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The Final Term Already - How can this be ?

Wow! Where did the Easter holidays go? I do hope you all had a lovely time with your families and not too many chocolate eggs.

Well as the title of this blog states- the final term. I can't believe it! It is moving so fast. Last week seemed a little strange only being in school three days but the children were great. I can clearly see those children who took on the advice of little and often to keep things ticking over during the break.

Wednesday saw us straight back into things. Mrs Archer worked on creative writing, comprehension, alongside mental arithmetic and Miss Massie with French and that was just the morning. I also had the opportunity to work with children in smalller groups, having chats about reading, spelling, maths reasoning and making sure no one was worrying. I have to say I am so proud of them all as they are in high spirits and eager to learn. In the afternoon we managed to join Class 4 on the field for a marvellous rounders lesson. It was lovely to see how well the children interact and support one another in sport - amazing! A terrific amount of Learning Powers to see.

On Thursday we started the day with spellings. As a class we have decided to work on 20 random spellings, from the Year 3-4 and 5-6 lists, including spellings with particular spelling rules. We shall be doing this straight after our early morning work each day, then marking as a class, discussing where we can spot ways to improve our accuracy. Over Thursday and Friday things were looking positive - as I knew they would. These spellings will not be sent home each day; they are completely random and to let the children identitfy where they need to work on.

We spent the remaining time this week in Maths,  discussing and revising areas we have covered. We chatted about imperial measures and the children copied a chart to assist them, in their home school contact books. We then spent time on algebra. Mainly looking at problems which dealt with reasoning, simple formulae and linear sequencing. This week coming we shall be going over: fractions(all operations), circle work, rounding, long divisions and long multiplication, mental fluency and ratio and proportion. Plus any other area that anyone feels is required. I have spoken with the children and encouraged them to pop in at any time during breaks or lunchtimes to ask me anything or see me at SAM Learning. Some children have already taken me up on my offer- which is great.

Our final term is a busy one but most of all should be a fun one. As I mentioned on the curriculum leaflet and as Mrs Peddie said to the children as well, they need to enjoy every moment they can. Make even more memories.

You should have received on Thursday, information about the SATs breakfast. If you have any questions then please just ask. See you all soon for another busy week. Please make sure you have PE kits in school, along with a water bottle.

Mrs Stewart 


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