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Class 3 Blog 11th of December

In our last Topic lesson we have been learning about London. In one of our lessons we have been solving riddles about London here is one of mine: people mistake me for a clock but I am a bell. What am I? the anwser is Big Ben.

By Alma and Aayan


In maths are L.O. was to do subtraction on a number line here is one that I did 56 – 28 makes 28. by Maada and Jack 


 In Topic we where doing a tourist information guide

WELCOME to London


The Shard is the tallest building in the world,WOW!      

Big Ben                                      

Big Ben is the name given to the large bell inside the clock tower of palase of west-minster,WOW!

by Nell and Megan 


In English we had to imagine Katie has gone home. Before she goes to sleep she writes a diary entry about her day.

Dear Diary,

You won't believe I went to London on a big red bus and travelled to Trafalgar square but Grandma fell asleep on the bench.

By Isabelle and Daisy


In English we were learning about Elizabeth and Edgar and describing them.                                                                                        Edgar is green like a green scaly lizard and his tale is as strong as an elephants trunk.  

by Elliot and Kit                                                             

Christmas Party Day
Waiting for Christmas!

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