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All children wear the school uniform, properly named. Please help us by keeping to the list.



navy blue skirt/pinafore dress

navy blue tailored trousers:

   NB Not stretch or jersey fabric or with any embellishments

white blouse (not polo shirt)

school tie

navy blue cardigan/jumper - V neck, no sweatshirts

white socks

white/navy tights

navy or black sensible shoes (notably well supporting/sturdy shoes, not trainers)

a warm winter coat


white and pale blue check dress
white socks, sun hat



white shirt (not polo shirt)

school tie

navy V necked jumper, no sweatshirts

grey trousers (long or short)

grey socks

black sensible shoes (notably well supporting/sturdy shoes) NOT Trainers

a warm winter coat, sun hat

Ties are available from the school office (with elastic for infants)

NB: For special performance/public events, girls wear skirts/pinafores and not trousers.



For reasons of general health, hygiene and safety, children should always have appropriate kit to change into for PE and games lessons.  In accordance with HCC guidelines all children work in bare feet for PE lessons indoors, as we consider it safer for grip as well as enabling children to use all their foot and leg muscles.


navy blue shorts
white polo shirt/white T-shirt

plimsolls for indoor PE

trainers for outdoor PE


navy blue shorts
white T-shirt

plimsolls for indoor PE

trainers for outdoor PE



Outdoor PE kit is also recommended: tracksuit or jogging bottoms and fleece or jumper. We would prefer these to be in school colours where possible please. Outdoor PE kit cannot be worn for indoor gym or dance. 


Long hair must be tied back for PE lessons and jewellery must not be worn. If earrings cannot be removed parents are asked to provide their child with micropore tape to cover them with.

It would be very helpful if parents could name ALL clothing.  If wellington boots are worn to school in winter, please provide a change of shoes to be available in school.

Jewellery, make-up, extreme hair styles, nail varnish or fake tattoos are not permitted at any time. Children may wear a sensible watch; smart watches / Fitbits not permitted.


School fleeces with logos are optional for outdoor wear and PE but are not an alternative to the school uniform jumper. 





Infant book Bags                                 £4.00

Junior Book bags / satchels                  £7.00

PE kit / gym bags                                £2.50

Outdoor fleeces with embroidered logo  £13.50 childrens,     £17.50 adults

Infant ties with elastic                          £2.00

Junior ties (traditional)                         £2.50

Hats / caps                                          £3.50

Handwriting pens                                      20p


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