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First week of 2020 in Class 6

A reflection of the first week of term and what Class 6 managed to achieve. On the first day back we took time to discuss our reflection area and the meaning of Epiphany. As part of our inquisitive learning powers we thought of questions we had in our minds. As we explored the chalking on the doors, we tried to think of the year ahead and what aims/goals we could set for ourselves. The 20+C+M+B+ 20 would also then be connected and explored within our maths of this week - algebra. 

Algebra can be one of those topics that pupils dread but in actual fact when pulled apart and explored it's lovely to hear children saying' oh that makes sense' or ' is it as easy as that'. Our opening destination questions to learning let us see where we needed to focus our attention during the week. We have went through this weeks maths in a more investigative way, taking an initial investigation and exploring how we can explore further. Looking for patterns and trends and designing threads of enquiry in pairs. Trying to prove bigger statements. 

We set to getting started on our new spellings, which we shall be testing tomorrow so please try to make sure that you do not leave them to the last minute but work on getting them secure. Little and often is the way forward. Our English this term kicks off with the Michael Murpurgo book ' Kensuke's Kingdom. The choice behind this being linked with our Art's Days this year -Japan. Already looking at the front cover a pupil could see the connection or link to a very famous painting. This week has seen us getting through chapter1 and discussing a great deal of vocab and predicting questions such as : Who is Peggy Sue? Who is Kensuke? Why did the dad go ahead and buy a boat? Will they survive or are the family plans quite far fetched? 

On Tuesday afternoon Mrs Springall taught science and PSHE. Popping in and out I was hearing some great discussions on classifiying animals and what did the pupils think health and wellbeing meant. Over the term Class 6 will research, discuss and debate issues concerning health and wellbeing. Members of the wellbeing crew also had the chance to lead and share certain ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing about their findings over the term. 

Please as a reminder PE has started and with a variety of different indoor and outdoor sports , the children will need their outdoor and indoor kits. As part of health and wellbeing we have also spoken about taking responsibility of bringing kits back and fourth to freshen them up and avoid week's of mud. All good skills towards transition to secondary. This week we covered gym, hockey and indoor athletics. 

In music we explored more of the historical nature and how many famous composers or genres we knew. As you will have seen from the curriculum overview,  we shall be looking at the composer Benjamin Britten and listening and learning to perform a piece by the end of the half term. We shall be aiming to widen our understanding of a variety of styles on music too. It was interesting making connections between historical timelines from history and in RE to the 'Big Frieze'. I was really pleased with the knowledge from the pupils in Class 6 about their understanding of the Bible and how key concepts fit in. We shall be focusing our enquiry into ' Salvation'. 

French was fun on Friday trying some french pastry and studying the meaning behind some French traditions. In an ever changing and diverse world it is important to look around, broadening our minds. 

Our last learning session before Friday Fellowship saw us getting started on our computing topic- 'Soundworks'. This will be explored over the term and various homelearning tasks support this topic. We had time to discuss the bigger picture of learning and collaboratively try putting some ideas down using garageband. For some of us, learning from others to get our way round this app. 

Will see you all soon and ready for the new week ahead. Remember if you have any issues regarding the Sam Learning homework set please come and see me before the deadline of Tuesday.  

Best wishes

Mrs Stewart



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