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Welcome back to the final term

First of all I hope everyone had a very happy Easter, a restful break and enjoyed spending time together.

The first week has gone so quickly, but everyone seems to be ready for the busy and fun term that lies ahead. I have been really pleased with the effort that children have put in this week and have seen so many learning powers being used.

The new value for this half term is ’Service’. It was launched on Tuesday and hope you found the leaflet attached to this week’s newsletter interesting. It was lovely seeing the children being awarded the first values badges and who could forget the tidy cup and golden chairs. Quite a packed curriculum leaflet was also sent out. I do hope the section regarding SATs has been useful for year 6 parents.

In English we have focused our attention on grammar, punctuation and spelling within text extracts, reading comprehension and poetry. As you already are aware we are looking at the Victorians in history so what better way than to look at some Victorian poetry. This week we have used images of what it would be like as a Victorian child. In small groups the children were given time to discuss and prepare word banks of relevant vocabulary that could be included when writing our drafts. We also took time to look at the use of figurative language. Within reading comprehension sessions, we have been identifying certain features, such as personification, alliteration, oxymoron’s and hyperboles. Next week we shall be continuing with analysing and writing poetry.

In Maths, year 6 have been working on their reasoning skills with a range of topics. Alongside this continuing to build our speed and efficiency in mental arithmetic. Year 5 have concentrated on working with decimals (multiplication and division), prime numbers, factors and multiples. Next week we shall be recapping on fractions, decimals, percentages and word problems involving measure.

Our felt phone cases are almost complete and I have to say they look amazing. Everyone has really tried to persevere and master a range of sewing techniques. The children are now busy on evaluating their final product.

In History, Mrs Archer started our topic about the Victorians. The children learnt about what it was like for children at work. Looking at photographs and evidence, it was clear that it certainly was not an easy time for children then compared to what it is like today.

We have also managed to look at RE. We took a picture by Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337) and concentrated on discussing our thoughts and ideas of the imagery of Pentacost that we could see. The children were given the opportunity to research and find out their own lines of enquiry about this Christian event; to see if they could apply their learning powers. It is always interesting seeing the number of different ways in which the children present their learning when given the chance to be creative. By the end of the lesson it was clear that they had found out a great deal.

As you will have seen from the diary dates that our sport’s day will be just around the corner. At the field today Mr Jefferies and I were astounded at the progress made, in just one lesson so far, with the standing jump. Every child showed great determination. It was then followed off with a chance to show their skills in a relay race. Looking at the standards, I’m sure it will be a close competition between all teams for this year’s cup.


I can certainly see that the children took the advice of ensuring that they kept their learning ticking over the Easter holidays, as I have a mountain of marking. I do value the amount that each child has managed to achieve and will therefore be handing out the CPG books for Year 6 and maths work for year 5 on Monday.

We discussed as a class that our learning never stops, so would have plenty activities at home to carry on with. Therefore I would like the children to do a few of the following:

  • reading (daily )

  • spellings (these can be completed verbally, things such as prefixes, )

  • times tables

  • SAM Learning (Year 6 )

Of course the children can even produce something that has interested them from any of the lessons covered this week.


  • Named water bottles.

  • SATs breakfast letters

  • Class 2 cake day next Friday

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Stewart

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