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Caribbean Arts Days - Day 1

We have had an exciting, colourful day in school today for the first of our Caribbean Arts Days. Take a look in the photo gallery for pictures of what we have been doing!

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Mindfulness course for children and parents

I have been asked to signpost parents to this course that is being run by The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living.  Full details are below.  Many thanks, Mrs Nichols


Mindfulness for Children and Parents

Mindfulness can benefit everybody. Research shows that it can help to lower stress, reduce anxiety, enhance self-confidence and improve concentration.

Learning Mindfulness together with your child on this fun and interactive course will benefit you both — enabling you to support each other in putting Mindfulness into practice in your daily lives.

Children who have completed the course have said :

“The Mindfulness course has made me a better person”, “Mindfulness helps me to think before I react”, “Mindfulness helps me to get to sleep”

Where: The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living,

               Hitchin Road, Letchworth, SG6 3NA

For whom: 7-11 year olds and their parents/carers

When: Fridays 17.00-18.30 starting 1st February

For more information and to book visit;


or call 01462 678804

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Rock On!

I'm sure you have heard about Times Table Rockstars. Class 6 have been keen to tell me their rock status and it has only been a day. I asked the class to give me some comments about it.

"It's a fun way to learn times tables."   "Earn coins, to buy accessories for your character."  " A fun way to educate."

These were just a few. I have to say I have also enjoyed having a go. My avatar looks pretty cool in a kilt, especially as I will be celebrating 'Burns Night'.

Mrs Wilson was impressed by Class 6's knowledge and understanding of the functions of the heart and lungs. Such a complex system, that it is hard to imagine how it all works.

In Art with Mrs Archer the children have been starting a new topic - 'Express Yourself'. This should work well with the upcoming weeks at school. As you will have seen in the newsletter about Wellbeing Week.

We have challenged ourselves and perservered to master the concepts of measure - particularly volume, area, surface area and perimeter. Of course this is something that has been covered in previous years but each year or time revisiting it gets a little harder. Some children started to look into learning about the nth term in order to find the surface area of a pattern of shapes.

We are appraoching the half way point of our book 'Skellig'. We have just started to find out about William Blake. After Arts Days we shall be picking up our english work again based on William Blake poetry. As our Arts Days are based on the Caribbean we shall be turning our attention to researching and finding more about Caribbean countries gaining independence. We will be looking at how to debate and be appreciative of what others have to say, even if we feel differently. Writing some explanatory texts.I'm sure the children will have an amazing week next week. It is so important to learn about the culture and traditions of other countries.

Finally our week ended with a really productive PE session. Working in groups, each team had to collaborate and perform a routine in gymnastics. I have to say everyone did brilliantly. We have decided to plan a display board to show others. Hopefully we can sort this out for the upcoming 'Open session'.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I think I may need to go and do some studying for the Quiz Night.  

Mrs Stewart

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Spring 1 Week 3

Dear Parents,

Another week in Class 3 has flown by!

In Literacy this week we looked at the features of a Non-Chronological Report and planned our own report on St Ippolyts School. We are excited to write our report based on our plan next week! 

In Maths we have been working hard on fractions. We practised finding 1/2, 1/4, 1/3 and 2/3 of numbers and solved word problems with fractions.

In Science the children have had fun planting cress seeds and watching them grow into plants. The children were able to confidently talk about what plants need to survive and could explain what germination means. They have been making predictions about what will happen to seeds which are planted in different environments (more or less water and sunlight).

Our Geography topic this term is Australia. Thank you to all those children who have brought in souvenirs from Australia to show the class. This week the children enjoyed looking at a variety of Aboriginal art work. They planned their designs for their own Aboriginal dot paintings which we will start painting the week after next. As part of their designs the children had to incorporate Aboriginal symbols. Why not ask your child if they can draw one of these symbols and explain to you what it means.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Weston & Mrs Pateman

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Spring Week 3

Well done Class 4, another hard working week!

In English we have written poems about a Roald Dahl Character and made sure it included rhyming couplets, we did a brilliant job at structure and it was quite tricky to find words that rhymed! Lots of perseverance and editing needed.

In Maths we have finished off learning about 3D shapes and we made some nets of 3d aliens! We then have recapped learning of addition with column method, year 4s even used decimals!

In science we have set up and investigation of how sugary drinks can affect our teeth - ask the children what we have done to find out!

In RE we have done some deep thinking about the Teleological Argument - I was blown away by how to children learnt some much about this and could now explain it probably better than me!

Arts days next week! How exciting.

Also, if anyone has any glass jars that could be donated for our Art project later on in the term, that would be fab! 

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Gale

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