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Class 4 Blog Week Ending 30th January

It has been a brilliant week in Class 4, especially for the choir who went to the 02.


In English, we have been writing our suspense stories, it was really fun! Miss Patston was really happy as they were all brilliant!


In Maths, we have been doing equivalent fractions, it was tricky but we liked it. We even looked at how to convert improper fractions!


Also in RE, we have been learning about the story of creation. Today we looke d at the sins Adam and Eve did and we learnt what sins people may commit and the consequences of these.


A big well done to the choir!!



English homework is based on plurals as Miss Patston noticed we all need a little bit of practise on this.



Football match is on Friday 6th February 2015.


Written by Annabel and Jonathan

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Arts Day fun 2015 Class 4 Blog

On Arts day 2015, some people came in to teach us tai chi/kung fu. It was really fun because two of the moves they taught us was to punch and kick but only in sports classes not in agression! They also taught us some chinese warm ups. (Alexander)


The same people taught us dragon and lion dancing and we went under a lion suit with a partner and had to dance around! It was really fun (Lucy)


It was the busiest week since we've been back. Our topic for arts day was china this year. My favourite was making spring rolls! (Estelle)


There was a good range of wonderful things to do and it was lots of fun! (Alice)


In Maths, we've been learning about factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbes. A factor is a number that goes in to another number that doesnt leave a remainder. A mutliple is a number that is in the times tables. (Ruby)

In English, we've been still learning about suspense but this week we have been discussing characters and the format. (Kaitlin)


Thank you to ALL the adults that helped in Arts Days we couldn't do it without you! (Class 4 and Miss Patston)


Next Week:

Girls football on Thursday has been cancelled

Please could you remember to practise the words for the O2 young voices trip. (Edward)






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Class 4 Blog Spring Week 2

On the first full week we've had a great week. It's been jammed packed with work.

We have been doing reflective RE work by thinking about the garden of Eden and the 7 days of creation. In English, we've been learning about suspense stories focusing adventures and detective genres. Suspense is intriguting and you ask questions. It is exciting from the beginning. We had to draw a picture and write an opener, look at pictures and write an opener to match and make up our own.

In maths, we have been practising word problems on the four functions where we had to find all possibilites. We did lots of different fun activities we even solved a sweet shop problem. We used ipads to solve a domino problem which was really tricky but we enjoyed it!


In music, we tried to make suspense music to make clusters. We performed with our voices and instruments. In geography we were finding out the origins of towns and villages to find out why they were called this. We are learning about netball skills in pe, yesterday we looked at the different throws, pivots and catching.


Next Week:

Arts Day Fun - Wednesday and Thursday

Environmental Club is unfortunately cancelled



Could Miss Patston have the inside of kitchen rolls/wrapping paper for wednesday please!



Swimming kits for Monday afternoon. Netball is on Thursday.


Thank you for reading our blog,

By Class 4


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January - First Week Back

It was the first week back today after the christmas holiday. We have had a busy week indeed!


In English, we have been learning about adverbs, frontial adverbials and adverbial phrases. We had a lot of practise on this as it was a little tricky but we got the hang of this!

In Maths, we looked at negative and postive numbers, order numbers and using more than/less than to compare numbers.

In Science, we are studying sound and how vibrations make us hear.

In RE, we are reflecting on creation stories. In our first lesson, we learnt about the 7 days of creation and reflected on how this made us feel.



This is linked to our Geography/History, we have to draw a part of St Ippolyts which is forming a map in class mapping out the whole of St Ippolyts village and its key features. This is due in on Monday.


Timestables test next friday will be the 11s.




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Blog by Holly and Theo

Last week we went to Sky Skills Studios and we had a sheet of paper with lots of facts about endangered animals.  We then got spilt into 4 studios. We had different leaders that helped us to do our different roles. Also we we got to see the Sky Sports Studio and saw some famous presenters. We had so much fun and really want to go again!


On Friday was our assembly about Ancient Egypt and our Sky Skills Studio trip. We hope you enjoyed our Assembly as much as we did!




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