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Class 4 Summer Week 4 blog

We have had an very busy week in class 4 this week during lots of activities.  This week in English, we've been planning our story in the style of David Walliams.  We planned our story using a story board. In DT, We have been making bridges. We made trusses and testing the strength of arches. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We had to compare them and convert them into the same. This was very tricky.



Draw wither a story map or a story mountatin to help plan your story ready to write on Monday.



Sports day on Wednesday pm. (Reserve Thursday)

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Summer Week 2 Class 4

In maths this week we have been learning about square and cube numbers. We did investigative work to discover what this was by using cubes and isometric paper. We even looked at the square and cube roots! In english, we look at an authors style by comparing various books.


In DT, we have been learning all about bridges. This week we learnt the different types of trusses and then did a practical activity about which is the strongest truss you can use. We used straws to help build this.



Times tables and spellings should be practised daily


Find and write 2 simple, compound and complex sentences. (Children have stickers in their contact books with further details and definitions)


Miss Patston

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Summer Week 1 Lauren and Estelle Class 4Th

This week, In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals. We learnt numbers up to 1000. As the week progressed, the numbers we were looking at got harder and harder. We learnt that 1 = I, 5 = V, X = 10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000. Also that to get 4 and 9 you have to subtract 1 from 5 and 10.


In english, we have been learning about significant authors. What makes them significant and their styles. We have started to learn about biographies and autobiographies. A biography is when you are writing about someone else life where as an autobiography is when you write about yourself. They also have specific features.


In pe, we are practising for sports day and athletics. We practised running when we weren't ready to go. We have to sit on the floor and lay on our fronts. It was fun but hard! In pe today with Miss Patston, we did athletics practisng relays and curving while running.


In DT, we were investigating bridges and spanning gaps. We had to see what was the strongest shape for a pillar to support the deck. This was very practical and we were building lots.



Research a famous river finding out about its history. Due for Monday



Pe kits - shorts/t shirt/optional fleece

reading daily x10mins


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27th March Spring Blog by Kaitlin

This week in maths, we have been reading and interpretting line graphs. We made a human line graph to see which month had the most birthdays in. It was really fun and i liked the smarties challenge too!


In english, we are looking at similes, metaphors and alliterations.


- similies are when you compare two things using like and as  - Her eyes shone like diamonds

- metaphors are when you compare two things but saying they are using is and was - Her eyes were diamonds

- alliterations are when you use the same letter a number of times in a sentence or phrase for impact - Mickey Mouse moved mechanically


In computing, we learnt about sequences and repetition and created our own animation.


We got to hold the chicks and say goodbye to them today!



Is to learn our lines for the Easter service.



Reading everyday and get it signed to say an adult has seen or heard.

Swimming kit on Monday

Finish at 2pm on Thursday

Easter service 9.15am on Wednesday

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Blog by Lily and Neve

This week in maths, we have been doing graphs. We have been reading graphs and next week we are doing our own. Today we had a solar eclipse. Unfortunately it was so cloudy we missed it. Hopefully next time.


My favourite part of the science day was making the bridges with Mrs Hoar. It was so fun! My one even stood the wind!


In english, we are doing persuasive writing and we did our own arguement for our assessment. The arguement was about no school i wish that can happen.


This week it was science day we did fun experiments. All the activities were my favourite!


On Monday, we got chick egg and they finally hatched on Wednesday. We think there are 9 boys and 1 girl. They are all really lovely!

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