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Autumn Week 3

We've had great fun this week in Class 4, especially in English. We have planned and written our very own fables with the moral - Don't be greedy, it's good to share. The children have done some fantastic writing, lots of creative ideas and extended description with things like adjectives and similes! 

In Maths we have been finishing off securing our Place Value knowledge as well as starting to use rounding to estimate tricky sums. The children have had a fantastic attitude towards Maths and are really enjoying their learning. 

We did some cave art this week! Pretending we were a cave man in the Mesolithic Period of the Stone Age by drawing under neath the tables! It was quite tricky but there are some fantastic pieces of art. 

We've done our first science experiment too - investigating if gases weigh anything. We also learnt who inventedfizzy drinks by discovering carbon dioxide! Very interesting! 

Have a lovely weekend - Don't forget to do some grid homework! 

Miss Gale 

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