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Learning Powers Assemble!

Assessment weeks over and the children in Class 6 have been putting everything into them. I shall be speaking with them individually so that they know where they need to focus their attention, then will share this with you at the next parent appointments, which you should have received a form for with this week’s newsletter.

I hope they have recovered from a very energetic Friday with the Daily Mile and all the sporting fun, even taking part in a French sport as well; thanks to Madame Twomey. Sadly, I could not join them but I think they did a much better job than I would.

Last week in maths we looked at measure. That all important life skill of being able to convert measure and also within measure word problems, can always prove to be problematic – hopefully not now! Of course it is not just metric but imperial to metric measure. Those who do have the revision cards, this is an area which can never have too much looking at.

Moving to English, we are really getting into our class novel ‘Holes’. Now approaching Chapter 10. We are really diving quite deeply into the text and finding that by doing this are improving our skills in: reading for enjoyment, writing and GPS. This week we have been understanding the characters more, alongside the underlying sub-plot, which runs parallel to the main story. Some of us have even started to predict a bit deeper by thinking about themes in which the author may have based his ideas on. We are even thinking about sending some of our predictions to him, which is very exciting.

The children had great fun with a very interactive science session with Mrs Springall. They were discussing and plotting on large models how water and nutrients travel around their bodies. Following on from that session, they started to discuss financial risks and why we earn money. This is part of our PSHE lessons. The children were discussing jobs and the importance of money – does it bring happiness?

This will have some connection with our Science Days this coming week, as we explore jobs in science. Lots of practical/investigative lessons being planned.

Our music session last week concentrated on improving our understanding of music terminology – in both English and Italian terms. We then carried out (little but complex) rhythm and pitch based exercises to become more confident in performing in front of each other. I do love hearing my class sing, as they produce a beautiful sound together.

We spent the last part of the week in History. Initially, we took time to see what our general understanding of ‘Crime and Punishment ‘was through the periods. This raised some great class based discussions. We then started to explore using our learning powers, what crimes and punishments were around in the Roman period. This was something that we had already been discussing within RE and could make connections and links to our learning.

I am sure that some children will select some of the grid home learning after seeing how intrigued they were. As a reminder, children you need to have completed 5 by the end of this term.

Just so you are aware, the children covered 100 spellings this week – 20 a day keeps the fear of spelling away! They all took it in their stride. Parents I sent home an exercise that was explained in class. This needs to be handed in by Tuesday please. It consists of one set of twenty spellings (covering a range of spelling rules) and the children are expected to have knowledge of the word class of the words, along with the spelling rule. From this they need to compose 20 complex sentences. Within this exercise, I shall be looking at the use of punctuation as well – especially capital letters and full stops!

See you all tomorrow, ready for another fun week ahead. Please do not worry I have some of your Home School Contact books with me.

Reminder: Parents if you have any empty 2 litre bottles then please can you send them in with your children as we need one for each child in Class 6 for a Science experiment - thanks. I have some but not enough. 

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Lent Begins

The first week back starts us off in the period of Lent. Shrove Tuesday saw us taking part in the annual pancake race at school. Great excitement and well done to everyone who took part. Ash Wednesday followed and started the period of Lent. What shall you be giving up?
This year rather than giving something up I have decided to participate in 40 acts of kindness. Stewardship is a Christian organisation which aims to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike to be generous. For some years now, they have run the ’40 Acts’ campaign. Rather than give something up for Lent – chocolate, coffee, TV, etc – people are encouraged to use the period of Lent to give something back. They spend the time being thankful for what they have, and then sharing some of that with others. Class 6 have been keen to find out what my daily acts are, which are emailed each day to me, apart from Sundays. We decided as a class to then think of 40 things we as a class could participate in doing around school, home and within our community. The children have thought carefully about certain acts of kindness and generosity and we shall share how we get on as we progress through Lent.
I will now pass over to Morgan and Sami to give you a summary and highlights of the first week back from their perspective.

This first week back has been a lot of fun and we did A LOT. We first started off with some challenging EMW(Early Morning Work). On Monday Mrs Stewart introduced raffle tickets for finishing work and amazing writing. Then we did English and this term we have started with ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. Have you read it or watched it? We looked at the blurb and focused our attention on what hooks a reader? Narrative devices that are evident within the opening chapters. We studied chapters one and two looking out for dramatic vocabulary, highlighting good punctuation and important information. Later on that day we went to Collective Worship to focus on our new value – ‘Forgiveness’ and to try and relate to biblical passages and understand what this value truly means. We prepared and checked teams for the pancake race after worship.

We all came in very excited to see who would win the pancake race, would it be Miss Ingle and Mr Jefferies in the final again? We set off on our EMW to get our brains thinking this time it was maths. We were set 8 questions, using mental fluency and reasoning, whoever had finished in the time allocated received a raffle ticket. Mr Smith, a little while later came to collect the racers. Who was going to win? Children and staff ran and flipped, ran and flipped, waiting for the exciting moment of who was in the final. Seacole and Faraday, who was going to win...? Faraday after a very close contest had won but everyone cheered and we were all happy. Mrs Stewart awarded a lemon to all the runners up and team members of Faraday a bottle of pancake mix –YUMMY! The afternoon was spent with Mrs Springall learning about Science and PSHE.

Mrs Stewart came in very happy to see how hard we tried on our pieces of English work. At the time a few footballers had gone out to play at Baldock arena, playing against some good teams. After EMW work we had to make a mind map about what we already knew about the character Stanley Yelnats. From this we constructed a paragraph, in a more narrative style. A few members of our class realised that Stanley’s surname was his name backwards, did you spot this palindromic device? After our morning break we came inside and put our thinking caps on ready for maths. In this lesson, percentages and explaining our reasons behind our answers and comparing percentages as well. In the afternoon we started on our new piece of music – Carole King’s ‘You Got a Friend’. Listening and appraising this piece and discussing the composition.

Our first session was P.E. We first got told our new activity for the term and it as basketball. We learnt how to dribble and work on some basic skills. After we played a game to test our skills. Next lesson we were finishing more of our writing from yesterday. Mrs Stewart told us some exciting news...we were going to be starting our food technology for the term by learning to make Scotch pancakes, everyone was so happy. After lunch we set about making the pancakes we had two each and were very nice. Why not try making some at home over the weekend, as the recipe is on our blog page.

Of course this was our Australian Fundraising day. First subject was French with Madame Twomey. We were learning about clothes (vêtements). After that we went to P.E and voted for benchball as the weather was not good outside. During wet play we played games and went on Times Table Rockstars- our favourite. In the afternoon we focused on our RE lesson and got ready for Friday Fellowship. After school the staff had very kindly arranged some fun activities after school.
Overall a bit of a busy week which is normal for life in Class 6.

Morgan and Sami

Picking up from where Morgan and Sami left off you will be able to see the fun we had on the photo gallery and do take time to read the newsletter to find out more. Also on Thursday saw the homework grid for this half term. 5 pieces and lots to choose from. I can’t wait to see what you do!
Next week of course is World Book Day, a day loved by all at St Ippolyts, especially me. As it is assessment week coming up I shall not be sending official homework out but that means you can prioritise by getting organised and completing some grid homework, going regularly on Rockstars/Sam Learning, using your revision cards with your family and enjoying reading for pleasure.
Well done Class 6 for being awarded the first new ‘Rockstars’ certificate. Keep up the good work!
See you soon
Mrs Stewart

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Scotch Pancakes

Following on from the excitement of Shrove Tuesday Class 6 had the opportunity to have a go at making and tasting  scotch pancakes today as the start of our design technology strand, focusing on food technology.  As you will have seen from the home learning grid I have included a few little tasks linked to this. I shall be sending home a letter soon about what we intend to make each week. 

I did promise to share the recipe that we used today. 

250g self raising flour 

2 large eggs 

300ml of milk

4 tbsp of sugar.

Best to use an electric handwhisk if possible but not necessary. Just ensure you have a smooth batter. 

Hopefully your child should be able to explain the process and how to do the rest. We did plan and shall try to squeeze in the savoury crepes that we also planned but just couldn't manage. Some of us added some blueberries as well. 

Looking forward to our Australian fundraising event tomorrow. 

See you soon Class 6! Off to complete more of day 2 of my 40 Acts for Lent.  

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First News!

As mentioned in last week's blog and as promised two class members have written their account of the week to add to the blog. Amber and Ameena have worked collaboratively and I shall post their edition after the few bits I have. 

I have spoken with the children and all should have a folder of two things that I will be putting as homework - mental arithmetic and 60 second reads with comprehension questions. We have spoken a great deal about how we need to get ourselves organised and that includes about how we share out tasks during the week. I have also explained and modelled the expectations to them as well.  The children are aiming to be more responsible for their activites and this will also help prepare them for moving on in the future. If any problems we can share these on Monday 10th when I shall be seeing you all for the Yr 6 parent appointment. As many of you know me I shall try to keep to the 10 min appointment slots as best as I can. 

Next week is of course wellbeing week, as you will have seen from the newsletter. An exciting week ahead and also a busy one for the members of Class 6 who are part of Wellbeing Crew but I know they will be very supportive to Miss Gale. From the nurses visit just last week a really good website was recommended to the children which was www.healthforkids.co.uk. 

Hope to see you all on Monday and do remember it is for both parent and child. Have a great week and now over to the girls for their section. 

On Monday this week, in Geography we were looking at a coastal disaster from a few years ago. The Holbeck Hotel disaster, where we found a garden was there and the following day was gone alongside the East Wing of the hotel. Coastal erosion can be a huge problem as we saw. We took the opportunity to write a news report or write a letter of complaint to the council to see who was to blame for such a terrible incident. 

On Tuesday we were looking at micro-organisms and have started preparing for a science investigation based on 'What does yeast like to eat?'

We did a variety of maths, comprehension and english today. In maths this took to a SATs style paper. This was not assessment week but should get us ready for it after half term. The more familiar we are the better the mindset for learning and if we have any gaps we can get some support. 

On Thursday this week in R.E we had to compare Good Friday and Easter Sunday hymns. We listened to a range of them; some we knew and others were new. From the lyrics we had to suggest why they were sung on certain days or times of the service. We also spoke about different denominations within Christianity and what we could identify from pictures. 

We watched a short film today entitled' Lighthouse'. This was appropriate since we have been working on coastal geography and also reading Kensuke's Kingdom. A lot of our written learning took place around a journalistic feel. Not only this but identifying informal and formal language, direct speech and report writing (headlines and orientations).

Reminder parents evening on Monday!

By Amber and Ameena

Thank you to Class 6 for a great week and see you on Monday and the last week before half term. 

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Question Time in Class 6

It always fascinates me how many questions we must cover in a week in class. Last week somewhat more than others as we had the chance to interview Rev'd Ginni about our current RE big question - Why is the resurrection so important to Christians? Over the last few lessons we have been gathering evidence, hearing various people give their views, reading texts, looking at the Gospels and generally being detectives, to help us come to our own verdict from the evidence. Rev'd Ginni loved being with the children and was really impressed by the level of respect that was shown amongst one another whilst discussing points made. Some of the questions being quite complex and in depth. Rev'd Ginni will be visiting us again before the end of term for another session, which we are looking forward too and getting ready for. 

In Maths we moved to looking at angles last week. Firstly, it was important to ensure that prior knowledge was secure before adding more on top. We then moved onto various styles of questions to gather information and that is why some of the SAM learning homework task have been based on this. Some of the diagrams started to be quite complex and it meant we had to use our learnig powers and ask ourselves- what do we notice? 

Speaking of homework I set this week's tasks in homework club with the children, talking with quite a few as it was set and getting their views on how it is going. I was also able to assist those with any technical problems. I was pleased to find children taking responsibility for their own learning which had just been discussed prior to club with a visit from PHASE. 

This is the second visit from PHASE, a group of adults who work alongside young people and schools in Hitchin promoting wellbeing and resilience. The session was - GET SET. They discussed with the children about the three R's - resilience, responsibility and role model. The tasks were great fun and the children were given a small booklet to fill in which they can keep. I found this session extremely interesting as it gave them the task to use a timetable to organise and prioritise a week full of tasks to be completed. As I have explained before, these are all skills which we cover in Class 6, as well as the learning to ensure the children are set before moving on later in the year. We also touch upon this at the parent appointments on the 10th Feb. 

As you may have seen from the weekly newsletter, you can sign up for an appointment at tomorrows open session. If you are unable to attend please do get in contact to see availablity and times. Having the children at this appointment is important as they get the chance to be part of the partnership of learning, feel calm and prepared for what lies ahead of them.  

Last week also saw non-fiction writing in English, classification using the Linneaus approach, our sessions of PE, writing more Garageband tracks, looking at where we live (in French) and small group reading comprehension skills- using a range of texts. Just a small amount of things to cover so now you can see why I said about the number of questions in a week. 

We shall be trying something as of next week in Class 6, so do look out for the next blog. Each week two members of the class shall be given the task(responsibility), at the beginning of the week, of working collaboratively gathering information to write the blog for publication at the end of the week. I shall be part of it but it is another opportunity for them to write for a purpose. 

Congratulations also to those of the netball team winning 14-6 against Knebworth. I did enjoy spending time outside with some year 6 at lunch, even if I were a little rusty. Also members of Young Worship remember your Collective Worship this Thursday.

See you all tomorrow. Remember spellings and any problems with SAM learning to come and see me.  

Mrs Stewart

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Sculpting Superstars

You may think what a strange title to this week's blog but let me share a little bit of background knowledge and it is also a way forward to next week's arts days. At the beginning of the week, we looked at what sculpture was? We also had a go at naming famous sculptures. At first members of the class seemed to say only a few but to be honest they didn't take long to start to name quite a few. My contribution was ' The Kelpies'. Two giant, breath-taking constructions of horses heads that are lit at certain times of the year.We then observed the different materials that can be used to make the sculptures - which leads us on to the use of tin foil. I apologise now if it disappears over the weekend as we looked at human figures and took one piece of foil and moulded a free standing figure from it. 

Quite a few pupils have said that they wanted to try making some different things, hence the warning of finding your tin foil goes missing. 

It is lovely to also get in maths learning whilst tackling another lesson such as art. Being able to measure lines and look at the area whilst learning other skills. In maths we have also been focusing on reasoning and mental arithmetic.More and more it is having the range of questioning and seeing the different ways for example an algbera question could be asked. Next week we shall be looking at multiplication skills, with increasing numbers when not carrying out our Japanese Arts Days. I may even try a little Japanese maths if possible. 

In English we have concentrated in small groups with our reading comprehension in particular vocabulary and inference skills in a range of genres. Alongside reading a bit more of Kensuke's Kingdom, we have also been improving our skills of writing balanced arguments, which when moving to subjects such as Geography and RE, we have found that this technique can be applied in written tasks. 

By looking at balanced arguments I was particularly impressed listening to Year 6 putting their points across to Mrs Springall about Rules and Laws around the world, in PSHE. Recognising and being able to articulate their opinions in a mature and respectful way. A few prospective politicians in the making I feel. 

In RE we started to get into the next big enquiry of 'What difference does the resurrection make for Christians?Last week we of course looked at the 'Big Story' within the Bible, explaining the place within it of the ideas of Incarnation and Salvation. This week saw us become detectives exploring the evidence and suggesting meanings for the resurrection-comparing ideas and interpreting texts(in particular the Gospel of Luke).

Congratulations to those who represented the school in indoor athletics and well done to everyone else in Class 6 for their ever improving teamwork and passion to sports.

Thank you for your attempts at completing the Sam Learning tasks that were set last week. Taking the time to get feedback from the children and also as part of the transition process into secondary school I have decided to set homework in this way this term. Apologises as I have been out on a few courses I have been unable to set tasks but have done just prior to writing the blog. I have set three tasks and due to a later start date I have extended the deadline to Wednesday 22nd. Once again please let me know of any problems and I shall monitor these. Also if you are unable to access any computers etc you are more than welcome to take time in class to complete. I will then go over some of the learning in SAM Learning in my workshops on Wednesday along with revisiting the past paper that you completed in Maths. 

I hope you are all looking forward to Arts Days next week, I know I am. 

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday.

Mrs Stewart

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First week of 2020 in Class 6

A reflection of the first week of term and what Class 6 managed to achieve. On the first day back we took time to discuss our reflection area and the meaning of Epiphany. As part of our inquisitive learning powers we thought of questions we had in our minds. As we explored the chalking on the doors, we tried to think of the year ahead and what aims/goals we could set for ourselves. The 20+C+M+B+ 20 would also then be connected and explored within our maths of this week - algebra. 

Algebra can be one of those topics that pupils dread but in actual fact when pulled apart and explored it's lovely to hear children saying' oh that makes sense' or ' is it as easy as that'. Our opening destination questions to learning let us see where we needed to focus our attention during the week. We have went through this weeks maths in a more investigative way, taking an initial investigation and exploring how we can explore further. Looking for patterns and trends and designing threads of enquiry in pairs. Trying to prove bigger statements. 

We set to getting started on our new spellings, which we shall be testing tomorrow so please try to make sure that you do not leave them to the last minute but work on getting them secure. Little and often is the way forward. Our English this term kicks off with the Michael Murpurgo book ' Kensuke's Kingdom. The choice behind this being linked with our Art's Days this year -Japan. Already looking at the front cover a pupil could see the connection or link to a very famous painting. This week has seen us getting through chapter1 and discussing a great deal of vocab and predicting questions such as : Who is Peggy Sue? Who is Kensuke? Why did the dad go ahead and buy a boat? Will they survive or are the family plans quite far fetched? 

On Tuesday afternoon Mrs Springall taught science and PSHE. Popping in and out I was hearing some great discussions on classifiying animals and what did the pupils think health and wellbeing meant. Over the term Class 6 will research, discuss and debate issues concerning health and wellbeing. Members of the wellbeing crew also had the chance to lead and share certain ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing about their findings over the term. 

Please as a reminder PE has started and with a variety of different indoor and outdoor sports , the children will need their outdoor and indoor kits. As part of health and wellbeing we have also spoken about taking responsibility of bringing kits back and fourth to freshen them up and avoid week's of mud. All good skills towards transition to secondary. This week we covered gym, hockey and indoor athletics. 

In music we explored more of the historical nature and how many famous composers or genres we knew. As you will have seen from the curriculum overview,  we shall be looking at the composer Benjamin Britten and listening and learning to perform a piece by the end of the half term. We shall be aiming to widen our understanding of a variety of styles on music too. It was interesting making connections between historical timelines from history and in RE to the 'Big Frieze'. I was really pleased with the knowledge from the pupils in Class 6 about their understanding of the Bible and how key concepts fit in. We shall be focusing our enquiry into ' Salvation'. 

French was fun on Friday trying some french pastry and studying the meaning behind some French traditions. In an ever changing and diverse world it is important to look around, broadening our minds. 

Our last learning session before Friday Fellowship saw us getting started on our computing topic- 'Soundworks'. This will be explored over the term and various homelearning tasks support this topic. We had time to discuss the bigger picture of learning and collaboratively try putting some ideas down using garageband. For some of us, learning from others to get our way round this app. 

Will see you all soon and ready for the new week ahead. Remember if you have any issues regarding the Sam Learning homework set please come and see me before the deadline of Tuesday.  

Best wishes

Mrs Stewart



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Can't believe 2020 already and seems strange. I do hope all of you had a great Christmas and enjoyed the festive season together. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and cards, so kind and appreciated.

Class 6 have been straight back to it and should have come home with spellings and as a trial Sam Learning based homework. 

I have issued 4 short activities that I have posted on Sam Learning and have demonstrated and explained to the class. I have also asked that if they experience any difficulties, they need and have time to do so,  to let me know so I can support them.At the moment, the same for all but if successful will target certain activties to certain groups etc. I shall be asking for feedback from children and do feel free to let me know your opinions too. 

Your child should have received a clubs letter tonight and this needs to be back by Thursday as clubs begin week of the 13th Jan. I am sure they may be a little extra tired trying to fit back in to the routine of school but great to have them back and ready to go again. Please could you make sure that PE kits are in school tomorrow am, as PE shall be starting. Children were informed in Collective Worship that both indoor and outdoor kits will be required this term. 

See you tomorrow Class 6. Off to read your New Year's resolutions. 

Mrs Stewart

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Waiting for Christmas!

Who can believe it is December already? Before I begin this weeks blog I would like to tell you about our trip to St Albans Cathedral last Friday morning. We had such a lovely, creative and reflective morning and the weather was beautiful. As part of our morning after a guided tour we participated in sitting quietly designing and making clay tiles, which we have brought back with us. I have to say how proud I was of the children and how they were so respectful during the morning. The Abbey is such a spectacular place of worship and with new renovations is even more breath-taking. During our time in the shop the children were reflective purchasing some values stones, which they informed me were for SATs.

So now moving on to things from this week in school. A fitting title for this weeks blog as we begin our period of advent. In Collective Worship on Monday we were able to taste the delights of our Stir up Sunday worship and the traditional making of Mrs Peddies Christmas Pudding. I have to say this is one of the highlights of the school year for me. It tasted delicious!

We also looked at the meaning behind the first week of Advent and the candle of 'Hope'. We have a beautiful advent wreath on the altar made by Mrs Lewis and the children participated by sharing what they know about the wreath.

In English we have been studying the classic novella ' A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. I have to say we are really getting into the plot and the underlying strands that this book has to offer, alongside the marvellous range of vocabulary. We are currently looking at the Ghost of Christmas Present and next week shall see us looking to the future. The children have been comparing the auditory version of this book on the bbc radio website and then watching clips of the 1984 version. It is so beneficial at times to do both as not everyone is an auditory learner and the visuals can bring so many more ideas. I have loved reading the various pieces of writing that have been produced and a few Charles Dickens of the future I believe.

In Maths we have concentrated on Geometry more and the topic of co-ordinates. We have worked on translation, reading co-ordinates and reflections.

In Science we have been looking at what classification is and why we need to classify. We have looked at a brief history focusing on Aristotle and Carl Linneus.We also learnt a fun way of the 7 stages of classifcation. 'Keep Ponds Clean Or Frogs Get Sick' which translates to Kingdom, Phylum, Class,Order, Family, Genus and Species. We then had time to explore the roots of the diffferent animals, plants and minerals and get to know what each of these titles meant. It was very interesting.

In RE we have been finishing our powerpoint presentations on Religious Art and will be getting ready to share these in class giving a short presentation.A few children doing such amazing learning that they visited Mrs Peddie for a headteachers award.

On Tuesday not only did we continue with our learning of different subjects but the children also participated in an Inter House sports day, organised by our Sports Captain and Mr Smith and the wonderful sports ambassadors. The children all participated and today in Friday Fellowship found out that Bronte were the winning house.It was a great day. Also on a sporting front well done to those children in the  Netball team winning 10-2 on Thursday.

Thank you also for your donations today for the Christmas Fair. I'm sure it is going to be a Winter Wonderland not to forget, with the ice skating, which you can still book. Year 6 next week shall be busy getting this years games ready, so we hope you come along and try them out.

In Geography we started to look and explore facts about Scotland. We covered a range of geographical terminology and I even managed with the powers of technology share with the children where my home town is showing the the wonderful engineering of the Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies. My old high school and my primary school proving that I was once their age even if it is a long time ago now. We also explored the Scottish Parliament and how things are a little different in politics- quite fitting with the General Election on the horizon.  In the time remaining this term we shall be looking further north and exploring the landscape, tourism and landuse.

I do hope you all have a great weekend and that the weather is not to dreadful. While I sit typing this in my class, if I were to close my eyes, I would think I was back in Scotland.

See you all on Monday Class 6!

Mrs Stewart

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Spotty, Dotty and Watching Stars.

What a busy week and I'm sure you will be at home getting ready to see all the amazing things that people do to support Children in Need. As you can see from the photo gallery we had such fun in school today and great excitment of having the Rickshaw Challenge pass through St Ippolyts. Luckily, the weather was kind and keystage 2 went to show their support by cheering Matt Baker and his crew on. In class we thought it would be a great opportunity to become journalists for the day and set about gathering info, comments and writing reports about Children in Need.

We quickly re-wrote lyrics to 'I'm still standing' to 'You're still cycling' and no doubt your child may will sing it to you. We also took part in the Joe Wicks Big Move which was great fun.

Whilst some of the children were here in school the rest of the class were taking part in a Herts Small School football tournament in Watford. They arrived back just before the end of the day, with the A team celebrating with medals,coming 2nd overall. The B team also played exceptionally well and did an amazing job, being true sports ambassadors.

This was all of course at the end of the week and after a full week of assessments as well. I am very proud of year 6 who all participated and tried their hardest during this week. Everyone seemed calm and took it all in their stride, which is super.

On Monday, Young Worship led a beautiful service to the whole school for rememberance. The reflections and prayers that were read were so thoughtful. I was extremely proud of them. As a class we took time to write our own thoughts and looked at how it is important to not forget the past and have displayed our feelings in our reflection area in class.

In RE this week we started to explore our ideas of whether it is best to express religion in art and architecture or charity and generosity. With so much charity work taking place and our half terms value- generosity, you would think this is fairly easy but a lot of children have various views on this which lead to great discussions. This week we looked at some art, thought about why places are known as sacred, what does it mean - a sacred place. This is giving us the chance to prepare our learning for when we visit St Albans Cathedral on Friday 29th Novemeber 2019.

We also managed to squeeze in some science, mainly the write up of our skittle experiment from Friday last week. We have also planned a further investigation which we will have to put into next week as we couldn't fit it in.

Next week we shall be having normal homework and spellings but in the meantime make sure you are keeping up with things such as reading , Rockstars, Sam Learning and getting started on some of your grid learning pieces.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and keep an eye out to see if we were spotted during the Rickshaw.

Well done year 6 for another super week.

Mrs Stewart


Swimming kits Monday


PE kits

Home school contact books.


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First Week Back !

I do hope everyone had a lovely half term week. I am pleased to say that Class 6 have come back and look refreshed and ready to face next half term. This week we have allocated new responsibilty roles and been given a few extra tasks along the way, such as selling poppies and carrying out jobs for teachers. This fits nicely with this half terms value- generosity. From listening in Collective Worship and having today's Friday Fellowship I have seen children in Class 6 being generous with their time, words, sportmanship and donating shoeboxes or purchasing poppy appeal related merchandise.

The beginning of the week saw us looking at Bonfire Night. As it is a fun time of year it also leads great discussion in how to be safe as well. We thought it would be a great idea to look to writing an informative piece persuading and letting the wider community know how to stay safe. Using our learning powers children could select the genre and audience for which to write for. Therefore we had some explanation pieces, some more debate related but all having a persuasive feel to them. In order to check how persuasive we carried out some peer marking and listening to the dialogue of people I was super impressed by the positive words being said to one another, alongside some helpful points to develop their pieces further.

This moved us onto thinking more of a PSHE frame of mind with, is their a difference between a risk, a hazard and danger. Once again I was blown away by some of the mature answers that were being given.

We also added to our reflection area, which is based around remembrance. As a class we discussed how important the phrase 'We will remember them' is to us. I have to say that the children wrote some mature and moving speech bubbles expressing their feelings so well. 

In Maths we have remained with the focus of fractions but have moved onto checking our understanding of adding and subtracting fractions. As the week has gone by I have seen a greater confidence in their ability and also children being generous to support friends who may not understand it straight away. We shall be moving onto multiplication and divising fractions next week, even though it is assessment week.

Speaking of this, next week the children will be carrying out assessments in English, Maths and Science. I have hopefully managed to reassure some children, as I know not everyone likes tests but it is the way in which we use our learning powers to remain positive. I am also sure that the children are aware just to try there best and be proud of what they do.

We have been looking at a few different comprehensions and still pushing for that wealth of vocabulary. Working each week in the library helps, us to see how grateful we are to have a space to enjoy and share our choices in reading. 

In RE we have been looking at what a triptych is ? You may also and hopefully have received the letter explaining about the Class 6 trip to St Albans Cathedral later this month. If you have a chance see if your child can explain what this is.

In Art we started to explore the technique of using batik. As we have only just started these lessons we watched short videos which gave us a brief overview of the process. You may have also seen from the new Home Learning grid that batik was mentioned. If your child has not received a copy you shall find this on the website or the children can take one from the class noticeboard. We have started to think about using the skill of batik for a piece related to remembrance and will be selecting other projects along the way. 

To finish the week off we carried out a science experiment using skittles. Please be reassured I have not filled children up with skittles, they were for experimental use only and afterwards we would certainly have not wanted to eat them. We were investigating and exploring if hot or cold water would dissolve the sugar coating the quickest. It was fascinating to see the results and have already planned to investigate these sweets further.

Also this afternoon our two year 6 school council reps reported back to the class after attending this morning the Hitchin schools Transition Conference , held at The Priory. Both pupils, Amber and Ben did an amazing job of gathering questions from the class and also finding out the answers, and by having the chance to talk to Year 7 and each other it may push some future worries away.

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and will see you on Monday.

Mrs Stewart


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Homework Clarification for Year 6

Class 6 here is just a reminder about what we discussed when handing out the maths homework this week.

There were four different activites. One of the activites was a mental warm up in which you could do all grids, or 1/2 etc - your choice.

From the other tasks available you could select areas out of each so for example the 56 question one you could do a few from various sections that you felt you needed to work on as we have covered various topic areas this week. Weekly homework will be set like this as one piece may not fit all and also you are all getting more aware of where you need to work on. It will also be good preparation for secondary school and using your learning powers too.

I will always try to give a variety and have explained that 30 mins of homework is what is expected but I do know that some children wish to do more, which again is a decision you can make.  We also spoke about how we can organise how this 30 mins can be spread out to cater for other outside committments. All of these strategies are good ways to try here before venturing to secondary. 

I do hope this takes away any worries or concerns you may have. Please also remember I am available to talk things through each day or come along to homework club if you wish.

Mrs Stewart

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Thank You For The Cakes!

Trying to think of this week's title of the blog and in my head could hear the song 'Thank You For The Music' so went for 'Thank You For The Cakes'. Plus I did want to thank the parents/children for their generous and yummy donations that were handed in. It was very welcoming after a dark, windy day - good well-being for both pupils and staff.

A lot of tired faces today as school ended. Take a look at some of what we have been focusing on this week.

In English we have been focusing on more class reading of Shackleton's Journey. Discussing a wide range of some new vocabulary. I think we are starting to realise that if we ignore words that we do not understand it makes it tricky for us to understand the plot. We decided to look at a different style of writing which was to send a telegram to a loved one. At first we looked at a WAGOLL - What A Good One Looks Like. This is when we take a few examples and see what makes it the good example. By doing this we can be resourceful, that once we go to write our own writing we can refer back to it. As we read we were also looking at the skills of taking notes. Notes are of course not full sentences and some of the times we are not properly taking notes. From this we constructed some of our telegrams again from our chosen characters perspective.

I was delighted to read the English homework. So many powerful speeches being written or carefully analysed pieces. I shall be asking the children to try and deliver these next week. As the next stage is to be courageous and use or expressive voices, strong body language to read these to get our messages across. Once again the use of some great vocab and phrases.

In Maths we have had another go with long division and we are getting there.We also looked at factors and multiples this week, to see if by having a securer understanding of this concept it could take us a step closer, which it did.  We then moved on to BODMAS - the order in which calculations need to be carried out. This was a good session and were feeling fairly confident by the end. These are a few of the range of questions that appear in the Mental Arithmetic SATs as well as the reasoning papers.

Yes I mentioned SATs! However at school we shall all be meeting in the hall on Wednesday at 6pm. This is an evening where both children and adults can come along to see what the SATs are like, share in what they learn in school and have FUN! Looking forward to seeing you all after seeing quite a lot of you after school on Monday for the Open Session, which I hope you found useful.

Swimming is going well and hearing good things about how children are really trying their best. Our weekly PE sessions are always great fun and a time to exercise. Also a big well done to those children who represented the school in the cross country event on Thursday.

In RE we looked at what catherdrals show about what Christians believe about God. Did you know that cathedrals are built in the shape of a cross? They children went off to research and enquire about the various different cathedrals. It even brought in some current affairs about cathedrals in other countries as well.

This week we have looked at some art as it links to our English book on Shackleton. We have been inspired by some of the beautiful illustrations in this book and have been in touch with the author himself. William Grill uses coloured pencils but we chose to incorporate charcoal and chalk, alongside pencil to create some pieces, which we shall share with you next Friday in our class assembly.

In music we have been using the keyboards and working on our ability to play various instruments as well as learning how to read music notation. This normally comes after a library session where we discuss books that we are reading, learn how to find books and return them correctly. This week we started to make up small comprehension tasks for particular books so that other children in school could use them. It's so nice hearing them recommend certain books to each other.

As I type this looking at the weather outside, the children may be able to share some of their French knowledge as they learnt about the weather today.

I hope we can have some nice weather for the weekend. Do look below for some reminders and hope you all have a nice weekend.

Mrs Stewart

Reminders : Spellings tested on Monday - Hyphenated words/statutory word list selection.

                  Home school contact books to be checked - please try some of the activites we have discussed this week.

                  SATs Evening Wednesday 6pm

                   Non -uniform Day to support a local organisation Thursday

                  Class Assembly Friday.

                  PE kits if taken home to be washed and swimming kits for Monday.




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It's Another Harvest Festival!

At least no rain for us walking across to church this morning. It was such a lovely service and the children spoke so well and sang beautifully as they always do. Class 6 and Young Worship stayed behind to decorate the church after the service with all the generous donations that were handed in, thank you! A lovely way to end the week but what have Class 6 been up to at the beginning.

This week we created our poems based on a particular illustration from 'Shackleton's Journey'. As we read more of the book we discussed and magpied some of the fabulous vocabulary used within this book, to help inspire us to write our poems. As we started with our draft, we have worked through to the end and have managed to present some of these ready for you to see on Open Session on Monday. Also as part of our cross curricular writing, we took time to reflect on this year's Bishop Harvest Appeal - 'Light Up Tanzania'. We really enjoy our reflection times in Class 6 and the children are very mature in their words and feelings. Alongside this we prepared and wrote a prayer based on Harvest.

I am very much looking forward to hearing and seeing what the class produce for this week's homework. We were lucky to have had a visitor in school on Tuesday - Thabani Nyoni, who came and did a story workshop as the start to Black History Month. Before the workshop began, it was lovely to share and hear what the children knew. Thabani re-enacted and explored the life of people who were part of the Windrush generations. The children were brilliant and totally displayed the value of 'respect' throughout the morning. One again exploring some powerful language to describe feelings and emotions. It was from this workshop and learning about Shackleton, and his power of being a leader, that I set the challenge of analysing or producing a speech using emotive language. As I explained the homework, I made them aware that there could be a great many leaders sitting in our class in the future. 

In maths we found a few lessons a bit tricky as we mastered 'division' - the dreaded long division!However on reflection we realised that part of the difficulty could be linked to our times tables speed and recall. So, this week we have also had the opportunity to get ourselves back up and on track with our Times Table Rockstars. Your child should have received a small label with the relevant details on. I have also tried to make sure that I've covered any log in issues. My room has been fairly busy at playtimes/lunchtimes as they have been asking to do some, which has been so nice to see. We will soon be able to all be together fairly shortly as you will have seen the slip about SAT's information evening. Thank you to those parents who have already returned the slip and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 16th October at 6pm.

Of course I may see some of you much earlier as it is our Open Session on Monday.

In Science we have looked at graphing results and reading data, which is closely linked to maths as well. In our lesson we looked to transfering continuous data to line graphs. We also discussed the location of dependant and independant variables and decided on the top 5 tips of producing graphs. Keeping on with the scientific understanding we have branched out to our DT project of making torches.

This week saw us exploring and making simple circuits and switches, using a range of equipment. Today we also stripped down torches and battery operated tea lights, to get right into the components ready to get ideas to build our own torches. We have some fab ideas for torches and so have written down  and made some specification sheets to accompany our ideas. The next challenge is to make them!

As always we have enjoyed all our PE sessions, French, RE,  Music and a special bit of time in the library selecting books togther. I have also enjoyed taste testing some amazing cooking skills from certain pupils as part of their grid homework, I'm sure some could go on ' Great British Bake Off' and everyone will be in for a treat with your Cake Day next Friday (11th October)

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'm sure you will no doubt have been given, by your child, the PGL residential letters, which were handed out today.

See you all on Monday and thank you for a lovely week!

Mrs Stewart


Reminders: Homework to be handed in on Monday.

                  Home school contact books signed off on Monday/ Spelling test

                  Swimming Kits for Monday.

                  Spellings given out on Tuesday.

                  Class 6 cake day on Friday.


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Class 6 quick message

Class 6, sorry we shall be getting spellings and homework tomorrow. Thank you for showing your value of respect today during our Experience Eucharist day. I was very proud of you all. Anyone who has not handed in their homework from last week please could you do so tomorrow. Have a lovely evening.


Mrs Stewart

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Time flies when you're having FUN

Another busy week in Class 6. I just can’t believe how quick the weeks are going. I am so pleased with the way the Year 6 children have taken on their roles as buddies. This week they have met up with them on the playground or later in the hall during lunch. During our reflection times Year 6 are always writing such kind things about their buddies.

Talking of reflection, let’s reflect about the week.

In Maths we looked at rounding larger numbers and the different contexts of mathematical problems. This followed with looking at negative numbers. From this we moved onto addition and subtraction and more importantly mental calculations of larger numbers and problem solving. We are finding that it is the way in which the questions are asked that is causing the difficulties. However by focusing our attention in lessons to vocabulary we should start to see improvements.

In English we have begun exploring with the fabulous book, ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill. This beautifully illustrated book is providing so many types of writing and discussion in class. This week we have written a biography about Ernest and of course our English homework for this week is about certain crew members of ‘Endurance’. We have enjoyed discussing the qualities and what some of the jobs would have entailed. We looked at the supposed job advert that Shackleton put out when recruiting his crew and spoke about writing a CV and covering letter. We cannot wait to find out more about the dogs, and more about the ship. A remarkable amount of cross curricular learning can come from this book.

Everyone had a really good swimming lesson on Monday. Thank you so much for being organised and making sure you have your kits.

For our first week of spellings and reading records I am also pleased by pupils’ efforts. It is so important to work on being organised as this will help them when going to secondary school.

As you will be aware and have had the information, secondary schools will soon be having open evenings and morning visits. Please could I ask that parents notify either myself or the office with a quick note or e-mail. It does help me plan ahead and fill in any gaps.

In RE we have looked at a number of pieces of biblical text and have started to analyse what they mean. This follows on from looking at the features of God. The bible is made up of a number of different styles/genres of writing if you look closely enough.

We have also enjoyed our music lessons and learning new songs each week. Over the last couple of weeks I am sure that we have all widened our musical vocabulary.

In Science we looked at the eye and all the specific parts. We then moved on to trying to prove the statement does light travel in straight lines. We did have the sun which did help the experiment along.

In history we were investigating what Mayan inventions were around. Did you know they invented the calendar and even better chocolate.

This is just a fraction of the work we did this week as we carried out more PE. I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’m sure will see some of you at the STIPPS FEST tomorrow.

Mrs Stewart        

Reminders: Homework to be handed in on Monday.

                     Home school contact books checked and spelling test.

                     Swimming kits and PE kits if taken home to be washed.


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New Term Begins

Welcome back and thank you for a great start to the year. Year 6 have settled in well, meeting new buddies, new jobs and responsibilities and have made a good start to learning.

This week we have been focusing on descriptive writing in English. Discussing the features of what makes interesting descriptive writing. We have talked about similies, metaphors, personification, alliteration - all under the umbrella of figurative language. We have also been exploring the 'show not tell' route in order to engage readers interest and powers of inference. As part of our English we also looked at proofreading a passage which was interesting. This task will become a regular feature in class 6, which will help with our spellings and understanding of grammar and punctuation.

In Maths we have worked on polishing up our mental maths skills and understanding of place value to ten million. When working on our mental maths skills we cover a range of maths topics; fractions, percentages, square numbers and many more. Dusting off the cobwebs getting our brains back in action.

As you may have seen from your curriculum leaflet we shall be focusing on football, dance and swimming this term. Swimming begins this coming Monday  -  9th and the children were reminded about bringing their kits to school.Other PE lessons shall take place on Thursday and Friday. Please can you make sure that all kit is labelled clearly and that the children have it in school.

We have also been starting our RE learning this week. We had a great chat about the' Big Freize' within our class. We had to try and explain our feelings about the following question- What does it mean if God is Holy and loving?

Our history topic is based on Mayan civilisation and today we explored and generated a range of questions that we would like to find the answers to.

In Music we looked at the song 'Happy'and how it is structured and how we can discuss the song using musical terminology. It was quite surprising that it was composed in 2014 and how quickly time has flown by. When we listened to the track we were picking out the backing vocal lines and rhythms as well.

So straight back into learning and the year ahead. Lots of things in the school calendar where we will be able to meet up, most of these on the curriculum leaflet.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday. Well done Year 6 !

Mrs Stewart

Reminders : Swimming kit for Monday

                   Home School Contact books in to be checked .

                   Spellings and homework out on Tuesday.


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Good Luck Year 6 - You have been amazing!

What a week! It will be a leavers week I will not forget in a hurry. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you all.

You were winners on Monday and winners today. Watching you sing all together in the leavers assembly this morning was quite a sight.

I cannot thank you all enough for the many generous gifts and cards that I have from you. Parents I would also like to thank you for the support and kind words. For some I see the last of your family and for others just the start.

I hope you all have a restful summer, spending time with your loved ones. Do come back and visit you know where  I will be. I shall also no doubt see some of you through the summer around town. Remember to say hi.

So the final blog of Class 2019. Thank you Class 6 - you have been amazing! Good Luck in your new schools, the teachers are lucky to be getting you.

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The Final Countdown!

It is still quite unbelievable that we are heading towards the last week of term. I was so very proud of Class 6 and how they performed in this year’s production. A number of parents have commented on how mature and grown up the children were. All the children were extremely thoughtful to the background nature of the play and did a splendid production.

I think for me the reality of how close the end of term is, kicked in on Thursday, when I didn’t have the usual ‘morning’ being said to me as the smiley faces entered my classroom. We did hear how all the pupils got on at Fridays celebration assembly. Having spoken with a number of them they all seemed excited and now I can see they are ready to move on to the next step of their journey; some with joy and some with sadness.

On Friday we spent the morning at Hitchin Fire Station taking part in the annual Crucial Crew event. This is such a good morning, filled full of life skills. You can catch some pictures of this on the photo gallery of the website.

I do hope you all received the letter that highlighted the many events that feature as your child ends their time at St Ippolyts. This was a new feature and hope that it has been useful. Of course, if you have any further queries you can always catch me outside the classroom – morning and after school.

A quick reminder of things for the final days.

Monday – Please try to remember your leavers page. The ones I have had are lovely. Also you need to start to bring in your items for your leavers boards. Even if you bring in too much at least you can select as you put it together. A number of things can be placed on the board: certificates, the odd medal or two, work, awards, photos etc. All of the items on this board will be coming home on the last day of term. Of course at the end of the day we have the Staff v Year 6 rounders match. I am sure we all can predict this year’s winners. This takes place straight after school at the field, where you are welcome to come and support your child. Please make sure you have your kit and trainers children.

Tuesday – Nothing to be done apart from all the work etc in school getting ready for the rest of the week.

Wednesday – BBQ afternoon in school for year 6. You may want to bring a rather strong carrier bag in to start to collect the items from school.

Thursday - Leavers Service 2:15pm at the church. You may need a tissue. You are also welcome to join us for refreshments after the service.

Friday – We finish at 2pm. The children will leave from the back of the school to allow them one last time to walk up the drive way, where they can be collected.

While sitting typing this I have a feeling that I could have missed something, as so much to get organised for Year 6. If I do I shall endeavour to keep you fully informed.

Here we go Year 6!

See you tomorrow.

Mrs Stewart

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Three Faith Tour Trip - Yr 3,4,5,6

Parents a quick reminder for tomorrow for the KS2 Three Faith Tour Trip.

  • Please remember the vegetarian lunch (suggestions as per letter)
  • Children will need a headscarf (not cap) in order to be respectful at the various places of worship.
  • Please arrive for 8:15 am as we do need to leave promptly at 8:30am.

Any further questions please ask your Class Teacher.

Mrs Stewart


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