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Autumn 2, Week 2

Hi everyone,

We have had a lovely week this week in Class One learning our doubles in maths. We had great fun learning the doubles rap, you can listen to this at home using the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik_-OAgzD-8

We have also been learning all about the celebration of Diwali. We have made diwa lamps, rangoli patterns using stained rice, coloured sand and sawdust and we even dressed up in some beautiful clothing to act out the story of Rama and Sita. Ask us about it at home to see what we can remember!

In topic, we have been learning all about royal people and we have asked some great questions that we want to find out this half term. We have decided we want to research what the Queen’s corgis are called, how much money she has, what car she has, how many crowns the Queen owns and how many servants the royal family own! We look forward to finding out some answers soon!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and well done to everyone who has already done this week’s home-learning! See you all on Monday,

Miss Ingle and the class one team

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Autumn 2, Week 1

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have all had a restful and happy half term last week. This week in Class One, we have been learning all about fireworks! We began the week with a journey back in time, 400 years ago where we met a rather scary character.... Guy Fawkes! The children loved finding out some child friendly facts about the Gunpowder Plot and took great pleasure in acting out the story, complete with a Guy, King James and some soldiers. Ask us about the Gunpowder Plot at home, to see what we can remember.

As well as our history learning, we have also been using our art skills this week, using printing techniques to make some beautiful firework pictures. We look forward to you seeing some of these soon during Family Week and Parents Evening.

Thank you also to everyone who donated towards our school skipathon. The children had such great fun today and we managed as a school to complete over 22,000 skips today! Stay tuned on the school website to see our total raised and which house-team won the most skips today!


If you haven’t already seen, have a look on google classroom to see our first home-learning task of the year. Simply log on and look on the class one page under ‘home-learning’ to read what you have to do.

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Autumn 1, Weeks 6-7

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Class One! Last week saw the school take part in Wellbeing week where we thought about ways to keep us happy and healthy. We did lots of wellbeing activities including making our own jigsaw puzzle pieces which helped to make a whole school jigsaw, we designed our own Elmer the elephants when thinking about how we are all unique and we also thought about ways of staying healthy by eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

This week we took part in the Harvest Experience day on Tuesday which was such good fun! We started the day by looking at lots of different stations on the playground which taught us about different types of harvesting; harvesting of fields, gardens, oceans, grain and flock. Then in class, we did lots of activities linked to these ideas. Today we are bringing home our amazing ‘harvest of the Earth’ pots where we learnt about clay and rocks from underground and gave thanks for gifts from the Earth, We hope they come in useful for storing lots of trinkets around your homes!

In other learning, we have been continuing with our theme of ‘people who help us stay safe and healthy’. We have been learning about fire-fighters and hospital workers this week and the children have had great fun dressing up as doctors and conducting assessments on ‘poorly patients’! We have been thinking about what we might do in the event of an emergency and you can test us on this at home to see if we can remember the special emergency numbers we can ring (999 or 112) if we encounter an emergency. We have also been looking at X-ray images and bones and we loved having a visit from our school skeleton Mr Bony! We have been busy labelling his body parts with lots of post-it notes and have loved singing the ‘funny bones song’ which you can find at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MleP_40Bpg


We are now missing 4 of our class badges which are given out on a Friday (values, achievement and effort badges), Without these returned to us, we are unable to award them to new children each Friday which is obviously very sad for the children who have been chosen. If you are yet to return a badge to class, please can we have them back ASAP! Thank you!

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Autumn 1, Week 5

This week in Class One, we have been thinking all about people who help give us food. We thought about farmers in their fields harvesting all of the crops and we began to think a little about harvest time, ready for our Harvest whole-school activities in two weeks’ time. We also thought about our lovely school cook, Mrs Harrington Smith and we thought about how she has to make all of our dinners nice and healthy for us. We had great fun dressing up in her clothes and we also used paper plates, tissue paper and glue sticks to create our own healthy meals. We also had play tea parties and looked at some new foods such as asparagus, aubergines and how it’s good to try new things!

In PE we have been outside with Mr Smith taking part in lots of circuit training activities. We’ve been looking at throwing and catching, balancing and getting our heart rate up. We’ve also looked at the physical effects on our body when we are puffed out.
We have Lots of amazing sports people. Well done children.

In other news, we have been busy watching our playground leaves change on the playground over the last few weeks and we began to think about seasons and how we are in now autumn. On Thursday we took the children on a lovely autumn walk; the sunshine was shining for us as we searched for autumn leaves, conkers and other natural autumn objects in our local area. (The children even saw some Canadian Geese which they were very interested in!) Our autumn objects from the walk were put to good use today when we did some amazing autumn art work! We painted around leaves and conkers, made salt dough autumn objects and hedgehog pictures with spikes made of crunchy leaves, the children had great fun getting creative.

Reminders/ Other
Please could we ask you said your child in with just one piece of fruit/ vegetable at playtime please. Sadly we only have fifteen minutes for our morning play and we like them to have time to eat and go and play with their friends!

Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday!

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Autumn 1, Week 4

This week in Class One, we have been thinking all about people at school and at home who help us. We started the week with thinking about how our grown-ups are very good at cleaning up after children and we thought of way we could be extra helpful at home! We also made lovely paper trophies to say thank you to our grown-ups at home who help us every day.

Later in the week, we thought about how teachers help us. We learnt the names and pictures of teachers in our school and had great fun making puppets of them all! If you haven’t already, have a look on the school Facebook page to see some of our work.

We have also been reading the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar this week to learn all the days of the week in class. We have done some caterpillar inspired dough disco (with our own personal tubs of playdough and washing our hands before and after so we can keep nice and safe from germs), have ordered all the different parts of the story, created some caterpillar colouring sheets in the art area and have even tried to draw our own caterpillars on the IPads. It has been such a lovely week!

Hopefully you have all received your parent’s consultation times by now (either by email or by the video-chat invitations) but if not, do let me know. Your children have also brought home their first library book from school this week; please return this on Monday and they will be able to swap it for a new one.

Reminders/ Other

  • We are finding lots of ‘lost’ items in Class One at the moment so we are reminding the children to care for their belongings and try to hang them neatly on their pegs in school. If your child does forget items at the end of the day, we are trying to prevent them coming back into the classroom to collect them and instead wait until the next school day. This means no child is left unsupervised in class at home time. Thank you for your support on this.
  • If your child has a badge at home from a Friday Fellowship (achievement badge, effort badge or values badge), please can you return them to school on Monday? Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Miss Ingle and the Class One team

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