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Grab every opportunity!

Another week that has flown by. I’m sure it gets quicker every week. Here is what class 6 have been up to this week.

In English we have continued with poetry. You may not have realised but on October 4th, the day before our class assembly, was National Poetry Day. Each year there is a particular theme, this year, the theme of the day was change. This National event involved 12 specially chosen poets from around the UK. They were invited to write a poem about a change that deserves to be celebrated in poetry. These changes could be big or small but had to be turning points for a community, or something that changes people’s thoughts and feelings. With all the changes that year 6 have to go through - we had to seize the opportunity.  Today we looked also at vocabulary related to change such as: regeneration, modification, migration, deviation, enhancement, deterioration. As we planned to write we took time to consider using some poetic techniques in our poems such as: simile, metaphor, personification, rhyme, alliteration, imagery and repetition.

In Maths we have turned now to increasing our confidence in working with fractions. Of course, we started at the beginning and did a very quick whistle stop tour of all the different elements that fractions can bring. This way we can iron out any misconceptions or gaps in our knowledge. As you will have seen this week’s homework has focused on this mathematical strand as well. We have also had the chance to carry out a few low key assessments across a number of strands of maths. I will be taking the time to chat with each child about them and I’m sure they will let you know how they did.

I have been so pleased to see a number of you returning slips to the upcoming SATs evening on the 24th October. I reminded the children that they should take the time to come along as well. I shall be showing, explaining and giving the children their SAM Learning accounts that night. Please do not worry if you cannot attend, I shall make sure you have the details.

Our weekly dictation practise has been improving and this week we realised how important it is to read, taking punctuation into consideration. I modelled reading the particular passage as quite a few children, from the previous week, had missed the two exclamation marks. Already I have seen children purple polishing once they have the sentences down.

Another National event which we participated in this week was, World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. Our learning powers worked hand in hand with the theme of resilience. We had a wonderful discussion as a class about how we can look after our wellbeing. From this we have started to make posters, flyers, leaflets about what we can do in school and at home.

In Science we had great fun looking at generating an experiment to muffle sound. Using our collaborative learning powers we have organised experiments and will have great fun in testing them out in our next session.

Also this week we have carried out lessons in geography, music, DT and PE. Your child I’m sure will tell you more.

I look forward to seeing most of you next week at Family Week and then the following week at the SATs evening.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  • Home school contact books. A few have been left behind this evening but do feel free to read over the weekend.

  • Swimming kits

  • Spellings tested Monday, out on Tuesday.

  • Homework out on Tuesday

  • Any plastic bottle donations are very welcome (as seen on the newsletter)

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