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Hitchin Fireworks - tickets available from school

Fireworks poster

We are selling tickets for this event after school from Monday 1st October. See Lucy French Monday and Wednesdays. Please have correct change available or cheques made out to Hitchin Fireworks.

Ladder 87 Company, the fire safety company which runs this event, have kindly offered to support St Ippolyts PTA through ticket sales. The PTA will receive a donation of 10% of the value of any tickets we sell so if you are planning on attending this event, please do purchase your tickets through us!

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A braw day tae dae an assembly!

Thank you Class 6 for all your effort in learning Scots songs, poetry and facts for your assembly. As I asked you just the other day, do you feel you know more about Scotland than you did in week one?... and everyone said yes. I also hope that you managed to try some homemade tablet. Remember not too much or a trip to the dentist may be the next dae oot!

With it being our class assembly, harvest service and some of the children being out at St Albans Cathedral with the choir I have not given homework out this week. Please see it as an opportunity to try and get some additional grid learning completed, or get yourself absorbed in a book.  I have loved seeing the range of learning coming in off the grid. Well done!You should have all had spellings and your test will be on Monday morning.

With trying to get everything ready for the end of the week we have not covered as many subjects, but here is what we have been up to. On Monday the children had a good swimming session and on return completed their weekly spellings and dictation. Already I can see a difference with their achievements, especially with regards to dictation.

I'm so pleased and proud of the way the children rose to the challenge of reading in Scots. We have been making a start to having a go at writing in Scots. Vocabulary is something that we are always discussing within class. We have been looking at writing poems in English about the Highlands and then with the use of a Scottish guide we will turn them into Scots verse.

In Maths we have looked at multiples, factors, primes, square roots and how some can be common to more than one number. These are all important skills to cover, so that when this mathematical vocabulary appears, they can tackle any kind of question.

We had a really enjoyable PE lesson on the field on Wednesday morning. I felt I had run about as much as the kids once playing football. I can definately see that everyones shooting skills, dribbling and teamwork are really coming along nicely.

In Science we have looked at how we hear sounds, paying particular attention to the parts of the ear and their functions.

I do hope cookery club have not over indulged with the tablet and treacle scones. Please do not worry Class 6 I still have tablet left for you all to have a try on Monday.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Stewart



Home School Contact Books

Swimming Kits

Spelling test Monday/ Tuesday spellings out.

Homework out Tuesday

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Class 5 Week 5

Biscuits, biscuits and biscuits!

Thursday and Friday some of the children have been able to finally make their biscuits they have designed in DT. They have worked hard to keep to their specification however, the odd marshmallow or popping candy toppings seem to have snuck into their last minute design changes! We will continue our biscuit making on Monday for those who didn’t get the chance to this week!

In maths, we have been looking and the short and long multiplication method and have been working hard to ensure we know each step of the method. Some children admitted to struggling a bit as they did not know their times tables! Please try to practice these regularly, as it is a great help when learning trickier things!

We have finished our Harry Potter Hogwarts accepted letters this week – I am sure some of you saw the finished ones up on the wall on Monday. They have been well written and the children have focused on the format of a formal letter. Next week, we will be looking at advertisements for Wands and completing some descriptive writing!

Finally, an apology to the Year 5 parents – In the mad rush of a Friday afternoon I completely forgot to give out the children’s Residential School Journey letter. These will be given out on Monday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and with the absence of weekly homework, maybe some grid homework can be done, or extra times table practice!

See you Monday,

Miss Walker

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Autumn 1, Week 5

This week in Class One, we have been starting to think about people who keep us safe and we began this topic by thinking about who keeps us safe when we cross the road. The children were extremely knowledgeable about how to cross a road safely and were able to demonstrate how to Stop, Look, Listen and Think during our demonstration which was really lovely to see! We have been learning about the role of lollipop lady, thinking about how we should behave near busy roads and the children conducted their own traffic surveys outside of the school, to see which was the most popular vehicle to drive in St Ippolyts. The children have even been patrolling our outside area, creating their own ‘speeding tickets’ for fast vehicles that go by and dressing up as police officers which has been very funny to watch!

We had some fantastic links to maths this week by looking at examples of road signs that the children might see when they are out and about and we learnt all about the ‘warning’ triangle signs and other various shapes we might spot. The children then made their own road signs using lollipop sticks and paints….even a ‘dinosaur crossing’ sign!

Thank you to all who came to Open Session on Monday this week and also for all of your kind donations for Harvest Festival. We hope you enjoyed the service and watching your little ones donate all of their lovely food parcels in church. Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Ingle, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Sabri and Mrs Gemmell.

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Class 4 week 4

Another busy week in Class 4. We finished off our topic on fables, the children have worked hard to learn different ways to edit and 'up level' their work. They have used a purple polishing pen and support from their partner to great success! In Maths, we used 'think 10' when doing mental addition and reinforced our knowledge of number bonds to 10/20/100. We have also started our Turbo Tables mental maths game - lots of practicing so that recall is quick! 

In science, we learnt about condensation and evaporation by looking at water happened to the amount of water when it is boiled in a kettle. We also looked at how the particles move and change when they are changing from a solid to liquid to gas and whether these changes are reversible or irreversible. 

Looking forward to seeing lots of people at open session on Monday night! 3:30 - 6:30pm

Don't forget - homework is due on Monday and also spellings will be tested. 

Miss Gale 

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