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A braw day tae dae an assembly!

Thank you Class 6 for all your effort in learning Scots songs, poetry and facts for your assembly. As I asked you just the other day, do you feel you know more about Scotland than you did in week one?... and everyone said yes. I also hope that you managed to try some homemade tablet. Remember not too much or a trip to the dentist may be the next dae oot!

With it being our class assembly, harvest service and some of the children being out at St Albans Cathedral with the choir I have not given homework out this week. Please see it as an opportunity to try and get some additional grid learning completed, or get yourself absorbed in a book.  I have loved seeing the range of learning coming in off the grid. Well done!You should have all had spellings and your test will be on Monday morning.

With trying to get everything ready for the end of the week we have not covered as many subjects, but here is what we have been up to. On Monday the children had a good swimming session and on return completed their weekly spellings and dictation. Already I can see a difference with their achievements, especially with regards to dictation.

I'm so pleased and proud of the way the children rose to the challenge of reading in Scots. We have been making a start to having a go at writing in Scots. Vocabulary is something that we are always discussing within class. We have been looking at writing poems in English about the Highlands and then with the use of a Scottish guide we will turn them into Scots verse.

In Maths we have looked at multiples, factors, primes, square roots and how some can be common to more than one number. These are all important skills to cover, so that when this mathematical vocabulary appears, they can tackle any kind of question.

We had a really enjoyable PE lesson on the field on Wednesday morning. I felt I had run about as much as the kids once playing football. I can definately see that everyones shooting skills, dribbling and teamwork are really coming along nicely.

In Science we have looked at how we hear sounds, paying particular attention to the parts of the ear and their functions.

I do hope cookery club have not over indulged with the tablet and treacle scones. Please do not worry Class 6 I still have tablet left for you all to have a try on Monday.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Stewart



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