually, some of us now feel more confident overall as we are seeing more links to previous learning.


Our topic of dance has been great fun. This week we managed to record each group’s performance and then spoke about the positives and the areas for development. We had a lot of positive feedback from Mrs Stewart, Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith. Each dance routine was different and could see various techniques being used in some- skills such as canon, motifs, travel.


This week saw us looking at the style of narrative writing. Alongside the reading of ‘Holes’ we are now also reading Berlie Doherty’s novel ‘Street Child’. This particular story is a gripping adventure based on a true story of the orphan who inspired Doctor Barnardo to set up his famous children’s refuge. This week we have also used drama as a technique to explore key moments in the plot. Alongside this we have found evidence from the text (or a visual image) to support a point of view. Today saw us writing independently- to write as a character in role. This particular piece of writing required us to write consistently in the first person. Not only that, we needed to use emotive language to create empathy and dilemma for our chosen character.

(written by Rosa)

Thank you girls for your blog today. These were the highlights of your weeks learning. Here are just a few extra bits.

What a lovely way to end the half term with the most amazing cake sale. Thank you to all the families for their wonderful and yummy donations. I’d also like to thank Mrs Da Silva for taking the time to come in and stay after school to help sell cakes, with a group of year 6 children.

It was also lovely to see some of you at the SATs evening on Wednesday. I do hope you found it useful and managed to take some of the resources on offer. A few of you have expressed interest in the small study guides and so will look into putting in an order and keep you updated. If you were unable to attend, I shall be sending a copy of the information that was discussed on that evening home as a pack. These will be available after half term.

Thank you for the swift return of choir slips, as the members of choir are off on the first day back to Princess Helena’s for a singing workshop day. From previous years, this has been a great day. At choir rehearsals today I did remind the children to learn their words over half term.

Finally, I would just like to thank all of Class 6 for the wonderful and creative pieces of home learning that they have provided over this first half term. Each child selected their favourite piece to take to assembly today. It truly was a celebration. Looking along the line it was also lovely to see so many proud faces, as all of the buddies in Class 1 stood to show the work they had produced. I cannot believe as it only seems like yesterday Class 6 were standing- as reception. I know a lot of you shall be making those final choices for secondary places as the deadline quickly approaches.

I hope you all have a great half term and come back ready and refreshed for some more fun learning.

Mrs Stewart

Reminders: Choir at Princess Helena Monday 30th October.

                       Swimming for non- choir children

                      Spellings will be tested on Tuesday 31st October (due to trip)

                      Please try to read over the half term where possible.

                    Reading Evening – 2nd November 2017

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First Ever Class 6 Assembly!

A huge well done Class 6!

You have all worked so hard this week to pull together the work that you shared today in your first ever Class 6 assembly. A moment in the history of the school. I am so proud of you all and thought you were brilliant. I would also like to thank the parents and families that came to watch, along with Nicola from Hetties Helpers Hedgehog Rescue. We hope you all enjoyed it.

It will not be long till we meet again. This Wednesday is of course the SATs evening at school. If you have even had a child who went through SATs last year it is always good to come along as it is forever changing. I know a lot of parents have replied and yes children you can come along too.

So apart from a Class assembly what have we been up to this week?

In English we kept our learning around hedgehogs but took on a different style of writing. We looked more in detail at the skills of persuasive writing of advertisements. You heard some of these today in our assembly and may have noticed a few more on the display in the main foyer. Keeping up with our learning powers the children could change the style, so from a written radio script to TV ad - or a poster to a online advert. The language required for writing like this, is so important. We do hope you liked hearing them, some great expressive readers.

In Maths we started the week with ordering fractions and by the end of the week were adding fractions. We have some lovely new maths books from which we have been working from which are quite challenging but our powers help us to get through it. Next week we shall be moving on and making connections between fractions, decimals and percentages.

In Dance we have loved seeing a number of presentations from children as part of their homework grids. It is so lovely to see their confidence blossoming and everyone in class is always so supportive. Next week we shall be recording our group dances which have definitely progressed across the half term.

I also know that lots of children are also working hard at the swimming pool each Monday afternoon. Please try to remember to ensure that your child’s clothing and swimming kit are clearly labelled.

In RE we had time to research and find out about the work of Christian and Islamic Aid. This was something that proved a little challenging at first for a few of us, but we persevered and learnt quite a lot. We discussed how it was also beneficial that we knew more about the global community that we live in.

With Mrs Archer the children are producing some amazing oil pastel replicas of Steve Browns ‘Highland Cow ‘images. The care and attention to detail has been truly stunning and I can’t wait for them to be finished, and displayed.

As this first half term draws to a close (1 week left) I have been very impressed and grateful for all the reading that has taken place and the responsibility and ownership that the children have shown in their learning. I will be explaining how valuable reading is at the SATs evening and of course come along to hear more at the Reading Evening after half term.

It was lovely to hear the children’s thoughts and feelings with the new homework grid. Mrs Peddie praised the children for such beautiful pieces of work. A number of children have now completed all 6 for this half term. For those who have a few (or more) to go you still have a week to get these pieces handed in. A lot of strategies were shared and top tips on time management were discussed, which will help with the new grid, which will be released after half term. I have been super impressed and some hidden talents out there.

I hope the football squad play well today at the cup match, as I’m sure they will. I can’t wait to hear the match report next week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.

Mrs Stewart

Reminders:   Swimming kits for Monday

                      SATs evening Wednesday 18th October 6pm

                     Regular home school contact book with reading log

                      Class 6 cake day Friday 20th October

                      Spelling Test Monday

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No doubt everyone has had the best day with the amazing hedgehog visit. We were so lucky as some of us had never seen a real hedgehog. Such a lovely way to end a busy week.

In science we have been learning about 2 different types of circuits; a series circuit and a parallel circuit. I found out that a parallel circuit is normally used in a house. For example- if appliances were part of a series circuit, when we would switch one on, we would switch everything on. Whereas with a parallel, if one item is on or a bulb was to blow, other appliances would still be able to work.

In Maths we have been learning about squared numbers and fractions (in particular making the links with common multiples and factors). A few of us found it quite challenging but used our powers to get us through. Next week we shall continue with the theme of fractions but move onto adding and subtracting/ multiplying and dividing.

For those of us in choir we have been busy starting to learn new songs which are linked to science. (Written by Max)

In Class 6 this week we’ve been learning about the features of non-chronological report writing and in particular focusing on Hedgehogs. Using our learning powers, we found the content for our reports by using the Ipads and more importantly from the interesting facts that Nicola told us today. We have taken the time to plan and learn how to organise our information in order to interest and keep the reader engaged. We will be displaying our work in school so do keep an eye out for it.

In Art we have been creating Highland Cows by the artist Steven Brown. His technique and style is very colourful and amusing. It was a challenge but every pupil managed to complete a detailed sketch.

In dance we’ve been discussing our heartbeat and how it is important to warm up before exercise. Each week, 3 pupils are selected to lead a warm up at the beginning of our session. We are certainly working hard to get our routines to a polished performance. One of our class mates, as part of our homework grid, performed an emotional and moving dance in front of Mrs Peddie, Mrs Stewart and the rest of the class. It was truly amazing and fitted perfectly to the chosen track.

Of course we finished the week by having the pleasure of meeting Nicola, a member of Hetty’s Helpers. We also got the chance to meet three little ‘hoglets’. Our generous donations will help many hedgehogs survive hibernation and be rescued in the future. Look out for the wonderful photographs that Mrs Peddie took. (Written by Liv)

Thank you for a really interesting blog. I would just like to add how lovely it was with our exciting visit from Hetty’s Helpers. I do hope parents and carers will be able to join us on Friday 13th for our Class assembly. You will find out why we needed the books from my blog last week then if your child has not already told you. We have been putting ideas together ready to share with you all. Also thank you for the reply slips to the Sats evening which will be held in the hall on Wednesday 18th October.

Here are a few weekly reminders: swimming kits.

                                                   Homework in on Monday.

                                                   Spelling Test.

                                                   Home School contact checks.

Once again well done to those children receiving awards and thank you for the amazing range of pieces of homework that have been brought in recently. I do hope you all have a restful weekend and see you all on Monday.

Mrs Stewart

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Class 6 - books

Morning Class 6. If possible could you please bring in an old, unwanted book for next week. If the book could be less than 100 pages but no more than 110, that would be great. All will be revealed tomorrow. Remember, the book needs to be unwanted. If you have any spare and you would like to donate that would also be great. Please do not worry if you do not have any.

Mrs Stewart

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Harvest Celebrations

Hi all. Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week because in Class 6 we know we have. From Harvest Festival to National Poetry Day we’ve all worked our socks off. On Thursday all the children from across the school brought in their kind offerings to provide people with lovely food, fruit and vegetables. The congregation at St Ippolyts church was led by Revd Ginni and was packed with parents who were deeply moved by the service.

In Geography we are continuing to learn about the Scottish Isles and understanding how living on an island can affect the way of life. We were looking at house prices and population figures. I was looking at the population figures of Ireland, Britain and Scotland. I was looking at the massive difference between Scotland and England. Scotland (5.29 million) and England (53.01 million) and London (8.788 million).We then started to use the I pads to conduct our own research on a particular island of the Scottish Isles. We will be continuing to do so next week.

In RE we were studying and learning about the different beliefs of religious and non- religious groups in our local area. It has been quite tricky at times and we have been made to think quite deeply which is good. It also helps us to understand and respect people for who they are. (Euan M)

This week in Maths, on Tuesday in particular we were learning to solve problems using the backwards method. Here is an example of this

I think of a number. I subtract 25, add 2. I then multiply by 2. My answer is 154.

So to solve this you do 154 divided by 2 = 77 – 2 = 75 + 25 = 100. The answer is 100. We then learnt to work forwards in order to check our calculations. This technique has come in handy for some of our mental arithmetic questions on a Wednesday.

This week in English we have been writing Harvest and Freedom poems. Our harvest poems were based around a picture entitled ‘Harvest Moon ‘by Samuel Palmer. We chose ‘Freedom’ as it was National Poetry Day on Thursday and this was this year’s theme. We spent time planning and looking at poetic techniques. We were then encouraged to use our learning powers to create interesting poems in any style, but as we are older to try and get out of the habit of making our poems rhyme or choose an acrostic style. We will have a display up of our most current English work, for you to see a selection, for the Open Session on Monday.


Within computing we have been focusing a great deal on online respect. Today we were trying to understand how information is shared without permission. We talked about how it would or could make us feel and steps and strategies of how to remain safe. Next week we shall be reviewing the language and style used in a range of digital communication. (Curtis)

Blog by Euan and Curtis

Thanks boys a great blog. I’m not sure what else to add but a huge well done for a fun week. Congratulations to those receiving rewards and well done to all the footballers for the match last night at Whitehill. Good Luck to the girls playing tomorrow at the rally.

Here are just a few reminders for the week ahead.

  • Swimming kits

  • Spelling test and dictation Monday

  • Open Session after school on Monday  (look forward to seeing you)

  • Hedgehog day Friday  (any kind donations will be great)

See you all on Monday. Have a great weekend.  

Mrs Stewart

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