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First Week Back !

I do hope everyone had a lovely half term week. I am pleased to say that Class 6 have come back and look refreshed and ready to face next half term. This week we have allocated new responsibilty roles and been given a few extra tasks along the way, such as selling poppies and carrying out jobs for teachers. This fits nicely with this half terms value- generosity. From listening in Collective Worship and having today's Friday Fellowship I have seen children in Class 6 being generous with their time, words, sportmanship and donating shoeboxes or purchasing poppy appeal related merchandise.

The beginning of the week saw us looking at Bonfire Night. As it is a fun time of year it also leads great discussion in how to be safe as well. We thought it would be a great idea to look to writing an informative piece persuading and letting the wider community know how to stay safe. Using our learning powers children could select the genre and audience for which to write for. Therefore we had some explanation pieces, some more debate related but all having a persuasive feel to them. In order to check how persuasive we carried out some peer marking and listening to the dialogue of people I was super impressed by the positive words being said to one another, alongside some helpful points to develop their pieces further.

This moved us onto thinking more of a PSHE frame of mind with, is their a difference between a risk, a hazard and danger. Once again I was blown away by some of the mature answers that were being given.

We also added to our reflection area, which is based around remembrance. As a class we discussed how important the phrase 'We will remember them' is to us. I have to say that the children wrote some mature and moving speech bubbles expressing their feelings so well. 

In Maths we have remained with the focus of fractions but have moved onto checking our understanding of adding and subtracting fractions. As the week has gone by I have seen a greater confidence in their ability and also children being generous to support friends who may not understand it straight away. We shall be moving onto multiplication and divising fractions next week, even though it is assessment week.

Speaking of this, next week the children will be carrying out assessments in English, Maths and Science. I have hopefully managed to reassure some children, as I know not everyone likes tests but it is the way in which we use our learning powers to remain positive. I am also sure that the children are aware just to try there best and be proud of what they do.

We have been looking at a few different comprehensions and still pushing for that wealth of vocabulary. Working each week in the library helps, us to see how grateful we are to have a space to enjoy and share our choices in reading. 

In RE we have been looking at what a triptych is ? You may also and hopefully have received the letter explaining about the Class 6 trip to St Albans Cathedral later this month. If you have a chance see if your child can explain what this is.

In Art we started to explore the technique of using batik. As we have only just started these lessons we watched short videos which gave us a brief overview of the process. You may have also seen from the new Home Learning grid that batik was mentioned. If your child has not received a copy you shall find this on the website or the children can take one from the class noticeboard. We have started to think about using the skill of batik for a piece related to remembrance and will be selecting other projects along the way. 

To finish the week off we carried out a science experiment using skittles. Please be reassured I have not filled children up with skittles, they were for experimental use only and afterwards we would certainly have not wanted to eat them. We were investigating and exploring if hot or cold water would dissolve the sugar coating the quickest. It was fascinating to see the results and have already planned to investigate these sweets further.

Also this afternoon our two year 6 school council reps reported back to the class after attending this morning the Hitchin schools Transition Conference , held at The Priory. Both pupils, Amber and Ben did an amazing job of gathering questions from the class and also finding out the answers, and by having the chance to talk to Year 7 and each other it may push some future worries away.

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and will see you on Monday.

Mrs Stewart


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