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Happy New Year !

Back with a bang - 2019 here we go! Talking to the children during their first week back it sounds like a lot of fun has been had by all over the Christmas holidays. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and cards.

It seems quite a quick week so what have we managed to achieve. In English we have started a new novel Skellig by David Almond. It is always interesting seeing the different front covers that the same novel can have and how much that will inform the reader as we say in Class 6 'hook the reader'. The love of being able to imagine and ask questions is what engages us as readers. By reading the first chapters I have always tried to leave it on a cliffhanger;the thirst of wanting more. The children found it interesting that the established and well-loved author Michael Morpurgo had quoted 'David Almond is a very special writer'on the front cover which made them ask - why is he so special? Today, we then took time to try visualising a roon at home and describe it in detail. When the children carry out reading comprehension questions it will often ask , what techniques has the author used.

In Maths we have been looking at measure and the powers of being able to convert them. Today found us looking at different multi step problems. We found that the barrier comes from the understanding of what the question is asking and not necessarily the maths itself. Breaking it up into manageable chunks is also important and that way if we go off track it is easier to spot. Once you know the pattern you just need to apply it.

Keeping with the maths theme, but linking it with our last terms history topic of The Mayans, we looked at their number system. At first it was quite tricky but like everything the more you persevere, the more you get the hang of it and before you know it..it's easy.

Thank you for remembering the PE kits. The children need to make sure that they have both in school, as even though the days can be chilly, they will be outside for PE.This week they have had football, hockey and gym.

Science - we had great fun reminding ourselves of the different systems we have. Could they remember the parts of the skeleton, muscular system and not forgetting the digestive system. However, it is all well and good knowing this but actually knowing the function and purpose of areas is just as crucial. You also just never know when that quiz question comes along, not that I am trying to study for any quiz night!

I was so pleased with the homework that was handed in at the beginning of the week. It has certainly been obvious that the children have been keeping their learning ticking over.

I am sure they will all be feeling a little tired tonight, trying to get back into the routines, but they have made a splendid start. Well done Class 6!


I shall be collecting Home School Contact books in on Monday.

Can you look over the Yr5/6 stautory word list as I shall be randomly selecting spellings from this on Monday.

Homework out on Tuesday.

Clubs start.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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Amazing Advent Calendars

I have been delighted by such creative advent calendar making and writing. A very creative class, who love using their learning powers. I have also seen some beautiful table decorations. Today in class we chatted about bringing in the table decoration for tomorrow. I am sure Year 6 will be lovely hosts to our visitors at Christmas dinner. I have had so many adults mention about their letters and the children have loved receiving their replies.

We then move on to Christmas parties on Thursday. If you are unsure of what the children have offered to bring in then please ask your child to check the list. Any donations are always gratefully received. Please could I also remind you to check products as we have children with allergies within school.

Another Carol Service gone, it only seems like yesterday that we were on last year's. They do say 'Time flies when you're having fun'!

 See you all tomorrow.

Mrs Stewart

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Awaiting Advent

Another couple of busy weeks that seem to have just flown by. On the 21st we were astounded by the wonderful performance of 'Private Peaceful' at the 'Letchworth Broadway Theatre. At the time of seeing this, we were half way through the novel by Murpurgo. Even though we know how the story ends we have continued to work on various purposes for writing.I have to say, they are as moving as the story is. At the end of term we shall be writing a range of work out to go on a display, as we are in the process of purple polishing and editing our work. 

It was lovely seeing so many parents at both parent appointments and pleased to share how well your children have been working.

At the end of a long week I appreciated the lovely range of cakes from Class 5 at their cake sale.I was also blown away by the wonderful class assembly that they delivered today. Being next door I have been able to see, close up, some of their wand designs.

On Monday it was my favourite collective worship, and as you will have seen from the earlier blog by Mrs Peddie it was Stir Up! The children sat watching the creation unfold infront of them and the smell in the hall was delicious. I can't wait, along with Class 6, to have a little taste.

I was so proud of all the children in my class with their recent sporting acheivements both inside and outside of school. The footballers returned extremely happy after their win on Tuesday morning. By the afternoon they were back in and back to learning with comprehension and our history topic of The Mayans.

Carrying on with the preparation of festive events each class was busy creating their traditional christmas hoops. Helpful volunteers were at the ready and now they are up they look beautiful. The christmas treats continued this week after school on the Wednesday. A range of fantastic activities were on offer and such a lovely atmosphere in the hall.

So amongst all of this creative curriculum, we still have managed to squeeze in wonderful writing, great geometry, deeper thinking in RE (sharing this with Revd Ginni),history and PE this week. Apologises for the state of the PE kits that should have arrived home with you. I made sure that the children took them home, along with trainers, as some of them had not taken them as requested on the Wednesday. As I explained, it was important to take them or the kits may get home on their own if left to the end of term.  

I do hope you have a lovely weekend and no doubt some of you shall be helping your parents put up Christmas decorations and opening your advent calendars tomorrow.

On Monday we shall sort out the rota for Christmas post delivery slots as the postbox opens, along with planning this years task of Class 6 christmas stalls for the fair on the 14th.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs Stewart



Swimming on Monday

PE kit washed and returned for PE in the week.

Spelling Test Monday

Last week of clubs next week.

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We Will Remember Them

It has been a busy but wonderful time over the last two weeks. I'm sure the children will have lasting memories of how much we have learnt about WW1. We feel passionate at St Ippolyts about ensuring that the children do not forget the importance of the past. This blog will combine what has happened over the last two weeks so that parents can keep up to date with things.

I was extremely proud, even on the first day back after half term, the choir visited Princess Helena for a wonderful singing workshop with Rufus Frowde. It is such a fun packed day and we were delighted to be able to perform two songs at the concert at the end of the event. It was lovely to have the support from parents and thought the children were so smart and behaved beautifully and sounded amazing.

I know the first week back was quite a shock as we were straight into assessmemnt week. I have to say though Class 6 were brilliant and can see that already how much effort is going into to be ready for their SATs. Well done to those who are even going the extra mile by putting in the hours on SAM learning. I have news that the study guides, which I spoke about at the SATs evening, have arrived and I shall be handing these out on Monday.

The end of the first week finished with such a moving day of reflection. Such a calm day after a busy week. You will be able to see how much of an impact it had on the children with the fabulous display that Mrs Peddie has put up in the main exhibition foyer. Alongside this we have our prayer display, with the prayer chair.I'm sure I'll be heading up to there to try and take time to reflect.

So moving on to this week.

We have been reading more of 'Private Peaceful' and working on tasks linked to this. I also let the children listen to someone else read this. You will find all the chapters on the BBC website. We discussed how the story was brought to life with the atmospheric background music and sound effects. This will also be enhanced and we can compare versions when we get the chance to go and see the theatre performance on Wednesday 21st November. 

Speaking of the power of theatre we, were amazed by the wonderful and very moving drama ' Lest we Forget ' that visited our school on Tuesday. The children were totally engaged and from this were inspired to use their learning powers to create some great work on what they have learnt about WW1. As we had launched into a project of making our own model trenches with Mrs Archer, we found it only fitting to write letters from the trenches as well.

Alongside this children in class have been out representing the school at a number of sporting fixtures. I have heard such good things about their dedication and resilence, which just supports why we were awarded Primary School of the Year in sports.  A huge well done to you all and thanks to Mr Jefferies, Mr Smith and all the other adults who have helped.

In RE we have been trying to answer the Big Question - What is the most important value to you and why? Not as easy at first but I'm really pleased with the way in which Class 6 have responded.

You are all probably at home getting ready to watch Pudsey on TV. We ended the week supporting a great cause-supporting Children in Need. We were delighted with all the kind and generous contributions that the children brought in and hopefully the children were pleased with their purchases. Lots of shopping.  We shall let you know the total amount raised as soon as possible, and look out for the photos soon.  THANK YOU EVERYBODY!

 Please check with your child that they received their parent appointment times, any problems do get in touch. I hope you all have a fab weekend and see you next week.


Year 6 out on 21st PM - Private Peaceful

Book Fair competition entries in by Wednesday 21st

Swimming kits for Monday

Parent Consultations on Thursday - No cookery club

Class 5 Cake Day on Friday

Book Fair before and after school on Friday




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Family Fun

It has been such a lovely week in school, ending with some lovely weather. I would like to thank the parents once again for coming in for the morning. I do hope you found it useful and the children loved having you there. It was so lovely hearing everyone reading and seeing how reading can be enjoyable. As I mentioned yesterday, we shall hopefully see each other on Wednesday for the SATs evening. Year 6 children can come along too.

This week we have been looking at report writing in English. Initially, I gave the children the opportunity to select a theme which interests them. From this they have had time to research and gather notes in order to put together a final piece. We hope to have these finished by next week.

In maths we have kept with fractions but have moved to looking at the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages. Today we discussed and worked on strategies of improving our skills in mental arithmetic.

In RE we spent some time looking at the beautiful building of St Albans Cathedral. I then asked the children to think about the following big question - What do cathedrals show about what Christians believe about God? I have to say that a lot of effort has gone into presenting this learning beautifully.

Talking about beautiful presentation I have also been impressed by some of the amazing DT designs and sketches for bird houses. It never surprises me about the amount of stunning home learning that has been coming in as well.

Next week Class 6 shall be going round selling poppies to children and as stated in the newsletter a minimum donation of 30p would be gratefully received. All the children will get the chance to go round.

Thank you for the clear plastic bottles that have been handed in so far. Please feel free to keep sending any empty bottles our way.

PE is going well and a number of children were awarded housepoints after the great sportsmanship displayed whilst playing football today.

Hope you all have a great weekend and the lovely weather lasts a little longer.

Mrs Stewart

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