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Class 4 Week 8! End of Autumn 1

This week's blog has been written by Class 4 altogether! 

This we week we have been amazing because we have written brilliant instructions on How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth - Have you ever tried to wash a Woolly Mammoth? 

In Maths we have been learning and practising the column method for addition with 3 and 4 digit numbers! We have also practised the 3 times table lots and lots and we are getting better! 

In Science, we learnt about The Water Cycle and used words like evaporation, condensation and precipitation - Do you know what these words mean? We can tell you!

In PSHE we learnt about health, balanced diet and made our own meal planners for the week, looking at making sure we have had our 5-a-day as well as enough water. 

To sum up our first term as Class 4....

  • All of us have done brilliantly!
  • It has been exciting, we have done some experiementing and creative things - it has been fun!
  • We have had a brilliant time with Miss Gale and we have been doing some hard work, it is harder than KS1!
  • It has been fun time in Class 4, we can't wait for our next term. 
  • We also have enjoyed our PE lessons with Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith because they are very nice!
  • Class 4 has been very adventurous 
  • This half term has been amazingly fun. We have done lots of fun stuff for eight weeks!

Well done Class 4, I am very impressed and proud of your hard working attitudes to school life!

Have a lovely break

Miss Gale


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